Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 13

In comparison, Yaoniang seemed to be more calm.

She didn’t even look at the two wet nurses, instead she focused on the little princess and said: “The little baby is also a human, and an adult will be uncomfortable with sweat. Isn’t the little princess uncomfortable? Although I am young and only have one child, I took care of my five nephews before.”

Mammy Mu stared at her without speaking anything.

Since Mammy Mu did not speak, Yucui and Yuyan naturally did not speak. Seeing this, wet nurse Wang and Qian could only stop speaking with disappointment.

Yaoniang untied the swaddling clothes of the little princess, and found that she also wore a thick coat and cotton pants inside. Seeing this, she sighed: “In fact, babies are not afraid of cold. Just like normal people, as long as they are not sick and have no pain, there is no need to wear too many clothes. It’s so hot today. We are sweating in single clothes, not to mention the little princess wearing a cotton-padded jacket…”

“Who can help me to fetch a pot of hot water?”

Everyone was shocked when hearing what she said. Some people could not react at this moment. Lvyao said immediately: “I’ll do it.”

And Yaoniang had taken off the thick cotton jacket and trousers on the little princess.

There was also a thin layer of cotton clothes inside. Yaoniang was speechless and didn’t know what to say. She even suspected that the little princess might be sick because of wearing too much instead of the reason she thought.

“The little princess’ clothes also need to be changed, because they are all sweaty.”

Because Mammy Mu didn’t speak, Yaoniang directly ordered everyone here. Soon, they didn’t only fetch hot water, but also took the dry clothes of the little princess.

The little princess was not crying so badly than before, but still sobbed intermittently. While taking off her clothes, Yaoniang coaxed her softly. Then she took a cloth ribbon to tie a beautiful knot and put it on her little palm. She stopped crying and tilted her head to look at the red ribbon in her hand.

The little princess was naked. Her fat body was chubby, and her little arms and legs looked like lotus rhizome node. There were just some red dots on the body, which seemed that she got heat rashes.

“That’s because she wore too much. Adults will be uncomfortable when they get heat rashes, let alone a little baby.”

Seeing the little red dots on the princess’ body, Mammy Mu looked at wet nurse Wang and Qian with her sharp old eyes. Although she didn’t say a word, there was a lot of pressure invisibly.

Wet nurse Qian was panicked, but wet nurse Wang was calmer than her and said gloomily, “The little princess is still too young, and I dare not take a shower for her. We used watermelon juice to help her wash the heat rashes. All heat rashes had been wiped away before. But we don’t know she gets this again. When we scrubbed for her at noon, she didn’t get red rashes. Yuyan was also there. Yuyan, the princess didn’t get heat rashes at that time, right?”

Yuyan hesitated and nodded.

Mammy Mu didn’t speak anymore. Yaoniang didn’t say anything either. It must have been an opportunity to bully others, but she didn’t seem to understand at all. She just wiped the little princess with a wet towel quietly and carefully.

Her movements were gentle and familiar, and she seemed to be accustomed to these things at first glance. To this day, everyone knew that wet nurse Su didn’t want to show herself off, but she really has a remarkable skill.

In addition the little princess did not cry at this moment, everyone was a little more convinced.

Yucui stepped forward to help Yaoniang, and Yaoniang didn’t refused. She asked Yucui to help the princess to wear clothes. She put the towel in the basin and wrung it, then she lifted princess’ legs gently and wiped her little butt.

Yaoniang frowned when she saw the redness around the butt, and she couldn’t help but frowned, “What happened?”

She didn’t mean to blame, but just to express the facts. But the two wet nurses who had just experienced previous things thought she undoubtedly picked on them.

Wet nurse Qian was extremely righteous and refuting: “It is normal to be red for the baby in this age.”

Yaoniang simply wondered where the two wet nurses came from. But after thinking for a while, they were not very old and probably only had one or two children. So how could they understand these things?

She didn’t say anything, but asked Lv’e to find some sesame oil.

Lv’e was in a daze and she didn’t know why Yaoniang needed sesame oil at the moment. Then she looked at Mammy Mu.

Mammy Mu took a meaningful look at Yaoniang and nodded her head.

Soon, Lv’e came with a bowl of sesame oil. There was a small kitchen in the small lateral yard. So this kind of thing was not lacking.

Yaoniang didn’t expect that she would get so much, then she couldn’t help but said, “In fact, a little bit is enough.”

She dipped a little with her fingertips and applied it to the red areas around the butt, then put on her underpants and diapers.

At this time, the little princess seemed to be more comfortable, and her big eyes blinked at Yaoniang, revealing an innocent smile.

Yaoniang not only became tender, but her heart seemed to have melted.

At this moment, she thought of Xiaobao, and felt a sadness in her heart. However, she was not immersed in this sadness, and she reached out her hands to touch the little princess’ belly.

In fact, when she just wiped for the little princess, Yaoniang felt that the princess had abdominal distension. But she was not sure. She touched it at this time and tapped under everyone’s frightened sights. She already knew something.

“Does the little princess fart much in these two days?”

After hearing this, wet nurse Wang looked at wet nurse Qian, and wet nurse Qian looked at wet nurse Wang again. The two looked at each other. Apparently, even they did not deliberately observe this thing.

Yaoniang couldn’t help but sighed in her heart again, and said, “The baby in this age is easy to get abdominal distension, which will make them feel uncomfortable. So they will not stop crying.”

At this moment, wet nurse Qian finally found excuses that could refute the other party.

She disagreed very much and said: “Is wet nurse Su questioning the judgement of sister Wang and me? We two avoid certain food according with the rules. It’s normal for the little princess to fart and she didn’t have abdominal distension as you said. If she has abdominal distension, how can she fart?”

Yaoniang didn’t know how to explain it. She had come up with this judgment on her own.

At that time, Zhu gave birth to Dong’er, who also cried every night. Family members were utterly routed and couldn’t sleep all night.

Her mother was so anxious that she asked babies’ situation from other people whether this was the case. Many people’s babies was the case after asking and even someone gave her mother a lot of folk prescriptions. They tired all means but it had no effect at all finally. Then they returned to the old way, embracing him in the arms to coax.

In fact, she was holding him alone. Her mother was not in good health. Zhu was lazy and bad. She didn’t worry about Dong’er at all. After learning that many people’s babies faced such situation, and they would be fine in a certain month, she just leave Dong’er alone and didn’t care about this. She hugged Dong’er all night long, and sometimes she could fall asleep with the baby in her arms.

Later, she couldn’t bear anymore. So she figured out a solution on her own.

After several days of observation, she came to a conclusion that it was probably caused by abdominal distension.

She tempted slowly and carefully verified, then worked out a unique method. Although it may not be cured, it could be greatly relieved. Later, Yaoniang tried on two other nephews, and it turned out to be effective.

After that, her elder sister’s son, Hong’er and Ming’er, even Xiaobao, never had a night crying disease.

Wet nurse Qian was very proud to see that Yaoniang finally didn’t say a word. But Yaoniang didn’t see her. She dipped some sesame oil with her fingertips and rubbed it hard in her hands until her hands were heated. Then she covered her hands on the princess’ abdomen and massage her gently.

“You can’t massage her. The little princess is just a baby.” Wet nurse Qian rushed to grab her hand.

Her movements were too abrupt, and her voice was sharp and thin. The little princess who was not crying started to cry again. Yaoniang felt painful because wet nurse Qian grabbed her heavily, which caused her pain.

Wet nurse Wang hugged the little princess quickly to get her far away, which looked like she was afraid of the princess being robbed by Yaoniang.

“Mammy, Please think about it. Do you believe her or us? She is just a baby and her bones haven’t grown up. She couldn’t be massaged in such way.”

For a while, Mammy Mu also hesitated and she didn’t know who she should believe.

“Let her do!”

A low, but very magnetic male voice suddenly sounded outside the door, and everyone couldn’t help but looked away.

However, they didn’t know when Jin Wang came.

Jin Wang stood there silently, who seemed to have been there for a while, followed by the chief eunuch Fucheng in the Jin Wang Mansion.

There was only one dimly lamp in the hall. Jin Wang was in a dark purple uniform with patterned cuffs and lappets. A jade belt was around his waist. His complexion was clear as jade as he stood in that dark room.

There is always a kind of person who just stands quietly can catch everyone’s sights.

Jin Wang is one of them.

He is tall and straight with noble temperament. His skin is as white as the finest white tallow jade. He has a tall nose and thin lips. Above are arched eyebrows and a pair of long and narrow slanted eyes that not easily reveal what he is thinking.

There is no doubt that Jin Wang is handsome.

Because he is so handsome enough to the degree of beauty, Jin Wang has a sturdy figure with an elegant temperament.

But if you know his past, you will think that he is deceiving the world. In fact, Jin Wang’s reputation outside is not good.People say he is very killing and grumpy.

In folk, his name has the effect of stopping children crying.

There is a rumor in the world that Jin Wang has no children until now because he killed too much. It is even rumored that Jin Wang doesn’t like women but only men…

There are many rumors about Jin Wang. Yaoniang is not clear about other rumors. But as for he doesn’t like women but men, she has a right to explain.

Because she had seen his most inelegant look…

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