Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 16

Jin Wang did not speak.

Mammy Mu would not continue to say more. After all, she is a servant. Although she could say a few more words based on the previous relationship with Jin Wang, too much improper words would kill the affection of the past.

She also knew in her mind that her young master knows very well in his heart. If he wasn’t thoughtful, he would not become a seignior after fighting against people in imperial palace without the protection of her mother.

Afterwards, the two talked for a while about something that happened in the backyard while Jin Wang was not in the mansion. Actually, they mainly talked about the little princess, side consort Hu, and even consort Jin. After all, the reason why Jin Wang originally made the little princess depart from Liuchun Pavilion was largely because side consort Hu used her daughter as an excuse that she wanted Jin Wang to dote on her and repeatedly fought with consort Jin in Siyi Yard.

It was late. Jin Wang personally sent Mammy Mu out. Mammy Mu returned to the small lateral yard silently under the darkness of the night. Everything was as usual.

Jin Wang returned to the inner hall. He was used to be alone and he just let Fucheng follow in.

Fucheng is in his thirties. His face is milk-white without beard and he wears a dark green robe with round collar. He, regarded as one of Jin Wang’s top confidants has served Jin Wang for many years. Because he served Jin Wang from childhood, naturally Jin Wang has some different feelings with him from others. Therefore, he also dares to speak more things to Jin Wang.

He realized that Jin Wang was convinced by Mammy Mu. He hesitated for a moment and said to Jin Wang, “Wangye, I think what Mammy Mu said is right, and there should be a little master in the mansion.”

But he only said this. Those who serve around the masters for many years all understand that “a little wind kindles, much puts out the fire”. After all, the master is the master, while he is just a servant. In particular, this matter interfered with the taboo that Jin Wang could not tolerate others to touch, so Fucheng said very carefully.

Jin Wang didn’t say anything, but he frowned the eyebrows more tightly.

He suddenly remembered the wet nurse and the indistinct white and towering breasts under the sweaty clothes.

For a while, the familiar feelings of heat rose from the body, but Jin Wang had long been used to it. He only frowned his eyebrows and ignored it.

The return of Jin Wang made everyone in the backyard move.

In fact, Jin Wang could be regarded as a person who has pure mind. There are not many women in his backyard. For so many years, he only has consort Jin, side consort Hu, the ladies awarded by Emperor Hongjing when he left the capital and concubine Feng.

It was very quiet in backyard when side consort Hu had not been there before. There are many battles in the frontier juncture. As the seignior, Jin Wang naturally bears the heavy responsibility to resist foreign aggression, so he leads the army all year round and rarely returns every year.

As the master is not in the mansion, it is not necessary to fight with both open and secret means. Everyone naturally closes the door to live their own lives. But since Jin Wang brought back side consort Hu and she gave birth to a little princess, it seemed that there is something going down the stagnant pool.

As Jin Wang returned to the mansion, he should meet consort Jin by rules.

It’s not about like or dislike, but it’s respect that they should give to each other in their position. So early in the morning, Jin Wang arrived at Siyi Yard.

The arrival of Jin Wang makes people in Siyi Yard get busy. All servants’ faces are filled with joy. When side consort Hu,Madam Tao and Li came to pay respect to consort Jin, they could clearly feel the unusual atmosphere here.

Madam Tao and Li showed admiration, but side consort Hu scorned.

After they entered into the hall, they saw Jin Wang take the first place of honor and concubine Feng beside was sucking up to him.

Jin Wang wears a bright blue brocade, the placket and cuffs of which are embroidered with silver threads. His black hair is tied to the top of the head, clasped with a three-finger wide inlaid sapphire red gold crown, which makes him even more handsome. His complexion is as clear as jade. How beautiful he is! Like a God from the Heaven!

Concubine Feng is standing next to Jin Wang, who wears a begonia red dark flower cut silk cardigan tied with pomegranate skirts. She is combed with Suiyun bun, and a luen hair pin inlaid with rubies inserted in the hair. So beautiful and perfect!

With narrow sleeves, the clothes are extremely well fitted with her thin waist. Her bosoms rise and fall as she breathes.


Side consort Hu clenched her fists in the sleeves firmly.

Concubine Feng was promoted by consort Jin last year when side consort Hu was pregnant. She said that there are few people around Jin Wang and the backyard is too quiet. She was suspected out of duty as a consort. In fact, consort Jin knows that Madam Li and Tao are just puppets she intentionally set up in order to suppress side consort Hu.

Concubine Feng deserves the responsibility given to her by consort Jin, and she is better at pandering to Jin Wang compered with side consort Hu. As long as Jin Wang is in the mansion, she will stare at side consort Hu and against her like a fighting cock. What a insidious woman full of tricks!

The hatred of side consort Hu towards consort Jin mainly originated from concubine Feng. Unfortunately, concubine Feng takes advantage of consort Jin’s power to bully others, so for the time being, side consort Hu could not do anything to her.

Right now, side consort Hu and other two people still need to get approval to enter in the hall, but concubine Feng is already serving Jin Wang.

A baker’s wife may bite of a bun,a brewer’s wife may bite of a tun. Nobody knows that such a man trap would seduce Wangye under the table.

Side consort Hu thinks that though consort Jin is the consort of Jin Wang, she is actually like a a woman running a brothel. She has never seen which consort will rush to look for women for her own man. Early in the morning, she deliberately vacated the place and let concubine Feng serve Jin Wang. She is not afraid of being disgusted.

Madam Tao and Li worshiped on bended knees with gloomy face.

Jin Wang raised his hands slightly. His eye sight floating in the air seemed to be cold.

After side consort Hu worshiped, she came to Jin Wang’s side and was planning to say something, while consort Jin came out.

The appearance of consort Jin brought a sudden change of the atmosphere in the hall, and Madam Tao and Li, who had secretly looked at Jin Wang suddenly converged. Even side consort Hu who had intended to sue the wicked first gave up to say anything.

It felt like a mouse sees a cat.

In fact, this is indeed the case. The concubine who see the sole legal wife is the same as a mouse who sees a cat.

Of course, there is a bold mouse, such as side consort Hu.

She is very perfunctory in regards to greet consort Jin.

It’s quiet in the hall. Maids in green sleeveless over-dress in succession put breakfast gently on the Eight Immortals table.

Jin Wang and consort Jin moved to sit down at the table.

Side consort Hu is standing aside. As Jin Wang pointed to a next place, side consort Hu immediately smiled and went to the chair.

This smile naturally shows to to consort Jin and concubine Feng that she is still doted by Jin Wang. Unfortunately, consort Jin did not even glance at her once. Instead, concubine Feng secretly gritted her teeth, and she is anxious to rush up to drag her down the chair.

Of course, this is just a thought.

Madam Tao and Li and concubine Feng serve Jin Wang for dinner together.

The three of them rolled their sleeves lightly and used the long-handled silver chopsticks to fetch food for Jin Wang and consort Jin. Every time Jin Wang returned from outside, such a performance would be put on the stage, and everyone is used to it.

Compared with well-behaved actions of madam Tao and Li, concubine Feng is secretly casting flirtatious looks at Jin Wang. Her delicate and charming face is particularly attractive. Anyway, side consort Hu thinks that the bulging bosoms of that bitch almost stick to Jin Wang’s arms.

“Wangye, Please try this. The consort specially ordered servants to prepare this for you.”

Jin Wang is still with no expression on his face. But side consort Hu is so angry to grit her teeth.

Jin Wang went to the hall to drink tea after a meal. At this time, the big show just starts.

Consort Jin gently mentioned the matter that she had selected two wet nurses carefully for the small lateral yard.

She didn’t talk in details. No one knew if Jin Wang had listened or not.

Although side consort Hu did not speak as if she wanted to pour out grievance but saying nothing.

Jin Wang did not express any opinion of his own, and consort Jin didn’t speak too much. Side consort Hu felt extremely wronged that Jin Wang didn’t care about her.

Madam Tao and Li watched them silently and did not dare to speak.

Although it is said a big show, it is actually quite boring. Because the contest and confrontation among them hide in every word and action, and even in their dress and make-up.

For example, Madam Tao and Li who haven’t long been doted dress up meticulously for Jin Wang. Mostly, they hope that Jin Wang could look at them more, then maybe he could meet them at night. For consort Jin, the kind of almost accusatory words just become a kind of invisible suppression to not only warn side consort Hu not to overrun, but also show her identity as the consort of Jin Wang.

As for side consort Hu, she has not been stupid enough to refute what the consort said.

She tried before, but Jin Wang ignored her. Jin Wang is a person who pays great attention to rules, and he always respects consort Jin on the surface.

So even side consort Hu shows off or is wronged, it is just a kind of statement and a small protest against the legal wife. Even if she hates consort Jin inside, she will not tell Jin Wang directly.

It is rare that concubine Feng, who is always impulsive does not rush forward to stir up the flames. After all, concubine Feng is not a fool so that she knows that she can’t speak too much.

So the so-called big show continued in a relatively calm situation until Jin Wang put down the tea cup and stood up.

“All of you can leave now.”

Jin Wang stepped out of the gate of Siyi Yard.

Since the master is gone, who would like to stay on the stage?

Consort Jin doesn’t even want to say a word, so she let Ziyan help her to the inner room.

Concubine Hu feels ashamed because consort Jin ignored her. She clenched the quilt in her hand and snorted, taking Taohong and a group of maids away.

Then Madam Tao and Li left in silence.

As for concubine Feng, she entered the inner room to massage legs for consort Jin. She didn’t say anything, but her behavior was not only to show her loyalty, but to let the consort not give up on her.

How could consort Jin give up on her?

The more shotguns are, the better.

Yucui fell asleep until dawn and was still a little stunned when she woke up.

She thought of the little princess, wet nurse Su, and it seemed that no one woke her up yesterday.

Why did she sleep so deeply? She was obviously very alert before.

She subconsciously sat up from the bed, while she saw Yuyan standing upright and smiling at herself.

Yucui was inexplicably a little embarrassed.

Yuyan said: “Wake up? Mammy Mu said you are tired and let us not wake you up.”

“Where’s wet nurse Su? How about the little princess?”

“Wet nurse Su returned to the house to have a rest. The little princess is very good. She slept all night. Wet nurse Su said that she ate breast milk once at night and now she is carried by wet nurse Qian to drink breast milk again.”

Yucui took a sigh of relief, and said a little complicatedly: “Why didn’t wet nurse Su wake me up?”

“Isn’t it good to let you sleep comfortably?” Yuyan said with a smile.

Yucui blushed and laughed with her for a while before sighing: “I never think that wet nurse Su is an honest person.” She remembered what Yaoniang said yesterday, and the considerate behavior that Yaoniang did not wake her up.

Yuyan smiled, “We don’t know whether she is honest or not. We just wait and see.”


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