Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 7

After almost a quarter of an hour, Madam Li stepped out of the room and led her into a nearby side room.

There were a stove, some tables and chairs in this side room. It was a tea room.

“What’s wrong?”

Mrs. Liu smiled flatteringly and said, “Well, since the last time you mentioned it to me, I have paid much attention to it. Last few days I went back to my parents’ home and met a wonderful and beautiful person introduced by my sister.”

Madam Li was very busy, and she forgot what she had mentioned with Madam Liu.

It wasn’t until Madam Liu saw her intentional smile that she remembered she took part in a banquet with some women in the royal mansion and eating together. Finally many women were drunk. She and Madam Liu were sober. She was so overwhelmed by alcohol, and she couldn’t help but talked to Madam Liu about annoying things. She even forgot about it, and never thought that Madam Liu would remember it in her heart.

Madam Li raised her eyebrows almost inconceivably, and there was a kind of impatience and her voice chilled: “What wonderful woman makes Madam Liu like having a precious gem?”

Madam Liu was only immersed in joy, and she did not notice the cold attitude of Madam Li: “She is a wonderful person. I take my life to guarantee. Frankly and boldly speaking, I have never seen anyone was more beautiful than this person in this huge royal mansion.”

Madam Li wanted to talk to her casually at first, but when Madam Liu said so, she was curious.

“Looks very pure and beautiful?”

Madam Liu smiled ambiguously: “Not only that.”

“How about comparing with Liu Chunguan?”

“No worse than her!” Madam Liu patted her chest and said, “Anyway, if you believe me, you can have a look on her. If you are not satisfied with her, I won’t show up in front of you next time.”

Although Madam Liu had some disadvantages, in general she was not a person who liked to brag. Maybe it would be a really outstanding person that made her have such attitudes.

Madam Li thought in her heart and said, “That’s OK. Since you said that, I’m not going to see her. Exactly several wet nurses chosen these days and you can take her and mix her in them tomorrow. Then bring them to royal mansion and have a look.”

Madam Liu slapped with joy, “Okay, rest assured. I must take care of this well. I didn’t bring her into royal mansion because I’m afraid that someone will discover. I specially arrange her staying outside.”

When Madam Li heard this, she had a little appreciation for Madam Liu’s caution and said to her a few words before leaving.

Then, Madam Liu went out of Siyi Yard with joy, and walked out of royal mansion again through the back door.

Madam Liu came to pick up Yaoniang from the inn in the early morning.

She first took her to eat something delicious, and advised the matters and rules that should be noticed after entering the royal mansion before leaving, and then led Yaoniang to Jin Wang Mansion.

Jin Wang Mansion was as grand and solemn as in Yaoniang’s memory.

The two entered the house from the west side door and passed through the courtyards along the way. Yaoniang didn’t squint. Madam Liu even liked her when she saw her. She thought the little lady was very obedient.

The superior people liked obedient subordinates who were easy to control.

They came to a flower hall where five or six young women were waiting. They were all fair-skinned and plump, and at first glance they had just given birth.

Yaoniang also just gave birth a short time ago, but not as round as these little women. She was a bit fatter than before, but she was well-balanced. The fat parts should be fat, and the thin parts should be thin. She looked more like a plump gourd.

As soon as Yaoniang walked in, everyone drew the attention because of her outstanding appearance, and also because she did not look like a wet nurse.

It seemed that they also knew that there were many rules in the royal mansion. These little women looked up for a few moments before lowering their heads again. Madam Liu winked at Yaoniang, and Yaoniang went to stand among them.

The consort of Jin Wang just got up in the main room of Siyi Yard.

A row of several girls in blue beacons holding copper pots, kettles, face towels, tea cups and other things, stood near the Babu bed carved with flower pear, ganoderma lucidum, ruyi and moon.

Consort of Jin Wang had dizziness and she had to sit on bed for a while after she woke up. She used to be a well-behaved person, so her maids and Mommy were well disciplined in Siyi Yard. Standing and holding with such heavy things, their arms and legs didn’t tremble.

Ziyan lifted her up and put a soft cushion behind her to let her sit, and then brought a bowl of ginseng tea to serve her. After drinking some ginseng tea with red dates, consort Jin finally felt more comfortable, and her pale face which was almost transparent became red.

“I think the prescription given by doctor Liu doesn’t have any effect.” Madam Zhou said.

Madam Zhou was in her fifties with a round face and a fair complexion. Wearing an indigo-colored mule and a turquoise horse-faced skirt, black hair pulled her back in her head and fixed it with a simple gold hairpin, she looked very clean and decent.

She was the nursing mommy of consort Jin. She served consort Jin when she was a little girl. When consort Jin got married, she followed with consort Jin and came into Jin Wang Mansion. So she was specially decent in Jin Wang Mansion.

Consort Jin frowned. She looked very tired and said, “Doctor Liu Liang’s medicine is still useful, but it’s my fault and I still have dizziness.”

“The dizziness of consort was much better than before, but I think you were obstructed by Liu Chunguan. Wangye shouldn’t take that woman back…”

Consort Jin put the tea cup which was in her hand into the tray held by a maid next to her, and spit out the tea into a spittoon held by the other girl. Ziyan picked up a white piece of handkerchief to help her wiping the corner of the mouth. Then she said, “Okay. No more talking, wet nurse.”

Her tone was flat and there was no condemnation, but madam Zhou stopped talking immediately.

The maidservants went up to serve consort Jin to wash teeth and mouth and apply moisturizing facial oil cream continuously, and then they went out in turn.

Ziyan helped consort Jin up from bed.

Consort Jin came to the dressing table and sat down. Ziyan picked up a rhino horn comb and combed her hair. She needed to comb more than one hundred times.

Now there were only the henchmen of consort Jin in this room. They could talk about inner words naturally.

Consort Jin said: “Wet nurse, you have to control yourself not to talk much outside. You can’t criticize masters. Your are my wet nurse and I don’t care that you discuss about me. But you shouldn’t forget who the real master is in this mansion.”

Obviously it’s Jin Wang.

No one can discuss Jin Wang here, even if the person was the nursing mommy of the consort.

Madam Zhou was embarrassed and said, “I know now. But I am worried about you. Liu Chunguan is bad girl, who came out from the brothel dare against with you intentionally…”

After mentioning this, Madam Zhou was a little bit angry again.

Madam Zhou was a good person but she was a little bit wordy. In fact, she was not wordy to others. Because she raised the consort up and almost treated her as her own daughter. So she was too angry for the consort.

Consort Jin was a noble, and her aunt was a imperial consort. She was also the legitimate daughter in Xu Guogong Mansion so she grew up in a happy and rich family. She was beautiful and people called her talented girl when she was young. She was regarded as the goddess of heaven because of her noble identity and talents.

When the moon is at its full,it begins to wane; when the water is full, it overflew. Consort Jin was almost a perfect woman but only one thing that was not good was that her body was weak from an early age.

However, with such a noble identity, she could find many famous doctors and valuable medicinal materials. She grew up and married with Jin Wang as a consort.

Although Jin Zhou was a frontier fortress, Jin Wang was the emperor’s brother. Jin Zhou belonged to Jin Wang and all goods things in Jin Zhou would be sent to Jin Wang first. There were also many valuable things sending from Xu Guogong Mansion, not to mention the rewards from the royal palace. So consort Jin still had a high-fed life here and even better than she was in Guogong Mansion.

Consort Jin took good care of herself and had a delicate life, but she still didn’t get better. She had been married with Jin Wang for seven years, and she still wasn’t pregnant.

In this regard, consort Jin could still blame that Jin Wang spent less time in the mansion and he was in the border town for most of the year. He was so busy even he came back into the mansion and seldom stayed in the backyard. But in the spring of last year, Jin Wang actually brought a woman back from outside.

That woman was side consort Hu.

From the moment she entered the mansion, she was doted much by Jin Wang. Jin Wang who had always been indifferent before stayed with Liu Chunguan every night. It didn’t take long for her to enter the mansion and she gave birth to the first child of Jin Wang, that was the little princess.

And side consort Hu became noble after she had a child with Jin Wang. Then she became the side consort.

What matters is not wanting but unfairness. If a person had something, and another person didn’t possess, so the person would be jealous. Also side consort Hu was always a proud and swanking woman, which made people dislike her.

Madam Zhou hated side consort Hu, and she wanted to eat her meat and drink her blood. She thought it’s because she’s a fox bitch which made Jin Wang always stay with her. So the consort couldn’t give birth to a child.

Madam Zhou gritted her teeth, and consort Jin was not angry but laughed.

She had a pair of phoenix eyes and arch eyebrows. Her body was weak and her face was pale. At first glance she was so weak as to be unable to stand any breeze. But she smiled like spring flower blooming in March, and was very beautiful.

After laughing, seeing Madam Zhou still looked sullen, she couldn’t help but smiled and comforted her: “Well, wet nurse. You also know my body’s situation. I can’t suffer any pain to give birth to a child. If she has the ability to give birth to a son, let her do it! If she really does it, I will take her son here to raise.”

Madam Zhou said with disagreed attitude, “Please don’t think I am too wordy, consort. You are the consort of Jin Wang. The first son in the Jin Wang Mansion should be given birth by you. How can her son be compared with your biological one?”

Madam Zhou said many times to consort Jin with these words, but she never seemed to take it seriously.

Consort Jin looked at herself in the mirror, and she frowned.

“Wet nurse, I have my own opinion on this matter, so don’t worry about it.”

Madam Zhou didn’t want to worry about it, but can she? She also saw that the consort was unhappy with her words. Thinking about Jin Wang treated the consort very indifferently and she didn’t dare to say it directly to consort Jin, she could only sigh deeply in her heart. She also said, “The wet nurses found for the princess arrive here and they are waiting in the flower hall of Yun Pavilion. Do you want to go and have a look?”

“I heard Madam Li said that they had find a good person. That’s the case. I’ll go and see after I have breakfast.”

“Madam Li is also straightforward.”

Ziyan grinned aside and said: “It was me who told the consort and I also want to share the worries of consort, so I couldn’t help but said.”

Madam Li was the mother of Ziyan. Both of them were henchmen of consort Jin. Madam Li was in charge of chores in the back house and she usually didn’t serve personally beside consort Jin.

“I know you two are loyal to consort.”

After a gossip, consort Jin went to Yun Pavilion with servants after having breakfast.

In Yun Pavilion, Yaoniang had stood here for more than half an hour.

Her waist was painful and her legs trembled, but no one else was better than her.

There were only a few people in this flower hall, and no one was watching them. Someone could not help but took a chance and sit down in the chair next to them, intending to rest. One went to sit, then two or three followed. Only Yaoniang was still standing stupidly.

Yaoniang looked at little women sitting there rubbing their legs and waist, and then they all stared at her. Knowing that everyone was sitting, but she was still standing then she walked over.

The young women talked much when they sit together. They chatted with each other and still no one came here, so they chat more excitedly.

Yaoniang used to be quiet, so she listened to them.

She knew a lot after listening to their conversations.

She knew that they all had relationships with the mansion and most of them were relatives with who those working in the royal mansion as servants. In fact, it’s good to work in royal mansion. They didn’t need to do hard jobs and could earn a lot of salaries. Meanwhile, they didn’t need to sign a death deed. Only people who had relationships with royal mansion could come in.

Two younger women did not speak, and Yaoniang paid a lot of attention to them.

It’s right to say that she paid much attention to one of them. She lost her job as a wet nurse in her last life because that woman framed her.

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