I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 26

Wang Qing did not dare to hide, and honestly provided the address of assistant to the president Zhang. She hesitated: "...Are you going to visit assistant to the president?"

Wang Qing secretly mourned for Zhang Jianian in her heart, who would be blocked by president Chu would be too miserable.

Chu Chu wanted to answer, but she looked at Wang Qing's slightly embarrassed look, and suddenly realized: "Is it not so good for me to come over?"

Chu Chu thought a while, if she was on leave and was harassed by her boss, she would probably be furious.

Wang Qing would like to frankly say yes, but she couldn't directly attack president Chu, so she said in such a smooth way: "If you care about assistant to the president Zhang's condition, he will definitely be happy, you can send a message."

The subtext of this sentence was, don’t make a special trip to the door to fright him.

Chu Chu thought about it too. She chased Zhang Jianian every day and asked about his work. It was indeed unreasonable so she decided to hold it by herself today. She had thought about it well. But after a while of actual work, she found that many things were messed up.

Yinda Investment had a large number of departments, not to mention the ongoing investment projects. The huge amount of information would crush almost Chu Chu instantly. Zhang Jianian's existence was like a knot made from countless strings. He sorted out all the trivial matters and handed them to Chu Chu. Now that the knot had disappeared, thousands of strings had spread out, and all sorts of irregular things were completely unclear. Chu Chu had no clue where she should start.

Just after noon, Chu Chu couldn't hold it back. She called Wang Qing and said with a headache: "Can you list all the priorities and give them to me in an orderly way? So, I can understand what needs to be done."

Everyone reported their work piece by piece, and they even didn’t communicate with each other, making Chu Chu feel that the work was extremely difficult to advance, only upsetting. In the past, Zhang Jianian prepared all the materials. The important work that required her decision was placed at the top. The trivial matters were resolved silently. The logic was extremely clear.

Wang Qing froze for a moment and hurriedly said, "Okay, wait a moment please."

Secretary-general Wang Qing was afraid of president Chu's anger and hurriedly sorted out the contents of her work, but she was only the secretary-general after all, and she did not have a deep understanding of investment and business. Wang Qing’s rank was not as good as that of Zhang Jianian, and it was difficult for her to talk directly with the company’s bosses, and her communication ability was reduced, so she couldn’t solve the fundamental problem.

Zhang Jianian was a macro investigation of the company from the perspective of the boss, presenting the most critical content to president Chu, saving the boss time and energy. Others lacked his vision and experience, and even if they tried to be like him, they couldn’t imitate the essence.

However, this should not be blamed on Wang Qing. If she reached Zhang Jianian's level, she would have been promoted and wouldn’t be just a secretary-general.

Chu Chu sighed and leaned on the back of the chair. The first time she felt that she was too harsh on assistant to the president Zhang, so she suggested: "Can't we find another assistant to the president? If we go on with this, wouldn't we be exhausting Zhang Jianian."

Wang Qing carefully reminded: "...the company used to have other assistants."

Chu Chu wondered: "What about them? Why haven't I seen them?"

Wang Qing: "...you said that they were incompatible with the company's corporate culture, so they left." In other words, they were fired.

The original female supporting role hated others to control her will and ideas. The assistant was actually a senior management position with certain real power. How could she tolerate someone affecting her power? So, she fired the incapable, the disobedient, and the unsatisfactory, only Zhang Jianian stayed and became a national treasure.

Chu Yanyin once invested a lot of people in Yinda, but now Zhang Jianian was the only one who could survive.

Chu Chu didn't really understand the company's past history. She looked at the complicated affairs and got a headache. She finally stood up and said: "I'm still going to visit him."

Chu Chu: Whether it was true care or false care, I don't want to stay in the company to deal with work anyway.

Chu Chu asked Wang Qing to call a car for herself, so she took the coat on the hanger and packed it up before leaving. Wang Qing quickly agreed but after she arranged the vehicle, she couldn't help but secretly sent a message to assistant to the president Zhang to report the news privately. President Chu's sudden visit would inevitably put a lot of pressure on him, so assistant to the president Zhang had to be prepared.

Chu Chu didn't know the small movements of her subordinates. She drove to Zhang Jianian's address, but the car stopped at a narrow intersection. The driver said apologetically: "President Chu, I'm sorry, I can't seem to get in front."

Chu Chu looked blankly out of the car window, and private cars were parked on both sides of the road, blocking the road tightly and they were unable to pass at all. The mottled residential building was covered with green creepers. The aunts carrying shopping baskets were standing by the road and chatting. There were strange small advertisements posted on the walls. The very pyrotechnic and life-like picture greatly impacted her senses.

She didn't know how long she hadn't seen such a place. She seemed to be insulated from the sense of the world after passing through the book.

Chu Chu was wearing an haute couture with a famous bag on her shoulder, standing at the door of the unit. A bunch of retired uncles who were playing chess gathered under the tree. They saw the uninvited guest with a different style and cried their voices curiously and asked, "Girl, who are you looking for?"

"Hello, may I know which side is Unit 3?" Chu Chu asked politely without fright.

The enthusiastic uncles gave her directions and couldn't help but gossiped: "Ah, I haven't seen you before!"

"Well, I'm here to visit my friend."



Those retired uncles clearly neither loved the Internet nor understood the Internet variety shows, and no one recognized Chu Chu. According to the instructions, Chu Chu found unit 3. There was no elevator in the residential building, and the newspaper box on the side was covered with thick ash. Chu Chu climbed up the stairs, full of suspense in her heart, how could Zhang Jianian live here?

Chu Chu didn't understand the structure of the fund company, but she was not a fool without common sense. Zhang Jianian, as the same level of vice president, would have an annual salary of one million, and even own a certain equity and participate in dividends. He still transferred from Qisheng Group to Yinda Investment, and once worked for Chu Yanyin, probably taking Qisheng’s equity.

Wang Qing could rent a room and a hall near the company, Zhang Jianian's income was absolutely enough for him to buy a house. In Chu Chu's imagination, the financial elite would definitely not live in old residential buildings, which was completely incompatible with the people.

Zhang Jianian worked on hundreds of millions of projects during the day and went home to sleep in a dilapidated residential building at night. Hearing this, people would all shed tears and feel sorry for him. Chu Chu felt sad for a while and wanted to raise his salary in anger.

According to the address, Chu Chu found Zhang Jianian's house. She wanted to ring the doorbell, but found that it was broken, and she had to knock on the heavy iron door helplessly. She hadn't waited for someone to open the door, but there was a strange voice behind her. Chu Chu turned her head and saw that the neighbor opened a crack in the door vigilantly, peeked at her, and then closed the iron door.

Chu Chu was taken aback by the sneaky behavior of the neighbor, only to feel inexplicable.

The sound insulation of the old residential building was not good. Before long, she heard the neighbors yelling at home: "Oh, hey, the shrew next door did not lie! She really has a daughter-in-law who is a beautiful girl!"

"Why are you arguing again, don't you say you don't want to mention this again. You just failed one matchmaking..."

"I'm just mad. She just has a good son. Like her eyes are higher than the top! How can she not buy a house or a car if her son is really good? In addition to his good face, what other conditions are good?"

Chu Chu stood in the narrow aisle and listened to the gossips, like falling from a high-end and exquisite Korean drama to an extremely earthy family.

The heavy iron door was opened violently, and a middle-aged woman wearing an apron appeared, scolding in Chongqing dialect: "He, you know a hammer!"

"Zhang Yafang, you better not be unreasonable!" The neighbor heard the voice and immediately went out to scold.

Zhang Yafang pushed out the door aggressively, wanting to step forward to argue with the other party. The neighbors would not give in, and the two sides would confront each other. The middle-aged aunt's fight was the most terrifying, no one dared to persuade.

"Stop--" Chu Chu couldn't see it anymore and made a pause gesture to mediate from it.

Zhang Yafang wondered: "Who are you?"

Chu Chu said indifferently: "The mediator of the neighborhood committee, both aunts said a few words, to jointly build a civilized community."

Zhang Yafang: "???

Upon seeing this, the neighbor gave Zhang Yafang a supercilious look: "I see there are guests in your house, so I forgive you today!"

When the neighbor finished speaking, she closed the door and left. People didn’t know whether she really didn't care, or she was afraid of Zhang Yafang's sturdiness.

Chu Chu reminded in a timely manner: "Hello Auntie, I am a colleague of Zhang Jianian. I heard that he was sick, so I came to visit."

Zhang Yafang heard the words, looked up and down at Chu Chu with some extraordinary temperament, and wiped her hands on the apron without the prestige just now. She didn't speak Chongqing anymore, but changed to awkward Mandarin and said: "Ah, please come in soon, Jianian is out... he will come back soon!"

Chu Chu nodded and handed the bag to Zhang Yafang: "Auntie, this is a little gift..."

Zhang Yafang quickly reached out to pick up, politely said: "Come here, how could you bring this!"

Chu Chu: "I really don't know what to send, so I brought two pounds of work materials..." waiting for Zhang Jianian to deal with.

Zhang Yafang: "Well, you are too kind!"

Chu Chu followed Zhang Yafang into the house. The floor of the room was covered with floor tiles with a sense of age. The decoration style was also quite old, revealing the style of the last century. The house was cleaned very well, giving Chu Chu a feeling of returning home in the New Year.

Zhang Yafang looked at Chu Chu, who was wearing an expensive suit. Chu Chu's style was completely different from the inside of the house. Zhang Yafang finally enthusiastically suggested: "Otherwise you go to the Jianian’s room and sit down, he will come back soon!"

Zhang Yafang only knew that his son worked in a very powerful company. Colleagues were all rich, so she dared not neglect Chu Chu, trying to make her feel at home. Zhang Yafang obviously cared about her visit, and was busy like a bee who was going around, "May... may I offer you something… coffee?"

"Thank you, aunt. You' don’t have to bother." Chu Chu refused embarrassedly. She didn't expect that it was not the right time for her to come, let alone that assistant to the president Zhang was living with his family.

Zhang Yafang was distressed and looked at Chu Chu with expectation: "What do you want to drink?"

Chu Chu couldn't refuse the love of her elders, so she said: "It's good to have a glass of cool water."

Zhang Yafang succeeded in feeding a cup of cool water to president Chu, and finally left with satisfaction.

Chu Chu wandered around Zhang Jianian's room and finally found some traces of Zhang's life. The simple and elegant computer table was neatly arranged with all kinds of materials. On the shelf were several rows of heavy foreign language books. On the hangers were placed clean shirts and there was a dark single bed. In addition to this, there were no other furnishings in the room, everything was minimalist.

Chu Chu looked at this scene, thinking of her luxurious community and Chu’s mansion, and felt like a vicious capitalist.

Chu Chu: My best subordinate has a poor family, while I spend money like that.

Chu Chu waited boringly for a moment, and then heard the chopping of vegetables in the kitchen. Chu Chu watched at the door. Zhang Yafang noticed her arrival, and quickly asked in awkward Chongqing Mandarin: "Do you have any avoid certain food"

"No, auntie, let me help you." Chu Chu smelled the aroma of the dishes and was a little hungry. She hadn't eaten home-cooked food for a long time.

"No need! You can sit down!" Zhang Yafang said quickly.

Downstairs, Zhang Jianian slowly took the plastic bag upstairs, did not realize that today was different from usual. He went out and forgot to bring his mobile phone. At this time, he was a little uneasy, and felt anxious about missing some information. It was estimated that this was a common problem for modern people. Zhang Jianian thought that he was taking sick leave today, so it should be okay to get away from the communication equipment for a short time, and comforted himself in his heart.

During this time Zhang Jianian was exhausted. To be precise, since he came to Yinda Investment, no day had been easy for him. President Chu was irritable, irrational, and unreasonable, which caused great mental pressure and forced countless colleagues who were trusted by the chairman back. Today, her character had improved and she began to reason, but she talked about nonsense every day, which still put a lot of stress on people.

Zhang Jianian thought of president Chu and yesterday's things, feeling a burst of weakness. He had not yet thought of a solution. He couldn’t talk about this kind of thing to anyone, so he could only hide at home and stay away from the company temporarily.

Zhang Jianian thought about it secretly, but staying at home was equally bad. He was oppressed by president Chu in the company while by Ms. Zhang Yafang at home.

Zhang Jianian took out the key, opened the door and saw the most horrible scene in his life.

Zhang Yafang and president Chu were happily communicating together. Zhang Yafang, with her familiar Sichuan-Chongqing accent, talked about family affairs, and the noble president Chu was now holding her sleeves and squatting to clean dishes. The atmosphere of joy filled the house, and the two terrible women talked and laughed.

Zhang Yafang saw Zhang Jianian with a stiff look at the door and greeted: "Oh, you’ve come back!"

The next second, Zhang Jianian decisively closed the door. He faced the iron door, hoping that he had just saw it wrong and he just tried the wrong way to open the door.

Zhang Jianian: How can two demons appear in hell at the same time? This is as unreasonable as two suns in the sky!

Zhang Jianian hoped this was a dream, but desperately heard the voice inside the door.

Zhang Yafang: "What tricks did he play; he was really confused by the illness..."

Chu Chu: "Maybe he’s too happy to go home, so he wants to reopen the door and taste it."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

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