Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 22

Yaoniang is familiar with this kind of nervous feeling because she felt it every time she saw Jin Wang in her previous life.

She has analyzed the reason but only drew in conclusion that Jin Wang is too handsome.

There is no doubt that Jin Wang is handsome. He is the handsomest man Yaoniang has ever seen.

He is too handsome that Yaoniang would dare not look at him again.

Yaoniang lowered her head and whispered, “Wangye, water has been brought over.”

“Do the duty of washing my feet.”

Yaoniang was shocked for a moment. But she did not dare refute and walked over carrying the basin.

The temperature of the water was just right. Jin Wang already took off his shoes and settled his bare feet on the footrest. Yaoniang held his soles with one hand while the other held his calves. Then she put Jin Wang’s feet in the basin.

Jin Wang’s feet look good, white and strong. His nails are regularly trimmed except for some thin callouses on the soles. Yaoniang could do these things well. Strictly speaking, she learned it in order to please Jin Wang and convince him to sleep in her room in the previous life.

For example, she knows how to make Jin Wang feel comfortable and which acupuncture points would relieve fatigue.

She seems to please him subconsciously.

Yaoniang poured water on Jin Wang’s legs and feet with one hand while touching his calves with the other. Jin Wang’s calf muscles are too knotted to be pressed, which must be the result of long period of horse riding.

Yaoniang sighed in her heart and stroked his calves with her hand. She started to press them with her fingers where his muscles were a little softer.

She massaged his calves back and forth carefully from top to bottom.

Yaoniang did not make it seem her first time washing Jin Wang’s feet. She was so familiar with it, which made it seem as if she has done it countless times.

Jin Wang had this feeling but it didn’t prevent him from feeling complacent.

It was really comfortable. It seemed that all the discomfort on his legs and feet were extracted. This time Jin Wang returned from outside riding a horse all day. He is used to riding horses rather than taking a carriage.

Then, Jin Wang looked down at Yaoniang.

She has white cheeks and curled eyelashes. He could see nothing else from this angle because she wrapped herself with tight clothes.

Jin Wang could not help but frown. He no longer felt the wet nurse was deliberately trying to seduce him. If she had that kind of thought, it’s impossible for her to be wearing clothes like this.

Is she perhaps purposely taking another approach to display her unique self? There is no doubt that Jin Wang couldn’t help but always think of that beautiful scene.

The original reason why Jin Wang deliberately called Yaoniang here was that he didn’t vomit.

Maybe the scene was too shocking or he walked away in a hurry but Jin Wang didn’t realize until he reached the second floor. In order to test whether it was true, he asked Fucheng to go down to fetch water for him and specifically mentioned the wet nurse.

Fucheng is astute. He certainly understood what was implied.

Sure enough, she went.

Fucheng walked back and forth downstairs but still couldn’t restrain the excitement.

Wangye actively wants a woman?

As long as he thought of it, tears would flow from his aged eyes.

Would they… or wouldn’t?

These two thoughts rolled back and forth in his mind like a pot of boiling water.

Fucheng listened very carefully for fear of missing a trace of movement. What he was most afraid of was that wet nurse would run down with tears and Wangye would become furious.

But there has been no movement even now. Just as Fucheng grew more anxious, he suddenly heard a slight footstep. He immediately picked up the hem of his robe and ran away; taking on the same energy he had when he was a little eunuch.

Upstairs, Yaoniang felt more and more nervous. Although she had her head lowered, she could feel him lay his eyes on her head.

She is no stranger to this kind of gaze but even quite familiar with it.

In retrospect, every time Jin Wang looked at her with this kind of gaze he would always…

Yaoniang was stunned. At the same time, she felt an uncontrollable numbness come up from her lower vertebrae, as if she was lit on fire. Her chest swelled, which seemed to protrude. With a slight tingling sensation, Yaoniang could even hear the sizzling sound.

She sprung up on reflex. Shielding her chest, she fell to the side as her legs were weak.

Jin Wang was a little embarrassed by her actions and subconsciously wanted to reach out to pull her up but she hurriedly got up from the ground while blocking his hands.

Under the light, she blushed as if on fire. She lowered her eyes with her arms clenched tightly around her chest but her eyelashes trembled uncontrollably: “It seems that the little princess is crying. I should go…”

After saying this, she didn’t give Jin Wang a chance to react at all. She turned around and ran away.

Jin Wang’s feet were left in the water basin and his hands stiffened in the air. For a long time he did not come to his senses.

As soon as Fucheng came out, he saw Yaoniang come downstairs.

There were no tears, snot or disheveled clothes. But her eyes were watery and face flushed as if she had just washed her face or was just doted on by Wangye.

Fucheng couldn’t help but clear his throat. Seeing that Yaoniang was frightened, he concluded that Yaoniang was really timid.

“Wet nurse Su, did you serve Wangye well?”

Yaoniang was shocked. Why did this sound so strange?

Yaoniang is no stranger to Fucheng. Although Fucheng is the main Eunuch in the mansion, he actually serves Jin Wang personally. Every time Jin Wang came to the courtyard in her previous life, she would see him. But in her impression, he always seemed to be smiling gently. Now he suddenly changed. To be honest, Yaoniang couldn’t accept this.

She always felt that his gentle expression revealed some peculiarity.

“Wangye has fallen asleep.” Yaoniang relatively chose a less strange statement.

When he heard this, his eyes lit up immediately and he nodded again and again with a smile on his face: “You worked hard today, go and have a good rest.”

He thought that wet nurse Su is so honest that she would still continue with her duty like this. Simultaneously, he felt that their time together was too short. Wasn’t Wangye vigorous enough?

In short, Fucheng was full of strange ideas in his mind at this moment and he could not wait to rush up to see the satisfied look of Wangye undressed and completely stripped naked.

However, in the end he is prudent. He nodded again to Yaoniang before walking upstairs taking relatively slow steps.

Yaoniang thought of something in her mind. Even if she was a little perplexed, she didn’t have much time to think about it but hurried inside the room.

The little princess was still asleep on the bed in the west room. Yaoniang sighed and then went behind the folding screen.

There was a basin with water behind the screen. She immediately immersed her face in cold water.

Yaoniang was known as a gorgeous beauty since childhood.

There are two daughters and one son in Su’s family. Yaoniang was not treated that well at home unlike her older brother, Su Yucheng, but it didn’t make much difference because she earned enough face for her mother.

Whenever they visited relatives, everyone would say that Yaoniang is pretty. Neighbors envied mother Wu who gave birth to such a beautiful daughter.

Yaoniang got her period as early as eleven years old. And then she had undergone tremendous changes. Her small breast was higher day by day and the buttocks were getting more and more curved. Her originally small beautiful face steadily becomes more charming. Gradually the attitude of outsiders towards her also changed.

Yaoniang heard the eldest lady in the same alley tell her mother more than once that she would have endless blessings from her daughter alone and the good days of the Su family all relied on her.

It’s nothing if they said that once or twice but everyone said so. Plus some people were bound to say atrocious words. Gradually the implied meanings changed.

What kind of family are the Su’s? It is good to say that it is a family of scholars but it is actually poor.

The daughter from such family is destined to marry no good people. The rich and noble family would disdain her. Although poor families without power want to marry her, not to mention scholar Su, even mother Wu wouldn’t agree.

After all, Yaoniang was foretold to have a good fortune of becoming the wife of a grand official in the future.

Mother Wu knows that her daughter is a night pearl among the pile of rocks, so she couldn’t bear to let her be dirtied. Of course, these are all in the mind of the Su family. Outsiders don’t know anything.

In this case, what could outsiders expect?

It’s obvious that Yaoniang would marry a rich person as a concubine in the future and then take good care of her own family in return.

What Scholar Su cares most about is face and identity; otherwise, outsiders wouldn’t say that the Su family is poor and pedantic. Guided by this kind of thinking, the Su family is more or less aloof from politics and material pursuits; therefore, mother Wu couldn’t accept outsiders’ words that her daughter is going to be a concubine.

What’s more, a mother is also reluctant to let her daughter become a concubine.

For this matter, mother Wu cried more than once.

At that time, Yaoniang was too young to understand these things. She only knew that because of her appearance, outsiders always talked about her family and looked at her with those kinds of flickering ambiguous eyes. Gradually, she went out less and less, and began to pay more attention to the way she dress. It’s common for a girl her age to inevitably wear beautiful clothes or apply some make-up, but she never liked to do these things.

Yaoniang firmly insisted on not becoming someone’s concubine even if she couldn’t get married for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, too many unexpected things happened later, so she had to unwillingly embark on a loathsome path in order to survive.

When she became a concubine, Yaoniang knew that she is just a man’s toy.

She heard gossips about her in the mansion. Some were nice while some were not pleasant to hear.

Good words contain some flattering words while the bad words made her often depressed and unable to let go. Some people said she is a wily fox, a bitch that is too sex-starved to live without a man.

At that time, in order to please Consort Jin, Yaoniang fought with side consort Hu. She did not scheme but held the source from the root, which was to keep Jin Wang in her room.

In order to achieve this goal, she tried everything she could. Side consort Hu tried to trip her up. So many rumors began to spread slowly in the mansion.

She naturally heard of these gossips.

She was ashamed and annoyed at that time. She hated side consort Hu in her heart. Although she later learned that it was a ploy used by side consort Hu to disgust her, she still kept it in mind for two lifetimes.

In her previous life, Yaoniang was not willing to admit this kind of dirty rumors. She would get upset whenever she remembered this. Now, however, she couldn’t lie to herself anymore.

It is not the first time but it is more obvious now that her body actually responds to Jin Wang’s gaze.

Sure enough, like what others said, she is…

She picked up a handkerchief on the basin stand and wiped her face casually, and then she exhaled strenuously.

Until then, the feeling of shame makes her want to dig deep into the ground and completely disappear.

She didn’t want to think about why Jin Wang looked at her that way. In short, in this life, she would definitely not go the same route.

She doesn’t believe Jin Wang would force her, the wet nurse of the little princess. Moreover, she also knew he is not a man who would force a woman.

On the other side, Fucheng went to the second floor. Seeing that it was quiet inside, he slightly hesitated and entered.

He imagined that he might see some kind of scene but he didn’t expect to see his Highness’ trouser legs rolled all the way up to his knees and his feet soaking in the basin. Jin Wang seemed to be mulling over something.

He didn’t know what he was thinking.

Water basin? Soaked feet?

Perhaps he just thought too much?

But if he thought too much, why would wet nurse Su look like that?

Fucheng hasn’t returned to the present and suddenly heard Jin Wang ask, “Has An Rong woken up?”

Fucheng didn’t know what he meant but subconsciously answered, “The little princess is sleeping very well.”

Jin Wang slightly narrowed his eyes. This little wet nurse is so bold that she dare lie to him!

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