Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 20

No one could answer this question and Yaoniang couldn’t ask others. She could only hide it in her heart.

While she was pondering, a little girl rushed in from outside and yelled, “Something happened outside.”

“What happened?”

“Liuchun– Liuchun Pavilion, side consort Hu wants to punish Cuizhu with flogging…”

“What’s going on? Why would Cuizhu be beaten?”

Everyone stared speechless at one another. Yaoniang couldn’t help but have a bad premonition.

“I heard that Cuizhu stole side consort Hu’s jewelry, which Qiao’er found. That hairpin was rewarded to side consort Hu by Jin Wang and she likes it very much, so side consort Hu was furious when she found out Cuizhu stole it…”

Someone could not help but cut in: “Cuizhu is from the lateral courtyard, how could side consort Hu hit her without restraint…?” After saying this, she couldn’t continue speaking.

Side consort Hu is a master, while Cuizhu is only a wet nurse. The wet nurse is also a servant, not to mention Cuizhu was born in an ordinary family. Even if she is a civilian, under the identity of side consort Hu, she could also be beaten to death. Cuizhu can’t even cry out a protest.

“What about taking a look?”

They can’t help but get curious and see what happened. Although it’s just a wet nurse, she is still involved with so many people. She was arranged by consort Jin in Siyi courtyard and her aunt is Madam Cao who still works in the mansion. What more, the whole family of Cuizhu are maids of consort Jin and Cuizhu is the wet nurse of the little princess.

Side consort Hu intends to go against consort Jin. The latter has also expected side consort Hu will cause troubles.

In the Liuchun Pavilion, Cuizhu is thrown on the ground and looked extremely embarrassed.

Her deep red shirt is covered with dust. Her hair is messy and her face is dirty but she is staring at one person in the crowd.

That is Meizhi.

Cuizhu never expected Meizhi to set her up in such way. She did not know why side consort Hu’s hairpin was on her body. Before that, she kept talking with Meizhi. But no matter how she explained it, no one believed her except for Meizhi, several maids stood up to prove that she sneaked into side consort Hu’s room.

Cuizhu knows that this is a deliberate trap set up for her.

Actually, this trap is very sketchy. How could she enter side consort Hu’s room and steal her hairpin? Did they think she lost her mind!

No one paid attention to this. Since the master said you did it then you have done it.

There are many people standing around. Most of them servants in the Liuchun Pavilion while some are from the lateral courtyard. Most people from the lateral courtyard stood in the background looking at Cuizhu who is thrown on the ground with a sullen expression.

In fact, everyone understood the reason. But if Cuizhu didn’t go to Liuchun Pavilion, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happen.

Yaoniang is also here.

She knew she shouldn’t have come but she’s here already. She wants to see what will happen next. She remembers that she was punished by side consort Hu in her previous life and she was also beaten several times.

She never thought that in this lifetime she would not take the lead, instead it is Cuizhu’s turn to suffer.

She felt a bleak sense of sadness.

“Side consort Hu told us to punish her with flogging five times. A stumble may prevent a fall.” Qiuju came out of the house and said on the stairs.

After all, side consort Hu still did not dare to kill people from Siyi courtyard.

Someone responded. After a while, two women came over with a bench and a plank.

Cuizhu’s mouth has been blocked for a while now because she shouted. The woman tied her up on the bench and said, “It’s just five floggings, which can’t kill anyone. You should learn a lesson from now on.”

Cuizhu was flogged and only the sound of muffled hum could be heard.

Yaoniang didn’t want to look again and quietly left.

She was a little bit sad. She remembered what happened to her in the previous life.

Five floggings didn’t hurt too much. After Cuizhu was beaten, she could also walk by herself.

Before side consort Hu spoke, Mammy Mu ordered people to send Cuizhu away.

For now, it is inappropriate for Cuizhu to stay in the lateral courtyard. Not to mention whether she stole side consort Hu’s hairpin or not, there are many wet nurses around the little princess. If Cuizhu is not here, a lot of trouble will be avoided.

Obviously, Cuizhu is a troublemaker. Mammy Mu would not let the troublemaker stay with the little princess.

Yaoniang was suddenly enlightened that perhaps she was sent away in her previous life like this. It doesn’t matter whether you made a mistake or was wronged. The people above do not care. They only measure fundamentally whether you could stay or not and they don’t care what kind of results this would bring to the other person’s life.

Yaoniang wanted to avoid these things simply relying on the lessons from her previous life. But after seeing Cuizhu’s outcome with her own eyes, she had a deep understanding.

Recognizing the reasoning of the superior.

She thinks that Cuizhu will come back again if consort Jin really thinks as she guessed.

Sure enough, Cuizhu returned the next day and was sent to Liuchun Pavilion by consort Jin.

Consort Jin said that side consort Hu is skillful in teaching the servants and this unmanageable girl should be sent to her for a lesson. Although the consequence is totally different from that in Yaoniang’s previous life, they ended up in the same way.

What will happen to Cuizhu?

As soon as Yaoniang thought about it, she couldn’t help but shiver.

Why did she think consort Jin is a good person in her previous life?

However, when Cuizhu came to the lateral courtyard to pack her things, Yaoniang saw her smiling face.

Seeing Yaoniang, Cuizhu’s face was full of conceit: “Wet nurse Su, you stayed up all night yesterday. Don’t you need to rest today?”

Yaoniang was speechless.

“Each person is different. Some people are born to be slaves, while some are destined to be different.” Then Cuizhu left with her things. Yaoniang watched her back and was at a loss.

At first, Yaoniang couldn’t understand why Cuizhu is so arrogant but she realized immediately that perhaps everyone’s pursuit is different. She thought of how Cuizhu enjoys her bitterness as if it were malt sugar.

She wondered if Consort Jin said something to Cuizhu.

The development of the matter had been completely different from that of the previous life. Yaoniang finally did not have to worry about repeating the same mistakes. But all this did not let her guard down, in fact she was even more cautious than before.

In the Siyi courtyard, after Cuizhu was taken away, Mammy Zhou said to consort Jin: “Niangniang, Cuizhi has been regarded as a thorn in the flesh in the Liuchun Pavilion. She is useless even if you put her there.”

Consort Jin on the chaise bed was reading a book. After hearing this, she looked up at Mammy Zhou and said, “My wet nurse, I don’t think she is useful anymore.”


Mammy Zhou soon understood. Apparently, consort Jin wants to cause some trouble on side consort Hu.

But owing to the loss of Cuizhu, it is even harder to suppress the Liuchun Pavilion, which means that all the plans she had made before is in chaos now.

“Don’t forget there is another person.” consort Jin smiled happily.

Under the sunlight, her face is flushed with a kind of malicious beauty. Obviously, she seems too weak to even bear the weight of her clothing. Yet there is a wise temperament that couldn’t be ignored between her eyebrows.

Consort Jin deserves to be born in Xu Duke Mansion. Her mind and means are first-class but she is burdened by her weak body. Whenever she thought of this, Mammy Zhou couldn’t help but sigh.

“Did you mean wet nurse Su?” Madam Zhou hesitated to say.

Consort Jin nodded: “Don’t you think this woman is extremely clever? She hid herself regarding what happened to Cuizhu and quickly established her foothold next to the little princess. She is much smarter than Cuizhu. I looked down on her once before.”

“But it seems that she doesn’t want to put herself under the patronage of any higher-ups. It was said that wet nurse Su is very low-key and never takes a step out of the lateral courtyard. She rarely goes out and either stays in the room or takes care of the little princess.”

“Have you forgotten Wangye? He often goes to visit the little princess.”

Mammy Zhou was still in a daze but consort Jin said again, “Which woman doesn’t like Wangye?” She lowered her eyes with a smile, giving the illusion that she is a most unusual and quite individual beauty.

This is the case. Jin Wang is handsome with high quality, noble with dignity and born with the appearance of the prince. When he was in the imperial capital, many girls were attracted to him but consort Jin married him.


In fact, Mammy Zhou always has this question she dare not ask: Consort Jin, do you even like Jin Wang?

If she likes Jin Wang, why does she not approach Wangye actively? If she doesn’t like him, why does she go against side consort Hu?

Mammy Zhou dare not ask. She remembered consort Jin almost died before she got married to Jin Wang.

Consort Jin once tried to commit suicide.

Mammy Zhou always thought that consort Jin didn’t want to marry Jin Wang and maybe she was in love with another person. But as the wet nurse of consort Jin, she knew that consort Jin never looked at any man with quite different eyes before getting married.

Mammy Zhou doubted this in her heart for many years and maybe she will hide it for a lifetime.

In Liuchun Pavilion, side consort Hu gloomily watched Cuizhu walk around in front of her.

In fact, Cuizhu’s attitude is very humble. But in side consort Hu’s eyes, she could see the arrogance and sinister intention hidden behind her humble face.

Side consort Hu even saw a face through her, which is the face of consort Jin.

A cold, pale and indifferent face that contains a lot of malice. She could even see consort Jin laugh at her full of disdain and irony.

No matter how you are doted on, you have to be controlled by me. All the favors are fake… Without Wangye, you are nothing…

Side consort Hu could not help but tremble with anxiety in her heart.

It can’t go on like this anymore!

Side consort Hu suddenly stood up.


Taohong screamed anxiously and looked at her in surprise. Apparently she moved too suddenly, which caused Taohong to misunderstand something.

Side consort Hu looked at Taohong’s eyes and was even angrier (more upset). Is she such an irrational person?

She didn’t explain anything but took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go see the little princess.”

Taohong was relieved.

The Liuchun Pavilion can’t bear anything else right now.

In the east room, Mammy Mu was sitting on a Padauk Arhat bed inlaid with turquoise jades and landscape painting. Side consort Hu was sitting opposite her.

Yuyan brought two cups of tea and placed them on the table, side consort Hu just held it but did not drink. It could be seen that side consort Hu has not slept well in the past few days because there are dark circles under her beautiful phoenix eyes.

Side consort Hu was about to speak but said nothing. Mammy Mu was drinking tea and it seemed that she didn’t care why side consort Hu showed up.

After all, side consort Hu couldn’t hold back her composure. She hesitated for a while and spoke of her intention: “Well, Mammy. I’ve missed the little princess. Could I bring the little princess to Liuchun Pavilion for one night?”

Unlike her arrogance when she face consort Jin, she is very humble in front of Mammy Mu.

Side consort Hu is not stupid. She knows who Mammy Mu stands for and her identity— the Mammy next to former consort De. After consort De died, she had been serving beside Jin Wang. Jin Wang respects her very much and treats her as an elder.

These are enough for side consort Hu to respect Mammy Mu.

Unlike consort Jin, Mammy Mu is Jin Wang’s direct servant.

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