Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-13 10:02:26
Chapter 29 part1

This was probably the most embarrassing moment for Consort Jin in her lifetime.

All grace and dignity was destroyed.

In fact, there was another embarrassing time when she had just married Jin Wang in Capital City.

But Consort Jin was unwilling to remember it. Because as she came to Jinzhou, it became another distant thing for her.

She became calm, and no longer entangled in the past. Actually, something was not as difficult as imagined, and after a long while, it was enough for her to forget the bad things.

But Jin Wang's words were just like a barbed sword, and cruelly tore the wound that had been hidden in her heart for a long time. It made her flesh and blood flying in all directions. She felt so painful that various emotions entangled in her heart, and seemed to grow into a towering tree to drive her mad.

"You get out!"

Her entire face was distorted with red eyes and pale face, but her voice was suppressed. She stared at Jin Wang despairingly and ferociously.

Jin Wang's eyes were full of sarcasm and mercy when he saw Consort Jin like this.

Xu Yanru was not like this in his memory. She was as proud as a phoenix, and disdained everyone, even if a noble prince.

There was no denying that Jiang Wang as a prince felt a little happy when he learned that Xu Huiru would be his consort at that time.

Not only because of the forces behind her, but also because it was her.

Xu Huiru was the most famous talented girl in Capital City and was just like a flower on the high mountain. Many wonder boys wanted to marry her and even some of his unmarried brothers fancied her. But this beautiful woman belonged to him. At that time, Jin Wang was young and still had some spirits of competition.

So it was special for him that he got her but others failed. 

But after he married her, Jin Wang realized that some things were not as he thought.

On their wedding night, she was reluctant to let him touch, and her eyes were full of disgust and rejection.

He thought she was scared and didn't want to force her. He also had some psychological obstacles, so he wanted to give some time to each other.

But one thing that happened later completely let Jin Wang change his views to Consort Jin.

It was not just a new opinion to her, he even hated her.

He would never forget the scene that two female bodies intertwined like maggots...

An upset of nausea rushed into his throat, and Jin Wang took out a white piece of handkerchief from his sleeve and half covered his thin lips. Consort Jin seemed completely to misunderstand him and thought that Jin Wang intended to stimulate her.

Because Jin Wang just said she was disgusted.

Disgusted, disgusted...

She humiliated herself!

She shouldn't have such a thought!

"You get out, get out!" At this time, Consort Jin couldn't control herself anymore, and cried hysterically.

The movements seemed to be heard by people outside. Ziyan and Madam Zhou knocked at the door in a hurry and whispered Consort Jin, but nobody answered them.

Looking at the woman in a mess, Jin Wang felt a little dispirited, and lost the desire to continue his revenge.

He became indifferent, and his voice become colder, "Xu Yanru, I tell you for the last time, you just do Consort Jin carefully and don't try to challenge me. Those things you've done are enough to ouster you a few times!"

Jin Wang left after saying that. Consort Jin slid weakly to the ground and shed tears silently.

There was a chaos outside, and Madam Zhou hurried in.

"Niangniang, what's wrong? What the matter with you?"

Ziyan also followed her in, after hearing this, she interrupted her, " Madam, let's hold up Niangniang first, we can talk about that later."

Madam Zhou nodded again and again, and helped Consort Jin to the couch with Ziyan.

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tourist 2020-05-13 10:58
Ahh no wonder she would not let him touch her. She preferred women.
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tourist 2020-05-13 11:01
Oooh, wow, I wondered if it was going to go this way. So she can't stand men and he can't stand women with agendas. This married couple never stood a chance of being happy together. \n I feel badly for her, but her only shot at happiness would have been to become a social outcast and not marry, which would probably make her family a laughing stock. Not to mention that it's implied in this chapter that she cheated on him with a woman. Is she actually happier having the power, money, and prestige from being Consort Jin than she would be from seeing herself to a nunnery? I guess so, because she's still here. So she doesn't dislike ruling the manor and she otherwise ignores her husband as she wishes. I guess she's just upset right now because her father is threatening to send her number one enemy into the household. So it's just that her dislike for her half sister trumps her disdain for Jin Wang (and based on his reaction I feel like he could tell it was something along those lines).
0 0
tourist 2020-05-13 11:15
Ehh, you know. Wasn't Consort Jin hiding while watching all the wet nurse candidates? Before I just assumed that she was trying to assess who would be good to plant as a concubine candidate, but Yaoniang wondered at that time why she wouldn't just watch openly as Consort Jin can go wherever she wants. There wouldn't be anything strange with her inspecting the wet nurses. Why hide and stare through essentially a peep hole? This chapter... possibly casts that in a different light. Why hide indeed...
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tourist 2020-06-26 18:10
Wait wait wait, let me get this straight, he thinks she's disgusting because she's gay? Wooooow and here I was trying to actually like the guy even though he seemed kind of like a dick, but this just makes it worse. Highkey kinda annoyed by the previous comments ngl. It's not like Consort Jin gets to have much of a say in her life as a female at the time, not to mention not even a favored daughter by her father even though she's the legitimate daughter. If her father says go marry this guy then she has to, gay or not. Plus if she was one of the highly talented ladies in the capital her father definitely wouldn't let such a great investment just go be a nun. NOT TO MENTION why would anyone think that she's using the window to peep on the nursemaid candidates in a sexual manner????? She's obviously peeping on them to spot the candidates her servant chose to make sure she wasn't lying obviously. Just because she's gay doesn't equal sexual predator jeez! Freaking, I know she's probably going to be an antogonist that gets thrown away and/or killed/punished etc but I honestly just feel bad for Consort Jin. Like yeah she plots too much and manipulated the MC but like she's just tryna live properly with what she has and how she was raised. Also this makes previous chapters make WAYYY more sense when she was telling the nanny that she would prefer someone else have the child and then she could raise them in their stead.
Green Eyed 2020-07-02 21:58
Well, consort Jin's sexual orientation doesn't give her a free pass. She might still be the one behind the Female lead's death in her first life. Plus, she never really made a move to explain the matter to her husband after they married (I mean, the guy was a gentleman and didn't force her). Instead she cheated, and Jin Wang being a man from an ancient society handled thing pretty well. He didn't exposed her and drive her out, or banish her to some isolated courtyard, or disgrace her family, or even force her to accept him. Sexual orientation aside, she still cheated! Instead, he let her continue to be the main wife and left her alone, while he, understandably, has to dealt with trauma from seeing something that is ruled as unacceptable in his society at that time. Remember, it's not a modern day drama. Now, all of a sudden, she gets h drunk to sleep with him. If it were him getting her drunk to sleep with her it would be r@pe, so why is it okay the other way around?
0 1
tourist 2020-09-06 07:10
So our Jin Wang is a homophobe. I guess finding out that his wife is not attracted to him deflated his ego enough to give him a trauma. Yep, she cheated, but like, he also has several concubines. They could just make a deal between them and be cordial to each other.
tourist 2020-09-13 03:03
This isn't the 21st century lol.
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