Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 27

Fucheng put his hands in his sleeves, and stood behind Jin Wang with a triummphant look.

He was wearing a turquoise filigree collar shirt, a black hat, a pair of black leather boots, and a green bat-like jade on his waist. He looked to be in his early thirties, but Yaoniang knew that Fucheng was already over forties. However, the eunuchs all had fine and tender skin, so they looked younger.

He glanced at the corner, then saw that Yaoniang was about to leave.

In fact, Jin Wang also looked there, but it was not so obvious.

"Since Wet Nurse Su is free, then you stay and serve meals for Jin Wang."

Yaoniang looked up at Fucheng in surprise.

Then she looked at Jin Wang who was sitting at the table. He looked indifferent and did not show any objection. It seemed that he was agreed. But there were so many maids here, why was her turn to serve meals?

"Wet Nurse Su is the first to get this chance among the servants." Fucheng smiled and said.


It's true that servants who were valued by the master had a good tongue. Even though Fucheng didn't mention what happened in the morning, but he meant that Yaoniang should spare no effort in the performance of her duty after she  received the reward from Jin Wang  She should do her best to serve Jin Wang, and the first thing was to serve this meal well.

Yuyan and others did not dare to speak, and Yaoniang felt a little helpless here. But in this case, she certainly couldn't refuse, and could only come to the table.

Lv'e took the water basin and let Yaoniang wash her hands, looking at her worriedly.

This might look simple, but in fact, it couldn't be done well by anyone. They needed to know the master's preferences and meaningful glance. The master wanted to eat this dish, but you took that one. Obviously, the master would be unhappy. And the master wouldn't say anything to guide you how to do it. If the master needed to instruct everything to you, then you would be not a must.

Besides, Jin Wang was famous for his excessive demands.

It was because his stern face. Once he was not happy, he would draw a long face and scare people. Of course, she heard all of those things from Lv'e and others. They could not serve meals for Jin Wang with their identities.

The girls whose names included  the character "Lv" looked at Yaoniang anxiously, and thought that the reward of Highness could not be taken casually. While his reward also contained an infinite crisis, and it was easily to be disliked because of a small mistake.

Yuyan and Yucui were still calm, and there were no expressions on their faces.

Yaoniang cleaned her hands with a dry handkerchief. She first rolled up her sleeves, and then took the long silver chopsticks held by Lvyao.

In fact, Yaoniang was familiar with serving meals for Jin Wang, and she did many times in her previous life, so she knew how picky he was. The key was that he was still a bad-tempered person. Once he was not happy, he would draw a long face. Yaoniang was disliked by Jin Wang many times because of this in her previous life.


Although he didn't say anything, it was showed in his eyes, "You didn't know how to serve a meal, then what else could you do?"

At that time, for the sake of avenging an insult and also pleasing Jin Wang, Yaoniang learned it by heart. Although she didn't know much about other aspects of Jin Wang, she knew clearly about his little habits in life.

The dishes on the table were very rich and all delicious and good-looking, with eight dishes and one soup.

Yaoniang only smelled it and the knew that these dishes were from the small kitchen in Zhaohui Hall.

She was not used to be greedy. But after eating Jin Wang's leftovers several times, she knew what was delicious on earth and it was too delicious for people to swallow their tongues. In the previous life, Yaoniang was only a concubine. Even if she was doted, she still ate dishes from the large kitchen. Although the food in the large kitchen was not bad, she always felt that it seemed to lack something.

As for what it was, Yaoniang couldn't tell. Anyway, she knew that Jin Wang's meal was delicious.

There were five meat dishes, three vegetables dishes and one soup. The meat dishes included sautéed shredded pig trip, sautéed mushroom with sliced chicken, fish ball in light soup, spicy rabbit, casserole simmer deer tendon. The vegetables dishes included braised bamboo shoots in wine sauce, cabbage with Fresh mushroom, sir-fried wild rice stem. The soup was the pork-seafood soup.

Maybe Yaoniang was really hungry, and she couldn't stop drooling, and her heart was burning.

However, she did not forget the errand she would do. When she saw Jin Wang holding the silver chopsticks, she pressed the sleeve with one hand and took a few pieces of Sir-fried wild rice stem with the other hand and put it in the porcelain plate of Jin Wang.

Probably she was too familiar with this scene, or she might be really hungry. For a while, Yaoniang forgot that she was born in an ordinary family, and had never done anything to serve meals after entering the Mansion, so she shouldn't know how to serve meals.

While her action was methodical, smooth and beautiful. She slightly lifted her slender fingers, and every move contained calmness, it was as beautiful as a painting. Even people could easily ignore her dress at this time, but subconsciously thought that this woman was beautiful.

The most important thing was that she did it without any hesitation, and she seemed to know what dishes Jin Wang would like.

Jin Wang also really liked to eat.

Unlike other people in the army, Jin Wang liked vegetables but meat. He also ate meat, but he preferred vegetables. Of course, some would definitely say why he liked vegetables but there were many meat dishes. This question was a bit esoteric. Anyway, Yaoniang had also served Jin Wang for a long time, and then knew that there were many strange rules around him.

Such as these dishes, Jin Wang didn't eat much. Maybe he only ate a few for each dish. His preference was very changeable, but there was only one truth, that was, following his eyes.

One took the dishes, and the other ate. They cooperated well.

Seeing this, Fucheng and other people were very surprised.

It was very quiet, as if there was no one here.

Anyway, Yaoniang served meals for Jin Wang more than once or twice. She admired him very much that he never made any noise when he was eating, even the sound of chewing.

The dishes Yaoniang took for Jin Wang were finished in a blink of an eye before everyone reacted.

Suddenly, a voice of stomach growling sounded loud because it was very quiet. 


Yaoniang's face turned red, and she could not wait to find a place to hide. She thought Jin Wang might scold her for being discourteous, but he didn't say anything at all and seemed not to hear it.

Jin Wang took a few bites and dropped silver chopsticks.

"I reward the rest of the dishes to you."

Jin Wang did not mention the name, but everyone's eyes came over immediately, and Yaoniang did not think about others except herself.

She looked at the dishes that most of them were not be eaten, and thought in confusion, was Jin Wang's appetite not good today?


Jin Wang did not stay long, and he left after lunch.

He seemed to be here for lunch.

Due to Yaoniang got this reward from Jin Wang, she was able to return to the room to eat, and someone respectfully helped her to bring these leftovers back to her room and to place them on the table.

Sometimes Yaoniang didn't understand this kind of rules, they  just were Jin Wang's leftovers. How could it be so different? They were just dishes.

Yaoniang didn't understand this truth in her previous life and she might not figure it out in this life. Anyway, she ate Jin Wang's leftovers many times and adapted well. Because these dishes were so delicious, she wanted to swallow her tongue and ate more a bowl of rice than ever until her belly became round. 

She didn't finish all dishes, and there were still a lot.

Why not eat them at night?

Yaoniang thought silently, and a little girl named A'xia agreed with her.

A'xia was fourteen years old, and was very beautiful and smart. She just entered the Mansion and now worked as a maid in the small kitchen. 

She liked to talk to Yaoniang very much. Although Yaoniang was not much older than her, she had a sense of vicissitudes because of different experiences. While it was no doubt that the innocence of Axia was a dazzling scenery in the Mansion, people couldn't help smiling when seeing her, so Yaoniang also liked to talk to her.

A'xia volunteered to help Yaoniang clean up the dishes this time. As she cleaned the table, she yelled, "I'll use ice to keep these dishes fresh, and it won't go bad at night. We can add some vegetables and cook again, then it will be a delicious dinner."

Yaoniang nodded, "Then bother you."

"It's fine. This is what I should do."

A'xia was very talented in cooking. She was favoured by Madam Mo who would teach her something from time to time. Now, she was able to do some simple food. Judging by this, it wouldn't take a long time for Madam Mo to accept her as an apprentice.

"Wet Nurse Su, you don't know. Everyone envies you so much, they say that you have great skills and the Highness reward you many times."

Yaoniang laughed blushingly, "How can they say so exaggeratedly? But it is just a coincidence that I had a chance to serve meals for the Highness, and then the Highness rewarded me."

"Anyway, Wet Nurse Su is a lucky girl. Tell me about it, are you afraid of the Highness? Why am I afraid of the  Highness from a distance and dare not look him straight."

Yaoniang hesitated and said, "In fact, the Highness is a very good person. He keeps strictly the rules for reward andpunishment, and also takes care of his people." She didn't know how to describe him, so she could say something intelligible.

"I really envy Wet Nurse Su. You don't know how much they talk about you today. But there are two women in the kitchen that are really annoying. They always say sour words, and also want to join other people to let Wet Nurse Su spend lots of money to buy food and drinks. "A'xia wrinkled her nose, with disgust on her face.

Yaoniang was not surprised. Actually these people weren't bad people, and they just became jealous when they saw her getting rewards. Then they were trying to get a psychological balance in this way. Yaoniang didn't feel anything wrong, because she had planned to invite everyone to have a drink this time.

She just couldn't help sighing in her heart, when she remenbered the things Jin Wang rewarded.

After A'xia left, Yaoniang went to the cabinet and turned out a small cloth bag.

There were a month's wages, jewelries and silvers rewarded by the Side Consort Hu last time and also things rewarded by Jin Wang today in this small cloth bag.

If these things were replaced with equivalent silver, there were a few hundred liang. But the problem was that each of those rewards was marked, so she couldn't sell them out.

Yaoniang suddenly became annoyed.

This kind of grudge was not only for this life, but also the grievances in the previous life.

It was the same in her previous life. Jin Wang rewarded her all the gaudy things. They all were beautiful and valuable, some were worthless, but unfortunately these things must be registered and couldn't be lost.

But the money she mostly wanted was her poor wages every month. She did not dare to ask Jin Wang for money for her son, so she could only save from her wages. But she spent more than half of her monthly money on rewarding people. Actually, she didn't send much money back.

It needed to spend more than ten taels of silvers for inviting people to drink wines and eat food. After all, she got rewards from Jin Wang and also got so many good things. If she wouldn't be generous, they would said her bad words and thought she was stingy. But as long as she thought that she only had thirty taels of silvers in total and would spend ten tales of silvers, there was always a feeling of a knife being twisted in her heart.

When could she save enough money to go home?

Yaoniang sat there sighing for a while, then took out ten tales of silvers from it, and was planning to put the cloth bag back. After thinking about it, she took five tales of silvers again.

It was better to take more money. If she didn't take enough money, she would be shameful.


In Zhaohui Hall, Anshi coldly stood with his hands in front of the book case and said, "Wet Nurse Su ate a lot, and she ate two bowls of rice until her belly was round. She didn't throw the rest dishes and planned to eat at night."

As the dark guard beside Jin Wang, Anshi would inevitably help him to detect something in the secret. Generally, in this case, he would choose to report in details, without any personal emotions, because only in this way could the master be accurate to analyze it.

So Yaoniang ate two bowls of rice, and she didn't throw the rest of dishes, and planned to eat at night. Those things were reported to Jin Wang.

Jin Wang showed a smile and was about to say something, while Fucheng came in.

Seeing this, Jin Wang waved his hand, and Anshi disappeared before Fucheng came in.

"My Highness, there is someone passing the message from Siyi Courtyard."

Jin Wang took a glance at him.

Fucheng hesitated for a while and said,"It's the people around the Consort Jin. He said that the birthday of Consort Jin is on the fifteenth day. The Consort Jin intends to host a banquet in Siyi Courtyard, and hopes that the Highness will be able to show up."

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