Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 14

Yaoniang’s heart was beating so hard, bang bang bang…

The palms of her hands were sweaty.

Jin Wang was not in the Mansion recently. Why did he suddenly appear here?

With the sound of heartbeat, she seemed to have reached a void world. She could see nothing and only felt the hot male body behind her and the sound of breathlessness in her ear…

Yaoniang suddenly became agitated, and she was sober immediately. The situation in the room was also reflected in her eyes. Except Mammy Mu, everyone was on their knees, but only she stood there silently.

On the opposite side, Jin Wang looked at her inexplicably.

Yaoniang had a creepy feeling, and immediately her legs softened and she knelt on the ground.

Jin Wang looked around people. When he saw the little princess in the arms of the wet nurse Wang, his eyes softened for a moment. He lifted his hands up and walked in, “Everyone gets up.”

He sat down in a round chair next to him: “Don’t worry about me. Please go on. The little princess is the most important.”

Lv’e and other people went out, and then offered tea to Jin Wang not before long. They didn’t come in, but stood outside the door. The lights in the hall were also lit very brightly.

Yaoniang bowed her head and was absent-minded, not knowing what she was thinking. She didn’t react until Yucui called her.

“Wet nurse Su, Jin Wang asked you to continue.”


Yaoniang turned around and took a few deep breaths to stabilize her mind.

To cover the tension in her heart, she reached out her hands and dipped sesame oil with fingertips in the bowl and rubbed it in her palms. It took a long time for her to slightly and gently massage the little princess’s abdomen again and again.

Because her action was really astonishing, everyone couldn’t help staring at her hand, for fearing that she massaged so hard with her hands so that there would be an accident happening to the little princess. No one thought that the little princess seemed to be fine, although she moved her body uncomfortably, but did not cry.

Now Yaoniang was relying on her perseverance.

She tried to ignore the gaze behind her, massaging the abdomen of the little princess according to the method in memory, and helping her to fold her legs. A few times on the left, a few times on the right, and then the two fat legs were lifted up on the abdomen. She pressed them and held for a few breaths, and then put them down.

This action was too scary. Wet nurse Wang and Qian wanted to stop her. But because Jin Wang was here, they did not dare to speak.

It was very quiet in the room that Yaoniang could even hear her breathing. She could feel a gaze thrown on her spine, making her nervous while a familiar numbness rolled up from the tailbone.

Fortunately, the gaze quickly shifted away so that Yaoniang could massage for princess calmly. By this time she was sweating and out of breath.

Yaoniang did not dare to turn around, and gently helped the little princess to put on the jacket.

“Alright?” Mammy Mu asked over.

At this moment, there were a few indecent sounds, but Yaoniang sighed a relief as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulder.

She didn’t answer Mammy Mu and opened the little princess’s diaper for a look.

The little princess just farted.

“This can only be temporarily relieved. We need to wait and see if there are any effect. In addition, we need to massage for her everyday and do it a few more days that will have good effects…”

At this moment, a series of rapid footsteps sounded loudly, and then a group of people stepped in.

Side consort Hu brought some people over.

With a surprising look on her face, she said “Wangye, when did you come back?” Then she stepped up to look at the little princess with anxiety: “How about the princess? All of you are too incapable to take good care of a child. I could hear the crying of princess when I am in Liuchun Pavilion… My poor girl, I am really worried about you…”

She changed her expression extremely quickly. Facing Yaoniang and other people, she was so angry. But when she faced Jin Wang, she became so tender and pathetic.

Yaoniang sighed in her heart. No wonder that when she died in her last life, side consort Hu was still alive.

This is the ability!

Thinking about how she got along with Jin Wang in last life, she never talked much with him. People in Jin Wang Mansion rumored that she was doted, but only Yaoniang knew what the truth was. She dare bully side consort Hu in Siyi Yard because consort Jin was supporting her. If she could only rely on herself, she would never want to take revenge even though side consort Hu humiliated her.

She didn’t want to take revenge, and she dare not, either.

Because Yaoniang knew the special significance of side consort Hu to Jin Wang, not to mention that side consort Hu gave birth to the little princess.

Princess was the only child of Jin Wang, so he treated her differently.

On the other side, side consort Hu gazed at Jin Wang tenderly: “Wangye, can I take princess back to Liuchun Pavilion so that I take care of her in person? Even if it will be hard for me, I have to take care of her. The little princess must miss her mother, and all children want to be close to their mothers. Your Highness, would you agree with me?”

Any man in the world can not help but be moved by such a gorgeous and lovely beauty. But Jin Wang was like a stone man, let alone his face hadn’t changed and his eyes did not move.

His Highness was too lazy to speak, and Fucheng, the eunuch closed to him, naturally helped Jin Wang to talk first.

He was half-bent over and said respectfully: “Don’t worry, side consort. The little princess is fine now. Look at her. Isn’t she good?”

The little princess was sucking her thumbs in peace in Yaoniang’s arms, who looked very cute.

“She is OK now?”

Side consort Hu’s red lips were half open, and she seemed to be unable to react.

There was a slight ripple in Fucheng’s eyes. With a smile on his face, he said: “Yeah, she’s fine.”

He looked at side consort Hu, who wore a rouge red skirt with cloud and mist and a coat with the same color. She seemed like wearing a pyjama in a hurry, but in fact, she was deliberately dressed. There was a bun and a gold hair pin with gold lace inlaid pink tourmaline peony flower on her head. A few flowers were also inserted next to the sideburns and her red lips were painted with rouge.

Who would dress like this when sleeping?

However, Fucheng was an eunuch who hadn’t carefully looked at a woman to sleep. He only intuitively judged that side consort Hu had learned that Jin Wang had come down, so she hurried over.

Fucheng could see all clearly. How could Jin Wang not know?

The expression on his face was not obvious: “I think that Mammy Mu can take good care of Anrong here.”

“This is my duty.” Mammy Mu said with respect.

Jin Wang nodded and stood up, then he stepped outside the door.

Side consort Hu stunned for a moment. She looked at the little princess who was held in Yaoniang’s arms, and saw the back of Jin Wang. She gritted her teeth and chased out.

The room suddenly became empty, and Yaoniang finally relieved.

Crystal sweat dripped down her forehead, and fell on her eyelashes. She wanted to blink her eyes but she didn’t dare. She wanted to wipe sweat out but she was holding the princess. She looked a little embarrassed.

Yaoniang was sweating all over.

Mammy Mu looked at the obedient Yaoniang and glanced at the sweaty place on her chest. Then she signaled Yucui to take over the little princess and said: “You go back and wash yourself first. You can stay here to look after the princess tonight.”

Yaoniang stunned. Did she allow her to serve the little princess?

At the same time, she also noticed Mammy Mu’s eyes, which immediately made her face turn red.

Today she wore a turquoise summer shirt. The clothes of this kind of material would be a little transparent when it dipped in water.

The thin material stuck to the skin due to the erosion of sweat. The dark color made the skin under become more prominent. Underneath the gorgeous red was towering white…

Yaoniang thought that Jin Wang had just stared at her, and couldn’t help wondering if he had also seen this scene, then her face seemed to be burning, and she felt very embarrassed.

She remembered Jin Wang said in her last life that she was a little fairy who always liked to seduce him.

That was the most ashamed thing he had ever told her.

Only once did she remember it freshly.

Did he think that she was indiscreet and deliberately let him see? Did he think she was trying to seduce him? Too late to think about it. Yaoniang nodded twice in a hurry, not even daring to lift her head, and ran away covering her chest.

Mammy Mu originally had a gloomy look, and shook her head with a smile when she saw this. She felt that she had been in the imperial palace for a long time, and it seemed like everyone was cunning.

According to current observations, wet nurse Su didn’t look like a deliberate person.

But when thinking of consort Jin, Mammy Mu was not sure about this idea. But for her, as long as side consort could give birth to Jin Wang’s kids, she had nothing to worry about whether side consort was deliberate or not.

Consort De died early, so Jin Wang was raised up by Mammy Mu from a young age. In her opinion, she never paid attention to how the process was, only caring about the results. This was the reason why Mammy Mu was willing to respect side consort Hu, but she didn’t respect consort Jin.

A woman who couldn’t give birth a child is useless even she is the consort. In the mind of Mammy Mu, she was deeply entrenched in thinking that children was the most important for women.

Yaoniang hurriedly walked to her house, and stopped at the door.

Cuizhu stood in front of her room door, apparently she also heard the movement before and knew that Jin Wang was there.

Under the dim light, Cuizhu bit his lower lip. She was jealous and envious to look at Yaoniang with some complexities.

“I really have looked down on you.” The voice burst from her throat and dried up terribly.

Yaoniang looked at her, pretending to be puzzled: “Cuizhu, what did you say?” There was a bitter smile in her heart. If she knew that Jin Wang would return tonight, she would definitely not go there today.

Cuizhu’s eyes turned around with a sigh of disdain, then she turned into the room and slammed the door.

The action was so hard that the door frame almost fell down.

In the darkness, Yaoniang stood outside for a while before pushing the door into the house.

She was going to get some hot water. Before she could go, a rough woman came over with two buckets of hot water. Yaoniang wanted to take it over, but she didn’t let them go. She smiled and poured the water into the bath tub for her, and said that there were much hot water if it wasn’t enough for her.

In fact, people were so realistic. You didn’t need to do anything. As long as the top treated you differently, it would be enough for the people below to change their attitudes.

It was like consort Jin treating Yaoniang in last life and Mammy Mu to her in this life.

The little princess was still a non-talking baby. Mammy Mu was the weathervane in this small lateral yard.

Jin Wang had just left, and everyone knew it. Wet nurse Su made achievements in front of Jin Wang and Mammy Mu allowed her to serve the little princess.

It needn’t to say the meaning behind.

In fact, everyone was actually measuring.

Mammy Mu was old, and she was impossible to be the wet nurse of the little princess. There was no doubt that the wet nurse of the little princess would be chosen from these wet nurses. Wet nurse Wang and Qian seemed to be on the united front, but in fact they competed with each other. Now, Yaoniang and Cuizhu were not counted. Yaoniang stood out unexpectedly today and made such a great achievement. As long as she could cure the night crying disease for the little princess, everyone in the small lateral yard must respect her.

With these, she needn’t worry that she would have no rights beside the little princess.

In the bath tub, Yaoniang immersed herself in hot water and emptied her mind.

She seemed to think a lot, but actually she didn’t think about anything.

Anxiety, uneasiness, restlessness, cramping, worry had long since faded away, leaving only a full amount of melancholy.

Why was she melancholy? She didn’t know either.

She remembered side consort Hu who chased after Jin Wang, and suddenly immersed her whole body in hot water.

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