Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

To be honest, Yaoniang was really scared, and her face turned pale.

She wanted to lie on the ground subconsciously and allow Jin Wang to do what he wanted to do, but she also thought of her son-Xiao Bao.

She remembered that Xiao Bao had lost his mother in the previous life, and was so lonely and helpless. He was certainly not treated well by Mrs. Li in Yao's family. Yaoniang left her son behind in her two lifetimes, so Xiao Bao was the person who she was the deepest sorry to.

Xiaobao couldn't live without his mother, and she must stay alive, so she couldn't repeat the same mistakes and become the concubine of Jin Wang. 

At the same time, Yaoniang also had a hint of clarity in her head, and felt that she seemed to be trapped in an unconscious maze. Obviously, she came to the Mansion to be a wet nurse and her work was impeccable. On the basis of everything, she didn't think that it's right to rely on Jin Wang.

She didn't sell herself to the Jin Wang Mansion, nor was she Jin Wang's concubine! She was just a wet nurse!

Her previous life really made a deep influence on her, and it was not only her body, but even her mind.

Yaoniang suddenly had a sense of sobriety like being enlightened. So she consciously straightened up, and stopped defensively guarding her chest, but dropped her hands naturally.

Jin Wang thought that Yaoniang finally decided to obey. When he was satisfied her performance, he couldn't help but wonder if she was playing hard-to-get, did she want to seduce him? 

He had seen such a woman more than once. They would rather die than submit, but in fact it was just an act and all were traps.

There were too many such traps in the palace, and Jin Wang didn't want to see them anymore.

Suddenly he fell dispirited and didn't quite understand why he had this emotion, but he didn't want to understand it.

A woman was never impossible for him to get, but he wanted her or not. 

If he wanted, he could get her anytime..

Jin Wang even thought that if this woman could eliminate his addiction diseases. He would let her live in rich and honourable life. 

He treat her as the woman in Liuchun Pavilion.

Jin Wang's face became stern again, but Yaoniang didn't find it all, because she looked down and seemed to be thinking about something. 


For Jin Wang, it was just one word and one thing.

But for Yaoniang, it would be a life upset.

She was born with a docile personality, and many people used to call her a fox, but Yaoniang was a very honest and simple-minded girl.

She was born in Jin Zhou and grew up in Jin Zhou.

While in Jin Zhou, Jin Wang controlled everything like a King and God.

His words was just like an imperial decrees for an ordinary people in Jin Zhou.

Being influenced by this thought, she couldn't bear any thoughts to resist when Yaoniang entered the Jin Wang Mansion.

Yaoniang couldn't resist Consort Jin,.

neither did she resist Jin Wang.

But this time, she didn't want to obey anymore. She had already died once, and she didn't want to die a second time.

Yaoniang looked up at the man near at hand. When she saw his handsome face, she couldn't help but have a tight pupil, and feel that she could not breathe unexpectedly, which made her heart tremble.

But she still had a hint of awareness, and did not forget what kind of the situation she was facing and what choice she would make.

She pouted slightly and lowered her head. Her voice was trembling, but she still forced herself to speak.

"My Highness, please forgive me for not obeying your orders. I am married. Although my husband is dead, I still have a young son and do not want to remarry. The reason for coming to the Mansion is to raise him up. You are wise, brilliant, majestic and powerful, presumably you will not force a miserable and weak woman... "

Of course, Jin Wang was annoyed, but his annoyance had nothing to do with others. There might also be some anger when his dignity and status were challenged, but it was more of an embarrassment and intolerance.

As a prince of the Qian Dynasty, he could have all women of the world, but now he was rejected by a wet nurse.

He was rejected under this circumstance, and he imitated those bullies who were trying to bully men and women, but the other party would rather die than submit...

But looking at her, his annoyance disappeared unexpectedly. Because he could see how scared she was, and her whole body was snoring.

She was so pitiful.

Yaoniang was really pitiful, seemingly calm, but in fact she gave a false impression and he could clearly see how nervous she was. Her little face was pale, and her hands and lips were shaking and even the thickly curled eyelashes were shaking slightly. The corner of her eyes were red, and made people feel like she was about to cry.

Her words should have made people feel righteous and backboned, but let people had an illusion of begging. It was as if a little rabbit had no resistance ability, but still extended its claws without sharp nails to deter when it faced a wolf that wanted to eat itself. 

It made people feel funny and compassionate.

Jin Wang pursed his thin lips and wanted to reprimand, but he didn't know how to speak. Could it be said that she would be wrong if she did not take off clothes. But it would be not possible for Jing Wang to admit his mistake with his character.

He was so embarrassed that he could only cover up his embarrassment with a cold face and said indifferently, "Go out."

Yaoniang couldn't help shivering and walked out as pressing her chest.

After she walked outside, she couldn't stand it anymore, and sat on the ground.

She offended him.

So, it might be good.


Yaoniang slowly walked downstairs. For fear that others saw her anomalies, she deliberately rubbed on her face and took a few deep breaths before going to the East Room.

It was very quiet. Fucheng was not there, and Yucui sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the sleeping little princess.

Seeing Yaoniang coming in, Yucui looked up at her subconsciously.

"Well, where is Eunuch Fu?" Yaoniang asked casually.

Yucui answered, "Eunuch Fu went to the toilet."

Yaoniang nodded and came to the bed. The little princess was still asleep. She went to the side to find some clothes that the little princess had changed, and told Yucui that she would wash them, and then hurried out with her head down.

Yucui looked at her back and sighed almost silently.

Fucheng felt that he was old and was really shameful to do such a thing, but it was important to his Highness..

He stayed in the toilet for a long time. Even if it was as clean and tidy as the bedroom, he couldn't bear. He estimated the time in his heart and felt that it was almost the time, then he came out of the toilet. As soon as he arrived in the small building, he saw Jin Wang stepping out of the door with an indifferent face, and then he walked to Jin Wang.

"My Highness, are you going back to Zhaohui Hall?"

Jin Wang did not speak, but just strode forward.

Fucheng took a glance at him, did he fail?

Why didn't he succeed? Could it be said that his Highness could not fix a little wet nurse? Or did his Highness lack of experience and mess up?

Fucheng thought that the latter possibility was bigger.

He didn't dare to ask more, but just lowered his head and walked behind Jin Wang. Jin Wang walked very fast, and he struggled to keep up. Eventually Jin Wang stopped walking, He could not bear it any longer, and whispered, "Should I ask Anshi to go to knock that little wet nurse dizzy and send her to my Highness' room?"

Jin Wang looked at him with indifferent eyes.

His eyes were cold as ice.

Fucheng shut up immediately and acted as a quail.

Even though Fucheng did so, Jin Wang didn't let Fucheng go. For the next half day, Fucheng was ordered by Jin Wang to run around in the Mansion. Obviously, Jin Wang could let the servants do such a trivial matter, but Jin Wang just asked Fucheng to do.

Fucheng knew that his Highness was annoyed with him, but the point was that he was also innocent.

Fucheng was exhausted for a day. At night, Jin Wang announced with a hum to end the torture of Fucheng.

Fucheng was old and weak, so he handed over the task of serving Jin Wang to his adopted son Xiao Shunzi, and then he came to the small lateral yard at once.

He went to East Room and sat opposite Mammy Mu. He sighed and poured out his grievances for a long time.

"You mean that my Highness likes Wet Nurse Su?" Instead of a question, but she stated a truth. In fact, Mammy Mu was a little surprised that things moved too fast.

From the day when Yaoniang entered the courtyard, Mammy Mu noticed her.

Compared with active Cuizhu, She was more concerned about Yaoniang who was quiet and self-effacement. Mammy Mu spent most of her life in the palace, so she knew what kind of woman could be doted. There were three thousand beauties in the imperial harem, and how many beauties could really let the emperor arise interest? And those who were doted had many advantages, such as good looks, pleasing temperament, but also such as Yaoniang, who was born to be a stunner that men couldn't resist.

Mammy Mu originally thought that the girl from Xu Guogong Mansion had an unusual vision and was really a stunner. Regarding the battle between Consort Jin and Side Consort Hu, Mammy Mu knew in her heart. But she never interfered, because she had seen too many such things and did not think that this level of backyard dispute would be implicated in men. 

Even if there was, it would never be happened to Jin Wang. Mammy Mu took care of Jin Wang when he was young and she knew the nature and means of her little master.

Mammy Mu hoped that Jin Wang would have more women. Only by this way, Jin Wang could have many children.

"But this little lady is not a virgin and has a son, will the highness not be disgusted?"

Hearing Mammy Mu's words, Fucheng's eyes flickered, and he laughed, "My Highness will never speak this thing to us directly."

Mammy Mu nodded, "This is true. The Highness always has his own ideas. In fact. That's okay, it's better to be more fertile than choosing a barren land. No matter how hard you work, it won't have crops."

Fucheng didn't say anything about this. He knew what Mammy Mu meant and she was talking about Consort Jin.

Thinking that Mammy Mu didn't know the real reason, he couldn't tell the truth and only regretted coming here today. He couldn't say it clearly, because Mammy Mu stayed in the imperial palace for a longer time and was more capable than him. He feared that she would know something through his words.

Then Fucheng dared not to complain anymore, and even forgot to do what he wanted to do. He hurried to say goodbye to Mammy Mu, and left.

Mammy Mu sat with cross-legged on Luohan bed, looked at his back with old eyes and frowned unconsciously.

If Yaoniang yielded to Jin Wang this time, she would take the old path. Since she had a new life, she couldn't recommit the same error.

Jin Wang's attitude was normal. That was the common problem for a man from the imperial palace. If she didn't agree, he would be angry. If she agreed, he would suspect her. Jin Wang was a prince, and there were a lot of women who wanted to put themselves under the patronage of a higher-up. Also, how did Yaoniang come to the small lateral yard? She was arranged by Consort Jin on the surface.

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