Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 18

Yaoniang was arranged to take care of the little princess at night in case the princess would cry at night.

Generally, she looked after the little princess with Yuyan or Yucui. The little princess who didn’t cry at night was very easy to coax and rarely woke up. At most she would be hungry and woke up once or twice. As for if she pooed, Yaoniang wouldn’t wake her up as long as she changed the diapers gently.

Every night, it was the quietest time in the small building, but today there was a loud noise outside.

Because Yaoniang was in the east room, she didn’t hear it very clearly. She only knew that someone came.

Yaoniang and Yuyan were on night duty. Yuyan went out to have a look and returned after a while. She looked a little dignified: “Don’t wander at night.”

Wander at night?

She was on night duty and there was no place she could go.

Yaoniang was not clear about the meaning at first. But as she saw Yuyan was cautious, she couldn’t ask her more questions. So she could only keep the doubts in her mind.

She understood what was going on till she was on duty the next night.

In the Liuchun Pavilion, there was only a light in a corner of the house. The halo light lined with the cherry pink gauze curtain in the room, revealing a little bit of ambiguous atmosphere. On the chest of drawers, the incense powder already lit in a one feet high gilt beast head incense burner with three feet. The special fragrance spread quietly from the hollow lotus petals under the beast head cover button, and it was full of the room.

Side consort Hu wore a carmine skirt with rosy clouds and a shirt with a same color on the shoulder. Her long hair was with only a flower on the sideburns, which looked a little charming and enchanting.

She leaned halfway to the side of Jin Wang’s legs and raised her beautiful neck to look at the man sitting on the soft bed.

Jin Wang wore a black brocade robe whose placket and cuffs are embroidered with complicated patterns with gold threads. His black hair was tied to the top of the head and clasped with a white jade crown. His complexion was as clear as jade. He was very handsome and looked like a god from the Heaven.

Compared with the clothes that side consort Hu wore which only fitted in the boudoir, there was no doubt that Jin Wang’s costume was much more formal.

At this moment, he leaned on the soft bed in a relaxed state. His eyes narrowed and lowered. He seemed to be careless or be thinking about something. He put his slender, fair-bodied big palm on the table, and tapped on it with his finger from time to time.

“Wangye…” Side consort Hu called him softly.

Jin Wang just raised his eyebrows and took a glance at her. Side consort Hu’s cheeks were red and showed a kind of strange expression. She moved her hand back and forth on Jin Wang’s legs, which looked very seductive.


Side consort Hu called him again, but Jin Wang didn’t do anything. Then she bit her red lips and stood up with her hands putting on the soft couch, and she snuggled up next to Jin Wang.

She looked up at him humbly.

At this point, Jin Wang finally faced up to her.

Jin Wang under the light was so handsome that people dare not to look directly, and his deep eyes were as attractive as black holes.

Side consort Hu was anxious and preoccupied. She was so excited that she could not control herself. While she was thinking of what to do next, she pursed her lips with a little nervous, and her mouth was dry.


Side consort Hu’s face was more and more red, and her phoenix eyes seemed to drip water. Her white fingers circled around Jin Wang’s chest.

After a few times, her fingers slipped into his placket. Jin Wang seemed to be in a good mood today, but he just looked down at her fingers under the clothes and didn’t stop her.

Side consort Hu felt a kind of subtle encouragement, and her snake-like body got much closer to Jin Wang. She seemed to want Jin Wang to embrace her into his bones to get the ultimate satisfaction.

She moved up slowly, at last, her whole body covered Jin Wang. Due to the majesty of Jin Wang. She did not dare to touch his body with red lips at will, and she only dare hold Jin Wang’s hand to touch around herself.

She didn’t realize that Jin Wang with eyes half closed frowned more and more tightly. The big palm on the table tightened into fists, but he did not say anything to stop her movements.


The side consort Hu panted heavily, and Jin Wang’s attitude which was different from the previous finally made her lose her mind. She used all the methods she had been taught by the procuress in the brothel before.

These methods had been repeated in her mind thousands of times in order to be able to use it someday.

There is no doubt that side consort Hu loves Jin Wang, not only his appearance, but also his identity.

Side consort Hu found that she could live in a such life after she came to the mansion.

Everyone looked up to her on the ground. Except for consort Jin, she was already the most powerful person in the backyard, but she still thought this was not enough. She also needs a son.

Suddenly, the whole world was turned upside down. Side consort Hu fell to the ground.

Her clothes were messy, and the bellyband hanging around her neck was already pulled down and rolled around her waist.

It was pulled off by side consort Hu herself.

No matter what she did just now, Jin Wang did not touch her. Only when she tore off her bellyband and wanted to show herself to Jin Wang that her figure was more attractive than before after she gave birth to a child, Jin Wang grabbed her neck and threw her away.

Actually, side consort Hu was beautiful, not only her face but also her body. Her tender and soft bosoms were trembling, even a few drops of breast milk dripped from the flower core.

“How dare you!”

Jin Wang on the soft bed took out a white handkerchief to cover his cold pale lips slightly. His face was cold, and he stared at side consort Hu like a ferocious beast.

In fact, this was the real Jin Wang. While Jin Wang usually had stern temperament with a high degree of alienation and a sense of grace and nobility. At this time, his noble temperament was completely released, and he was really like the person who killed countless people on the battlefield without even blinking his eyes.

Side consort Hu was totally startled to touch her neck.

Fucheng came from outside and asked in a low voice, “Wangye…”

Then Jin Wang calmed down and stood up from the bed. He even didn’t glance at the side consort Hu and hummed before he left.

While he was walking, he used the white handkerchief to cover his mouth.

Taohong hurried in from outside. When she saw side consort Hu slumped to the ground in such a embarrassing manner, she couldn’t help but wanted to cover her eyes. In the end, side consort Hu was a bit abnormal. Taohong didn’t dare to think about it and helped her up.

Taohong’s action seemed to open the mechanism, which made the side consort Hu suddenly cry. She cried extremely sadly. She was sad, unbelievable, hopeless and dazed.

Side consort Hu never expected that Jin Wang would treat her in this way. She was very confused. She didn’t care about her respect and couldn’t stop crying.

“He didn’t even want to touch me…” she cried vaguely.

Taohong was anxious. When she heard this, she thought side consort must have annoyed Jin Wang.

In fact, Taohong could almost understand what happened, but the pleasure of the two masters should not be interrupted by a maid. At the beginning, side consort Hu went on her own way once before and she persuaded her. But side consort Hu didn’t listen to her suggestion. So she dared not to speak out to dissuade her. Therefore it had adverse effect this time.

Wangye had always been indifferent and noble, so how could he fall into such a trap?

At the same time, Taohong also had a very vague aversion to side consort Hu. She left the brothel already but why didn’t she change her manners?

“Don’t cry, Niangniang. Wangye has always treated you differently. He was just angry at that time. So you don’t have to worry.”

Side consort Hu did not listen.

“… Don’t forget. You have the little princess. Wangye won’t really be angry with you…”

The words awakened side consort Hu. She immediately stopped crying and rubbed her face twice. She asked Taohong: “Wangye has gone? Where is he going?”

“It seems that he was going to the small lateral yard.”

“Did the guards outside leave?”

Taohong shook her head.

The pale face of side consort Hu suddenly showed a smile, and she kept mumbling: “Wangye still cares about me, Wangye still cares about me…”

Taohong sighed in her heart.

In the middle of the night, it was quiet in the small building.

Yuyan had fallen asleep on the chaise bed, making a steady breathing sound. Yaoniang changed the diaper lightly for the little princess, and put the dirty diaper in the basin after the folding screen, and then she went to the tea room.

There was a tea room in the lateral yard, which was a cubicle in the west.

Everything were available in tea house. There was a water-burning stove with continuous charcoal. It could supply daily tea and hot water at night for the small building.

Yaoniang wanted to wash her hands and she was thirsty, but there was no water in the kettle.

When she reached the tea room, she took a bamboo tube to blow to the mouth of the furnace.

She used too much strength that though the fire was ignited, a burst of smoke was also stirred up, which made her cough for a few times, so she naturally ignored the movement behind her.

Yaoniang was sobbed with tears. She grasped the handkerchief and waved her hands in front of her nose. At the same time, she stood up. Just feeling better, she looked up, and then she was frightened.

She did not know when Jin Wang stood behind her.

He was wearing a black silk robe, and his long dark hair was slightly messy scattered on his shoulders and chest. It seemed that he combed a bun in the day with a slightly curved arc, so now the hair was winding down to the waist. While his waist became stronger and thinner, he had a good figure with wide shoulders and thin waist.

Of course, Yaoniang knew that Jin Wang’s figure was very good. She had seen many times in her last life.

A picture appeared in her mind–

She was pressed on the table. She could only bend over on it, but because of his request, she leaned her head slightly to bear his lick.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw his strong and tight waist. Over and over again, his action was like waves. She could only immerse herself in it, wondering how he should react…

Yaoniang’s face was already a little red, but now it was even more red because of cranky thoughts in her mind.

Jin Wang frowned at the blushing wet nurse in front of him.

The eyes were bright and moist after being washed by tears. In the middle were the big, dark pupils and the corners of the eyes were slightly raised, which didn’t make people feel uncomfortable. It was red around the eye sockets. She, a timid little rabbit looked extraordinarily affectionate with white skin.

She seemed to be aware of her gaffe and quickly bowed her head. Because she bowed her head too low, it made people feel that her slender neck would break.

“Make a cup of tea for me.”

Jin Wang no longer looked at her. He said lightly and went to the chair next to her to sit down.

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