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Chapter 25

Zhang Jianian was afraid that he would be wrong, so he confirmed it again and asked carefully: "President Chu, what are you going to do with these people?"

Chu Chu's head was not even raised, and she replied rightfully, "For use."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: Hell, the words become weirder.

Now that Zhang Jianian had received the task, he could only solve the problem with a stubborn head. President Chu’s instructions were so ambiguous that he had no clue, and he could only refer to the past success stories—Li Taihe. Although Zhang Jianian was not good at these, he knew how to do the same thing, looking for someone according to Li Taihe's original standards, should he barely reach the passing line?

"Mr. Zhang, what can I do for you?" The CEO of Chenxing Film and Television Co. was shocked when he received a call from Zhang Jianian. The first reaction was that the company's finances were in trouble. After all, Zhang Jianian had only dealt with numbers and money.

Zhang Jianian narrowed his eyebrows slightly, choosing the words carefully and asking, "Does the company have any new people in reserve?"

The other party was stunned. He didn't expect Zhang Jianian to ask about it, and hesitatingly said: "There seem to be a few..."

"President Chu wants to select some young artists with potential. You can choose ten, and send their personal files." Zhang Jianian felt hard to tell about president Chu's real plans. He finally gave a grand reason, and it matched with Chu Chu's original intention somehow.

"Okay, are there five men and five women?" The CEO of Chenxing did not dare to neglect anything and reconfirmed.

"No, ten men." Zhang Jianian thought about it. He thought about president Chu's quirks and added, "Another ten women may be needed."

"No problem, do you have any other requirements?"

"For males, you can refer to Li Taihe, female to Xia Xiaoxiao." Zhang Jianian gave a success case, thinking this time it should be no problem. If there was a template first, the screening process should be easy.

In Chenxing Film and Television Co., Xia Xiaoxiao suddenly received a notice from her colleagues who asked her to help trainee selection. Xia Xiaoxiao was puzzled and couldn't help but raised an objection: "But I only do the content and haven’t connected the performers?"

Xia Xiaoxiao had gradually established a foothold in Chenxing by virtue of the fighting power accumulated in Yinda Investment. When she first landed in the company, she had a fierce conflict with her past colleagues. Xia Xiaoxiao didn't beard it this time, but courageously broke through with the other party, and won the victory in shock and danger, successfully changing from a soft cute white rabbit to a white rabbit with fangs.

Because of president Chu's encouragement, Xia Xiaoxiao made up her mind to make achievements in Chenxing, and dared to express her opinions at work. Xia Xiaoxiao was currently responsible for the content of the project, and the performer selection was indeed far away from her.

"The company now has to select a large number of newcomers to reserve for the project. This is what president Chu meant. Since you want to participate in the project, you will definitely have to deal with these young performers in the future." Colleagues couldn’t say that they just wanted Xia Xiaoxiao to stand aside, so they could choose people according to her, so they gave a reason that looked reasonable.

Xia Xiaoxiao was stunned when she heard president Chu, and hesitantly said: "Is this really what president Chu meant?"

Speaking of this, Xia Xiaoxiao hadn't seen president Chu for a long time. She even felt that president Chu was too busy that she had forgot Chenxing and her.

"Of course, assistant to the president Zhang personally called, can this be fake?" Her colleagues vowed.

Xia Xiaoxiao immediately ignited her ambitions and promised: "Okay, let me help you."

Chenxing Film and Television Co. did have newly signed performers, but there were still too few to reach 10 men and 10 women. Everyone naturally dared not take the big boss’s thoughts lightly and choose strictly according to the template.

A week later, inside the Puxin Building.

Looking at the files submitted by Zhang Jianian, Chu Chu couldn't help but thought deeply. She had a slight headache, and said helplessly: "Are there differences in our understanding of "young and good-looking"?"

Zhang Jianian: "...Are you not very satisfied with these people?"

Chu Chu looked at him and couldn't help pointing it out: "How do these people look like randomly generated by Li Taihe's facial features?"

Chu Chu was quite speechless. Did the world's standard for "beauty" in the book referred directly to the male lead, who looked more like the male lead, who was more beautiful?

Zhang Jianian thought: This was originally selected refereeing to Li Taihe, after all, he was a success case.

Zhang Jianian found that president Chu was not satisfied, and quickly tried to remedy, asking: "What are your specific requirements, or reference objects? We can select candidates more targeted and resubmit a new list."

"Don't be too greasy and weak. It looks like they haven't read a book. It's best to have outstanding temperament. The facial features are well-recognized. Don't be uniformly good-looking, and he should be..." Chu Chu continuously raised her demands, describing her feelings. 

While she was talking, she scanned someone in front of her, touched her chin, and suddenly said, "Hey, you seem somehow quite suitable?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Although Chu Chu often stayed with Zhang Jianian, it was really the first time for her to seriously look at his appearance. Assistant to the president Zhang always acted as a silent background board, plus the "passer-by aura", so he had never attracted attention. At this time, he was wearing a suit with his leather shoes on like usual, and his elegant temperament and straight figure were really impressive.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian were across a table, and she stepped forward curiously, wanting to take a closer look. Zhang Jianian bowed his head directly, stepped back slightly, avoiding president Chu's eyes.

Chu Chu was dissatisfied: "Why are you avoiding me?"

Zhang Jianian was neither intimidated nor humble, and he gave a perfect reason: "President Chu, I will sort out a new list for you now."

Zhang Jianian wanted to run away just after saying this, but he was stopped by the righteous president Chu: "Wait."

Chu Chu narrowed her eyes, waved at him, and said, "Come here."

Zhang Jianian: [Life is finally going to deal with me.jpg]

Zhang Jianian had to take a step forward and asked respectfully, "What can I do for you?"

Chu Chu didn't feel anything ambiguous at all, she asked politely: "I want to take a look at you, is it okay?"

Zhang Jianian asked daringly, "I want to reject you, can I?"

Chu Chu smiled and shook her head: "No."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Chu Chu ignored his expression, walked out from behind the desk and said directly: "You sit there."

Zhang Jianian was too tall, and now she was very tired because she had to look up, so she simply arranged him on the chair for the guest. Zhang Jianian sat down stiffly, allowing president Chu to examine his facial features. Zhang Jianian felt uncomfortable with president Chu who was close to him, hesitating whether to jump and run, but she didn't do anything actually, she was just looking at him.

President Chu was as preoccupied as the plastic surgeon before the surgery, carefully observing his appearance, and finally summed up with emotion: "You are indeed pretty."

Although Zhang Jianian was not a stunning type, but he had a kind of calm temperament. He was like the ink, when it met water, it showed a warm feeling, which reminded people of the ancient modest gentleman. When he smiled, he was polite and friendly. And when he was calm, he was like a pine and cypress in the distant mountains, as if he was a thousand miles away.

Chu Chu saw his polite smile on weekdays, and she really didn't know why she didn't pay attention to Zhang Jianian's true appearance before. Was it because of the filter of the "passer-by aura"?

When Zhang Jianian heard president Chu's words, he became more and more uneasy in his heart. He said dryly, "...Should I thank you for your praise?"

Chu Chu nodded shamelessly: "Yes, I have high expectation."

Chu Chu had seen many celebrities before. If Zhang Jianian was ready, he could be one.

President Chu's focused eyes made Zhang Jianian restless, especially unable to look at her flowing eyes. She didn't touch him at all, but her unscrupulous eyes were so hot as if to break through him.

Zhang Jianian didn't dare to move awkwardly, and he began to think about his career plan. He didn't understand himself who was almost dismissed by his boss last month. Why did he encounter invisible sexual harassment again this month??

"I think you can find some guys according to yourself!" Chu Chu appreciated his appearance, and suddenly got up, clapping her hands and proposing, "Copy and paste ten of you, should it be a problem?"

Zhang Jianian: I am not a paramecium, how can I split so much?

Zhang Jianian saw that president Chu was far away from him and pulled away to a safe distance, and he was relieved immediately.

Zhang Jianian reluctantly replied: "...I’m flattered."

It was absolutely impossible for Zhang Jianian to find others like him. The weirder the words were, the more he always felt that president Chu always hinted at something meaningful. Zhang Jianian's originally smart brain was a bit confused at this time. He didn't dare to think about it for a while. He just wanted to flee and replied in a mess: "President Chu, I will give you the new list later."

Chu Chu didn't realize that he was terrifying, and said casually: "Okay."

The next day, Chu Chu did not receive the new list, but instead the news of Zhang Jianian asking for leave.

Secretary-general Wang Qing said euphemistically: "President Chu, assistant to the president Zhu is sick and takes leave at home today. You can call me if you need anything."

"Sick?" Chu Chu blinked blankly. "Isn't he alright yesterday?"

"Recently, it’s change of seasons, and there are many sick people." Wang Qing explained.

"Okay then." Chu Chu was a reasonable person. Zhang Jianian was always conscientious, and sometimes taking a day off was not a big deal, so she didn't ask much.

Wang Qing routinely asked: "Will you attend the regular meeting of the Fund Operation Department today?"

Chu Chu: "...Wait for him to come back."

Wang Qing: "Then I will summarize your latest financial statements to you?"

Chu Chu: "...Wait for him to come back."

Wang Qing: "The investment projects recently operated by the company..."

Chu Chu: "...Wait for him to come back."

Chu Chu was more and more guilty, somehow, she always felt that the company couldn’t operate without Zhang Jianian, how could there be so many trivial chores every day to deal with!

Chu Chu didn't realize it in the past, but only felt that managing Yinda was like playing a game of monopoly, but now it was found that the execution was so troublesome. Without NPC assistant to the president Zhang, the company would have collapsed long ago. She could only make blueprint ideas and make suggestions based on her understanding of the future, but the actual operation required professionals.

Facing the chaotic daily affairs, Chu Chu could not help but asked: "Do you know where his house is?"

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