Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 1

The weather of Jin Zhou in March was warmer but still a little chilling.

The rain lasted for two days without stopping.

It became cold again, and everywhere was wet. When the wind was blowing, the chill crept through the seams of people’s clothes, making people shiver.

Jin Wang went to border town the day before yesterday and he was not in the mansion. Yaoniang asked someone to deliver a message to her elder sister and brother-in-law that she wanted to see Xiaobao and asked them to bring him.

Since she had entered Jin Wang Mansion, she hadn’t seen Xiaobao for more than a year.

Yaoniang was doted in the mansion, and the consort cared her much. So when Yaoniang asked someone to deliver a message, there would be many people who were willing to do. In the day, her brother-in-law Yao Cheng and her sister Huiniang took a green curtain carriage to the back door of the mansion, and Yaoniang was anxiously waiting here.

“It would be better to take madam to the house. It is not convenient to stand here.” The servant girl Die’er said.

Yaoniang also realized that there was a lot of inconvenience because of people coming and going here, and she also wanted to hug and kiss Xiaobao. So she led Huiniang who held Xiaobao in her arms into the house. As for Yao Cheng, he was a man and not suitable for entering an inner house. Naturally, some people greeted him and prepared hot tea and some food.

Along the way, Yaoniang stared at Xiaobao all the time.

This was her son who was born by her hardly. But she can’t stay with him for many reasons. When she left, he was just an infant, but now he became older.

It seemed that there was a natural blood relationship between the mother and the child. Xiaobao felt very unfamiliar when he saw Yaoniang at first glance. But staring at this beautiful woman for a long time, he suddenly laughed and held out his fat hand and wanted Yaoniang to hug him.

Yaoniang’s eyes were instantly red, and she took over Xiaobao, holding him tightly in her arms. She wanted to cry, but she was afraid to scare the child. So she could only bear desperately.

Finally, when she had calmed down, a group people continued to move on.

Huiniang followed her sister cautiously, and from time to time she looked at all the scenes of the dazzling beams and paintings in the surroundings of the most luxurious things. Even servants in the mansion looked exceptionally superior from their wearings. The Yao family was also a well-off family, but Huiniang was not able to wear such materials of clothes and such jewelry compared with servants worn.

“Yaoyao, you asked me and your brother-in-law to bring Xiaobao here. Does Wangye know that? Will there be any inconveniences to you?” They arrived at the small courtyard where Yaoniang lived. After Die’er went down, and Huiniang was a little worried and she asked her sister.

She looked at her sister, who was becoming more and more charming.

Today Yaoniang wore a pink fold-peony robe with skirts in pink, combing the oblique bun, which was inserted with a hairpin of gold and inlaid red treasure butterfly love flowers.

The hairpin was extremely delicate. When she didn’t move, several little butterflies hanging down and it can see the slightly trembling butterfly wings as if alive. The mouth of the butterfly was inlaid with ruby. The size of ruby was not large, but the color was extremely charming, which made people feel trembling.

The younger sister stretched out the white hand from time to time to touch the hairpin. The rich gold color was with red tones, snow-skinned hair and red lips, what a beauty picture was!

Huiniang was not a man, otherwise she would be very crazy for her.

Then she looked at the arrangement and furnishings in this house, and Huiniang knew that her sister was living the best life today. Most probably she was respected by people in the mansion, otherwise they would not come here today.

But Huiniang knew that her sister was different from everyone else. She was married once before she stayed with Wangye. Although Wangye didn’t show concern at this time, who knew if he would care in the future, or if he knew something and felt unhappy in his heart, and maybe her sister wouldn’t be cared much by Wangye in the future. Then that’s really not good.

Yaoniang didn’t consider so much, and she just missed Xiaobao too much.

She couldn’t leave the mansion, so she could only let Xiaobao come here. For this matter, she started making arrangements many days in advance. Although she was doted by Wangye, she didn’t have any real power in the mansion. All she had to obey to the royal consort. In order to allow the royal consort to agree to see her son, she tried her best to stay with Jin Wang when he returned mansion from the border town and said some bad things to make Hu Side Consort embarrassed in Si Yi Courtyard. So the imperial consort agreed to let her see Xiaobao.

At this time, listening to her sister’s words, Yaoniang could not help but felt a little bit worried.

But she also thought that her sister would be frightened if she was doted by Wangye. It would be better if cold faced Jin Wang was far away from her. Lest she would be jeopardized for fearing that it might interfere with the consort, and the consort would oppose her.

In fact, there was another thing that Yaoniang was too embarrassed to think about it more. That was, Jin Wang was too strong. Maybe because he stayed in the border town for a long time, and he got extra greedy on sex. As soon as he returned to the mansion, he would stay with her from day to night. It was said she was doted much by Wangye because of this.

In fact, Jin Wang did not say anything to her except to have sex.

Yaoniang was originally from a humble family. Her dad was a scholar, and she also knew a few words. She knew a lot more than ordinary women. Knowing Jin Wang’s actions was actually treating her as a toy, but she lived in Jin Wang Mansion, she had to listen to him. She hadn’t had rights to decide anything since she entered Jin Wang Mansion.

However, she would never tell her sister about this for fearing of causing her worry, she could only smile to her sister and said that she didn’t care.

Did she really not care?

Huiniang didn’t say it, but she was anxious. She always felt that her sister hadn’t changed her previous innocence.

Huiniang was thinking wildly, while Yaoniang was holding up Xiaobao and teasing him.

The little baby who was more than one year old was very interesting. He spoke in a cute way and listening to his tones was enough to make people’s hearts melt.

At this time, Die’er came in from outside and said that the consort wanted to talked with Yaoniang and also took Xiaobao with her.

The sisters looked at each other, and Yaoniang pressed the uneasiness in her heart. She hugged Xiaobao and pulled up her sister then went out of the door. On the way to appease Huiniang who was uneasy, and she told her sister that the consort was a kind person.

Royal consort was indeed a kind person. Although she looked a little colder, she treated Xiaobao and Huiniang very differently.

She not only gave a gold bracelet to Huiniang, but also a small gold-studded collar to Xiaobao. In order to show her respect to Yaoniang, the consort also personally put a gold collar on Xiaobao.

Since then, Yaoniang was not anxious anymore. But she had became totally grateful.

She thought a lot. She thought that as the consort liked Xiaobao, would it be easier for her to see her son in the future? Of course, there was definitely a price to pay, for which she even thought of waiting for Jin Wang to return from the border town, and what methods she should use to let him stay in her room.

She remembered that he liked to have sex in the study room very much. She always refused because of shyness, which had attracted his dissatisfaction. So he didn’t see her for many days and the consort treated her very indifferently in those days. Until Jin Wang came to see her again, the consort treated her a little better.

Otherwise, try in this way?

The consort did not stay with Yaoniang for a long time, and said sisters need to talk together and let them go back then.

At noon, the consort rewarded the dishes. The sisters and Xiaobao had lunch happily.

It was still early. Yaoniang asked Die’er to go out, and they sat on the bed next by the window and talked with each other, while coaxing Xiaobao to sleep.

Xiaobao leaned into his mother’s arms and slept exceptionally sweet.

“You told me you will become a wet nurse after coming Jin Wang Mansion. Why do you serve Wangye now? Does Wangye treat you well or not?” It was also the kindness of consort that made Huiniang erase the anxiety in her heart, so she dared to say these private words to her sister.

At first, Yaoniang thought about how to explain to her sister, and then she heard the phrase “treat well or not”, then she blushed.

What is “treat well or not”? For outsiders it’s good to be doted. So he treated her well?

When she saw her younger sister’s reaction, what else did she not understand? She sighed and said, “Since Wangye treats you well, you will serve him with all your heart, and you won’t be afraid of being abandoned in the future. You don’t need to worry about Xiaobao. Your brother-in-law and I will look after him. And we will treat him very well.”

Upon hearing this, Yaoniang couldn’t help but glanced at Xiaobao in her arms, and touched his little head.


“You are finally have something to look forward, and I don’t have to worry about you all the time. You have to be smart. You should fight properly… The consort treats you well and you should be obedient to her. She is the consort, and you are just a concubine. You should never have that mind that… “

In fact, Huiniang didn’t understand the way of life in the mansion. She could only try to tell her sister some truth that she knew, and Yaoniang listened carefully and nodded her head.

And time passed imperceptibly.

Die’er came in from the outside and said, “Madam, it’s getting late.”

Yaoniang immediately felt a tear-like pain in her heart, and wanted to hold her sister and Xiaobao from letting them go, but she forced to smile. She stood up to pick up things in the bedroom. Since she entered the room, she secretly wiped her tears for a while and wiping her face before coming out with a bag.

There were clothes she made for Xiaobao in the past few months inside the bag. All were good materials that the consort gave her. There were also clothes she made for her sister and brother-in-law and some taels that she collected a few months which were regarded as the food money that would be fostered Xiaobao at her sister’s house.

She reluctantly sent Huiniang and Xiaobao to the back door. Xiaobao was awake now, and looked at the adults with some confusion. Huiniang sighed and comforted her sister that not to be sad. And in the future if there was another opportunity, she would take Xiaobao to visit her again.

Yao cheng was already waiting in the carriage, and Huiniang held Xiaobao to get on it.

Yaoniang didn’t dare to look at them. She turned her head and bit her lower lip with her head down. She determined to please consort, and she would let Xiaobao and her sister to the mansion in the future.

When she thought about it that way, the feeling of discomfort in her heart was lightened, and she returned to the courtyard with Die’er.

For today, she had been busy for many days. After Jin Wang left each time, she had to rest for many days. In order to meet Xiaobao for the past two days, she couldn’t even take a rest. At this moment they were gone, and she calmed down and felt very tired.

“Die’er, don’t call me for dinner. I want to sleep for a while.” She told Die’er while entering the bedroom.

Die’er followed her and she was jealous to look at her back swaying in the wind. She scolded “fox bitch” in her heart.

Everyone in Jin Wang Mansion knew that Yaoniang seduced Jin Wang. She shamelessly pulled Wangye to her room. Die’er served her and she had seen some unseen scenes. Thinking about that day she saw a beautiful shadow lying on Jin Wang, she could not help but blushed. At the same time, she scolded in her heart again.

She pursed her lips and followed up to serve Yaoniang to change clothes, but there was a harsh scream after she entering the door.

Yaoniang was lying prone on the ground without any sound, and dark blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

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