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Chapter 24

With excitement, Zui Qianyou flew to a big city and successfully settled in a luxury hotel.

The next day, Zui Qianyou walked blankly in the Puxin Building, looking at the busy white-collar ladies around, and she felt a little dizzy. This environment full of elites made her quite uncomfortable, and there was a feeling of straying into the TV drama scene, and she was inexplicably a little nervous.

"Hello, please follow me." Secretary-General Wang Qing smiled and guided Zui Qianyou, and said softly to her.

"Okay." Zui Qianyou said in a hurry, asking, "Are we going to see..."

Wang Qing responded with empathy: "President Chu's office is here."

Zui Qianyou swallowed and nodded with her efforts trying to calm down. She chatted to her friends casually, but now she instantly panicked when she was really about to meet with president Chu. Zui Qianyou could ridicule unscrupulously online because they used to be far away from president Chu. For her and the majority of netizens, their understanding of president Chu only came from the programs and various news.

Now, Zui Qianyou was standing in Yinda Investment and had a real sense of disparity. Even though president Chu performed humorously on the show, she was still the top decision-makers of a company, the chairman of Yinda Investment, managing many people.

Wang Qing knocked lightly on the door, and entered the room to report. Then she smiled and said to Zui Qianyou: "Please go in."

Zui Qianyou nodded. The first thing she saw when she entered the door was the floor-to-ceiling windows with wide views. Here you can see the prosperity of the big city at a glance. In front of the floor table is a huge desk and a comfortable swivel chair. The woman with a cold temperament is looking down to work. She looks up at the person and gently says: "Come."

Zui Qianyou felt that president Chu's aura was much softer when she didn't speak. Zui Qianyou was somewhat restrained and reached out anxiously: "Hello."

"Hello, take a seat..." Chu Chu shook hands with Zui Qianyou in a good manner. At this time, Wang Qing silently exited the room, leaving only them in the room.

Zui Qianyou put her mobile phone aside and sat on the chair in a precarious manner, earnestly like a pupil waiting to answer questions. Chu Chu wanted to get to the topic immediately, but realized that the other party's attitude was stiff, and she didn't know how to speak for a while, so she had to ask: "...You seem quite nervous?"

Chu Chu was very puzzled: was she scary? Obviously, the public opinion had improved recently, and was there any surprising news?

Zui Qianyou honestly confessed: "I was a little scared to see you for the first time..."

Zui Qianyou's words just fell, but the screen of her mobile phone at the table suddenly lit up, and a WeChat popped up.

——Zui Zui, are you finished fucking president Chu?

Zui Qianyou took a breath, she forgot to block the group before entering the room and put the phone upside down! Why didn't she hold the phone, or put it in her bag, she had to put it on the table!

Zui Qianyou was looking forward in the bottom of her heart: President Chu must never see it, otherwise it would be completely ruined!

The next second, she desperately heard president Chu's voice, and what was surprising was that president Chu didn't get angry.

Chu Chu had no intention of snooping on other people's messages, but she skimmed the contents, still seeing the text on the screen. Chu Chu sized up Zui Qianyou and finally couldn't help but wondered: "Are you a man in women's clothing? Do you even have such a function?"

Chu Chu felt that she should never judge a book by its cover, and Zui Qianyou really looked like a woman.

Zui Qianyou: "..."

Zui Qianyou even wanted to kneel down on the spot: "I'm sorry, president Chu, this is just a joke. Please forgive me..."

Chu Chu said carelessly: "There is a lounge over there, let's go in and talk about who is going to fuck whom?"

Zui Qianyou: "!!!"

Zui Qianyou was blushed with shame, and wanted to find a seam to drill in, or crash into the floor-to-ceiling window to fall freely, and quickly escaped from this embarrassing situation. She felt ashamed of herself extremely and wished that her soul would pull away immediately.

Chu Chu seemed to see through the thoughts of Zui Qianyou, and noticed that she looked at the floor-to-ceiling windows and said lightly: "The windows are very expensive, and you will lose money if you break them."

Zui Qianyou immediately bowed her head and succumbed to the boss: "I'm sorry."

Because of this embarrassing little episode, Zui Qianyou's tension suddenly disappeared, replaced by a sense of numbness. Chu Chu didn't pay any attention to the matter and talked about the topic: "Have you written a script before?"

Zui Qianyou shook her head: "No."

Chu Chu: "Are your college's major and work experiences related to film and television?"

Zui Qianyou: "No."

Chu Chu: "Have you been isolated and focus on creative work for a long time before?"

Zui Qianyou: "No."

Every time Zui Qianyou answered a question, she felt that she was one step further from the screenwriter position. She was like a prisoner being interrogated, her head getting lower and lower.

Chu Chu nodded clearly, summing up: "It's good, then you are the most suitable one."

Zui Qianyou: "???"

Zui Qianyou was worried, and reminded in a small voice: "Why? But I have no experience?"

Chu Chu said lightly: "With no experience, it's better to fool."

"..." Zui Qianyou was stunned. She blinked blankly like a dead computer. "President Chu, I don't quite understand?"

"Oh, sorry, then I’ll change a way that you understand." Chu Chu immediately switched to the expression of sincerity and trust. She shook her hands and persuaded, "I think you are really talented and motivated. You are a must for our project. Experience is not the most important, the key is inspiration and impulse. I believe that this cooperation will also allow you to successfully transform and prove your strength as a screenwriter. Can we work together? The world of "Rouge Bone" that will not disappoint readers."

Zui Qianyou was hit by her sincere eyes, and she felt full of strength in the words of inspiration. She was about to respond steadily, making bold words, and then she saw president Chu resume her expressionless expression.

Chu Chu: "In this way, do you understand better?"

Zui Qianyou: "..."

Zui Qianyou: What seems wrong? Always feel like I’m a fresh graduate who has been deceived by her boss?

In fact, Zui Qianyou didn't really understand what she was talking about with president Chu. She signed the scriptwriter's contract indifferently and was locked in a small black room to start a script creation. Zui Qianyou thought that this trip was just a negotiation, and she could go home after the talk, but did not expect to be detained directly.

Zui Qianyou, as the king of procrastination, was extremely uncomfortable with this life of imprisonment, and weakly proposed: "President Chu, will you let me go home to write?"

Zui Qianyou didn't expect the script creation to be completely different from what she had imagined. She had to write so many words every day, and she had to sort out such complicated main and auxiliary lines. She was now making money selling movies and TV shows, but did she need to fight so hard? She even raised her thoughts to simply stop writing and go home, and they could find other screenwriters.

Chu Chu had long guessed out the thoughts of Zui Qianyou. She did think that the original author was a suitable candidate for the screenwriter. The only drawback was that the creation speed was too slow. According to Chu Chu's project plan, the script had only left half a year for creation, and it took Zui Qianyou two years to write the original.

If they followed the speed of Zui Qianyou in the past, this project may not be able to be done in a short time. Chu Chu would never allow this kind of thing to happen, so it was proposed to invite Zui Qianyou for an interview.

Chu Chu: Since you’ve come here, don't think about leaving.

However, these truths, Chu Chu would definitely not speak directly considering the creative mood of the screenwriter.

Chu Chu's expression switched to " Easy-to-understand for Zui Qianyou Mode" and said gently: "I think the content you created recently is very good, you are really talented, here we can also communicate frequently and communicate many details on the content. Do you think the hotel is not comfortable enough? Or do you want to buy something? Just say what you want, and I let them send it, don’t be polite.

Zui Qianyou was dizzy with Chu’s fart and hospitality, but she still didn’t forget her original intention and hesitated: "I want freedom..."

Chu Chu: "No, you don't."

Zui Qianyou: "..."

Zui Qianyou: "... President Chu, is this a trick?"

Zui Qianyou: It must had been disclosed that she had always postpone, otherwise how could she be detained!

When Zui Qianyou came, she was ecstatic, only to realize that something bad happened. President Chu had prepared early, and the luxury hotel had all the supplies. It seemed that he would be detained for a long time. Everyone else was imprisoned by the overbearing president for love, but she was imprisoned for scripts?

"Sometimes, life without tricks will go to the dead end." Chu Chu calmly said the threat words exquisitely, just like the philosophy of life.

Zui Qianyou: "............"

Zui Qianyou in the black room was like a tube of toothpaste, which was being squeezed hard every day, slowly spitting out new content.

The script work was on track, and Chu Chu focused on the other side, intending to reserve some new actors for the TV series "Rouge Bone".

Zhang Jianian knocked on the door and entered the room, asking: "President Chu, what can I do for you?"

Chu Chu turned around the pen and said casually: "I want to find some young and good-looking boys; do you know the way?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

After listening to this, the first thing that popped up in Zhang Jianian’s mind was the picture of the dandy royal lord walking around the brothel. Who gave president Chu an unpretentious tone anyway? Zhang Jianian thought of president Chu's past black history, and watching her casual attitude, always felt like he was suddenly treated as an old bustard.

He faced the super-level problem and said with difficulty: "…President Chu, I'm sorry, I don't know much about this."

Zhang Jianian: I studied financial investment, but not night club management.

Chu Chu didn't find her words ambiguous and misunderstood. She wondered: "What else do you not know? How did you find them in the past?"

Zhang Jianian confessed helplessly: "...I don't know how you found them in the past."

His job was only to assist the boss to deal with company affairs, not involving private life. He could follow president Chu in and out of the conference room, but he couldn't follow her in and out of the nightclub!

Chu Chu did not expect the original owner to be so grounded, and actually chose the person herself, but it seemed reasonable seeing Li Taihe. She thought about it for a moment, and said: "Then you arrange this time, let them screen ten people out and show me."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian got a headache that he had no clue about his job for the first time.

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