Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-13 10:02:58
Chapter 29 part2

Jin Wang walked very fast like a  wind.

The bright moon over his head was riding high in the sky, but it didn't make people feel cool even it's windy.

Fucheng followed him breathlessly.

Suddenly, Jin Wang stopped and Fucheng almost hit his back.

Jin Wang moved forward slowly and his footsteps were neither too fast nor too slow. Fucheng sighed, and slowed down his steps.

Jin Wang's complexion was also changeable between the light and shadow. He felt the fire of desire coming out of his body, and the blue veins on his forehead jumped up and down.

Finally, Fucheng realized that Jin Wang was something wrong and called anxiously, "My Highness?"

Jin Wang didn't answer him and walked slowly, there was a fine layer of sweat bead floated on his forehead.

They arrived at Zhaohui Hall soon.

Several eunuchs were greeted from inside when they saw Jin Wang.

Fucheng said urgently, "Prepare water first."

After speaking, he hurriedly followed Jin Wang into the back bedroom.


The pool was made of white marble and was about two feet square. There were four bronze animal heads that made of copper in four corners. At that moment, the water was spitting out from the animal's mouth.

The water was cold.

While the people in the pool seemed to be the burning fire.

His body was like being made of white marble. He was tall and straight with firm body lines and clear texture. The man had long ink-like hair, but it was cluttered behind him at this time. His narrow eyes were closed and his handsome face was red for his suppression of desire.

Fucheng squatted next to the pool, "My Highness, how are you? How about I ask Doctor Liu?"

Jin Wang lowered his eyes and didn't answer him.

He felt very painful as if his body was about to explode and Jin Wang was no stranger to this feeling. Seriously speaking, this feelings came up from time to time, and he could bear it in usual, but it was very difficult for him to bear it in the full moon night.

In particular, that bitch even let him have an aphrodisiac.

There should be no problem in the wine, then was it because the incense?

Jin Wang was always cautious, but he never expected that Xu Yanru would use such an obscene method in order to achieve her purpose.

Jin Wang discovered something wrong when he was in Siyi Courtyard.

Since he was poisoned more than a year ago, he had become accustomed to the feeling when the poison started to work, but it was completely different this time. Thinking about the confident appearance of Madam Zhou before, what else did Jin Wang not understand?

He leaned on the edge of the pool with his half-closed eyes, and lowered the temperature of his body with the cold texture of the pool. It was so pity that it was useless, and some pictures began to appear in his mind involuntarily ...

All was related to women.

Regardless of whether he was disgusted or not, these things appeared compulsorily, and played back and forth in his mind vividly.

Jin Wang gasped strongly, and felt that his internal organs were vomiting. He couldn't deny his desire but retching.

He suddenly felt that he wasn't ruthless enough, and all people from East Palace should be killed.

The Grandson of the Emperor, Xu Yanru, and Consort Yong ..

"My Highness, how about I take Wet Nurse Su here?" Seeing the situation of Jin Wang was so serious, Fucheng was like a drowning man and would clutch at a straw.

Hearing this, Jin Wang's ears moved a bit, and he started to imagine the pictures related to the little wet nurse in his mind, such as, her two timid and cherished red lips, and then ...

Yaoniang slept early.

Now she didn't have to work on the night, so she got up early and also slept early every day.

It was a little bit hot in the room and she felt sweating in the daze, so she got up from the couch and scrubbed herself with water behind the screen. The cold water made her feel very comfortable, and she returned to the couch again.

The bed was covered with bamboo mats, and that place she just slept had become very hot, so Yaoniang changed a place to sleep, and felt much more comfortable. She stuck her face to the bamboo mats, and her eyes seemed to stay closed from beginning to end.

She awoke, but her consciousness was unclear.

Yaoniang drifted off again, and inexplicably felt that someone was looking at herself.

Who was looking at her? Yaoniang was thinking. She was in her room and no one would see her, so she thought she was dreaming.

Someone stood in the shadow of the moon, and only a pair of reddish eyes was very obvious.


Jin Wang looked at her on the couch with hot blood, the thin and form-fitting clothes revealed her good figure. Her waist was tightened, and her hip was raised.

It was the first time for him to see a woman sleeping like this. There was no doubt that it was a very beautiful sence and he didn't feel sick...


He walked forward involuntarily, and hugged her...

Yaoniang woke up completely. She would be in trouble if she didn't wake up.

Then she found that she was tightly embraced by a man. His body was very hot and he was too strong to be pushed away by her.

Yaoniang turned pale with fear and wanted to call someone.

But she was really pressed too tightly in such a posture, and couldn't even open her mouth. As if he realized that she was awake, and the man reached out a finger to touch her mouth. When she just wanted to open her mouth, her small pink tongue was pressed by the man's finger.

Yaoniang was so frightened and her face became pale. She couldn't imagine that such a bold thief would break into the Mansion, and just broke into a wet nurse's room.

What should she do? If she had known this, she would rather to serve Jin Wang.

Thinking of Jin Wang, Yaoniang suddenly felt something wrong. Because the person who pressed her was just maintaining this posture, and didn't have no other action. Smelling the familiar smell on her nose, and felt the familiar tone, Yaoniang's heart trembled and she said subconsciously, "My Highness?”

The voice was squeezed out of the throat, and it was very low, like a mosquito's.

But it easily heard by Jin Wang. After all, they were very close and Jin Wang's head and face were behind Yaoniang's head.

The man gave a vague murmur, and Yaoniang was sure that it was Jin Wang by this.

But how did he come to her room, and how did he get in? Why did he do this? After that time, did he not give up his evil desire and keep coveting her? 

After knowing that it was Jin Wang, although Yaoniang was in a mixed mood, she was finally not so afraid.

She couldn't say how she felt. As long as Jin Wang was by her side, she seemed not to be afraid even if she was in a dangerous situation.

"My Highness, can you let me go? We can't do like this... "

"No." A hoarse male voice interrupted her decisively.


Yaoniang was scared now. She was not afraid that Jin Wang was pressing herself, but that she would have to go the same way if Jin Wang couldn't  control himself and forced himself upon her.

She didn't want to be a concubine of Jin Wang, and still wanted to go home ...

"I feel very uncomfortable, and you don't move ... "

Uncomfortable? Yaoniang couldn't think of anything else, and finally realized her situation—he was very hot, and one place on his body was hotter which was against her thigh...

Even if it was very dark in the room, Yaoniang knew that her face must be very flushed.

It felt like a sound of a bang, and something was blown into pieces on the ground.

What did he want to do? What would he do? How could he suddenly be like this ...

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tourist 2020-05-13 10:38
Hrmm. So it turns out "about a year ago" he was poisoned with an aphrodisiac type poison? So it seems now we get the answer of what the heck would a guy who wants to vomit when he sees women leering at him be doing in a THAT kind of establishment where he first met Yaoniang. In fact, I wonder if both of his children were conceived as a result of this. Dang, I wonder if the crown prince's son (that's "the emperor's grandson" right?) knows how much women bother Jin Wang (and thus picked that kind of thing to torment him). Being stuck between wanting to retch his brains out and not being able to stop thinking about the stuff that makes him nauseous sounds miserable. Usually aphrodisiacs are a lame plot devise but this is being used in an interesting way. He didn't come to her because of lust, he came because of nausea haha. At least here he can just be stuck on one end of the spectrum and not feel crazy nauseous.
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