Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 2

Yaoniang held Xiaobao’s hands tightly. Only in this way could she truly feel that she was alive.

Outside, Su Huiniang was talking to her mother-in-law Li.

The two probably thought that Yaoniang was asleep. Although their voices were low, they had no worries. The quarrel of the two entered the gap along the door and got into Yaoniang’s heart.

Yaoniang smiled bitterly.

She died too quickly and hurriedly, and only felt the burning pain of internal organs in her body. She became unconscious when she woke up again. It was not long after she gave birth to Xiaobao.

When she just woke up, she thought that she was dreaming. She finally woke up and thought it’s not dreams until everything happened one after another. She wasn’t dreaming, but she had really returned to the original life.

Why God just didn’t let her go? why didn’t let her live again before everything had happened? But at this time!

The baby in her arms moved a bit, interrupting Yaoniang’s thoughts. She gently touched him twice, and Xiaobao slept again.

The two-month-old baby was just the time to be growing up. His facial features became clearer, and he had a good-looking look. The long eye contours, long eyelashes, tall nose bridges and pink lips really made people like very much.

If an uninformed person saw this child, he would admire him that the child’s father must be very handsome.

But the kid’s father——

Probably she died once and lived again, Yaoniang was not as worried about it as in her last life.

If she reborn to the time before everything happened, there would not be Xiaobao here?

She was a mother of two lives. Although this child was not blessed and even caused her many ordeals, Yaoniang still loved him so much. She was pregnant nearly ten months and gave birth to the kid regardless her fame and life. How could she give him up?

So she was destined to give birth to Xiaobao, and it was destined to happen all those unbearable things.

All were destined!

When she thought about this, Yaoniang’s anxious heart finally calmed down.

As a result, when she heard the words of humiliation towards her outside again, she was not as angry as she thought.

Outside Huiniang looked at Li unbelievably, and could not accept that such vicious words came out of her mouth.

For her mother-in-law, she already knew that she was not a good person. Anyone could say these things, but she was not qualified.

The reason why Yaoyao suffered all this and why she was pregnant before marriage was because of her good daughter, her younger sister-in-law. Her good-looking sister just came to accompany her for a few days and suffered such an uncomfortable thing.

Her reputation and integrity were gone, and the most important innocence of a girl was gone.

Their dad was either sighing in sorrow or furious, and mother washed her face with tears all day. They wanted to find a good person to marry her sister, as long as they didn’t dislike her because she lost her innocence. However, her sister was pregnant.

She was also neglected by family. And elder sister-in-law made troubles all day. Yaoyao suffered this distress and was so distraught that when she discovered that she was pregnant. The fetus was too big and could not be aborted.

Unless she didn’t care about her lives.

She couldn’t stay at home. Coincidentally, she was pregnant and took her sister aside. She could protect her sister. After her sister gave birth to the child, then she would send the child out and hide this incident.

She planed everything well, but just ignored a mother’s heart. Her sister was so reluctant to send Xiaobao away.

They were mothers of children, and Huiniang understood her sister.

She was pregnant nearly ten months and had walked into the gate of the hell and gave birth to the kid. Every day she took her kid in her arms and looked at him all the time, and how could she bear to sent the kid to others.

At the beginning, her mother-in-law treated her well because of a guilty conscience. If there was some nutritious food in the house, there would be a portion for her and a portion for Yaoyao, too. But it was only within half a year that her mother-in-law changed, and she always said some bad things in front of her.

Because her younger sister and nephew were living in the mother-in-law’s house, everything was bearable. But she never imagined that her mother-in-law was becoming more and more bad. Even when she and Yaoyao were negligent, her mother-in-law almost took Xiaobao out to send to others. Had it not been for her husband’s return in time to stop all this, Huiniang could hardly imagine what would happen next.

Yaoyao cared and loved Xiaobao so much. If he died, could her sister live?

Therefore Huiniang was extremely angry, and she had never quarreled to mother-in-law before, but now she quarreled with Li .

“Why am I doing this wrong? She’s an innocent girl before. How could such a shame thing happened if she loves herself! I haven’t seen any girl looked like her. Her chest bulged and the butt is round and big. As soon as she walks and she shakes, no man can stand her. I’ve lived so long and never seen such a girl. It must because that she had sex affairs privately and made such troubles. So now she takes Yan Er as a shield!”

Li had a long face and single eyelid. Because she was old and thin with slack skin, when her old skin was pulled down, she looked very mean.

This was indeed the case. Everyone knew in the whole alley that there was a mean mother-in-law who managed his man to be convincing in Yao family. The man was dead and she managed the house. The son and daughter-in-law did not dare to say anything in front of her.

This old lady was also vixenish. If someone dared to say some bad things to her, she dared to stand in front of others and scolded for three days. Especially there was a son from Yao family worked as a catcher and no one dared to mess with her. They all didn’t want to see her. Over time, it was obvious that people lived in the same alley, but no one wanted to go to Yao family.

“I’ll tell you again, Su Huiniang. Don’t come here to talk with Yan Er. It’s nothing to do with Yan Er. Yan Er is a girl, and she is impossible to cheat your sister to go to the brothel. Yan Er will marry someone in the future. Next time if I hear this kind of words again, I will let Cheng Er divorce with you!” Li scolded and put her hands on the waist.

Huiniang was furious at her mother-in-law’s shamelessness, and stood up suddenly: “It is no need that you let your son divorce me. I’ll go by myself!”

Li sneered and said: “Hurry up. Don’t take Hong’er out. It’s not possible that your poor father can take after a whole family, let alone his two daughters who against the doctrines of women and the two bastards of unknown origin!”

Huiniang shivered with anger, but she could not do anything to scold since she was very polite when she was young. Not to mention that the woman was her mother-in-law, her husband’s mother.

She wiped her tears and went back to pack all the things. She planned to take her younger sister, Xiaobao and Hong’er back to her family. If her husband asked her go back again this time, she would never come back. She didn’t believe she couldn’t survive in this world with her sister.

At this moment, a loud male voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

“What’s the matter? Mother, what have you done?”

Yao Cheng, the man of Huiniang’s husband, was back.

Yao Cheng was a catcher in Lin Yun county, under the jurisdiction of Jin Zhou. The Lin family had been an official for generations. This catcher position was passed to him by her father. Although his status was lower, he worked for royal family and always had a lot of gray income. Therefore, the family life of Yao family was pretty good. Otherwise, scholar Xiu would not allow his elder daughter to marry Yao family.

Although there was a scholar in Su family, but family life was not good. scholar Su was teaching in a private school. He only got two silvers in a month but he had to raise dozens of people in the family. There were a few people in family before and they lived in a tighter life. But since Su Huiniang’s brother Su Yucheng married and had three children in a row, Su family was lived in straitened circumstances.

The reason why Su Huiniang married the Yao family at that time was that the dowries offered by Yao family were the most among all the relatives.

And it could just hold a wedding ceremony for Su Yucheng by using these betrothal gift. Su Huiniang was unwilling to marry Yao’s family, but she couldn’t want to make her father and mother upset. The elder brother was far beyond the age of marriage but he still didn’t get married. Also she saw Yao Cheng once and thought the man was pretty good, so she married with him.

After they married, Yao Cheng loved his wife and cared about her. The young couple loved each other and lived happily. The only imperfect thing was that Yao Cheng’s mother Li was not easy to get along with.

However, Yao Cheng stood in front of everything, and Su Huiniang lived well. Also she was pregnant. She gave birth to the grandson for Yao family on the year she married. She was pregnant again last year and gave birth to Hong Er. Her position in Yao family had become more and more stable.

Li occasionally wanted to make troubles, and when she thought of her son and grandson, she would bear herself and not making troubles.

Since her sister-in-law married in Su family, she always had some bad thoughts on Su Yaoniang. After two consecutive incidents, she became more and more ridiculous. Huiniang cared much about her sister and thought that her family was not affluent, so she took her sister around her aside.

The excuse was to ask her sister to help her with nephew. Anyway, with the family living standards of Yao, it’s acceptable to let her sister live together.

In this regard, Li agreed happily.

She had always been lazy and spoiled her daughter, thinking that someone would help her daughter-in-law to do some works. Since Yao Cheng became the head of the catcher, Li became very arrogant. But she was still too mean that she didn’t want to buy a servant. Now there would be a free servant. That was really what she wanted.

When Yaoniang came to Yao family, she was diligent and could help both inside and outside. She really shared a lot of housework with Huiniang.

It stood to reason that this was a good thing that had the best of both worlds, but Yan’er did some bad things.

Yan’er was the youngest daughter of Li. She had always been doted. The 14-year-old girl did not work all day long, and her temper was very arbitrary. Yao Cheng became the leader of catchers, and some of his subordinates came to find him at home because of business affairs. Among them, there was a catcher named Chen An was very handsome and talented. If someone did not know he was a catcher, they may think that he was a scholar.

Chen An came here only twice, and Yan’er secretly fell in love with him.

But she never thought that he didn’t like her. The reason why Chen An would come to Yao family regularly was because she saw Yaoniang at Yao family and fell in loved with Yaoniang. So he always come to Yao family.

And this matter was somehow known to Yan’er.

Yan’er was very vicious. She had been in contact with catching things since she was a child. She knew many things in the world. And she had a plan that she deceived Yaoniang to go to the brothel, where a good girl would not get involved and she wanted to take the opportunity to spoil Yaoniang’s reputation.

This tragedy happened, and Yaoniang was raped by an unknown strongman. Everything happened after that.

And the reason why Yao family knew what was going on was because Yao Cheng forced Yan’er to tell the truth and she said it herself after this bad thing happened from Yaoniang.

However she insisted that she was only teasing Yaoniang, but not trying to harm her.

But who would believe her?

Her mother Li would protect Yan’er, but Yan’er was only scolded several times. Even if Huiniang was so angry, but she couldn’t do anything to her sister-in-law. So she went back to her own family. But Yao Cheng repeatedly asked her to go home with him, thinking Ming Er who was crying to find her mother, so she went back angrily.

Because of feeling guilty for her sister, and her elder sister-in-law always made troubles at home, she insisted on bringing Yaoniang to her side. But no places were clean and quiet. Her sister couldn’t stay at Su family and Yao family was not a good place either.

Originally, Li was still suffering from a guilty conscience and agreed secretly to allow Yaoniang to live here. But she didn’t know what Yan’er had been provoking in it. She became more and more intolerant of Yaoniang. She always said that such a person at home had broken the reputation of Yao family.

The question was: was there still reputation for Yao family?

Yaoniang was in the room. She was listening to the quarrel outside and thought without any facial expressions.

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