Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 4

Seriously, Zhu was not a patient woman.

The reason why she would talk well was only for the fifty silvers. It can be seen that the sister-in-law who had been so easy to cheat was unwilling to go back with herself no matter what she said, and she was immediately annoyed.

“Le me tell you. You have to go back no matter you want to go or not. Hu Laoye likes you and he wants you to be his eighth concubine. He doesn’t care that you’re not a virgin and still want to have you. That’s all ancestors’ contribution of Su family. You should go back with me honestly! “

This was the true personality of Zhu. She was horrible and vulgar. Yaoniang didn’t know why her parents choose Zhu as their daughter-in-law and let her marry elder brother. So that she made many troubles in Su family.

“Does my father know?”

Zhu was shocked immediately, then looked at her with a mock face: “I didn’t expect you to learn to threaten me? I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. I came here with the consent of father. So? Do you really regard yourself as a golden Bodhisattva that the whole family have to focus on you every day? You can only marry Hu Laoye as his concubine now, otherwise you will be sent to the countryside to marry a farmer.”

Yaoniang didn’t think for the truth will be like this. She looked pale as if she had been split by thunder.

She was shocked and felt painful in her heart. But she was clearer that why Zhu hit her and sent her to Hu family without any obstacles before. How could it be so smooth? After all, she was at her own home at that time.

Later, her sister and brother-in-law found her and took her home. Her mother said that this was done by Zhu alone and other people in the family didn’t know it. So she believed. At this moment, it was impossible for a woman Zhu that she could stun her and send her out without telling the families.

It turned out that everyone in the family actually knew that maybe someone else had helped Zhu. So she was stupid and hated Zhu in two lives.

Zhu proudly looked at sister-in-law’s pale face and said, “Don’t delay. Just pack up and follow me.” Then, she reached out her hands and pulled Yaoniang.

Yaoniang threw away her hand: “Don’t pull me, I won’t go back.”

“You’re so stubborn. Why do you think that I come here today? Why Huiniang is not at home today? Hurry up to follow me…”

The two pulled each other. Xiao Bao was awoken in bed and cried.

No one came to see what happened for such a big movement. Yaoniang knew that Zhu did not lie to her. Li must ask her sister to leave.

She felt so sad but she was nervous and angry. She touched a firm object with her fingers, grabbing it subconsciously and waved at Zhu, trying to push her back.

Zhu only felt so painful, and saw her blood. Suddenly she called loudly like killing a pig.

“Killed, blood…” She rolled her eyes and fainted.

Su Huiniang heard a horrible sound from her home. Her heart tightened, and she quickly sped up her pace.

Her mother-in-law and she didn’t talk for many days. She never thought that today her mother-in-law actually smiled at her, and took the money and told her to go to coffin shop in the east to buy some paper money, and said that the father-in-law’s death day came, and she wanted to prepare something for worship.

Su Huiniang was puzzled in her heart, so she didn’t doubt it. She only thought that her mother-in-law was lazy and didn’t want to go far. So her mother-in-law would please her and let her buy.

When she walked halfway, she felt strange. There were coffin shops near the place they lived. Why did her mother-in-law deliberately ask her to go to the east of the city? Her mother-in-law said that she used to buy it there, which was cheaper than elsewhere. At that time, Huiniang didn’t think too much. But when she walked on the road, she realized that her mother-in-law cared much about her reputation and would never please her for a few pennies.

She went back in a hurry and did not expect that something really happened at home.

When she entered the door, she saw a person lying on the floor, and her timid younger sister took a pair of scissors in her hand, and her mother-in-law said some murderous words.


Yaoniang threw the pair of scissors away and ran to her. “Sister, she stubbornly asked me to be a concubine for Hu Laoye…”

“So you…”

Su Huiniang’s face was pale like a piece of paper, and her mind was all messy. Her sister killed someone.

Li shouted aside: “Su Huiniang, you have to send your sister to the Yamen. She even killed someone…”

Su Huiniang was already messed up, and her mother-in-law was still making more troubles. She yelled, “You shut up!” Then she pulled Yaoniang to the bed, “Clean up now, and quickly take Xiao Bao away. I will ask your brother-in-law to take you go to the countryside. You have to hide for some days first… “

Yaoniang wanted to cry and laugh, and couldn’t help pulling her elder sister, “Elder sister, I didn’t kill…”

“You must be hard in the countryside, but it was better than going to jail…” Su Huiniang suddenly responded and asked, “What did you say? You didn’t kill anyone, then she…”

“I just took out a pair of scissors and showed to her. But she seemed to have blood phobia…”

Yaoniang never thought that Zhu had blood phobia. No wonder she never killed chickens or fishes at home. She always ask other people to kill.

Su Huiniang came to Zhu’s side. She reached out her hand and put in front of her nose, then she touched her chest, and was finally assured that she didn’t die. Huiniang breathed a sigh of relief, remembering what her younger sister had just said, and suddenly felt annoyed. She took the tea on the table and then poured it on Zhu’s face.

“Zhu, you want to send Yaoyao to be a concubine. Let me tell you, as long as I am here one day, you shouldn’t have this kind of ideas!”

Zhu thought she was dead, but she never expected to live again. At this moment, she also knew that she had suffered blood phobia. She was extremely angry, and was about to yell something. Suddenly she saw Yaoniang waving scissors to her, and she was frightened out of the house.

“Su Yaoniang, I will let your father and your elder brother come to take you away, and you just wait for me!”

After Zhu spoke such harsh word and then left.

Li saw that Zhu left with angry and she didn’t dare to stay any longer and went back to the house. The two sisters cleaned up the room and coaxed Xiaobao to sleep before they sat down and talked.

The younger sister said what happened just now and Su Huiniang was quite upset: “It’s not too late for you to understand. What did our family to me at the beginning? If it weren’t for me and your brother-in-law falling in love with each other at first, I might not know what kind of life I spend now. In the eyes of father and mother, only the big brother is the most important. Now there are Zhu and Dong. They don’t care about us anyway. In fact this is nothing as long as you think positively.”

Hong’er cried on the main room. Su Huiniang said these words and hurriedly went over, leaving Yaoniang sitting alone in the room, thinking silently.

Even though she rejected Zhu’s plans but this matter was not over. She couldn’t stay too long in Yao family. The people from Su family might be able to Yao family anytime. Did it mean that she would go to Jin Wang Mansion to work as a wet nurse as she did in her last life?

As soon as she thought of the unknown death of her last life, Yaoniang was full of resistance.

She really didn’t want to go to Jin Wang Mansion again, but where should she go?

Suddenly, she heard quarrels from elder sister and Li.

Elder sister was not that kind of person before. She was very gentle and virtuous, but now she changed a lot. No matter how bad Li was, but she was still her brother-in-law’s mother. Her brother-in-law was not possible to give up on her mother for elder sister. But as long as she was still in the house for one day, her sister will not be able to have a good day.

She couldn’t take care of herself selfishly, but mess up her sister’s life.

Yao Cheng stepped into the house, facing the quarrel between his wife and his mother, and his heart was full of exhaustion.

He thought about what was in his heart, but he patiently persuaded the two to pull them away, and then dragged his wife into the room.

“Huiniang, Do you still remember aunt Wang, the mother of Da Niu, who delivered babies for you and Yaoniang?” Yao Cheng suddenly said.

Huiniang did not know why he mentioned this, and looked at him with a doubt.

“Aunt Wang’s sister is on duty at Jin Wang Mansion. She came back a few days ago and said that she needs a wet nurse in Jin Wang Mansion. Aunt Wang paid much attention and said to her elder sister about Yaoniang. But she said it is only decided when they see Yaoniang.”

Huiniang was so quiet when she listened but suddenly she became very angry.

“Yao Cheng, are you trying to take my sister away?”

Yao Cheng smiled bitterly: “My god, how dare I have this kind of thinking. But I thought, Yaoniang doesn’t want to marry again, and she also has Xiaobao. Our family can support them for a year or two, but we can’t support them for a lifetime. You know my mother’s personality. She always makes troubles. Not to mention that now. Yaoniang is not comfortable staying at our home. It’s better for her to change the environment and she can earn by herself. Even if she doesn’t marry anymore, she can save money for a few years. And she can buy a house for Xiaobao and raise him up. Then find a wife for Xiaobao in the future.”


Yao Cheng spoke softly and carefully analyzed the pros and cons of it: “Jin Wang Mansion is a wealthy place. It is decent to work inside and the salaries are high. Don’t you know what’s your own family’s situation now? You know what did your sister-in-law do today. It is estimated that your father and mother will come here in two days. If they really come on that day, we have no rights to stop them. Instead, it would be better for younger sister to go Jin Wang Mansion. It is also a way out.”

Huiniang did not speak. Apparently she agreed with what he said.

At this moment, the door inside was suddenly opened and Yaoniang came out. Her delicate face was full of firmness, “Brother-in-law, I’m willing to go.” Obviously she listened to their conversations for a long time.

Huiniang stood up and said anxiously: “Yaoyao!”

Yaoniang was forced to laugh and said: “Sister, I am willing to go. My brother-in-law is right. In stead of being sent to the landlord Hu to be a concubine, I would rather work in Jin Wang Mansion.”


“I don’t want to marry anymore. I just want to raise Xiaobao and live with him in the future. Now that there is such a good opportunity to earn money. I will go to work as a wet nurse for few years. After I earn a lot of money, I can come out to do a small business by myself. I won’t raise Xiaobao relying on others.”

After she finished speaking and she looked at Yao Cheng lightly: “Brother-in-law, there should be a lot of wages in Jin Wang Mansion. If not, I won’t go.”

Yao Cheng said immediately: “I had inquired from aunt Wang. The salary is very high. Ten silvers a month and it doesn’t include a reward.”

“That’s quite a lot. Ten silvers a month, one year is one hundred and twenty. The wet nurse is not a long-term job. But as long as I can do it for a year, then I can earn enough silvers to buy a small yard and I can do my own small business to make a living.”

Yaoniang murmured to herself. She got more excited when she thought about these things. She excitedly came forward and took Huiniang’s hands, “Sister, there is such a good thing. It is really a rare chance.”

Huiniang had to agree because her sister agreed and was very happy.

In fact judging from the current situation, this was indeed the best choice. She didn’t have to live in Yao family and cared much about people here and didn’t have to worry about being sold to someone by her elder brother and sister-in-law. Also, she could earn a lot of money.

Except for Xiaobao.

If Yaoniang was going to be a wet nurse for others, how about Xiaobao?

Obviously under the pressure of reality, some things had to be given up. Fortunately, there were no long time intervals that Huiniang and Yaoniang both gave birth to babies. Huiniang had enough breast milk and she can help to take care of Xiaobao. So she wouldn’t worry about that Xiaobao having no breast milk to drink.

Now she made a decision and would go to aunt Wang’s home to meet the person. Even she agreed but

it would be no use if they don’t choose her.

But Yaoniang knew that she would be chosen to work in Jin Wang Mansion.

Because she went there in her last life.

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