Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 21

Mammy Mu looked at side consort Hu, knowing everything.

Probably because she came from the Imperial Palace, this insight hidden beneath the surface is subtle and mysterious.

Side consort Hu had this kind of feeling, so she was extremely on pins and needles.

“Did Wangye agree?”

Her words made side consort Hu feel a little embarrassed but she also knew that she has to succeed in reaching an agreement with Mammy Mu in order to achieve her purpose.

She went to Zhaohui Hall twice before but she wasn’t even allowed to enter the door. All this caused her to panic and she even wondered if Consort Jin knew something, otherwise she would not do so much as to send Cuizhu back for no reason.

She absolutely cannot fall out of favor.

Once she falls out of favor, it is enough for consort Jin and concubine Feng to skin her alive.

And with this thought side consort Hu clutched her hands under her sleeves and started to cry. She cried so sadly with a sense of desolation and uneasiness that she couldn’t even care about her dignity.

She didn’t choose to hide her emotions for the sake of face but said that she accidentally offended Jin Wang last night without any specific details.

This incident is not a secret to Mammy Mu. Although she was not in the small building at that time, she soon heard about it.

Sometimes even Mammy Mu doesn’t understand what Jin Wang is thinking but this won’t prevent her from doing something of her own will. Side consort Hu is stupid that she often offends Jin Wang. However, since Wangye is willing to visit her and has done many things for her, Mammy Mu should give her a push.

She glanced at Side consort Hu’s stomach and slowly said, “Since you miss the little princess, you can take her for one night. I’ll ask Yuyan to help you get things ready and you can take wet nurse Su with you.”

Side consort Hu immediately smiled through her tears and said: “Thank you, Mammy Mu.”

In the east room, Yaoniang was giving the little princess a massage and naturally heard the movement outside.

This was the first time she heard the side consort Hu’s cry. To be honest, Yaoniang was so surprised as if she saw a beast, because she thought side consort Hu was always been arrogant. Even if Jin Wang doted on Yaoniang in the previous life, side consort Hu never showed any white feather.

Yuyan walked in and whispered to Yaoniang that she needs to go to Liuchun Pavilion tonight.

Yaoniang is just a wet nurse. She could only obey.

In fact, there is nothing to pack. After giving birth to the little princess, side consort Hu deliberately ordered servants to clean the west room and separately prepared a room with everything necessary for her. She wanted to keep her daughter by her side.

Instead the little princess was brought to the small lateral courtyard and many things were prepared for her again. Things prepared in the west room before were never used so they just need to bring the little princess over.

However, Yuyan still helped Yaoniang pack some diapers and toys up for the little princess. Then Yaoniang cradled the little princess and followed side consort Hu to Liuchun Pavilion.

It is very clean and spotless in the west room and all things prepared for the little princess are put in order. The rosewood cabinet facing the corner is filled with various small toys. Some of them were not even available in the market (yet).

Some toys were prepared by side consort Hu herself and some were sent by consort Jin. Of course, some toys were collected by Jin Wang from all over.

Jin Wang seriously loves this daughter very much.

The maidservants in the Liuchun Pavilion are also very attentive to Yaoniang. They address wet nurse Su beaming with joy all over their face. In her previous life, they treated Yaoniang indifferently and laughed at her in Liuchun Pavilion. So she was surprised because she never saw them treat her this way (in this manner).

She was surprised but not dumbfounded. After all, this life is very different from the previous.

Yaoniang didn’t see Cuizhu but she knew why. Previously, Cuizhu was punished with standing still under the sun for more than an hour. She suffered from heatstroke and couldn’t get out of bed.

Everyone in the small lateral courtyard knew about this and had also discussed it. Naturally, Yaoniang also knew.

It has been a hundred days since the little princess was born and she is no longer willing to stay alone anymore. She always looks around while being held by the maids. She is interested in everything given by others. Even a rattle drum could attract her attention for half a day.

Yaoniang put a rattle drum in her hand. The little princess often exercises her grasping ability these days so she could take it securely and shake it in her hand to make a thumping sound ‘bang, bang, bang’.

The little princess couldn’t help but squint and then look at the toy in her hand again. She bursts into laughter and waved it even more .

Everyone in the Liuchun Pavilion, including side consort Hu, naturally laughed as well. The merriment in the Liuchun Pavilion swept away the heavy atmosphere from before.

Side consort Hu didn’t stay for a long time but hurried out with others.

Yaoniang wondered if she will head to Zhaohui Hall.

Would Jin Wang come?

Of course, Jin Wang would come.

Inexplicably, Yaoniang understands this.

In Zhaohui Hall, Jin Wang is reading some confidential letters in the inner study room.

Fucheng walked in lightly with almost no noise.

Jin Wang still looked up at him. Fucheng reported, “Wangye, side consort Hu is waiting outside the door.”

Jin Wang frowned.

Fucheng stooped halfway and continued: “Side consort Hu went to the small lateral courtyard. With Mammy Mu’s consent, she took the little princess to stay overnight at Liuchun Pavilion.”

So naturally it went without saying that Jin Wang also understood side consort Hu’s intention.

“Side consort Hu invites you to have dinner at Liuchun Pavilion tonight.”

Silence fell in the room. Jin Wang continued to read the confidential letter in his hand.

Afterwards, he frowned but didn’t lift up his head, “Let her go back. I will go there tonight.”


Upon hearing the words of Jin Wang, side consort Hu’s face lit up with happiness.

Fucheng looked at her departing figure and sighed.

Sometimes she’s stupid but other times she’s smart on trivial matters. At least side consort Hu knows some of Jin Wang’s thoughts and also understands what she is relying on.

No matter whether living well or not, relying on someone or something is important for surviving in this world.

Fucheng dusted the corners of his sleeves and squinted at the distant sky.

Darkness has fallen, yet Liuchun Pavilion is brightly lit.

The maids are all well-dressed with a happy smile on their faces.

In the room, side consort Hu is already holding the little princess in her arms. She is dressed in a pristine manner today. She had a watery-red silk summer top on and wearing light-coloured makeup. She didn’t wear any jewelry except for a simple jade hairpin in her bun.

Nobody has seen side consort Hu this way before. She is less dazzling and beautiful but looks very tender and demure.

The little princess in her arms is wearing red clothes made of cotton, the style is simple but the texture is soft. She wears a bellyband of the same color, which makes her look white and cute.

Yaoniang took the time to sew these clothes for her.

It’s not suitable for a baby girl to wear clothes with too many patterns on a hot day. Those clothes look gorgeous but are not suitable for such a little baby, the fabric may hurt her skin. So Yaoniang tried to make a nice and breathable set which would not scratch the delicate skin of the little princess. Even if the weather is hot, the little princess neither gets heat rashes nor catches cold. Mammy Mu simply allowed Yaoniang to do what she wants.

Side consort Hu smiled and praised Yaoniang that she took care of the little princess well and all maidservants nearby naturally followed.

Yaoniang felt she is living in a dream. People who previously looked at her fiercely and talked boisterously completely changed their faces in this life, which really makes her have the illusion of “things still being there but the humans are no longer the same”.

A little girl rushed in and announced that Wangye arrived.

Side consort Hu immediately held up the little princess and led a large group of people to welcome him outside.

In the courtyard, the glazed palace lanterns are lit under the eaves of the veranda, which illuminated all around even the bright moon and stars in the sky are dim.

Jin Wang is wearing a dark blue robe embroidered with dark patterns. He approached the place with one hand behind his back. Fucheng following right behind.

Under the light, Jin Wang looked eloquent and handsome like a god from the heavens.

Yaoniang saw side consort Hu lose her breath for a few minutes and then went to greet him with a bit of delight on her face.


Jin Wang nodded and glanced over her face and then looked at the little princess.

Seeing this, side consort Hu deliberately handed the little princess over and softly said to Jin Wang: “The little princess is very happy today. Perhaps she also knew that her father is coming.”

The little princess is indeed really happy. She slept in the afternoon. After waking up, with so many people accompanying her to play she is still extremely excited. Since her small body is still a little soft, she needs the help of an adult to get up. Side consort Hu hung her up in the air causing her to lose support. Side consort Hu’s movement was too abrupt, propelling the little princess’ upper body to suddenly fall to the side.

Everyone was startled.

They were not afraid of the little princess falling but that the action would hurt her waist.

Yaoniang, standing next to side consort Hu, reacted the fastest. She subconsciously stepped forward and supported the little princess from the side.

Side consort Hu got scared and her face turned pale.

She didn’t expect this to happen. Lacking the experience of taking care of a child and eager to please Jin Wang, she forgot to support the little princess’ body.

Jin Wang’s face immediately stiffened.

Fortunately, the little princess didn’t cry. Such small Baby doesn’t understand yet what it means to be afraid. She thought that the adult was playing with her. Holding Yaoniang’s hand, she made a lovely sound.

Such a lovely little princess naturally pleased Jin Wang. Side consort Hu was relieved. She knew that she was not good at this. She took advantage of the situation and pushed the little princess into Yaoniang’s arms and followed Jin Wang into the house.

After entering the room, side consort Hu first accommodated Jin Wang to sit on the Arhat Bed and then sat opposite him.

The rest all withdrew but Yaoniang could only stay in the room because of the little princess.

Yaoniang is on pins and needles. She feels very weird at this moment.

The man who she served in her previous life is sitting opposite her former enemy, while she is holding their child.

Inexplicably, Yaoniang felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

However, she did not have time to think about anything because Side consort Hu started talking to Jin Wang regarding the little princess. As the person holding the little princess, she has to be attentive.

For example, when side consort Hu said that the little princess is getting fat recently, she has to show the chubby princess to Jin Wang; when side consort Hu said the little princess is now naughty, she has to talk of some naughty things the little princess did.

Probably, due to how deeply affected she was by what transpired in the past life, her expression was extremely reluctant. Meanwhile, the little princess likely got tired and is no longer willing to cooperate. She turned her head and rubbed her face on Yaoniang’s chest more than once.

The act of the little princess made Yaoniang extremely embarrassed. Since everyone’s attention was focused on the little princess, they naturally stared at that place.

Even Jin Wang glanced at her.

Yaoniang blushed rapidly. She could not wait to bury her face in the arms of the little princess in order to deceive herself that this is not a big deal.

For all these things, the little baby girl knew nothing.

Because she couldn’t have breast milk, the little princess was distressed. She struggled in Yaoniang’s arms, rubbing her face on her chest and even crying softly.

Yaoniang’s high-strung nerves, coupled with the suggestive action of the little princess and her crying caused some reaction on Yaoniang. It was just a few moments before all the cloth on her chest were soaked.

All of this seems slow when described but it actually happened instantly.

Yaoniang naturally felt the abnormality of her body. Her mind had gone blank and she was embarrassed. However, she also knew that she couldn’t continue this way any longer, so she hugged the little princess close to block her chest. She muttered, “The little princess seems to be hungry.” Meanwhile, she dare not even look up.

Side consort Hu’s attention has always been on Jin Wang so she did not notice something was going on in Yaoniang’s side. Upon hearing this, she said, “Since she’s hungry, take her out now.”

As if she received amnesty, she held the little princess in her arms and went out immediately.

After she entered the inner room, she could still feel a gaze on her back.

Yaoniang remembered something in her previous life.

Because of this, she was still thinking wildly when she fed the little princess.

Looking at the baby who is sucking happily in her arms, somehow this little baby’s face turned into an adult’s face.

She pondered a lot…

…on a lot of things from her previous life.

Yaoniang felt a special sense of shame. Even if she had been actively climbing the bed to serve Jin Wang in the past, after all, she was born from a respectable family. Even if the experience from her previous life changed her, knew that a woman’s body is actually a tool and also understood the joy between the bed sheets, she did not expect that the harmful influence of her previous life was so deep. Recalling these messy thoughts, she could even …

Yaoniang covered her face with one hand and felt like she was about to burn. Fortunately, there is no one in the room; otherwise she would be so ashamed that she would find an opening to seal.

The little princess has fallen asleep. Yaoniang stood up lightly to put her in a stroller before she sat down on the soft bed next to the window.

It is very quiet in the room, even the whole Liuchun Pavilion is silent.

Yaoniang is familiar with this kind of silence because every time Jin Wang went to the small lateral courtyard in the previous life, it was also this quiet.

What are Jin Wang and side consort Hu doing now?

They’re probably having dinner. After dinner, they naturally have to rest.

Would Jin Wang sleep with side consort Hu? Could side consort Hu bear his passion?

After all–

Yaoniang suddenly felt that she shouldn’t think like this anymore. Leave the past in the past. Since she didn’t plan to go the same route, she shouldn’t think about these dilemmas. What she needs to do is to survive and then go home in two years.

She would stay with Xiaobao and raise him as an adult. Maybe she could open a small grocery store. The shop’s income should be enough for her to support their sustenance… She would send Xiaobao to study. As long as the child wants to study, she would support him. Perhaps one day he could be an official and she can enjoy a happy life relying on her son and daughter-in-law.

After thinking about it, Yaoniang calmed down immediately. Those charming and gentle things are like a small stone that dropped in the lake, it stirred up a ripple and then disappeared.

Yaoniang felt her wet chest but she had no change of clothes. She couldn’t help but regret that she did not bring any clothes when she came over. She was so muddled that she even forgot to put a piece of handkerchief on her chest when she fed the little princess.

She found a piece of handkerchief and wiped the chest area of her clothes. It didn’t help at all. In addition, it’s a little stuffy in the room. Yaoniang opened the window.

The night is charming despite no wind blowing.

The lights in the courtyard are still so bright, the courtyard itself is silent. Although there are no servants, a lot of guards are standing still in the courtyard.

Yaoniang is familiar with these people in uniform. They are the personal guards beside Jin Wang.

She just glanced at them a few times.

She thought the night might be long.

Meanwhile, dinner has been served in the East room.

There are many delicious food but only two people are sitting at the table.

Side consort Hu did not let others serve the meals. She personally served Jin Wang instead.

Although Jin Wang put on a cold face, he did not refuse the food served by Side consort Hu. She became even more attentive. She actively took dishes and poured wine for Jin Wang.

Jin Wang drank two glasses of wine. Seeing that the atmosphere was not bad, Side consort Hu finally dared to boost her courage. She said with some grievances and pout, “Wangye, please don’t blame me. I was stupid that day…”

It can be said that side consort Hu is very good at pleasing people.

Especially a man.

Maybe she is talented or she experienced it. She knew what a woman should do in order to win the love and affection of a man.

She planned well and did a good job. From holding the little princess, to how she dressed and acted, she carefully arranged all things. Unfortunately, she misjudged Jin Wang’s nature.

It was only when Jin Wang saw more of this that he realized how deliberate Side consort Hu’s actions were and for what purpose.

Actually, Jin Wang didn’t care about the purpose but obviously the events of that day influenced him too much. Heaven knows that the reason why he could sit here is more like a kind of self-abuse restraint.

This restraint Jin Wang had since he was a child. He grew up in a cannibalistic palace without any protection from his family. Although he is a prince, he is not qualified to be willful. In order to stand out from all the other princes and to create more opportunities for himself, he must suppress his nature and exercise restraint for a long time. This restraint had become almost his instinct.

Jin Wang did not speak, he held a wine bottle in his hand but did not drink.

Side consort Hu bit her lower lip and sobbed to beg him: “Please think about our daughter, the little princess is so cute…”

Yes, the little princess.

This is why Jin Wang came here tonight.

Everything that Jin Wang did was not for the woman in front of him but for the little princess, his only bloodline.

He could give side consort Hu the fame, his favour and everything that she could rely on to stand up to consort Jin as an equal. Unfortunately, she is more and more disappointing. Maybe he never had hope for her.

Jin Wang looked at side consort Hu.

The woman in front of him who applied light make-up is completely different from the previous side consort Hu. Jin Wang is a person of good memory. The more beautiful and refined side consort Hu is today, the more profound Jin Wang’s memory about how rude and ignorant she is.

Seriously speaking, it had been extremely rare that Jin Wang would tolerate her for more than a year. He never had a disposition where he will waste his energy on irrelevant people.

“Since you understand all this, you should remain in your proper place.” Jin Wang said quietly.

Side consort Hu’s face paled in an instant. Remain in her proper place? What did he mean?

Jin Wang put down the wine cup and stood up, “Remember your station. As for what you should and shouldn’t do, I won’t say it again.”

Then Jin Wang left. Side consort Hu wanted to chase after him but was stopped by Fucheng.

“Side consort, please stay.”

Side consort Hu bit her lower lip tightly and first glared at Fucheng before she looked at the disappearing back of Jin Wang.

Fucheng didn’t care about her. Knowing she had dispelled the idea of chasing after Wangye, he went to the West room. After a while, Yaoniang who is holding the little princess followed him out.

Side consort Hu’s face grew paler but thinking about what Jin Wang just said, she didn’t do anything embarrassing.

It doesn’t matter. As long as Wangye is willing to forgive her, she would always find a chance.

A slow breeze in the night came and revealed a sense of coolness.

The moon hung high in the night sky with a silver glow.

It is very quiet in the courtyard and several guards are standing in the darkness like statues without moving.

Jin Wang walked in front. Yaoniang followed behind while Fucheng walked beside her.

Yaoniang hugged the little princess tightly and looked at the back of the man not far away. Jin Wang’s shadow was stretched so long that he even blocked the light in front of her. She was perplexed and since it’s a little dark, she stumbled.

Why did he come out? Is he going to the small lateral courtyard? Why didn’t he stay? Why was it said that Jin Wang stayed at the Liuchun Pavilion but he kept appearing in the small lateral courtyard?

There was too much bewilderment in Yaoniang’s heart. She found that she did not know the man in front of her even though they had shared the same bed in the previous life and had done the most intimate thing.

She probably never knew him.

Yaoniang just lowered her head and continued walking but she forgot to look ahead and bumped into Jin Wang’s body. Fortunately, Jin Wang quickly responded and immediately turned around to hold her. Otherwise, no one knows what would happen to her. Especially since Yaoniang was also holding the little princess.

Yaoniang was startled. Fortunately, the little princess is sound asleep. Protected in her arms, the little princess was fine. She is still sleeping sweetly.

The opposite eyes were cold like ice. Yaoniang has not been glared by Jin Wang this way before.

She always saw his indifferent countenance. She often had no time to notice what he usually looked like. Usually after waking up, the room will be quiet except for his usual incense, there were nothing else.

In addition to having sex, they don’t talk much.

“It was this servant’s fault…” Yaoniang said apologetically.

Jin Wang looked down at her.

Her eyes are very dark, which make people feel uncertain, as if she would cry at any time. Her small red mouth trembled, making her seem scared. When Jin Wang looked down, he naturally saw how damp Yaoniang’s chest is. Yaoniang’s clothes were not dry but still stuck to her body, obviously revealing the white towering roundness.

Jin Wang didn’t know why he suddenly remembered that the little princess had rubbed her face on that chest. At the same time, a tender scent mixed with a slight milky aroma drifted into his nose. Immediately, the familiar heat rose in the air.

Jin Wang couldn’t help but frown and look up at the sky.

The moon is bright and stars are few. It is only the latter half of April.

Jin Wang lowered his head to glance at Yaoniang’s face again. Then he turned his head and walked forward without saying anything.

Fucheng whispered to Yaoniang next to him: “Wet nurse Su, watch your steps.”

Yaoniang nodded.

They entered the small lateral courtyard through an obscure corner door, which led to the side of the west chamber.

Their return did not wake anyone up. There were no light in the small building. Fucheng first went to the west chamber to call people. Yuyan and Yucui greeted them shortly afterwards. Both of their hairs are messy, apparently they have just gotten up.

They didn’t say anything. They advanced into the small building and lit a candle.

Jin Wang went up to the second floor, and Fucheng followed behind.

Yaoniang suddenly could not understand Jin Wang.

Inexplicably, she had the impression that perhaps side consort Hu’s so-called favors from Jin Wang are all fabricated. All of those deliberately created by Jin Wang.

But why did Jin Wang do this?

No one could answer her.

The little princess is fatter than before and she smiles a lot instead of being sickly and dispirited.

Mammy Mu said that Yaoniang made great contribution, therefore she is respected by people in the small lateral courtyard and even wet nurse Qian and Wang have to show her respect.

It’s true that Yaoniang has always been gentle. She couldn’t bully people and didn’t take the opportunity to go against wet nurse Qian and Wang. But she also didn’t talk to them much either.

After that, wet nurse Qian and Wang also knew that Yaoniang has a good temper, unlike some people who will be proud as soon as they have some achievements. No matter what they think in their mind, on the surface they treat Yaoniang well.

Life became smoother in the lateral courtyard for Yaoniang. However, there were frequent incidents happening to Cuizhu in the Liuchun Pavilion.

In fact, it is not a big deal. Most of them are small things, but if it is related to the master it is no longer a trivial matter.

For example, Cuizhu accidentally hurt side consort Hu while combing her hair. Of course, side consort Hu would punish her but she just let her stand outside. A stumble may prevent a fall.

The “outside” doesn’t refer to the corridor or the shade, but under the sun. She would have her stand still for one or two hours. Although it’s not too hot in the early summer, the sunshine is very strong. Standing outside for an hour or two is enough to stun a person and make her feel distressed but not take her life.

What’s more, when Cuizhu brought a cup of tea to side consort Hu, if the water was too hot or too cold, there is only dissatisfaction. Generally, Side consort Hu would scold her directly to her face.

Could you say side consort Hu is wrong? After all, she is the master and you are just a servant. When the master wants to pick on servants, they can always find various reasons.

Cuizhu is like a drowned mouse. The people in Liuchun Pavilion and the small lateral courtyard all knew what happened to her.

No one helped Cuizhu, instead everyone said she deserved it.

It is clear why people said so.

Yaoniang finally understood why she has been troubled by side consort Hu in her previous life no one was willing to help her.

She asked for it. No one sympathized with Cuizhu; naturally, no one would pity her.

The only difference is that Cuizhu’s purpose may be impure because her situation was consort Jin’s arrangement. Even if she claims she knew nothing that time, nobody would believe her.

So, who made you stupid? You deserve it all!

Even Yaoniang herself who had suffered the same situation in her previous life did not sympathize with Cuizhu at all. It is strange and weird.

Jin Wang was not in the mansion these days. It was said that something happened in his Estate and Jin Wang took someone to deal with it.

It’s extremely quiet and peaceful in the mansion during this time. And side consort Hu didn’t torment Cuizhu too much. Everyone got along well.

In a blink of an eye, it’s already the Dragon Boat Festival. People in the mansion started to sweep the dust, spray pesticides and placed aromatic plants on the doors and windows. Maidservants who are good with needles and threads made sachets. Those who doen’t know how bought a few colored silk threads and wore them on their wrists.

Of course, it is necessary to eat rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival and they have to prepare in advance for thousands of people in the mansion. It’s impossible to complete it in one day.

This kind of rice dumplings refers to those prepared in a large cauldron. The dumplings are also done separately for the small lateral courtyard.

Because of its special status, people in the mansion paid more attention in the preparation. The food supplies in the small kitchen are adequate. There are five to six kinds of rice dumplings including sweet, salty, red dates, pork, shrimp, and egg yolk.

Others in the small lateral courtyard are busy making rice dumplings, while Yaoniang is busy embroidering sachets.

Yaoniang is good at needlework. The five poisonous creatures on the sachet are all vivid and the pattern of the five-color silk knitted on it is also beautiful. She was going to embroider one for Mammy Mu as a present and another one for the little princess for her duty. Everyone thought that she embroiders well and wanted her to make sachets for them.

She couldn’t reject. After all, people in the lateral courtyard respects and treated her well. So she made five or six sachets, as well as colorful bracelets, silk buns and other things.

Yuyan finally told everyone to stop asking Yaoniang to make things for them.

In fact, making these things didn’t take much effort. She could make them during leisure time. It took five days for Yaoniang to finish these things. In addition, she made one for herself. In fact, there’s two. After the things were done, Yaoniang remembered that she is no longer the concubine of Jin Wang.

In the previous life, she also made a sachet embroidered with the five poisonous creatures for Jin Wang. Jin Wang didn’t say anything but hung it around his waist. This was an incredible reaction from Jin Wang who was inherently introverted and indifferent, so Yaoniang always remembered and had always wanted to make another one for him.

Unfortunately, she died in March.

Yaoniang looked at the extra sachet. After thinking about it, she didn’t put it away but tied both of them around her waist.

These butterfly-shaped sachets are not big but very delicate. So even if she wears two on her waist, people will think it’s proper and suitable.

Yaoniang thought that since she made one more she shouldn’t waste it. She’ll wait for the following days when she can send something back home; she will ask someone to take it back for Xiaobao as a toy.

On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, Jin Wang did not return.

Consort Jin has always been a quiet person. Seeing that Jin Wang did not return, she did not even hold a banquet. She advised everyone to spend the festival in their own courtyard and delivered money and goods according to the festival rules.

Every year, the Dragon Boat Festival is the most active and busiest time in Jin Wang’s Mansion. It’s rare for it to be so quiet. Since Wangye didn’t return to the mansion and consort Jin also gave the order, everyone naturally celebrated well.

In the small lateral courtyard, three tables have been set up for the banquet.

Anyway, the dishes were all prepared. If it is not enough, they could take from the main kitchen and also cook by themselves. Because there are not that many people in the small lateral courtyard and no important errands, they held a banquet to celebrate the festival as soon as they closed the gate.

The little princess also participated in it but she couldn’t eat, so she just watched. Fortunately, she didn’t know the grain (dumplings) incense at this moment, otherwise she would be eating a lot.

They feasted until the night fell. Because they drank a lot of Xionghuang wine, they were all a little drunk.

They cleaned up the mess together and returned to the room to rest.

Yaoniang can’t rest. She still has to take care of the little princess in the evening. Because she has to feed her at night, she didn’t drink the Xionghuang wine.

Yucui was also on night duty. Unfortunately, Yucui could not hold her drink. She just drank a few cups of wine and got drunk like a fish. Yuyan was slightly better than her but was also unable to stand. So Yaoniang has to be on night duty alone.

Originally, the little princess no longer cries at night so she is not busy. She could take care of the little princess alone. Mammy Mu still felt a little uneasy so she ordered a little girl who didn’t drink to rest outside to help Yaoniang at night.

As long as Yaoniang calls her, she can get up. She doesn’t have to be afraid of anything unexpected.

All is quiet at dead of night. Only a yellow lamp is lit in the corner.

Yaoniang sat in front of the Arhat Bed and looked at the little princess who is sleeping soundly. Since the little princess could turn over, she moved from the cradle to the bed to sleep. The bed is big enough for her to move without fear of falling.

Under such ambience, Yaoniang’s drowsiness gradually grew stronger and she could barely keep herself up. She yawned and looked at the little princess on the bed. She neither woke up nor urinated, so she moved her to the inner side and just laid down on the bed on her clothes.

The weather was a little but stuffy. Since Yaoniang didn’t take off her clothes, she perspired while sleeping.

She woke up due to the heat. She got up, touched the little princess’ diaper, and found it a little moist. So she changed her diaper again. When she laid down again, Yaoniang took off her outer shirt.

In the room, there were only the little princess and her. There were no men in the whole small lateral courtyard so she was normally not afraid of being seen by others.

After taking off her outer shirt and only wearing underwear, Yaoniang finally felt more comfortable.

The little princess seemed to have awakened.

Yaoniang reached out and took her in her arms. She opened her clothes without opening her eyes, dragged her bellyband to the side and stuffed the nipple into the mouth of the little princess.

Finally getting what she wanted, the little princess was immediately pacified. She sucked with her little mouth and closed her eyes again.

Both of them slept soundly.

Even in the dark, Yaoniang felt someone watching her.

She opened her eyes and saw the little princess sleeping deeply. But the source of gaze was behind her, so she looked back subconsciously.

She saw a pair of stern and black eyes as cold as a pond. The eyes are indifferent and lonely, although bright, there is no reflection in them.

It’s Jin Wang’s eyes. Yaoniang has only seen Jin Wang’s eyes like this.

She suddenly reacted. Jin Wang? Had Jin Wang returned to the mansion?

When she looked down, she saw a cold face without any emotion like an iceberg of ten thousand years.

Yaoniang immediately got up. Because her breasts bounced up and down heavily she was naturally embarrassed. She fell asleep with the little princess after breast feeding. She did not even pull back her clothes and ‘her white jade rabbit’ was exposed.

Yaoniang almost screamed but held back. She was flustered at hiding ‘the white jade rabbit’ and hurriedly tidied up her clothes.

She was only wearing her underwear, her shirt and socks were also taken off. At this time, she curled up timidly like a little sheep who encountered a hungry wolf. Apparently her extremely low posture made her look enticing.

Yaoniang hugged her chest, and her two legs inside the thin silk pants were tightly intertwined.

The clothes were issued by the mansion, not only the outer shirts but also the inner shirts. Mammy Mu thought Yaoniang took exceptional care of the little princess, so she sent Yaoniang two more sets of clothes. The dark color is the same as before but the material is better.

The thin pants are made of silk. The texture of it is originally thin, so it makes one feel cool when worn during summer. It’s fine to wear a few layers, but she only wore one layer. Under the light, it seems to be a bit transparent.

With the turquoise wide-leg pants, her legs looked even more slender. Her small feet with transparent nails are slightly pink. Especially since she is curled up at this time, it made her look even more tempting.

Jin Wang did not expect that this stiff wet nurse who is rigid in his impression can make such an expression! He glanced dimly at her chest and somehow remembered the scene he had just seen–

The pink parts are watery and shiny. An innocent little baby face is beside it.

The fire in Jin Wang’s body exploded and he couldn’t hold it down, which made him think that it is a full moon tonight.

Yaoniang was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide. She reacted quickly and grabbed the clothes on the foot of the bed and covered herself casually.

“Wangye, please forgive this servant. It’s inconvenient for this servant to give a salute at this time.”

Jin Wang murmured in an unprecedentedly obtuse sound, “I’ve come to see the little princess.”

“The little princess is good…”

Jin Wang nodded and paused for a bit then left.

Yaoniang didn’t dare to delay and quickly put on her clothes and shoes to follow.

Jin Wang had gone away. Fucheng’s back disappeared at the corner of the second floor and the little girl Xiangxiang was sleeping sweetly.

Yaoniang shook her head. The little girl is too young. She couldn’t be compared with other maids like Yuyan, her vigilance is quite inferior. Thinking of herself, she is no better than her.

Meanwhile, she breathed a sigh of relief and stood in the hall briefly and then went back to the inner room.

It is very quiet in the room. The arrival of Jin Wang did not even wake the little princess up, she still slept soundly.

Yaoniang blushed. When she thought of the situation just now, she couldn’t help but cover her face.

She accidentally let him see such a scene. Would he think she was trying to seduce him intentionally? It’s also due to her negligence that she made such a mistake.

At the same time, Yaoniang was also confused. Why did Jin Wang stay on the second floor again? Why didn’t he go back to Zhaohui Hall?

Yaoniang couldn’t sleep after such an incident. She sat silently on the edge of the bed for a while.

Suddenly, there is a sound of footsteps outside. As soon as Yaoniang stood up, Fucheng came in.

“Wet nurse Su, bring hot water to the second floor.”

Yaoniang hesitated. She looked at the little princess who was asleep and back at Fucheng, “The little princess…”

“I will help you look after her.” Fucheng said with a wave of his hand.

Since he said so, Yaoniang could only obey. Of course she wondered why Fucheng didn’t fetch the water by himself and instead asked her to. On second thought, after looking at Fucheng’s status, he would have never done any rough work like boiling water so she did not doubt anymore.

Yaoniang first went to the tea room to boil water. Then she filled the copper basins and took it to the second floor.

Yaoniang has never been to the second floor of the small building before. The stairs are located behind the painting hanging on the wall of the main hall.

She stepped on the second floor and turned to face a small hall with only one door leading to it.

The door is half-covered at this time.

Yaoniang entered with the basin and saw dark brown floors.

The floors are clean and a dark purple woven patterned mat is laid in the middle of the room. Yaoniang couldn’t recognize what the pattern is but it looks good and matches the furnishings of the room.

A row of windows on one wall has a table right below. Purple tulle curtains are hanging on the window. Currently, two windows are widely opened so that the night breeze blowing in from outside stirred the curtain up and down.

On the right, there is a row of antique shelf and doffing hoods. Under the dim moonlight, she could see bookshelves and book cases, as well as several round-back chairs and flower tables. On the left, there is also a row of antique shelf and doffing hoods, which are lit with candles. She could see an Eight Immortals Table and a chaise lounge under the window.

Yaoniang didn’t focus on these things but on the door of the half-hidden inner room, where light is streaming out.

Yaoniang took a deep breath and walked over holding the basin.

She couldn’t hold the basin in one hand, so she could only put it on the ground and knock on the door lightly three times.

“Come in.” It’s Jin Wang’s usual indifferent voice.

Yaoniang pushed the door to walk in. It is a simple but elegant room. In the corner of the room, there is a three-legged incense burner with golden gliding dragons. There is a unique and special scent in the air.

The scent that belongs to Jin Wang awakened Yaoniang’s memory because she often woke up in the aroma of this scent in her previous life.

Inexplicably, she was a little flustered. When she looked up, she saw Jin Wang sitting on the bed behind the curtain. His clothes half opened and his long hair scattered around his shoulders. She felt suffocated.

Her heart pounded heavily and started to palpitate.

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