Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-12 17:02:55
Chapter 28 part2

It was time to talk about Miss Thirteen.

Xu Guogong had a doted concubine. Then he did many things hurt his wife but dote his concubine. In view of the different origins between the wife and concubine, Xu Guogong still cared much about face and fame, so Mrs. Guogong was still his wife and bore pain alone. 

The concubine of Xu Guogong gave birth to one daughter and two sons, and her daughter was Miss Thirteen. Xu Guogong extremely loved this daughter more than his legitimate daughter Consort Jin. Consort Jin was much older than Miss Thirteen, so they hadn't any conflicts. But because of her own mother, Consort Jin was extremely disgusted with the concubine and her kids, and she thought them as a thorn in her flesh.

So Consort Jin was not able to endure the most hatred people to share a husband with her and she always paid many attention to dignity, which was really a shame for her. Consort Jin became angry at once after receiving the letter that day. Then Madam Zhou advised her to be close to Jin Wang and she didn't refuse as harshly as before.

That was why a banquet was held today.

Even if she didn't want to do like that, she needed a kid...

She was very nervous but she still smiled lightly, "My Highness, have another drink. We have been married for many years, and this is the first time for us to sit together to drink."

Jin Wang didn't refuse and quietly took a drink, while Consort Jin also took a drink as covering her face with sleeves.

They didn't talk much while eating and drinking, but they drank a lot of alcohol. Consort Jin's cheeks were so red under the light. Probably she drank too much and gradually became talkative.

She talked a lot, but Jin Wang didn't talk much.

Unconsciously, they drank two pots of wine each.

Jin Wang's clear eyes became hazy. It was like the regions south of the Yangtze River after raining, and was also like crumbling moonlight. His white handsome face also became red, and it made him less indifferent and a little more attractive.

Such a man was really beautiful and fascinating. Most people in this world couldn't resist him, especially when he looked at you with his hands on his forehead, it made people immerse in his eyes and forget to breath.


Consort Jin felt that someone slightly poked her back before she woke up. Her eyes were a little complicated, but it disappeared soon. She stood up smilingly, then leaned down and softly called, "My Highness, my Highness... "

Jin Wang did not answer her, and his eyes were sleepy. It seemed that he was really drunk.

Consort Jin called him again.

Fucheng blinked and was about to step forward and saw Jin Wang. Then he heard Madam Zhou say, "The Highness must be drunk. Please help the Highness into the room and have a rest, Consort."

Consort Jin accepted her good advice, and helped Jin Wang to walk to her bedroom with the assist of Ziyan.  

Madam Zhou stopped Fucheng with a smile at the door, "Please don't worry. Consort will take good care of Jin Wang tonight. Eunuch Fu needn't serve Jin Wang and can take a good rest today."

"But… "

Madam Zhou smiled meaningfully, "In this case, Eunuch Fu is not suitable to serve the Highness."

As they were talking, Ziyan came out and closed the door. Then she echoed with Madam Zhou and pulled Fucheng for drinking tea.

There were only Jin Wang and Consort Jin in the bedroom. One was lying on the bed and the other was standing in front of the bed.

After a while, Consort Jin squeezed her hands under sleeves and bent down to take off Jin Wang's clothes. But her slender hands were caught by him just when she touched his lappets.

It was Jin Wang who caught her hands.

Jin Wang seemed sober enough and was not got drunk at all. 

Consort Jin's face became pale all of a sudden. She opened her mouth and forced a smile, "My Highness must be hot, and I will help you change your clothes."

Jin Wang looked at her indifferently, and there was some ridicule in his eyes.

Consort Jin ignored his expressions and then bowed her head to take off his clothes, but she was thrown away by Jin Wang.

"Are you going to be shameless? Xu Yanru, you are always proud of yourself and think that all men in the world are dirty, but I never expect that you will do such a thing!"

Jin Wang sat up.

His hair was a little messy, and some falling from his temples hung down on his cheeks. In the shadow of the yellow lamp, it casted a few shadows, and made his face more dull and dangerous.

His voice was clear and slightly magnetic. Every word came out of his beautiful thin lips, were like heavy stones to be thrown on Consort Jin's face in an unstoppable posture, and it crushed everything into slag.

Consort Jin couldn't pretend any more, and her whole person was trembling. She lowered her head half destructively, and her thin spine was like a full bow, after a long while, she reluctantly stood upright.

"Since my Highness is so disgusted with me, then please go back now." Consort Jin still kept restraint. She was good breeding by nature, and would never become a village woman who abuse causally. 

Actually if permissible, Consort Jin could not wait to rush to tear Jin Wang up at this moment.

But she couldn't.

Jin Wang sneered, "Why? You invited me here, but now you changed your idea?"

"What do you want?" Consort Jin clenched her hands and looked at Jin Wang with a threatening gaze. But she was timid inwardly and so weak as if she would be destroyed easily.

Jin Wang laughed loudly. But his laughter was full of sarcasm and also with a layer of cold resentment.

A minute later, he stood up and glanced at Consort Jin who standing in front of him, "What do I want? Shouldn't I ask you what you want to do? Isn't Xu Guogong urging you to give birth to a son for me, so you learned the seducing ways of prostitutes in Goulan Yard. You pleased me and let me get drunk. Don't you always praise yourself to be pure and immaculate, and don't want me to touch you? So I haven't touched you and let you stay alone. But now you're trying to seduce me and you still can't wait to make love with me."

The words of Jin Wang were mean and vicious. He seldom said this kind of words and it seemed that he had a deep hatred with Consort Jin. He also ignored the discomfiture and fragility of Consort Jin, and even said bad words again.

"It's a pity that I feel disgusted to you."

He said lightly and careless, but his words were like the sharpest sword, stabbed in the heart of Consort Jin and her heart was bleeding.


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I wonder what could have happened to her that she's always refused to be touched. I thought she was infertile based on the Mammy's comments, turns out she's actually a virgin still. What a complicated inner yard. Thanks for the update!
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She probably sheemed to marry him or sth like that
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