Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 12

At that time, Yaoniang didn’t understand this matter until she was kicked out from the small lateral yard. With the arrangement of consort Jin, she came to Liuchun Pavilion to be a servant. Seeing that people in the small lateral yard treated Cuizhu exceptionally differently, she suddenly realized after she figured out what happened.

But it was too late. No one would believe what she said, so she could only suffer by her own and swallow the bitter pill in silence.

Yaoniang had been waiting for a suitable opportunity these two days. Although it may cause the little princess to suffer more, she had no way. This was the only way that she can figure out at present to stand firm here.

Only standing firm around the little princess could she save her life from being dragged into the water and see the day when she can leave Jin Wang Mansion to see her son Xiaobao. She died inexplicably in the last life and left Xiaobao in a hurry. She didn’t know what could Xiaobao do after he lost his mother.

Whenever she thought of all this, Yaoniang felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart.

Under these prerequisites, Yaoniang had thrown away her conscience for the first time in her lifetime, and she told herself that everything should be for her benefit first.

Yaoniang came to the small building, and there were no guards outside the door.

When she entered the door and walked in, she saw that it was bright in the east room. Mammy Mu stood there with a gloomy face. Yucui, Yuyan and Lv’e were all anxious. Two wet nurses were sweaty and wet nurse Qian hugging the little princess was walking back and forth.

The atmosphere was very depressing, which felt like a flame hidden in the air, and it may blow up at any time.

She walked over and said, “May I help you?”

Everyone was looking at her.


Seriously, actually Yaoniang was not very beautiful, even she has a very well-behaved look.

She has a small white face and two curved eyebrows blooming quietly like a lotus that is out of mud. Mostly because of her young age, she was somewhat immature and tender.

It should be such a good face, but there inadvertently exudes a charming attraction from her eyebrows.

This charming is obscure, and it doesn’t show up at first glance. But if you look at her quietly, you can see some special things. It’s as dense as a net that you can be charmed by accident.

If only that was the case, it was a coincidence that she had a very good figure. Her plump figure, slim waist and a unique walking posture made people feel a little fascinating at first glance.

In order to make herself unobtrusive, Yaoniang covered her good figure with fat clothes and deliberately changed her walking posture. But all these could only deceive ordinary people. For a person with discerning eyes, this kind of behavior would be mistaken as a deep thought.

In particular, Mammy Mu knew everything. She knew that Cuizhu was welcomed at present, but Yaoniang had not attracted anyone’s attention. It was enough for her to understand a lot of things.

She looked at Yaoniang.

Yaoniang was undoubtedly beautiful and pure under the light. The yellow light shone on her face, and her white skin looked like a layer of honey, giving a fragrant and delicious touch.

Mammy Mu could not help frowning. She didn’t really have a good impression on the two new wet nurses, because everyone in the mansion could see what they would do.

Mammy Mu thought that the well water doesn’t intrude into the river water. She didn’t need them to do anything else but not make any troubles. But just when Mammy Mu was in the worst mood, someone came to add fuel to the flames.

Yuyan and the other two had been with Mammy Mu for many years. They were servants in Zhaohui Hall before they came to the small lateral yard. When they saw Mammy Mu frowning, Yuyan stood up and said, “Wet nurse Su, you’d better go back to the house. You can’t help to do anything here.”

Yaoniang startled a moment and said, “The little princess seems to be uncomfortable. I want to have a look…”

The little princess cried even worse, struggling hard in the arms of the wet nurse. This kind of crying sounded extremely uncomfortable, as if something was lying heavily on her head.

Mammy Mu glared at her impetuously: “What do you want to see? What can you see? Get out of here now!”

She was born a square face with sharp edges and corners. She was originally from the imperial palace, and she had a sense of majesty different from ordinary people. She always kept a cold face, and looked particularly scary.

But Yaoniang was unmoved. She tried to convince her: “My son Xiaobao is elder than the little princess. He had encountered this situation before, and there are some useful ways to cure…”

No one believed her, because everyone knew why the little princess was so.

Night crying disease, as the name suggested, meant that the baby would cry inexplicably every day after dark.

Sometimes the baby cried for an hour or two, sometimes it’s intermittent, and there was more noise in the night anyway.

Night crying disease couldn’t be cured pathologically, and it doesn’t work even if the doctor came. In fork, the baby who has this disease is called the night crying babies.

If there is a child who has night crying disease in a family, they would write on a piece of paper “Emperor, the Emperor of the Earth, there is a night crying baby in my family, and if the gentleman crossing the road reads this three times, the baby will sleep well all over the night.” They will stick that on the street walls, and pedestrians would inevitably read it. They think this may heal night crying disease.

However, this is a superstitious approach. In fact, the reason why babies cry at night is unclear. There may be too many reasons for it, which couldn’t be solved by writing on paper. But as a baby who couldn’t talk, he is neither ill nor hungry. Every day he is so noisy, people could only count on ghosts and gods.

This was not the first time that the little princess had been crying like this. Seriously speaking, the little princess never stopped crying since she was one month old.

They had tried many methods and doctors in medical institute had come.

Finally it came to a very general conclusion that there was no way to cure.

So everyone had a kind of cognition in mind that the little princess would naturally stop crying someday. Although it was harder for the servants to hold princess in turn, it was not a big deal for Jin Wang Mansion, not to mention two people holding in turn, ten or a hundred was not a problem.

But all this was limited to talk about stratagems on paper. People who had never seen a baby crying never knew how terrible it was. She could cry so loudly that her face was flushed with redness, and she would weep with her eyes closed, and sometimes she would cry until she was faint. It could make people nervous, and even be worried about whether she was sick, or for other reasons.

Especially now that babies in swaddling clothes were not easy enough to raise, and the status of the little princess was different. Mammy Mu would be like facing archenemy.

In particular, Mammy Mu was under more pressure than people thought. Because side consort Hu wanted to bring princess back to her side by excuse to raise her by her own more than once.

For these reasons, how could others believe that Yaoniang’s fluttering words, “I have a way”.

No one believed her.

No one believed that Yaoniang in front of them had any good way. Even wet nurses Wang and Qian, the best wet nurses in Jin Zhou had nothing to do. Yaoniang was not comparable at all.

Especially Mammy Mu, Yucui and Yuyan didn’t believe her. Among these people, only they knew the purpose of Yaoniang coming here.

But Yaoniang insisted so much that she even walked to wet nurse Wang who was walking around holding the little princess and stretched out her hand.

She was very stubborn.

“Let me try. It doesn’t hinder anything.” At the same time, she turned back and looked at Mammy Mu pleadingly: “It is not good for the little princess to cry like this. She is likely to be faint.” That’s what Mammy Mu worried most.

Mammy Mu stared at her.

Wet nurse Wang also thought that Yaoniang’s purpose was not simple, and she was impatient: “Wet nurse Su, don’t make a mess. The little princess is used to be so noisy. She will be better after coaxing.”

“Let me try.”


“Let her try!” Mammy Mu said hoarsely.

Everyone knew that Mammy Mu was angry.

Mammy Mu was really angry. Generally, she didn’t get angry easily, but if she got angry…

Anyway, even Yucui and Yuyan had never seen Mammy Mu’s angry look. Because Mammy Mu was too old and she came from the imperial palace that she experienced a lot and already became calm. But for more than a month after raising the little princess, she really loved the child in her heart. She felt that the child was pitiful and she also had the order of Jin Wang.

The more she cared about the little princess, the more angry she was now.

She even thought that if the wet nurse was just trying to show her off, and she would definitely change the mood of looking on coldly as a bystander before and let her go back to where she came from.

She would definitely do that!

Wet nurse Wang handed the little princess to Yaoniang, and she reached out her hands to take her over.

The little princess was a very beautiful baby, but at this time she became a little scary. Her small face was flushed with red blood and her eyes were tightly closed. Her mouth opened to cry and the voice was a little hoarse. Her body was very tight and tense.

Yaoniang touched the swaddling clothes on her body, and then probed the back of her neck with her fingers, then sighed inexplicably.

Although Yaoniang just started to be a mother, she was good at taking care of babies. Zhu gave birth to three sons. Her mother was not healthy and she took care of her mother, also Ming’er let alone Hong’er and Xiaobao.

Seriously, Yaoniang had taken care of children no less than five.

So she had very rich experience in raising children, and even knew the body language of babies more than many people.

The little princess was now sweating, but she was still wrapped in such a thick swaddling clothes. It’s no wonder she would be uncomfortable. The baby girl couldn’t speak, and her only expression was crying, not to mention that she was uncomfortable, and being treated like this was naturally more serious.

She hugged the little princess and came to the side of Arhat bed (Arhats are monks who have reached Nirvana), and wanted to untie her swaddling clothes.

“What are you doing?” Wet nurse Qian ran over and grabbed Yaoniang’s hand.

“The little princess is sweaty, and I let her cool off.”

Yaoniang didn’t find it strange about what she said. But others thought it’s very harsh. Especially wet nurse Wang and Qian couldn’t agree with her, and even showed their contempt imperceptibly.

“Such young baby couldn’t stay in wind and she will catch cold.” Wet nurse Wang said with a condescending attitude, as if Yaoniang didn’t understand anything but she had to pretend to understand.

Yaoniang ignored her and still untied the swaddling clothes.

Wet nurse Wang’s face turned red, and she felt a sense of contempt. Wet nurse Qian even looked at Mammy Mu, Yucui and Yuyan for help.

They had spent a long time in the small lateral yard, and naturally understood who made decisions here.

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