Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 15

The sudden return of Jin Wang made the whole mansion lively.

At the same time, it was ablaze with lights in the Liuchun Pavilion. The lights of Siyi Yard, Qixia Pavilion and Tingxue Pavilion all turned on. Until Jin Wang returned to Zhaohui Hall, it was quiet in the entire back yard again.

In the Liuchun Pavilion, side consort Hu drew the hair pin out of her head and threw it on the ground. She wanted Jin Wang to stay in Liuchun Pavilion, but he ignored her and left away.

Although Jin Wang is hard-hearted, he rarely does not respect side consort Hu.

It is obvious that Jin Wang must be angry.

Taohong walked over to pick up the hair pin, and came to side consort Hu’s side to persuade her: “Niangniang, Your Highness has just returned from the outside. He is travel-worn and weary. He must have a good rest first.”

Side consort Hu gritted her teeth and said, “What’s the gatekeeper’s purpose? Even they didn’t know to send a message when Wangye came back, which caused me to rush over there. My Highness cared much about the little princess and he must have thought that I am not responsible to be a mother.”

In fact, side consort Hu also felt that she was very wronged. She certainly wants to keep her baby around. But the bitch consort Jin is so cruel that she made Your Highness misunderstand her and let the little princess live alone.

It seems that the little princess is still staying in Liuchun Pavilion, but it is clear that everyone knows what is going on. Side consort Hu is doted by Jin Wang too much. Everyone knows that Wangye is still wise and martial, and he is not crazy about women.

Side consort Hu is very annoyed, wishing to eat consort Jin alive so as to release her anger in her heart.

“It’s not once or twice that princess cries at night. The doctors of the medical institute saw princess before, which is known by all people in the Mansion. How could Wangye be angry with side consort?” Taohong said.

“But don’t forget. That bitch is good at making troubles and stabbing a person in the back. That wet nurse was brought in by her and I still don’t know how she would show off her contributions in front of Wangye and by the way saying some bad words of me. I still want to take the princess back…”

“No, no!” side consort Hu walked a few steps back and forth, making up her mind, “What is the name of the wet nurse just now? I will give a big reward to her. In addition, Please ask someone to pay attention to the one named Cuizhu. Look for a chance to kick her out of the mansion. Wangye is back now. Do it quickly so as not to cause any troubles.”



Yaoniang took a shower quickly and then went to the small building with wet hair.

The wind stops blowing, but it starts to rain again. The rain is not heavy, and a few drops of rain fall audibly. Finally it is not too hot.

Yaoniang walked down the veranda and entered the small building along the way. The little princess has fallen asleep, and wet nurse Qian and Mammy Mu are still on the sidelines.

The cradle with padauk carving of “Fu Shou Lu” is put in front of the Alcove bed, with a layer Yudi bed-curtain. The style of this bedroom is as the same as Jin Wang Mansion, luxurious and yet understated.

The little princess doesn’t seem to sleep well. After Yaoniang greeted to Mammy Mu, she heard the sound of princess moving in the cradle. It’s the kind of sound that occurred in the nasal cavity. It’s snoring. The sound is very low, but she is not awake.

Yaoniang knows that this is a sign of not falling asleep deeply, and she is probably a little uncomfortable.

She walked over and saw that the little princess in the cradle is wrapped in a layer of swaddling clothes and she couldn’t help sighing and lowering her voice: “The little princess would be uncomfortable as she is wrapped.”

She was wrapped by wet nurse Qian. All babies from the entire Qian Dynasty were wrapped in swaddling clothes. They were wrapped in swaddle from a young age so that their arms and legs would be straight. Why did wet nurse Su always pick on her?

Wet nurse Qian not only thought that Yaoniang was picking on her, but also that she was targeting herself. She didn’t forget how she and wet nurse Wang had bullied her before.

But this is an indestructible knot. The little princess is alone, but there are four wet nurses around. As the little princess are growing up, there would be fewer wet nurses around her. And in the end, there will be only one person left as Mammy. So instead of letting the other party stand firm then deal with it, it is better to start earlier and run the other party into a stand.

“All babies grow up this way. But it seems that wet nurse Su thinks we deliberately don’t treat the princess well?” Wet nurse Qian truthfully said what she thought in her mind, and she felt aggrieved, looking at Mammy Yu and said, “Mammy, I have been taking after little princess for many days. The princess was very good before. Even the consort and side consort Hu praised sister Wang and me for taking good care of the princess that she is fat and strong. As for night crying disease, every baby has such disease for a while. Wet nurse Su is really capable to ease the crying of the little princess. But it is not clear to say this kind of thing. It can’t overrule sister Wang’s and my hard work only judging from this point.”

It seems that she talked too much. But there are only two meanings: one is to say that Yaoniang made a great achievement by accident. The other is that she complained to Mammy Mu for grievances, and retreated by the way in order to advance to fight against Yaoniang.

If in Yaoniang’s last life, she would have been so panicked now that she doesn’t know what to do. Only what she would do is to explain that she doesn’t have this kind of thoughts. She lives once more lifetime than others, so she becomes calmer than before.

The most important thing is that Yaoniang believes that Mammy Mu has her own judgment.

In terms of taking 10,000 steps back, the little princess cries at night no more than one or two days. Why couldn’t they try other methods?

Yaoniang also said what she wanted to say. Compared with wet nurse Qian who pretended to be wronged, obviously, Yaoniang’s gentle attitude was more admired by Mammy Mu. However, Mammy Mu still didn’t forget the hard works of the wet nurses before. After all, preconceived ideas couldn’t be avoided.

“Just try as wet nurse Su said, and it won’t hurt anything. both Wang and I know you and wet nurse Wang’s love and concern for the little princess, we will not let your hard work go to waste. You and wet nurse Wang have also worked hard recently. You can’t sleep at night and have to look after the princess during the day. You can go back for a rest tonight and come back tomorrow.”

After Mammy Mu soothed her, Yucui sent wet nurse Qian who still had some grievances away. Mammy Mu took a glance at Yaoniang. Even if she didn’t speak, Yaoniang understood her meaning.

Yaoniang nodded and reached into the cradle to untie the swaddling on the little princess.

She moved very gently, and after she untied the swaddling clothes, she gently massaged princess’ hands and feet. Maybe she was gentle, or the princess really didn’t like the swaddling clothes, she didn’t wake up but fell asleep after moving twice. This time she slept very sweetly, and never made the sound of sleeplessness before.

The little princess is also tired. After all, crying also consumes physical energy of a baby.

Seeing this, Mammy Mu finally breathed a sigh of relief and went to the next chair to sit down.

She’s getting old and has been straining her nerves, and now she could finally take a breath. She sat there with her eyes narrowed, and it is quiet in the room, even the needle falling on the floor is audible. Yaoniang glanced at her quietly, and did not speak, but sat down on the pedal. She looked at the little princess quietly. Yucui went to make a cup of tea for Mammy Mu. Mammy Mu took the tea and sipped once. She was about to stand up to say something as Yuyan came in from outside and said something near her ear.

Mammy Mu glanced at Yucui and left with Yuyan.

There were only two people left in the room, Yaoniang and Yucui.

Yucui whispered: “Today, I stay here with wet nurse Su. You can go to bed first. If the little princess is hugry to wake up, I will call you.”

She pointed to the bed under the south window, and there is a set of blanket on it. Apparently someone had prepared it in advance. There is a bed in the room, but this bed is not intended to set for servants.

Yaoniang said: “You have worked hard in the day. You can sleep first. I’m not sleepy.”

Seeing Yucui not moving, she smiled softly: “Since I came here, I eat and do not work every day. I always feel very uneasy. Now that I have something to do, so it is time to do my best. Look at my wet hair. I can’t sleep now. Besides, I don’t know if the princess will wake up in the middle of the night. Please go to bed first, Yucui.”

Yucui said nothing and went to lay down on the bed.

Not to mention, she is really tired these days.


The waning moon is like a hook, and it is still raining at night.

Jin Wang Mansion under the night is like a sleeping beast, quiet but full of majesty.

The rules of the Jin Wang Mansion are very strict. After lighting the lamp, no one is allowed to wander in the mansion if nothing happens.

Zhaohui Hall is located at the central axis of Jin Wang Mansion. With it as a boundary, the entire Jin Wang Mansion is divided into two parts. The front is the forecourt of the mansion, which is divided into middle, east, and west roads. The middle road is the hub for Jin Wang to deal with fiefdoms affairs, and the banquets are held here, too. The east and west roads are the places that gatekeepers, staff, myrmidons, guards, as well as Changshi Department, the horse horse Department, the clerical Department and so on.

Zhaohui Hall is connected with the front yard and back houses. It is the place where Jin Wang lives.

Speaking of Zhaohui Hall, it covers a very large area. Different from the beautiful and elegant style of the back yard, it looks like a magnificent royal style. It is guarded heavily and guards from Jin Wang Mansion patrol this place day and night.

Mammy Mu and a group of people came here, and someone had already stood outside the door.

Entering through the side door, they walked to the bedroom. As soon as she arrived in front of the door, several eunuchs greeted her and helped her go inside.

Jin Wang took a shower first after he returned to Zhaohui Hall. He just came out of the bath room.

He only wears a black robe and walked out of it barefoot. The bright gold brick floor is covered with a deep purple soft blanket. Jin Wang’s shirt is half-open, exposing a smooth and sturdy chest, and ink-like long hair is scattered wetly on the shoulders and chest. Water is still dropping down from his hair.

The rich black is lined with dazzling white, and Jin Wang’s skin is like the first-class white tallow jade without losing the sense of strength that a man should have.

When he came to the bed and sat down at will, a little eunuch stepped on his knees and wiped his feet.

“Have a sit, Mammy.” Jin Wang said.

With his voice, an eunuch moved a chair over, and Mammy Mu did not refuse to sit on it.

Fucheng brought a cotton pad to wipe Jin Wang’s hair and rubbed it twice. Jin Wang was annoyed and waved his hand to let him back away.

Mammy Mu looked at his little master. Although he had grown up, he still did not change his previous character. Jin Wang, who was a child, didn’t like others to wipe his hair or touch his head.

“If you get a cold, it’s not good.” Mammy Mu smiled and said.

Although Jin Wang was still indifferent, his facial expressions became softer, “Sorry for troubling you.”

The sentence had double meaning. That is to express his concerns and also thanks to Mammy Mu who had been in an old age helping Jin Wang to take care of the little princess.

Mammy Mu is no longer young and she is more than sixty years old now. When Jin Wang was out of the capital that year, she followed him. He wanted her to enjoy her later years. But things didn’t go according to the plan. Jin Wang had no time to manage the back yard. He could only ask Mammy Mu to help.

Mammy Mu has been in the imperial palace for many years, but it is just a backyard of the mansion. For her, those monsters and ghosts in the back yard could not escape. Jin Wang doesn’t need her to do anything, as long as she could take good care of the little princess. As for other people, no matter how they compete with each other, he doesn’t care.

There are rumors outside that Jin Wang killed too many people which makes him doesn’t have a son since he is 26 years old now. It is also rumored that Jin Wang has some problems which make him be unable to give birth to a son.

Although Jin Wang ignores rumors on the surface, he still cares a bit. He doesn’t care about that he killed too much. Because he should do his duty to guard his fiefs. But as for there are something wrong with his body, few men would probably not care about it.


Mammy Mu patted her legs and smiled, “It’s OK. Although I am old, but I can still play a role.”

“Do you still have the leg problem? I patrolled fiefdoms this time and found a doctor in the countryside. He is very good at curing rheumatism. This time I bring him back, and I will ask him to see you tomorrow.”

Mammy Mu said, “Sorry for troubling Wangye.” Then she paused for a while, and said again, “I am old and it’s not important whether I can be cured. Anyway, I have rheumatism many years. Male offspring is the most important for Wangye. After all, it is not enough to have a little princess, and Wangye still lacks a little boy.”

When mentioning this, Jin Wang’s face stiffened a little.

Other people naturally couldn’t find any clue, but Mammy Mu couldn’t miss anything since she raised Jin Wang when he was a young boy.

She was obviously a bit misunderstood and sighed, “Since that person can still please Wangye, why do you care if she is good or not? You also needs to change your personality. Women are just a tool for giving birth to children for you. It doesn’t matter whether they’re good or not.”

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