Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 25

Jin Wang got angry all day.

It was not only because of Yaoniang, but also because of Fucheng's insensibility and contempt.

As a prince, he needed to let servants send him a dizzy woman, didn't Fucheng look down upon him? He really added firewood to the fire that was previously lit by Yaoniang!

He couldn't bully the little wet nurse, advoiding someone said he was unwise, brilliant, majestic and powerful. Naturally he chose to bully unwise Fecheng.

Looking at Fucheng's sadness, while Jin Wang felt a touch of delight.

But he still didn't feel happy, because the pale and beautiful face of the little wet nurse always flashed in his mind. After she went out, he heard the movement outside and there was an inexplicable feeling of anxiety sprang up.

She was so timid that she must be frightened. Actually he didn't want to do anything, just wanted to see...

He thought a lot. Jin Wang arranged servants to go to the small lateral yard the next morning.

Not to mention Yaoniang was distracted for a whole day.

She didn't know that feeling exactly,  she was afraid that someone would  let her leave after a while and was also afraid that Jin Wang would be more annoyed and want to punish her when he returned, or something else, but she didn't understand.

She was awake all night, After Yaoniang woke up the next day, she saw the dark circles under her eyes in the mirror. 

Unfortunately, she had never used rouge gouache, nor had she prepared such a thing. She could not cover it, so she could only go to work with the dark circles.

Yaoniang's white skin made her dark circles more obvious. Seeing that, Yuyan was a bit surprised. After she learned that Yaoniang didn't sleep well at night, she could not help repeatedly,sigh that she hadn't seen Yaoniang like that before when Yaoniang was on night duty. Why didn't she fall asleep when she didn't work at night?

Yaoniang was embarrassed and could not answer. Fortunately, Yuyan didn't say anything else, just let Lv'e go to the kitchen to get a freshly boiled egg and rub Yaoniang's eyes.

When people from Zhaohui Hall came, Yaoniang was holding the egg rubbing her eyes and her face was halfway up. Hearing that someone came to her from Zhaohui Hall, she was shocked. After she reacted, she was scalded to pain, and it's red under her eyes.


Seeing that the egg fell to the ground, she wanted to pick it up in a hurry, and almost broke the mirror. 

She just stood up and saw Lu'e come in cheerfully, "Wet Nurse Su, the Highness rewards you something."


Yaoniang stunned.

"Go out and thank Jin Wang quickly. The Highness said that you are good at serving the little princess... " Lv'e said as she pulled Yaoniang out. Yuyan, Yucui and others all looked at her with a smile.

When she went out, a young eunuch wearing a crew neck shirt stood there, and there were a few eunuchs holding trays around him.

In the whole Jin Wang Mansion, there were only eunuchs around Jin Wang, and they were all brought out of the imperial palace that year.

Yaoniang also knew this eunuch. He was Fucheng's adopted son, Xiao Shunzi, who was also a first-rate celebrity in Jin Wang Mansion.

Yaoniang knelt down and thanked for rewarding, and then they left soon.

After they left, everyone in the small lateral yard gathered to congratulate Yaoniang and said many good words to her.

Jin Wang was the most generous person in the whole Jin Wang Mansion. As long as the things Jin Wang could reward, it would be so surprised for them. In particular, this was the first time that Jin Wang had rewarded a servant, so it must make other people jealous. Even the people in Liuchun Pavilion heard the news and came here.

The trays were covered with red cloths. Some wanted to open it to see, but they were driven away by termagant Lvyao. And some relied on being familiar with Yaoniang, and asked her for a dinner party, therefore, it was noisy in the courtyard.

Seeing this scene, Yurong said, "Okay, all right, everyone leaves first and let Wet Nurse Su invite you to eat pastries and drink wine some other day."

Yaoniang understood the rules in the Mansion after coming here for some time. Generally, if the servants got the rewards, they would have to buy some food to share with everyone. Naturally, she nodded and agreed with Yurong, then said that she would invite everyone to eat pastries and drink wine some other day, they all went to do their things.

Cuizhu kept standing in the crowd all the time. Her cheeks were thin and her face was haggard. Looking at the Yaoniang surrounded by others, she was hated and jealous. She squeezed her bruised hands, gritted her teeth and left.

Lv'e and others helped Yaoniang to bring things back to the room, then they left, leaving Yaoniang alone.

She stood at the table and hesitated before lifting up the red silk on the trays.

Jin Wang was really generous. He rewarded a red gold tangled bracelet, a pair of red gold pendant earrings, and a red gold hairpin. 

They were dangling, shining and very heavy.

Jin Wang was really rich compared with the gilt tassel hairpin and jade bracelets that were rewarded by Side Consort Hu before..

Seriously speaking, Yaoniang had already received many rewards, so she was familiar with it. But this time made her see the light..

She was right..

Jin Wang was indeed a gentleman.

So after she said that, he couldn't force her, and even did not transfer his anger on others. Because apples are apples and oranges are oranges, you cannot mix them up. Yaoniang knew that Jin Wang was a very matter-of-fact being, so she courageously said those words yesterday.

But because Yaoniang understood this, she felt a little bit upset.

In addition to these pieces of jewelries, there were clothes placed in the other two trays. But Yaoniang did not see them carefully and just put them into the box. She did not have the opportunity to wear them.


In in the inner study of Zhaohui Hall, Jin Wang sat after the book case, and there were several people sitting on the circle chairs on the left and right sides.

Jin Wang handled some private affairs in this inner study. Those people who was able to enter here was enough to prove that they were all Jin Wang's henchmen.

They were all aides or retainers of Jin Wang Mansion with different names, but without exception, they were all under Jin Wang's management.

Yes, it was not Jin Wang's Mansion, but was Jin Wang.

Although the Jin Wang Mansion was the residence of Jin Wang, but there were various people, so it could not be regarded as strong as iron. Changshi Department was set up by the imperial court to monitor the local princes. In particular, Jin Zhou was different from other places and was close to the sideline fortress. Jin Wang held hundreds of thousands of military forces, so there were many scouts of the imperial court and other parts in Jin Wang Mansion.

Because Jin Wang treated other princes in the same way, the division was very clear.

The first person on the left was wearing a robe and holding a fan. His age was unknown. His hair was white but he looked very young, and didn't have a beard. This person's surname was Liu, and was called Mr. Liu. Few people knew his origins, but he was very appreciated by Jin Wang, as if he was the most important aide.

A black-faced big man sat next to him. He was Commander Chou Zhan of the Mansion army, and managed 9,000 soldiers. He was a general under Jin Wang and had won Jin Wang's trust.

One wore a monk robe, and one wore a Confucian shirt. The person wearing a Confucian shirt looked fierce as if someone dared to provoke him and then he would kill the whole family, but the person wearing a monk robe was fat  with big head and big belly. He did not tonsure, and did not look like a monk obviously. All in all, only Qiuzhan seemed normal among four people.

Jin Wang was discussing with them.

Mr. Liu used the feather fan in his hand and said, "In this way, does Yong Wang get rid of the suspicion?"

The person who dressed well but with a fierce look was called as Mr. Dark, and he interjected immediately before Mr. Liu finished speaking, "Even if it's not him, he must have something to do with this thing.

Mr. Dark spoke Shu dialect. Even if he came to the Jin Wang Mansion for many years, he couldn't speak official language and called others stupid.

Because of his accent, when he first came to the Jin Wang Mansion, he made a lot of jokes. But it was almost one month that no one dared to laugh at him, they all rushed to avoid him when they saw him. Because Mr. Dark deserved his name, he was used to have some bad tricks, and never blinked when he hurt and killed people.

If Mr. Liu was a good man, and he was used to using some righteous ways. While Mr. Dark had crooked and devilish tricks.

As for Li Maotian in a monk robe, he could be regarded as neutralizing the personalities of Mr. Liu and Mr. Dark. He was considered to be moderate and without any surprises, but he was careful and had no omissions.

He sat on a circle chair that seemed to be crushed, rubbed his garlic nose, and said, "The Crown Prince is the most suspicious, but... "

The incident happened nearly a year ago, and a lot of people under Jin Wang were sent secretly. They searched the whole Yong Zhou inch by inch and send many scouts to Yong Wang Mansion. But the information received showed that the matter was not done by Yong Wang, at last, Crown Prince in the Capital City was most suspicious.

Crown Prince?

He was more than 40 years old, but was still a Crown Prince, and he was overwhelmed by Emperor Hong Jing. Although he was Crown Prince, but in fact he was just a loser that the grandson of the emperor was more favored.

It's really incredible, but the news showed that it was indeed Crown Prince, and it should be said that it was the part of the East Palace. Actually the grandson of the emperor was most likely to steal the spotlight from Crown Prince.

Why did he do this? Did he want Jin Wang and Yong Wang to fight against each other? It seemed it was not a big thing but it was also not a small thing. For a man, it really trampled on dignity, but it was not really worth fighting. He always felt that the part of the East Palace did a lot of work, but they just did a trivial matter, and this was something unreasonable.

Li Maotian questioned it.

Jin Wang's face was so indifferent that others didn't guess his emotions. Just his left hand touched the jade ring on the thumb of the right hand inadvertently, and he turned it occasionally.

Mr. Dark smiled, and his eyes moved. He reached out and patted Li Maotian's plump spine, then said with a loud voice, "You stupid, what do you care about? Don't think too much, and they must have some reasons... "

Li Maotian couldn't think about it for a moment, all in his ears was a series of Shu dialects that made him listen to laboriously.

"Everything has its meaning, but they really doesn't need to spend so much time... "

"Look at yourself! You are asking for trouble, you look so stupid."

Even if Li Maotian was stupid, he realized that Mr. Dark was perverted. This black man was not so rambling as usual, unless...

He hesitated, and finally realized that there was something unusual.

From the beginning, Jin Wang did not have any suspect to the East Palace why they spent so much time doing such an absurd matter. Since there was no objection from Jin Wang, it showed that East Palace must have a reason to do so, but what was the reason?

Could it be that--

Li Maotian didn't think about it anymore. He followed Jin Wang for many years and knew that his master's strategy was extraordinary. These so-called aides did not provide suggestions, but they were about making up for mistakes. After all, no one was perfect, and there were always unexpected points. As for the general direction, Jin Wang had never made a mistake.

Since Li Maotian knew that he couldn't say any more, he immediately scolded Mr. Dark because he just called him "stupid". He disputed with Mr. Dark, and it seemed they wouldn't stop argue..

The two funny fellows were born with anomalies, and once they were not serious, it made people feel funny.

Anyway, Mr. Liu shook his head and smiled. He used the feather fan and said, "Okay, if you continue to argue, please go out. Don't obstruct Highness here."

They moved quickly. After giving respect to Jin Wang, they pulled each other's sleeves and went out. Until they went outside, quarrel between the two could still be heard.

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