Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 9

As for such fabric and familiar pattern, Yaoniang had only seen from consort Jin.

Consort Jin preferred pharbitis and she liked to have pharbitis flowers on her clothes and jewelry. Yaoniang wasn’t born with noble identity and she was inevitably curious when she saw more. She once could not help saying something in private, but she was smirked by her maid Die’er.

Die’er said, that’s not kaladana but pharbitis. Don’t say that again, lest other people would make laugh at her. Maybe it would offend the consort.

Since then, Yaoniang had never dared to say more, but she had firmly remembered this thing.

But why did consort stand there and look inside? As the hostess of the mansion, she could go as far as the whole mansion. She didn’t have to hide herself.

Then there was only one possibility that the consort did not want people inside to know that she had been there.

But why?

When Yaoniang suddenly remembered that she was doted in her last life, side consort Hu was very angry and said something to her.

She said that Yaoniang was a fool, and willingly followed the consort to obey her. Yaoniang didn’t know who made her encounter a lot of difficulties and would surely die in consort Jin’s hand in the future.

At that time, she didn’t take her words to heart, because she felt that the other party was just resentful. Because of hate, and she deliberately provoked alienation. At first, she was tortured by side consort Hu, and she had a plan of climbing the bed. After the incident, an emergency report came from the border city, and Jin Wang went directly to the border city and did not set her up at all, but she was still controlled by side consort Hu.

When side consort Hu wanted to use lynching because of her jealousy, it was the consort who rescued her and gave her a righteous identity, not just the girl who climbed the bed whenever she was mentioned.

Because of all this, Yaoniang had always been grateful to consort Jin. Even after knowing that consort Jin was using her to against side consort Hu, she did not rebel. She always remembered that when she was most isolated and helpless, consort Jin helped her and kept giving her respect and honor in the mansion to make her stand up.

And the man who should have given her all was actually a bastard who just slept with her and did not care about anything else. This was the idea that had been kept in Yaoniang’s heart in her last life.

At this time, each nerve of Yaoniang was telling herself that things didn’t seem so simple.

She remembered the abnormality of Madam Liu when she was in Linyun County, thinking of Cuizhu looking at her eyes, thinking of the clothing corners that had just passed by, thinking of her various experiences in her last life, and those words said by side consort Hu…

Suddenly, there was a recognition that made her like falling into an ice cave. Perhaps her path was arranged by others from the beginning. No matter how she lived, she could not escape the control of the other party.

So, everything had an explanation. Why Madam Liu was so attentive? Why Cuizhu hate her so much? And Why she did nothing when she went to Liuchun Pavilion, but people around side consort Hu always embarrassed her. Why did the consort show compassion for her? But after she returned from Liuchun Pavilion, she still became a servant for side consort Hu. Obviously if she really felt pity for her, she could allow Yaoniang to stay by her side…

Yaoniang remembered the eagle–

Jin Wang had a Hai Dongqing, a very beautiful but fierce and terrifying bird that never let outsiders get close, but it was very docile and obedient to Jin Wang.

She saw it once and couldn’t help but asked him curiously. That was the first time he had said so many things to her. Although there were only a few words, it made Yaoniang’s memory fresh.

In fact, this description was not appropriate, but the meaning was the same. They used various means to polish the will of the other party, to torture and oppress, until the other party had no way to go, until the other party lost their own will, and everything followed the intention of the master.

Yaoniang was cold and suddenly found that her world had been completely subverted.

And everything that happened next went like the last life.

Yaoniang and Cuizhu were picked, and the rest got five silvers rewards and were led away from the mansion.

Madam Li took the two to Siyi Yard. The consort Jin didn’t say much, but just let them serve the little princess master with heart, and then they were led by a servant away.

After the two went down, consort Jin praised Madam Li and said that she had a good vision. Consort Jin was cold by nature, and being able to say such words meant that she was very satisfied with this errand.

It’s obvious that she was satisfied with Yaoniang.

Even though consort Jin was experienced and knowledgeable, this was the first time she had seen such a wonderful person. After thinking for many times, she could only use the word “wonderful” to describe this. Other words were not only inappropriate, but too indecent.

“Thanks for your praising, consort. It was also Madam Liu who found the woman by chance. Owing to Liu’s contributions and burn the incense that made consort satisfied.”

“Reward her.” Consort Jin smiled. No one knew what she thought and the light flew in her eyes that made people feel a little bit more glamorous and couldn’t look straight.

“Send a message to Liuchun Pavilion. The person will be sent over tomorrow.”



When side consort Hu heard a message from the servant at Liuchun Pavilion, she immediately smashed the rouge box in her hand.

She wore a paeja with gold flowers around her waist and a magenta silk skirt, a peach-colored heart bun on her head, and a full set of red gold inlaid with ruby jewelry. Really beautiful and glorious!

She had a slender oval face. Probably because her skin was extremely white, and the dark, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes had a kind of brightness that made people dare not look at her. At this moment, her charming eyes were filled with anger and flames, and her plump breasts were rising and falling.

Side consort Hu was trembling all over. She not only smashed the rouge box, but also wanted to smash all the things on the dressing table. Fortunately, she was held back by her maid Taohong from behind.

“Well, you all go down.”

The two girls waiting aside, as well as the subordinates who came to give a message, all went down.

Taohong then said to side consort Hu: “Master, you must not be angry, otherwise you will be duped by Siyi Yard.”

Side consort Hu was so angry that her fingers and lips were shaking, but she bit her lips tightly with her white teeth, which was full of blood, which was enough to prove her anger.

“How could she do this to me? How…” Side consort Hu couldn’t continue to speak.

On the contrary, Taohong saw her master was so angry and she felt pity for master.

She sighed in her heart and comforted: “In accordance with the rules of Jin Wang Mansion, the little princess needs four wet nurses. The consort Jin is not wrong if she does this. But if you…”

Taohong did not say anything again, and side consort Hu understood what she meant.

If she resented, it was her fault.

But can it be the same?

In fact, the reason why side consort Hu was so angry was not only because consort Jin always arranged some servants for her in public, but also because of another private thing.

Not many people knew about it in the mansion. Even if someone knew it, no one dared to discuss it casually. It wasn’t because they were afraid that side consort Hu would be unhappy, but for fear of exposing her sore spot.

Speaking of this, it was necessary to talk about. According to the practice of Jin Wang Mansion, if the women gave birth to a child, they didn’t need to feed with their breast milk. This was the case for ordinary wealthy people, not to mention the kids in rich and unique Jin Wang Mansion.

The wet nurse of little princess was already chosen before side consort Hu gave birth. In order to avoid the consort may have some spoiled movements and injury to her own child, side consort Hu specially said it’s Jin Wang’s order to find a wet nurse outside. It was for the little princess could have breast milk to drink when she was born.

It stood to reason that in this case, side consort Hu should not even open breast milk and asked the medical doctor directly to prescribe some medicines to milk withdrawal to press breast milk back so as to avoid suffering in the future. Generally, wealthy people dealt with this in such way. But side consort Hu not only failed to do so, but also ordered midwife to open breast milk for her, and even took a few medicines to stimulate the secretion of breast milk.

At that time, some subordinates questioned her, but side consort Hu insisted firmly. People thought maybe because she was born in a poor family and she wanted to feed the little princess with her own. No one ever thought the little princess was fed by two wet nurses.

There were dozens of people in Liuchun Pavilion, and it was inevitable that someone would spill the beans.

Those who heard the news couldn’t help wondering, side consort Hu tried so hard but not feed the little princess. What was her plan? Some people couldn’t help thinking about the private affairs of some luxurious and wealthy families. In addition, there was also a rumor in the Jin Wang Mansion that side consort Hu was from a brothel. Naturally, some people naturally thought ill.

The rumor spread fast privately in the mansion and side consort Hu tried desperately to hide it, so a few women in the backyard made a lot of fun with her.

Side consort Hu was so embarrassed about this. Consort Jin suddenly ordered two wet nurses to look after princess. She heard that the two had good looking appearance. Jin Wang who made an inspection tour in fiefs would return recently. Who the two would look after? It’s very clear.

Side consort Hu didn’t think wrongly. She thought that consort didn’t respect her and wanted to make her embarrassed. She still tore her face down in front of people in the mansion.

How can side consort Hu not be annoyed! She hated consort very much!

“She looks so cold and inhumane. She’s just a bitch…”

When side consort Hu scolded, she frowned suddenly and pressed the placket on her chests subconsciously. She hurriedly pushed Taohong away and went inside.

She didn’t call any servants in, including Taohong.

Taohong looked at her back and shook her head.


Consort Jin was in a good mood today.

When she was in a good mood, the sky at Siyi Yard was brighter than usual.

Seeing that the consort was in a good mood, Ziyan and other maids were more lively than usual, and seeing that the weather outside was better, then she asked consort to walk in the garden. It’s not good to stay at house all the time.

Consort Jin agreed directly and took people to the garden.

As the spring blossomed in April, the garden was full of lush green color. It’s so refreshing when looking at it.

Consort Jin walked away for a while and went to the pool to feed the fish for a while. Someone came to report that side consort Hu in Liuchun Pavilion was angry and furious, and consort Jin laughed even more happily.

Consort Jin was happy, and Madam Zhou was happy, too.

From her point of view, as long as consort was happy, it’s because ancestors blessed to her. Because of this, she specially ordered someone to give Yaoniang two new clothes and she also had special preferential treatment in food.

Consort Jin didn’t need to say such a trivial matter, and Madam Zhou could do it well. The servants can serve their masters so many years, that meant they’re not simple characters.

Yaoniang looked at the things in front of her, and the eyes of Cuizhu next to her were as sharp as knives.

She sent away the little girl who had sent her things, and a burst of exhaustion burst into her heart.

Yaoniang thought that she wasted her last life. With so many obvious clues, she didn’t feel anything strange in her last life.

She put the clothes on the bedside table and lay down on the bed.

There were two canopy beds with tents hanging on the bed in a small room. Yaoniang went to bed and lowered the tent, which blocked Cuizhu’s eyes.

Seeing the other person didn’t want to talk to her, Cuizhu was angry and hated her, then she made noises for a long time before stopping.

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