Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 19

It was so quiet in the tea room that you might hear a pin drop.

Yaoniang was startled but she quickly reacted and turned around.

She squatted helplessly in front of the stove and held a cattail leaf fan to fan the fire hole manually, trying to make the water in the copper pot boil faster.

How did Jin Wang in this dress appear in this small building?

Yaoniang was full of such thoughts. But at the same time there was a hint of enlightenment in her heart. No wonder Yuyan told her yesterday not to walk around at night. Today Yaoniang vaguely reminded that there was a noise outside but she didn’t pay much attention because she was breastfeeding the little princess.

Although Yaoniang stayed in the small lateral yard, she was still well-informed.

This was attributed to the loose-mouthed women in the lateral yard. Yaoniang doesn’t work during day time, so she would inevitably meet them in private. During the day, she heard the women say that no one could be compared to that woman in Liuchun Pavilion. Since Jin Wang returned to the mansion, he slept in Liuchun Pavilion when he went to the back yard for the first time.

Of course they were talking about what happened yesterday but Jin Wang actually went to the small building last night.

She suddenly remembered the second floor of the small building, which no one is allowed to access…

The water was boiling while she was pondering. There came a buzzing sound from the spout of the kettle, and white smoke rushed out of the lid.

Since she filled the pot with so much water it overflowed as soon as it boiled.

Yaoniang hurriedly stood up. Due to the heat, she withdrew her hand and could only turn around to find a rag. During this time she knocked over tea cups and teapots on the table next to her making a series of crisp and messy sounds.

The more nervous she was the more she fumbled. When she finally lifted the kettle up from the stove, there was already a mess on the table in front of her.

Yaoniang looked at all this in frustration. She intended to find a hole to crawl into. She dare not turn around nor imagine what Jin Wang looks like now. She just wanted to make tea and then leave as soon as possible.

Jin Wang frowned, staring at Yaoniang’s back.

Yaoniang was not so clumsy that day when he saw her. Jin Wang remembered how Mammy Mu praised her. He became grim.

It’s impossible for Mammy Mu to lie. The wet nurse must have done this intentionally.

Jin Wang thought that Yaoniang deliberately wanted to get his attention.

Jin Wang grew up in the imperial palace with a distinguished status. He had seen all kinds of women who tried their best to be an elitist.

In order to be doted by the Emperor, the women in the imperial harem used every means and did many conspiracy. Some deliberately showed their outstanding appearances and graceful figures; some even made a fool of themselves to attract attention.

He glared at the approaching woman dressed in ordinary clothes. The common face and the long neck seemed to be extraordinarily white against the dark clothes.

Her skin was like an egg that had been stripped off the shell. Under the yellow light, it felt like a layer of honey is on the surface, looking aromatic and luscious.

Glancing at her walking posture again. Despite being covered, Jin Wang could not ignore her bosoms and swaying hips.

What is she doing? A married woman who has given birth to a child!

Jin Wang frowned with disgust in his heart. At the same time, he pulled out a handkerchief from his sleeve and half-covered his thin lips. Then he looked at Yaoniang coldly.

Yaoniang became very anxious. She is absolutely terrified because of his cold glare. She no longer care about etiquette. She placed the tea cup down and hastily said that she had to go look after the little princess then ran away.

Jin Wang was startled.

Yaoniang ran all the way back to the east room. She didn’t slow down until she was at the door.

She pushed the door open. Yucui woke up and asked her where she went. Yaoniang told her she met Jin Wang when she went to the tea room to drink water.

Yuyan looked at Yaoniang and hesitated. Then she said, “It’s better that only you know this thing, don’t spread it outside. The masters have their own intentions in doing things. Remember not to make a fuss.”

Yaoniang froze and immediately nodded.

After Jin Wang drank tea, he went up to the second floor.

At midnight, he felt thirsty but it was inconvenient in this small building compared to Zhaohui Hall. Since Fucheng has fallen asleep, he is not a person who needs to be served in everything so he went to the tea room to drink tea himself.

He never expected to meet that wet nurse.

Jin Wang went to the second floor and was still thinking about the wet nurse. His impression of this person is vague because the other party always liked to lower her head. The only thing that impressed him was her fair skin, red round eyes, and that day…

Jin Wang couldn’t help but think of the scene he saw that day. Underneath the turquoise veil, her white skin was wrapped in deep red…

From the back of his mind, Jin Wang suddenly remembered what had previously happened in the Liuchun Pavilion.

Jin Wang is born in the imperial palace and knew pandering ways that many women use but he did not expect that someone would one day use this on him.

As long as he thought of the fair skin and breast milk dripping, Jin Wang would feel nauseous and this mental change would also cause physical reactions.

Jin Wang took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and half-covered his thin lips, and worked hard to press down the nausea that kept rising upwards, but he couldn’t…

Fucheng heard the sound and hurriedly walked in from outside.


Looing at Jin Wang, Fucheng understood what had happened. A tea cup is placed on the table next to him. He touched the cup and found it was still hot. He handed it to Jin Wang and hurriedly went to fetch a cold handkerchief.

Jin Wang drank most of the tea and then covered his face with the handkerchief for a while before finally suppressing the feeling of nausea.

Fucheng is worried. When he thought of Side consort Hu, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Why did she do that? There was no use for her to put such effort but it made Wangye feel disgusted.

“Wangye, How about I go find Doctor Liu…”

Jin Wang immediately took off the handkerchief and gave him a steely gaze. Fucheng didn’t even speak in the end.

“My apologies, I spoke too much.”

“Go on.”

It was Yaoniang’s turn to sleep in the second half of the night. But she didn’t sleep well and couldn’t sleep until almost dawn, she took a nap after a while.

She woke up again when she felt someone come in. Wet nurse Wang and Yucui came very early just after dawn. She helped them clean the little princess’ room and then returned to hers.

As she went downstairs, she turned to look at the small building behind her.

At the break of dawn, the exquisite small building stood like a Behemoth. Yaoniang thought of the person on the second floor and wondered if he was gone.

In the previous life, she would not get up until the afternoon after she was on night duty. But today she only slept for an hour in the room and then got up.

She doesn’t know why but she just couldn’t sleep.

Since she can’t sleep and had nothing to do, Yaoniang went to the small kitchen.

Naturally, the small kitchen is the most lively place in the whole small lateral courtyard. It is independent from the large kitchen of the mansion and it controls the food in the small courtyard.

The one who manages the kitchen is a woman named Mo. She is good at cooking and specializes in special cuisine.

There were ordinary and special meals in the small kitchen. The special meal refers to more refined food. For example, wet nurses, Mammy Mu, Yucui and others have special meals, while the ordinary meal is prepared for other women and maids.

As soon as one enters the small kitchen, there is a large table in the middle used for processing food. There are three stoves on the front side of the wall for special meals. On the left is a communal pot and on the right is for boiling water.

Yaoniang walked into the small lively kitchen.

Several women carried out their duties and two other little girls were squatting at a corner to cut vegetables for cooking. Everyone were talking and laughing. After seeing Yaoniang walk in, a woman named Wang greeted her with a smile: “Why did wet nurse Su come so early? Are you hungry?”

Madam Mo, who was chopping vegetables in front of the table looked at Yaoniang, “If you are hungry, there are buns left on the stove.”

Yaoniang shook her head and said with some embarrassment, “I am not hungry but I have nothing to do when I woke up.”

Everyone nodded in understanding. One of the women went to move a stool for her and handed her some anise beans, “Sit here and talk to us.”

Yaoniang didn’t take it, “Thank you, but I can’t eat this.”

A woman next to her interjected: “How could you?! Wet nurse Su breastfeeds the little princess. She can’t eat those.”

Madam Wang didn’t get upset and said with a smile, “I forgot.”

Yaoniang was a little uneasy: “I’ll find something to do. I’ll go help Xiangcao.” Then she went to the open space near the right side of the door where two girls were squatting.

One is called Xiangcao and the other is called Xiangxiang. They are both maids in the kitchen.

“Wet nurse Su, please have a sit.” Xiangcao went to find a small stool and handed it to Yaoniang, then said to her, “How can we let you help us? It’s just a few vegetables. Xiangxiang and I will finish soon.”

She took out a cucumber in the vegetable basket and washed it outside then brought it back to Yaoniang.

“It’s very fresh. Have a taste!”

Yaoniang could only take it and eat it slowly while watching Xiangcao and Xiangxiang cut vegetables.

Everyone started to ask if the little princess slept sweetly during the night and then talked about other things.

There were some gossips in the mansion, such as a woman quarreled with someone or a maid scolded by the master. The mansion seemed to be quite large but, in fact, the backyard accounts for only one third of it. Everyone meets regularly and some trivial things would inevitably be passed on to everyone.

“Hey, you don’t know. Today I went out and saw that Ling’er of Liuchun Pavilion and Meng’er of Rugui Pavilion argued with each other.” The woman who spoke is called Zhao. Her tone showed that there is a great drama that happened.

For a moment, everyone looked at her and some people couldn’t help but ask her to say it quickly.

“What can it be? It’s just some trivial matters. People in the main kitchen gave food boxes prepared for Liuchun Pavilion to Rugui Pavilion. Liuchun Pavilion stole the show at present while Wangye is still in the mansion, so Ling’er is exceptionally arrogant. She stopped Meng’er halfway and slapped her twice on the face.”

“Well, Meng’er looks quite pretty. Her face must be swollen after two slaps.”

“Exactly! Her little face was as red and purple as an eggplant. I remember that Ling’er and Meng’er had a quarrel before. It is said that Meng’er is the same as her master and doesn’t respect anyone in Liuchun Pavilion. Side consort Hu is also a bad-tempered woman and she must have previously scolded Ling’er. So all the old and recent grudges made them fight.

Ling’er and Meng’er are both responsible for fetching dishes. In Jin Wang Mansion, except for Zhaohui Hall where Jin Wang lived, the Siyi Yard where consort Jin lived and the small lateral courtyard of the princess, all meals come from the main kitchen. Side consort Hu also mentioned setting up a small kitchen in the Liuchun Pavilion. Unfortunately, it was rejected by consort Jin, so meals in Liuchun Pavilion are all provided by the main kitchen.

“Well, people in Liuchun Pavilion cause trouble as soon as Jin Wang comes back. When Wangye leaves the house…” She didn’t finish the sentence but everyone knew what it meant.

It meant that side consort Hu takes advantage of Wangye’s power to show she is currently being doted .

Actually, she is really doted on by Wangye now.

When they talked about this, everyone’s eyes became very ambiguous.

“Hey, if it continues like this, Wangye keeps staying at Liuchun Pavilion in the past two days, maybe consort Jin will do something…” Then the woman seemed to suddenly realize the origin of Yaoniang, and immediately she shut up.

A few women winked at each other and turned to another topic.

Yaoniang listened to this but she was thinking of whether they also talked about her like this in her previous life.

At the same time, she was more concerned about Jin Wang staying in Liuchun Pavilion for two nights. But why did she see Jin Wang in the small building? Was he a fake Jin Wang?

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