Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 5

Because Yao Cheng had to go work in Yemen the next day, he brought Yaoniang to aunt Wang’s home in the third day.

He was afraid that it would not be possible for his sister-in-law working in Jin Wang Mansion. Yao Cheng specially prepared four kinds of pastries to take to the Wang family in order to let aunt Wang could say some goods words for them.

These four kinds of pastries were all fashionable goods in Taoyuan Shop, and the price was not cheap. Anyway, based on the living standards of Yao family, they had never bought such expensive pastries to eat. Yao Cheng prepared much for her sister-in-law to find a good place to work.

Early in the morning, Yao Cheng rushed to a mule cart that he had specifically borrowed, and took Yaoniang to Wang family.

Wang family was in the willow alley, and a little far from Yao family. Yao Cheng knew that Yaoniang had to take care of Xiao Bao and she woke up many times at night. So he let her sleep a while and would call her when they arrived.

Yaoniang closed her eyes obediently, but at this moment she couldn’t fall asleep. She thought of some things that happened in Jin Wang Mansion in her last life.

Wang family was also the generational officer. Father Wang was injured when he was a catcher in his early years. Therefore, when his son Da Niu became an adult, he gave up his position and passed to his son. The Wang family had a son who was a catcher, and aunt Wang had a good skill to help others deliver babies. So their life was very good.

The half-timbered house, the large tiled house with blue bricks and black tiles, was cleaned up in front of the door. At a glance, the hostess of the family was diligent.

As soon as they entered the gate of Wang family, there was a horse cart parking in the yard.

The horse cart was a rare thing for ordinary people. Even if ordinary people bought vehicles at home, they also bought donkey and mule carts. The horses were very expensive. It would spend a dozens of silvers to buy a horse and good horse grain. Most people could afford to buy it but couldn’t afford to keep the horse.

Just looking at this horse cart, it was known that aunt Wang’s sister must be decent in Jin Wang Mansion.

But Yaoniang knew that Madam Liu was actually an inconspicuous woman in Jin Wang Mansion.

Because she was immersed in self-sorrow and self-grief in her life, Yaoniang couldn’t remember why Madam Liu choose her when she came to Wang family at first. Because of her different mentality this time, she had the mood to observe the situation around her.

Her brother-in-law Yao Cheng went t into the house first and she was waiting and standing in the yard.

Inexplicably, there was a feeling that someone was watching her.

Madam Liu didn’t actually put what her sister aunt Wang said in mind.

She thought that there was no good person in this poor and remote Linyun County. The wet nurse who she wanted to find was not a special person. But she couldn’t tell the truth to her sister. When she saw that her sister was so motivated to speak for the other party, she wanted to just look at the person and find an excuse to reject.

So when Yao Cheng came in and talked to aunt Wang, she didn’t even look at him.

Until she saw the girl standing in the yard…

She seemed not like a young girl. But she still dressed as a girl.

Madam Liu was an experienced person and naturally knew the difference between a girl and a woman. No matter how beautiful a girl was, she was implicit and restrained. The shoulders were closed. The eyebrows were unopened. The waist was thin but stiff, and the hips were tightened inward. The two legs were timidly joined together and tightly stitched together.

Even the breasts were like the jade shoots just coming out. They were like flowers and not blooming flowers.

But the girl in front of her looked like a juicy peach. The little white face was also slightly immature and coquettish, but it also exuded a casual charm.

How to describe that feeling? It’s as if it can pour a lot of sweet juice with just one poke.


Madam Liu thought for a long time before coming up with such an adjective.

She couldn’t listen to her sister and others, thinking about what she had heard and asked quickly: “Does the lady standing in the yard want to work in Jin Wang Mansion? Let her come in and have a look.”

Yao Cheng was shocked and went out.

Seeing the girl slowly approaching herself, Madam Liu seemed to have got something precious and her eyes were full of obvious joy.

Aunt Wang looked at her younger sister with doubts and wondered why she was so happy.

Maybe she was satisfied with Yaoniang?

After thinking about this, she was also very happy. The girl had a bitter life. She also hoped to find a way for her to live, otherwise she wouldn’t say some good words of her to her sister.

Yaoniang felt very uneasy. Why Madam Liu looked at her as if she saw gold.

She remembered that she didn’t have such feeling in her last life, but she didn’t have time to think about it. Because Madam Liu had already held her hand and ask.

“You just born a baby? Why do you want to be a wet nurse? Are you willing to leave your man?”

Yaoniang had talked with her elder sister and brother-in-law about all the things at home so it was not difficult to answer.

“He died when I was pregnant. I really can’t support myself now. So I just want to find a way to feed my child.” She lowered her head and said quietly.

When she heard that the man was dead, Madam Liu’s eyes were even brighter. But no one noticed it.

“You’re a pitiful girl. It’s different from other places when working in Jin Wang Mansion. The rules are strict and it’s not like at home.”

“I understand. I will abide by the rules of Jin Wang Mansion and will not make troubles.”

Madam Liu took her hands and looked at her little white face that like a egg peeled the shell. It’s pretty and smooth. Madam Liu had seen the girl who was more beautiful than Yaoniang.But when she saw this little lady at first glance, she knew that Yaoniang was the person she was looking for.

She had an inexplicable feeling.

She felt more and more satisfied, and she inevitably said more: “But the salaries in our mansion is sufficient. If you can be chosen, not to mention other benefits, you will have ten silvers in a month. Of course, if the masters are happy, the reward that they gave can compare with salaries that you work for a year and a half.”

After a pause, she said again, “Maybe you don’t know. This time, the wet nurse will take care of the little princess. If you do well and the princess likes you, then you have a chance to stay as a Mammy. At that time, you will be decent. It is not too much to say that you have some rights. When the day the princess grows up and marries, you’ll go with her with respect and reputation. It is really your good luck.”

Madam Liu was extremely attentive and seemed to want Yaoniang to agree. Madam Liu did not say these words to Yaoniang in her last life. Yaoniang was a little strange about her intentions.

Maybe it was short of wet nurse in Jin Wang Mansion? So the snobbish Madam Liu would treat her in this kind of way.

At the same time, she also thought about some experiences of her last life, and said subconsciously: “It was also a servant to be a Mammy. It’s nothing to do with good fortune.”

Then she realized what she said just now. She was so nervous and afraid to annoy Madam Liu.

But Madam Liu was not annoyed at her instead looking at her who like an immature child and said: “What a silly girl! But it’s true that you ordinary people don’t understand rules of celebrities. Let me tell you that there is a difference between servants. As the saying goes, the identities for the servants of the prime minister are more noble than ordinary people. Not to mention princess’s Mammy. That’s different from an ordinary wet nurse, but it can be regarded as a mother who takes care of princess.”

Seeing everyone looking at herself, Madam Liu was very proud. Therefore she said very carefully: “If you take care of princess till she grows up, and she will be willing to listen to you. Not only you have the dignity in front of other servants, but also when you face other masters. You can rely on Jin Wang Mansion and you can go to the whole Jin Zhou. Take me for an example, If I encounter anything in Linyun County, and I can go to Yeman then tell them I am from Jin Wang Mansion, even the master of the county would care about me and my dignity.”

Yaoniang laughed bitterly in her heart.

She naturally understood this truth, but she knew that it’s not easy to be a servant in Jin Wang Mansion.

In her last life, she obviously went into Jin Wang Mansion to be a wet nurse. But because she was hurt by someone, she was almost driven out. The royal consort thought she was good and allow her to continue to stay in Jin Wang Mansion. Who ever thought the side consort Hu always made troubles on her, so she was forced to have sex with Jin Wang helplessly.

And the misfortune of her last life started from having sex with Jin Wang. Although Yaoniang didn’t know why she died in her last life and who harmed her in the end, she suspected someone in her heart. If anyone in the Jin Wang Mansion who hated her, it was probably side consort Hu.

Thinking of bad actions of side consort Hu, Yaoniang shuddered and at the same time she was a little interested.

But that was it, and she knew she had no other way to go.

Of course, she could be cheeky and withstood Li’s insults from time to time, and stayed at Yao family. However, it was precisely that Yaoniang’s staying in Yao family was not a long-term thing. Her brother-in-law was right. The Yao family can support her and Xiao Bao for a year or two. Can they support them for a lifetime? Xiao Bao would grow up one day. Would she let her son live in such a humiliating environment?

She also had to consider her elder sister. She couldn’t just take care of herself, which ruined her sister’s good life. So she only had one way to go.

Madam Liu said something, but Yaoniang didn’t listen to her because of her confused mood.

All in all, she made a decision.

Because Madam Liu had to go back quickly and she would leave the day after tomorrow, which meant that Yaoniang had only one day to stay with Xiaobao and she would go to Jin City later.

Jin Cheng was not far from Linyun County, which was more than a day’s journey. But it would not be so easy to come out after entering Jin Wang Mansion, which meant that she would not see Xiaobao for a long time.

After returning, Yaoniang was not happy. She greeted to her sister, and went into the small compartment to see Xiaobao.

Huiniang was shocked for a moment, thinking that she wasn’t chosen to work in Jin Wang Mansion, and she was trying to get in to persuade her younger sister not to think too much. But she was pulled by her husband.

“It’s done, and she will go on the day after tomorrow. It is estimated that Yaoniang doesn’t want to leave Xiaobao alone. Let her stay with the child for a while.”

Huiniang became sad and she sighed heavily.

Xiaobao just woke up and was lying on the bed. He looked around.

When he saw his mother appear in front of his eyes, he seemed to know that this is his mother.

Yaoniang was sad and could not help crying while holding Xiaobao.

After crying for a while, she wiped her tears and untied her clothes to feed Xiaobao.

Xiaobao hadn’t eaten for a while. He was so greedy and sucked hard. Yaoniang looked at him with affection and stroked his little head that had just grown a layer of hair.

The next day, Yaoniang held Xiaobao and didn’t go anywhere. She used to do some housework at home, but she didn’t do it now.

Yao Cheng gave a lesson to Li the day before yesterday and she didn’t make any troubles and kept a low profile these two days. Huiniang had to take care of Ming’er and Hong’er and didn’t have time to do housework. Yaoniang didn’t do, either. She was busy with housework these two days and very busy. Finally, she couldn’t bear and scolded in the yard.

Yao Cheng was not at home, and now Huiniang didn’t want to bear her anymore. She lifted the curtain and stood at the door watching Li coldly.

“Don’t scold. Yaoniang will leave tomorrow.”

The author has something to say:

Jin Wang: “Huh… Am I dead?”

Yaoniang: I really thought you were dead at that time…

Jin Wang: How about now?

Yaoniang: You are alive, and you’re still strong.

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