Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 28 part1

Jin Wang frowned after hearing that it was on the fifteenth day.

Besides Jin Wang, Fucheng was also worried, "How about I decline the invitation?"

Jin Wang pondered for a moment and then shook his head.

Consort Jin didn't like to stay in lively places. This was the first time that Consort Jin wanted to hold a banquet to celebrate her birthday after she married Jin Wang for many years. Certainly, he should take part in the banquet. 

Since Jin Wang made a decision, Fucheng couldn't say anything more.

The moon was bright and stars were few. The disk-like bright moon made all the stars dim.

It was brightly lit in Siyi Courtyard, and the servants went in and out from time to time.

Consort Jin didn't like a lively life and always refused to hold a banquet. It was rare that Consort Jin proposed to hold a banquet today, so it was full of joy in Siyi Courtyard.

Now that an announcement made by Consort Jin, the Side Consort Hu and others would naturally come to celebrate her birthday. They came during the daytime, and Consort Jin didn't show up to accompany them but she only rewarded with delicious dishes to them. Then they left after finishing their meals.

Lady Tao and others got used to the personality of Consort Jin. But the Side Consort Hu gnashed her teeth and went to Zhaohui Hall angrily. She wanted to stop Jin Wang going to Siyi Courtyard and made Consort Jin angry, but unfortunately, Jin Wang was not in Zhaohui Hall. She couldn't go to the front yard, but only went back with anger. After returning to her room, she found an excuse, and vented her anger on Cuizhu. 

Jin Wang left the front yard and then went directly to Siyi Courtyard.

From the moment Jin Wang stepped into the backyard, someone kept reporting to Siyi Courtyard all the way. When Jin Wang stepped into the flower hall, he saw that many kinds of delicious food were placed on a square table, and Consort Jin had been waiting for a long time.

Consort Jin wore a bright red cluster tulle short summer gown, and a long Wanfu satin skirt. She combed a cloud bun with a red gold hair pin.

She used to be dressed in causal and rarely wore such dazzling clothes, which made her more charming. 

When Jin Wang saw consort Jin, he  was a little surprised and frowned unconsciously, but it was not obvious.


Madam Zhou was proud. She was right that men were erotic and no one liked his women to dress up plain. Red represented happy events and her Consort Jin was pretty, so now the Highness was attracted by Consort Jin.

Compared with Madam Zhou, Consort Jin who was sitting at the table  clenched her hands under sleeves and there was a hint of forbearance on her face. When Madam Zhou pushed her gently from behind,  Consort Jin stood up and greeted Jin Wang, and then they came to the table and sat down together.

In addition to a table of delicious dishes, two jugs of wine were placed on the table.

One was the pine wine drunk by Jin Wang, which was put in a white jade jug, and the other was litchi wine.

Litchi wine belonged to fruit wine. The noble ladies in capital city liked to drink this kind of wine. Its price was very high and it would spend ten liang silvers for a pot of litchi wine. In spite of this, the demand exceeded supply. The litchi wine was put in a crystal clear glass jug at this time and the amber-colored wine reflected the mottled colorful light under the light of palace lamps, which was so beautiful.

There was an insignificant light flashing in Jin Wang's eyes. Because he knew that Consort Jin never drank alcohol.

Consort Jin was very happy today, so she not only poured wine for Jin Wang, but also poured a glass of wine for herself, and proposed a toast to Jin Wang initiatively. 

Jin Wang was very clever. When he thought of the letter from Xu Guogong Mansion a few days ago, he had some ideas about the purpose of Consort Jin. Seeing that Madam Zhou kept winking at Consort Jin and Consort Jin showed an unwilling smile, Jin Wang's eyes became colder, and he sneered in his heart. 

He drank but didn’t say anything. Probably because they were accustomed to the indifference of Jin Wang, Consort Jin and Madam Zhou did not seem to see the coldness in his eyes.

It was also because they were thinking about something so that they neglected all of this.

Madam Zhou stood there helplessly .If permissible, she really wanted to push Consort Jin away and behaved for her.

She thought that it was not shameful to please her own man. The husband and wife were integration, and it didn't matter who lowered head first.

It was a pity that Consort Jin never figured it out. Maybe she understood, but she didn't want to do it.

But now it was not time for her to hesitate. Xu Guogong Mansion sent letters and kept asking Consort Jin about kids.

In fact, this was not the first time that l Xu Guogong Mansion sent a letter to ask her about kids. They sent several letters every year and Consort Jin always rejected and ignored. But this time Xu Guogong said in the letter, if Consort Jin couldn't give birth to a kid of Jin Wang, he would arrange another daughter from Xu's family to give birth to kids instead of her.

Not to mention how entangled it was, Xu Guogong depreciated himself to do such things. The key was that the candidate in his mind was Miss Thirteen of Xu's family.

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Sigh. None of these women have it easy. But Jin Wang is the key. Is he willing to be used by his consort? And would he accept the thirteenth miss Xu?
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