Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 10

Yaoniang was thinking about the way she should go in the future.

After realizing that the consort had hidden intention from the beginning, she was more certain that she should hold on the errand as a wet nurse. As long as she stayed with little princess, she didn’t have to mutter with the matters in the backyard of the mansion. In fact, if she didn’t lose her errand in the last life, she wouldn’t be a servant for side consort Hu, giving the other party a chance to make troubles on her.

Many things had causes.

A girl brought lunch to Yaoniang and Cuizhu at noon. Yaoniang’s food box obviously had two more dishes than Cuizhu’s.

The meals of wet nurses were better than the other servants, but Yaoniang’s food box had two more dishes than Cuizhu’s.

Yaoniang felt nervous for the thing the consort had done. Although she was not smart, she was also not stupid. Especially during one year in her last life in the mansion, she understood a lot of things she couldn’t understand before.

What surprised her was that Cuizhu saw it as if she hadn’t seen it. She only thought the other party had changed her personality, but then she knew why Cuizhu did so. Because Cuizhu made two cuts on the clothes that she put on the table with unknown things.

Yaoniang wasn’t too clever, but she still felt that Cuizhu was stupid.

There were only two of them in the room. How could she dare to destroy the clothes that consort rewarded? Isn’t she afraid that Yaoniang would tell the consort? In her last life, Yaoniang made Cuizhu in trouble. Although she had a gentle personality, she still had her temper. She naturally would revenge once she was bullied by others obviously.

In the end, Cuizhu was reprimanded. In order to compensate Yaoniang, the consort rewarded her with two clothes again, which were better than the two before and the color was more tender. She liked it very much, and she wore it on the next day, but she pierced side consort Hu’s eyes, which she regarded as thorns in her eyes…

Suddenly, Yaoniang didn’t want to think about it anymore. Cuizhu was stupid. She was also stupid before. If she hadn’t been for a lifetime, she wouldn’t understand the meaning inside.

Yaoniang just rummaged through the torn clothes and went back to bed.

Cuizhu glanced over there proudly, and felt that this person was so coward that she was not difficult to deal with.

The next day, after side consort Hu greeted with consort Jin, she brought Yaoniang and Cuizhu back to Liuchun Pavilion.

Along the way, side consort Hu didn’t look good. She must be bullied when she paid respects to consort Jin.

After entering the hall, side consort Hu sat down in the first place, then Yaoniang and Cuizhu stood in front of her.

Side consort Hu looked up and down on the two of them with her beautiful eyes.

The two wet nurses looked good and were considered to have above average appearance.

One of them wore a bright red shirt and had an oval face with phoenix eyes and a small mole was on the corner of her mouth. She was very charming when she smiled. She looked very restless at first glance. Her eyes flickered and her smile was very flattering.

Side consort Hu saw more of these people, they would climb up desperately if there is a chance.

As for the other, she had a lotus face, willow leaf eyebrows, apricot eyes and cherry lips. She was good-looking but timid. She always looked down and was coward.

Wearing old autumn-colored clothes, the placket and cuffs were a little white and the clothes were too dark. The woman originally had seven-pointed beauty, and three or four points were reduced by the clothes.

Side consort Hu thought: another one who doesn’t know how to dress herself. Side consort Hu was beautiful and loved to dress herself. She always looked down on this kind of woman who did not know how to dress herself. Maybe it’s because of shabby background that she wore such clothes.

Of course, side consort Hu not only looked at these, but at their figures.

Cuizhu looked too dazzling. The small waist was as slim as willow. The sweat towel around that waist couldn’t be fastened much more tightly, for fear of not showing her figure. The other, however, was wearing old and loose clothes that her figure couldn’t be seen clearly.

It was just a face-to-face meeting. Side consort Hu also had a rough impression of these two people. Who should be paid attention to and who should be dealt with at first? It’s already in her mind.

In particular, the appearance of Cuizhu tended to be gorgeous and charming, but side consort Hu was also charming.

Seeing side consort Hu looked back and forth on Cuizhu, she looked at her but she just skipped. Yaoniang felt relieved eventually.

And all this needed to take a long time to tell, but it was just a few breaths later. Soon side consort Hu didn’t look at them and said lightly: “Take them to the small lateral yard.”


Until the two turned and left, Yaoniang could feel the sight of side consort Hu looking around on their backs.

She was thankful that she had made the right decision.


On the side of Siyi Yard, Hong’er showed the clothes left by Yaoniang to Madam Zhou.

Madam Zhou frowned and said, “I wondered why the woman wear old clothes instead of new ones. It turns out that her new clothes were broken.”

Consort Jin was also there and looked up.

Seeing this, Madam Zhou advised the details.

“The one named Cuizhu belongs to Madam Cao’s family?”

Madam Zhou nodded: “Cuizhu’s mother worked in the village taken by consort as dowries. This woman had a bad life. Her husband died as soon as she was pregnant. So, she wanted to make a living in the mansion. I thought she’s proud and pretty so I picked her. But I never thought that she was so emotional.”

She frowned slightly, apparently resentful of what Cuizhu did.

Because in their eyes, Cuizhu was a stupid person. Only stupid person did this kind of unpleasant things to disgust people.

On the contrary, consort Jin did not take it for granted. She was meant to make troubles. It’s okay as long as she made troubles to others. As for whether or not to continue to make troubles, it depended on the other party’s fortune. If it was done well, she did not mind letting the other party become the second concubine Feng.

From consort Jin’s point of view, Cuizhu was better to order. She was stupid and unstable that would make troubles.

But the other one couldn’t help disappointing consort Jin…

However, she didn’t take it seriously, but she was a servant, which was not too important for consort Jin. Even though consort was satisfied with Yaoniang yesterday, this satisfaction was like seeing a special hair clasp or a favorite cat or puppy. It’s just a gadget.

She just made it for fun, but she could abandon it when she didn’t like it. Because there were always countless people like her.

“It’s OK. It’s just a show. Don’t be too serious.”

“Yes.” Madam Zhou nodded and smiled, “There is no need for us to be so cautious over Liuchun Pavilion.”

This was naturally ironic, but noble people had to have dignity. Didn’t she say that Siyi Yard cared about the Liuchun Pavilion much? So, they always made many troubles to others? It meant that they were too narrow-minded.

Every time they made troubles to Liuchun Pavilion. It was always the best time in Siyi Yard. Everyone laughed with joy, as if they had seen some farce. Consort Jin also smiled, she frowned slightly as she looked out of the window inadvertently .

Suddenly she was so annoyed by herself that she seemed to live just to fight with those women?

The little princess lived in a small lateral yard in Liuchun Pavilion.

A small lateral yard was not worthy of the name.

It is a courtyard adjacent to the Liuchun Pavilion. A corner door opened from the side can lead to the Liuchun Pavilion, and the main entrance can be freely accessed.

Although the yard was not large, it looked extremely delicate. Three small, two-story buildings with pink walls and tiles, windows, and doors were all scarlet. There were two large tanks in the courtyard, with lotus leaves floating in the large tank, but it was a bowl of lotus, and it had not yet reached the blooming season. Another pink apricot tree was planted in the open space in front of the veranda, and the whole scenery was surprisingly soft.

In addition to the small building, there was also a rear-covering room, and left and right compartments, which could be considered as extremely spacious.

In addition to the little princess lived in this yard, there were a Mammy, two first-class maids, four second-class maids and two wet nurses, with a total of about ten people serving the little princess. Today two people, Yaoniang and Cuizhu had been added.

It was just to serve a little baby. When the little princess grew older, there were more people serving.

Because Yaoniang had a child of the same age, she sighed and couldn’t help but made comparisons. She was also a baby, but she owed a lot to Xiaobao.

Thinking of it this way, her mood inevitably dimmed.

When Yaoniang and Cuizhu came to small lateral yard, they first met Mammy Mu.

Mammy Mu was in charge of daily chores in the small lateral yard.

Why she was called a Mammy instead of a Madam? At first, Yaoniang didn’t understand it. It was only later in her last life that she knew it. The one came from the imperial palace could be called Mammy. And Mammy Mu came out of the imperial palace, and was the one Jin Wang ordered to take care of the little princess.

At first, Yaoniang didn’t know about this. As soon as she entered the mansion, she was bullied by Cuizhu and people in Liuchun pavilion. She couldn’t take care of herself well, so she couldn’t notice this kind of thing. It was later that she stayed in the mansion for a long time, only to find out that Mammy Mu, who was not so good in appearance, was so unusual.

And it was precisely because of Mammy Mu’s existence that even if the princess and side consort Hu fought harder, they never influenced the little princess. Until then, Yaoniang realized the real meaning, or the true intention of Jin Wang.

Because of this cognition, Yaoniang was a little nervous when she saw Mammy Mu.

But Mammy Mu didn’t say anything to them, just took a glance at them. Then she asked people settle them down.

Today, there was only one master in the small lateral yard. She’s still a baby. There were not many servants, so the house was very spacious.

The little princess lived in a small building. Mammy Mu, Yucui and Yuyan lived in east chamber. Wet nurses lived in the west chamber, while others were in the reversely-set house and rooms for family dependent.

Yaoniang and Cuizhu were arranged in the west chamber. Each person had one room, which was no different from the last life.

The room was large, at least for Yaoniang’s origin. The entire room was divided into two by a black lacquered embroidered four-season flower screen. In the front was the hall, where a black lacquered eight immortal table and a stool of the same color were placed. Next to the window was an Arhat bed, two round chairs and long narrow tables.

The bedroom was across the screen, next to the corner was a canopy bed with a painted cloud pattern. There was a gauze hung on the bed. And there was a wardrobe box, a basin and a washbasin shelf. There was a black lacquered dressing table under the window, and next to the inner corner was a screen, behind which was a commode and a bath bucket.

The rich ladies also lived in such bedroom outside. But here it was for a servant. The wealth of the mansion was really astounding.

However, Yaoniang didn’t feel any surprise when she saw more wealth in the mansion in her last life.

As soon as Yaoniang put down her small bag, Lv’e knocked on the door and walked in.

Lv’e was the second-class maid in the small lateral yard.

In addition to her, Lvchou, Lvyao and Lvluo were also the second-class maids. Yucui and Yuyan were first-class maids around little princess. They had a higher status than the other two wet nurses.

The reason why the maids’ identity was lower than wet nurses’ was because the little princess was still young, and wet nurses had no other role than feeding, and they wasn’t be educated.

Lv’e held a tray in her hand, and a few clothes were in the tray.

Yaoniang rushed forward and Lv’e said, “From the instructions of sister Yuyan, I come here to send clothes for wet nurse Su. Just in time for the season changing, there are four sets in all.”

“Thank you. Lv’e” Yaoniang said.

Lv’e nodded and put down the clothes, then she left.

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