Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 23

One day, Yaoniang and Yuyan were on the night duty together.

Before wet nurses Qian and Wang came, Yuyan suddenly informed Yaoniang that thse should go back to rest today and will not be placed on night duty.

Yaoniang looked at her in surprise: “What happened? Why doesn’t Mammy Mu let me take on night duty?”

Yuyan who was cleaning the bed didn’t raise her head and said, “You cannot always be on night duty. Recently, the little princess sleeps well so it’s improper to let you stay up all night alone.”


Yuyan patted the soft pillow and placed it on the bedside. Then she stood up straight and looked at her helplessly: “I’m not criticizing you. You are too honest. Those two don’t say anything but you still hold your tongue. They work during the day and take care of the little princess together with some maidservants beside them. But you are always placed on night duty and still help massage the belly of the little princess during the day. You work so hard. So I just talked to Mammy Mu and have you, wet nurse Qian and wet nurse Wang take turns in caring for the little princess. Then you’ll be on day duty and they will be on night duty.”

“Actually I’m fine. I like to work at night…”

Yuyan turned around and smiled at her, apparently she didn’t believe her words.

Yes. Who would want to stay up late and not even sleep well at night?

On the surface, Yaoniang didn’t care. Yuyan sat on the edge of the bed and said to her, “In fact, it’s not just because of you. The little princess cried in the middle of the night the past few days, which disturbed a lot of people. There was no way to avoid it and everyone could only stay up late together. Now if only you are on night duty, Yucui and I must take turns to accompany you. Although there is only one master in the yard, there are actually a lot of things to do. Mammy Mu is getting older and she wasn’t in charge a long time ago. We can’t tire her too much. So if you three alternate on night duty, Yucui and I can rest.”

Expressing it this way, Yaoniang couldn’t say anything else.

Could she say that she really didn’t want to be on duty during the day?

In the past few days, Jin Wang would frequently come to the small lateral courtyard. Even if Yaoniang generally slept in the room during the day, she heard the maidservants say that Jin Wang came more than once.

In an odd way, her conscience felt guilty.

She remembered that day she used her quick wits in her predicament. She made up an excuse that the little princess was crying and ran away in a hurry. Fucheng was downstairs at that time. Was Jin Wang aware that she lied to him?

Yaoniang wondered if Jin Wang is going to punish her but this is totally unreasonable. Jin Wang, as the most powerful person in the entire Jin Wang Mansion, could certainly punish her for her deceit and even kick her out. It is really not so difficult.

Remembering the eyes of Jin Wang that day, Yaoniang felt perhaps he had some intentions towards her.

After reconsidering it, how could Jin Wang–such an important person–care about a widow, someone who lost her husband?

It’s not that Yaoniang is self-degrading herself, but his wife and concubines in the backyard were all gorgeous. Everyone was better than her regarding appearances and personalities.

She couldn’t figure this out. She could only give up thinking too much. Perhaps she would know when the right time comes.

As soon as things have been settled, Yaoniang had day duty. Although there were a lot of things during the day, it was much easier than staying up all night.

When she went on day duty for the first time, Jin Wang did not appear.

She actually felt that she thought too much.

But Jin Wang came on the second day.

The little princess just fell asleep. This was the proper time for her to sleep. She rubbed her eyes a few times with her small white hands and Yaoniang realized she was feeling sleepy. Holding the little princess in her arms, she walked back and forth to coax her. In a blink of an eye, the little princess fell asleep. Yucui was bragging about Yaoniang’s ability to coax a child to sleep. It would take a long time for wet nurses Qian and Wang to coax the little princess to sleep.

Suddenly they heard a voice in the courtyard. It seemed that Jin Wang arrived. The two rushed out to greet him. 

Sure enough, it is Jin Wang.

Today, Jin Wang looked surprisingly handsome. Wearing a robe embroidered with an image of sunshine after the rain and a sapphire crown on his head, Jin Wang was particularly spectacular like a cloud or fog on top of the mountains or a wave in the sea.

Yaoniang was stunned for a bit and then immediately made a deep curtsy alongside Yucui.

Jin Wang walked inside the room with Fucheng following behind.

“The little princess just fell asleep. Mammy Mu is in the east room.” Yucui said respectfully to Jin Wang.

Jin Wang nodded and glanced at the little princess. Actually, instead of looking at the little princess, Yaoniang felt that he was looking at her. Strangely enough, she felt that he took a glance at her for a moment longer.

Yaoniang was nervous and rigidly lowered her eyes.

Jin Wang looked pale and nodded to Yucui then turned away.

He did not leave but went to the second floor.

In this regard, Yucui was not surprised.

Because the second floor was arranged for Jin Wang, he would come over from time to time; although he often came at night. She was hesitant to send a cup of tea to him. No one is allowed to causally go to the second floor without orders.

Fucheng walked in while Yucui was speaking to Yaoniang about this.

“Wet nurse Su, go and make a cup of tea for Wangye. Silver Needle (a kind of yellow tea), don’t make a mistake.”

Fucheng’s words not only surprised Yucui but also made Yaoniang very confused because generally it was impossible to order a wet nurse to do this.

But since Fucheng said it, Yaoniang didn’t dare to refute. So she had to make tea and take it to the second floor.

Looking at Fucheng who seemed to have no intention to go upstairs and spoke with Yucui instead with a smile, Yaoniang had a bad feeling in her heart.

Sure enough, she went up and saw Jin Wang sitting behind the writing desk with a gloomy look.

She had no idea of whether it’s just her imagination or something, although Jin Wang was reading a book instead of looking at her, she felt he had eyes on his forehead.

Yaoniang have butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t help but want to touch her hair and clothes. It’s a pity that both her hands were occupied with holding the tea tray and she could only awkwardly carry the tea over.

As she got closer and closer to Jin Wang, a fine layer of sweat beads appeared on Yaoniang’s forehead and nose. She was so anxious that she set the tea cup lightly on the table. The closer she is to Jin Wang, the more she felt how tall he is. She was standing while he sat, but they had the same height.

Seeing that Jin Wang did not move, Yaoniang was relieved.

When Yaoniang was about to step back, she heard Jin Wang cough lightly.

She shivered subconsciously. Her hands twisted together and clenched tightly.

Jin Wang did not need to raise his eyes to see her thin white fingers. A picture suddenly appeared in his mind—

That day she washed his feet slowly.

“Do you have something to say?”

She felt bitterness in her mouth and thought what will be will be.

However, this did not upset her. He really remembered that she had deceived him, instead of the other…

Her voice was weak: “Please forgive me, Wangye. On that day, I didn’t deliberately deceive you. It was my mistake that I seemed to have heard the little princess cry. But after I came down, I found out the little princess didn’t cry. This slave is at fault.”

Wasn’t this a confession without duress?

“What have you done wrong?”

“That day, I shouldn’t go away without finishing my job. I shouldn’t be afraid of being punished when I didn’t go back to the second floor after I found out that the little princess didn’t wake up.”

“So can you be forgiven?”

Yaoniang nodded quickly.

Jin Wang looked at her.

Today, the wet nurse was even more old-fashioned. She was wearing wide sandalwood clothes without any shape. Her formerly smooth forehead was completely hidden under the bangs she deliberately made.

According to the customs of the Qian Dynasty, married women can’t wear bangs.

In order to deliberately get the bangs, she actually covered her forehead with hair and fixed it with hair oil. Maybe because this kind of bangs was not easy to have, she smeared a lot of hair oil on this layer of bangs.

At first glance, she looked like a woman doing odds and ends in the kitchen. But after seeing her kind of beauty, Jin Wang clearly remembered it.

He felt it was just recklessly wasting God’s good gifts.

Jin Wang was a little surprised by his own thoughts for he always felt before that the woman’s body is disgusting. He would have not thought of that kind of thing at all but he repeatedly made an exception for this little wet nurse.

It was because of these abnormalities that Jin Wang decided to figure out the truth of this matter.

“If you want me not to blame you…” Jin Wang said slowly.

Yaoniang froze for a moment.

“Take off your clothes.”


Yaoniang was so surprised that she even forgot that there is differences between the poor and nobles. She looked at Jin Wang in surprise. Her small white face was clear and her little red mouth opened slightly as if she saw some wonders.

Jin Wang is not a crude person. Seriously, he was reticent and pretty decent. After all, he was born noble and wealthy. He unexpectedly spoke out these words to tease good woman, which was scarier than seeing someone run naked on the street.

Anyway, Yaoniang had slept with Jin Wang so many times in her previous life. He said so many ambiguous words a few times when he was muddled on the bed. By the time he got out of bed, he became serious and indifferent like a deity untouched by dust.

“Wangye, you can’t be like this…” her mouth trembled for a long time before she said, “otherwise what is the difference between you and a bully…”

Hearing this, Jin Wang lightly smiled.

His smile was arrogant, contemptuous and disdainful. He laughed loudly as if he heard some big joke.

Jin Wang has not done anything to violate good women but this did not mean that he did not take advantage of his power to bully others. Regarding their identity and status, the first thing they understood from birth was ‘power’. And these royal people overrode all mortal beings relying on ‘power’?

Especially for Jin Wang, Consort De died while he was still young. A prince who lost his mother in the imperial palace was even worse than a servant. Since he was a child, he had learned how to use ‘power’, how to rely on this ‘power’ to deter those minions and how to obtain more ‘power’ in order to stand on the top of a cloud one day.

So Jin Wang is the ancestor of all bullies considering his high status.

But it really made him feel like a gangster doing all kinds of bullying, and he is really embarrassed.

Jin Wang thought of how the bully on the street oppressed good people. It was not just his imagination but the funny little wet nurse behaved like it is so.

It’s a pity that Jin Wang thought for a while and failed to express his intention in a proper manner. He decided to give up and follow his own method.

“Take off your clothes. Don’t let me say it again!”

The author has something to say:

Jin Wang: You are a widow who lost her husband? Am I dead? It has been more than twenty-two chapters already. How many times have you said that I died?

Yaoniang: (puts on an innocent face and didn’t say anything).

Jin Wang: You will know soon whether your man is already dead.

10,000 words are omitted…

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