Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 26

After they went out, Mr. Liu analyzed this matter with Jin Wang again. He talked much about Crown Prince's disfavor and the suspicion of the Grandson of the Emperor to replace Crown Prince.

In the past two years, the attitude of Emperor Hong Jing was indeed quite ambiguous. Crown Prince was incompetent, and it didn't seem to be impossible for the Grandson of the Emperor to replace Ccrown Prince. The problem was that in addition to Crown Prince, there were several young princes who had the strong cultural and military strategy.

Such as An Wang, Yong Wang and Jin Wang.

Would these princes be willing to watch a young boy to ascend the throne one day? Crown Prince was the first son of the Empress and was also the eldest among the princes, so he was well-deserved to get the throne.

But the Grandson of the Emperor? After all, he was just a grandson, not Crown Prince. Even if he was talent but was not enough to convince the public.

Maybe the Grandson of Emperor also knew that his uncles were not willing to watch him to ascend the throne, so he took actions firstly. He first dealt with Jin Wang and Yong Wang who were the most powerful among the princes. But with a few tricks, the two princes had a fight, and he sat on the mountain to watch the two tigers fight. His deep thoughts made people dumbfounded.

Then an old question came again. Why did the Grandson of the Emperor do the shameful thing? Was he sure  that he could provoke Jin Wang and Yong Wang to be hostile?

What was he relying on?

This was an unavoidable question, and Mr. Liu knew the reason, but he ignored this question and only discussed something else.

But before leaving, Mr. Liu said one word to Jin Wang that he should have a son. Not only Jin Wang needed to have descendants, but he should do everything well. Yong Wang and An Wang had more than one son, but Jin Wang had no one. This was his biggest weakness. 

After Mr. Liu left, there was a silence in the inner study, and only then Jin Wang showed his indifferent face.

Suddenly, he tapped the table, and a person appeared in front of him in a blink of an eye.

It was a man in tight clothes with an ordinary face.

"Let my people in the Capital City do something. I remember that Crown Prince is obsessed with beauty and has not stepped into the Crown Princess' room for a long time. The Crown Princess is at a sexually active age, so she must be lonely when she stays alone. Send her a man to enjoy. The Grandson of the Emperor seems to be ready for a wedding, is he going to marry the daughter of the Chen's family? Don't make him so easy to hold a wedding and stirs him up. Regarding the antidote, just let others find it from the Grandson of the Emperor."


The man disappeared, and the inner study became quiet again until Fucheng came in.

"My Highness, the rewards had been sent to the small lateral yard."

Actually, he didn't need to report it to Jin Wang. It was just a reward for a servant and the master was not necessary to pay attention. But it was not the same among the servants, especially the previous thing between Jin Wang and Yaoniang, Fucheng naturally took it seriously.

Jin Wang's face was as cold as water. After hearing this, his eyes moved.

He suddenly wanted to see the little wet nurse, and wanted to see if she could understand his words and would be not afraid of him. Especially now he was not in a good mood and wanted to go out to get a breath of fresh air.

At the same time, Jin Wang also realized that it would be too obvious to go to find Yaoniang now, so he looked down at the secret letters on the table until nearly noon, he went to the small lateral yard with Fucheng.

At this time, it was lunch time in the small lateral yard. The maids and madams had lunch in batches. The lunch for Yuyan and Yaoniang was prepared. The little princess was playing, so Yaoniang asked Yucui to eat first. Anyway, she was not hungry now.

The little princess was playing on the bed. At this time, the baby girl was very active. The weather was hot, and there was no ice in the room, so Yaoniang only wore a small bellyband on the little princess and let her play on the bed. She just stayed on her side and watched her not to fall from bed.

Looking at the little princess with a smile, Yaoniang's heart softened and she thought of Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao was about the same age as the little princess, so maybe he could turn over now. 

Yaoniang missed Xiao Bao so much and became sad. She wished she could have a pair of wings to fly back to Liuyun County immediately to see Xiao Bao and her sister.

Yaoniang immersed herself in her thoughts and naturally ignored the movement behind her. Until Jin Wang came to her, she realized that someone came in the room.

She looked out of the window subconsciously and found no one in the courtyard. She thought that it was time to eat at this moment, and the gatekeeper was shiftless again. In fact, nobody came to the small lateral yard in usual, and it was Jing Wang Mansion, so the servants here were lazy. In addition, Yuyan and Yucui treated people well, so it was inevitable that someone acted in a slick way.

She bent her knees to salute, and did not dare to look up.

She thought about the reward in the morning, and was not sure what Jin Jin would do at this time.

"I come here to see the little princess." Jin Wang coughed softly and said.

Yaoniang nodded quickly.

According to the rules, she should serve tea when the master came. But at this moment there was no one in the small lateral yard, and Fucheng didn't even show up. Yaoniang was very skeptical that Jin Wang could look after the little princess, so she could only stand there nervously and ignored it.

It was very quiet and they seemed to be looking at the little princess who kept turning over on the bed, but their attentions were scattered.

Yaoniang thought a lot and whispered, "Thanks for your reward, my Highness."

Jin Wang gave a faint sound and paused before he said, "You have served the little princess well, and I should have rewarded you earlier."

Did it mean that he let her pass like this?

Did he mean that they could forget what happened on that day?

Yaoniang could understand. At this time, when she heard the words of Jin Wang, she felt relieved.

She felt a little joy for her success. Maybe she could really stay safely until the little princess got older, and then brought home the money she earned.

While thinking about this, Yaoniang couldn't help but glance at Jin Wang.

Jin Wang was tall and his back was straight. He clasped his hands behind him, and looked at the little princess coldly. His handsome face was still the same as before, and was almost no extra expression, however, his soft eyes softened the sharpness of the entire face.

Yaoniang had never seen Jin Wang like this.

She even faintly envied the naive baby girl on the bed.

She thought that only the little princess could let Jin Wang take off his coldness, and take good care of her in this world.

Jin Wang thought that this little wet nurse was a bit silly. He had been here for a long time, but she didn't mention the dishes and even a cup of tea.

He wondered who taught her rules.

After that, Yaoniang found Jin Wang frowning.

He was handsome when he frowned.

Yaoniang had seen many people frown before, but some looked very vicious, or some were with two swellings on their foreheads, and some even changed the shape of their eyes and wrinkled together.

He was the only one with long, smooth eyebrows, neither thick nor pale, like an ink and wash painting shrouded in smoke and rain. His brow  was not too sharp but very soft. When he frowned, he hadn't wrinkles but a radian between the eyebrows. It was more appropriate to describe it as knitting his bows.

Yaoniang suddenly remembered a poem. How beautiful she looks, opening the pearly casement, and how quiet she leans, and how troubled her brow is. You may see the tears now, bright on her cheek, but not the man she so bitterly loves.

After thinking about it, she felt that she was too bold. How could she compare Jin Wang to a woman? But looking at him carefully, Jin Wang was really more beautiful than a woman.

Yaoniang felt that she learned a fact why Jin Wang always kept his face stern. Because he was so good-looking, if such an appearance was seen by others, how could he deter people in the Mansion and lead the border soldiers to fight against barbarity.

As soon as Yaoniang was wandering, Jin Wang had watched her for a long time, and of course he found that the little wet nurse was peeking at him.

Jin Wang was not strange for this kind of eyes. Seriously speaking, he had been seen by many people like this. But there was never a person to look at him with such a look.

There were not any thoughts, ulterior motives, and complicated things in her eyes, but it was very pure. She seemed to look at him, not Jin Wang.

Such a look made Jin Wang momentarily dazed, but he was interrupted before thinking deeply,

Fucheng didn't come in with Jin Wang just now. Because he was judicious, and also had to call the maids.

Yuyan and Yucui came in and knelt on the ground.

The two of them came out from the palace and knew that the rules in the palace were the most rigorous. They were in Zhaohui Hall before, and the rules were roughly the same as in the palace. But after they came to the small lateral yard, they became idle. Even there was no one on duty at the door outside, so they didn't know Jiang Wang here at the first time.

According to Jin Wang's rules, both Yuyan and Yucui would be whip more than ten times. But this time he just said lightly that they wouldn't let that happen again, and then let them stand up.

Yuyan and Yucui were still scared. Looking at their pale face, Yaoniang didn't understand why they looked so scared.

In fact, Yaoniang was also afraid of Jin Wang, but she knew that Jin Wang was not a person who would lose his temper and transfer his anger on others at random.

Jin Wang did not have lunch and Yuyan went to arrange.

People prepared quickly in the kitchen. It was just a few minutes, here came the lunch.

They placed the dishes on the table in Dongci room, and then Jin Wang moved forward.

Yaoniang was very hungry now. The wet nurse was easy to get hungry and her stomach cried out for food now.

She thought that Yuyan and Yucui were all here now, and they could help to look after the little princess, so she could go to lunch. She quietly told Yucui and then was going to leave.

She thought that her behavior was not noticeable, but everything was in the sight of someone.

"Since Wet Nurse Su is free now, then you serve meals for Jin Wang." Fucheng said.

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