Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 3

Since the last incident of Yaoniang happened, Yao Cheng was no longer as obedient to Li as before.

When he came back from Yamen (government office in feudal China), and he saw that his wife was trembled with anger and tears were on her face. He shouted at Li and let Li go out.

But the problem still existed.

Li would continue to make troubles only if Yan’er, Yaoniang and Li were still at home.

Huiniang was crying on the bed for her grievance, her mean mother-in-law and poor sister.

Yao Cheng stood aside helplessly. He felt distressed at his wife and pitiful for his sister-in-law, but he couldn’t take his mother and sister out. He was the only son in Yao family. Before his dad died, he repeatedly asked him to take care of his mother and her younger sister until she married.

“Huiniang, you beat me. Hit me hard. Don’t be so angry with yourself. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault…”

A big man crouched there, holding his head and sighing. He was also a majestic catcher outside, but now he was such kind of man. Seriously speaking, Yao Cheng always treated Huiniang well, otherwise his wife would not be able to live with him too long.

“Your mother has lost her conscience, and your sister is also vicious. How can they do this to…” Huiniang cried sadly.

Her sister was obedient from a young age. She called her elder sister behind when she was a little girl. When she grew up, she always took some delicious food to let sister eat first. In order to embroider a hijab for her sister, she secretly made purses nearly two months at home for changing a piece of good silk.

Obviously, the elder sister-in-law always made troubles to her secretly. But she didn’t say anything in family. If she didn’t go back to her own home, She wouldn’t know that her elder sister-in-law would sell her sister out, hearing from the neighbor aunt Man.

“Huiniang, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. Don’t cry…”

Outside the room, Huiniang was crying.

In the room, Yaoniang burst into tears.

Yao Cheng comforted Huiniang for a while, then she calmed down.

He diligently went to fetch water to wash Huiniang’s face and combed her hair again. In addition to her eyes were very red and swollen, her emotions had calmed down quite a bit. But she was also frowned. Obviously she was still worried about Yaoniang.

Yao Cheng sighed and went outside.

It wasn’t too early in the day. But nobody cooked the dinner. He never felt it before he got married. After getting married, there was a gentle and virtuous wife who prepared meals for him every day. Yao Cheng felt that this situation was extremely intolerable.

He was very annoyed when he thought what happened just now.

Li was his mother. No matter how annoying he could be, he couldn’t be angry to his mother, but Yan’er…

Yao Cheng remembered that when he just entered the gate of the courtyard he saw the curtain of the west chamber moved.

His sister was young but had a vicious mind. Why did he have a such sister?

He came to the west chamber a few steps and patted the window, “You come out and cook!”

It was very quiet in the room. After a while, Yan’er walked out from the room slowly.

“Brother, sister-in-law is not busy and she can cook.”

Yao Cheng sneered: “Your sister-in-law is taking after Ming’er, Hong’er. What’s more, you are their aunt, you must cook the dinner. And your sister-in-law shouldn’t cook dinner for you!”

Yan’er became unhappy and said: “Yaoniang is here…”

Yao Cheng yelled, “Shut up! I ask you to cook, you must do it right now!”

Seeing his elder brother getting so angry, Yan’er didn’t dare to speak anymore and honestly went to the kitchen to cook.

Li was so angry and bit the window side of the upper room. The words of her son said to her daughter were actually he wanted to tell her.

It’s no use to be angry. Yao Cheng had always been filial, but he was really annoyed and Li dare not provoke him.

Yan’er was dealing with vegetables in her hand, which were spoiled by her. Seeing Yao Cheng enter the house, Li secretly came to the kitchen. As soon as she entered the door, she saw his daughter dealing with vegetables.

“Your brother was right to scold you. You are a mature girl now but you still don’t know how to deal with the vegetables. What else you can do?” Li scolded, and came over to drive her aside.

Yan’er threw away the rotten leaves in her hand, and said aggrievedly “Mom, you know that my brother shouted at me just now. I think he shouldn’t marry with Su Huiniang at first. Since she came into our home, my brother has changed a lot. He not only shouted at me but also shouted at you.”

Li was also angry, and his son now cared much about his wife. Everyone would be angry when he faced such situation. But she would not tell her daughter even if she was angry. Because it meant that she lost her dignity.

“The daughters of Su family are all unkind. Brother should divorce with Su Huiniang and marry another woman. Anyway, we are rich family and we have money to let brother marry again. By that time, the new sister-in-law will be very filial and take good care of us. She will treat you better than Su Huiniang.”

Li gave her daughter a glance: “You shouldn’t have this kind of thought. Even if I don’t like Su Huiniang, but I like my two grandchildren. If Yao Cheng marry with another woman, how about Ming’er and Hong’er? You girl need a stepmother to do some bad things to you because you always have some vicious thoughts.”

Yan’er pursed her lips: “All of the things you don’t agree. When will you get Su Yaoniang away? How many meals should they eat when they are at our home? The most important thing is that brother Chen An won’t marry me if Su Yaoniang is here?”

Li threw the vegetables in hand, then poked her head and scolded, “You always said Chen An. What made you so fascinated that you did the thing lack of morality? Listen to me. Don’t always stay with that black boy. You are a girl and you shouldn’t stay with those boys all day long unless you don’t want to marry someone in the future?”

Those boys she said were all the children who lived in nearby streets and grew up with Yan’er. Yan’er was a clever and disobedient girl, and no one cared about her personality. She didn’t like to play with girls of the same age, but she liked to play with the boys.

“Mom, I won’t play with them from now on. When will Su Yaoniang go away? When Chen An and I are ready to get married, I will stay at home to prepare and won’t go anywhere.”

“It is so bad for a girl saying such words!” Li scolded and immediately frowned: “I want her to leave, but your sister-in-law and your brother…”

She said and paused, then said again, “I’ll go to Su family tomorrow.”

Yan’er slapped right now, and laughed: “Mom, you are really my good mom!”

Yaoniang always felt that everything that happened in the last life was like a dream.

She always had an unreal feeling until the sister-in-law Zhu came to Yao family like a dream.

As soon as Zhu entered, she went straight to the cubicle.

This small cubicle was separated from the big room outside. Yaoniang didn’t live here before, but she lived in the west chamber with Yan’er. Since that happened, Huiniang and Yao Cheng deliberately separated a room for Yaoniang from the room where they lived.

The small cubicle was not as good as the outside, but it was not bad. There was a small cubicle window. There was a table under the window and a shelf bed next to the wall. A teal tent hung on the bed, with a cupboard and two boxes at the foot of the bed. Although it was a bit humble, it was very clean. Yaoniang was always hardworking and diligent.

As Xiaobao fell asleep and she put him on the bed, she heard something moving behind her then she turned to see that Zhu came in. Yaoniang’s face froze immediately.

Every time Zhu saw her sister-in-law, and she had an urge to sigh.

Seriously speaking, there was no such outstanding person in the Su family. Even Su Huiniang was just a delicate and pretty woman. But it seemed that Su Yaoniang had gathered the merits of everyone in the Su family. She was not like from Su family.

A pair of luscious eyes and a pair of crescent moon eyebrows were indifferent. The straight nose bridges, gorgeous cherry lips, and white good skin made Zhu feel very jealous every time when she saw Yaoniang.

Appearance was not the most important. The key was that romantic and charming figure. At first glance, it was not obvious. But when saw her carefully, it really made people impressed. So Zhu thought that Yaoniang deserved to be a concubine for the rich people otherwise it would be so pitiful.

And Zhu came exactly for this matter.

Thinking of the fifty silvers from Hu Laoye (master of Hu family), Zhu smiled brightly.

Sister-in-law also knew that when she came up and would say such thing. And she must be annoyed. So she pretended to look at the sleeping little Xiaobao and praised the child for being so good, like her mother. Then she got to the side of Yaoniang.

“Yao’er, you are always a daughter in Su family. It is not so good if you always live in Yao family. Your father and mother miss you. How about going back home with me today?”

Yaoniang hated this sister-in-law in her heart. But since Zhu entered the gate of Su’s house and gave birth to three grandchildren to Su family, she had to respect her. Even if she hated her, she could not show out. After all, the elder sister-in-law was like a mother.

This was the true thoughts of Yaoniang in her last life, so she tolerated Zhu’s various bad behaviors. But in this life she was too lazy to pretend. Because she knew that no matter how obedient she was and how she begged her sister-in-law, her sister-in-law would never give up the idea of selling her for changing silver.

In the home, Dad cared much about his reputation. Although her mother loved her so much, she didn’t have real power. The elder brother always listened to his wife, so Zhu was almost in charge of the half affairs of Su family.

No one could save her, so she could only save herself.

She vaguely remembered that in the last life she heard Zhu’s words and went home with her. Because she still wanted to maintain a peace with Zhu. But she almost hurt Xiaobao that he would be sent away. She was also sent to Hu Laoye to be a concubine.

Fortunately, her elder sister and brother-in-law arrived in time to save her.

Because of this matter, people around all knew that she had a kid before marriage. Hu Laoye hated her and said that Su family had a daughter who had lost her virtue and asked someone to take her to dip her in a pig cage. It was her sister who forced her brother-in-law to use the relationship in Yamen, and also lied that she was the servant of royal Mansion. So it would rescue her who almost was soaked in a pig cage.

After that, Dad felt that she had lost Su family’s reputation and did not want to admit she was his daughter again. The elder sister’s mother-in-law also took the opportunity to have an attack. She had nowhere to settle and could only go to royal mansion to be a wet nurse. Then everything would happen after that.

Since the God gave her a chance to live again, she couldn’t let the old things happen again. At least she would not to be fooled by Zhu.

“Elder sister-in-law, Yaoniang lost Su family’s reputation and I don’t want to go back.”

“What’s the reputation? You’re from Su family. Your parents, brother and I care about you so much. I was really anxious before I did some bad things to you. Because you suffered such a shame thing since you still was not married. What should you do in the future? I am still so anxious and uneasy. But things have already happened. We are families and we won’t ignore you, right?”

Zhu said very emotionally, but Yaoniang was cheated by her once. There wouldn’t have the second time. No matter what she said, she just did not want to go back with her. She didn’t want to be immersed in a pig cage again.

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