I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 23

Chu Yanyin adhered to his motto of honesty. Even if the blind date failed, he still fulfilled his promise of 500 million.

Chu Chu was so happy that she was busy flattering Chu Yanyin. She felt that the chairman was far more than ordinary people, who was the real model of respect for love and righteousness and being honest.

Chu Yanyin saw it and snorted: "If I can keep you obedient by giving you money, I don't have to bother."

Chu Yanyin now had a headache when he saw her. The relationship between the father and the daughter seemed to be just easing, but they were always tit-for-tat. The taste was indescribable. Chu Yanyin was sometimes curious, what sin did he make in his last life, how could there be such a daughter?

Chu Chu said proudly: "Actually, this is a fair trade. You pay, and I provide services."

Chu Yanyin said: "What service? I pay for your honest and obedience?"

Chu Chu blinked, and corrected righteously: "Of course not. Chairman, you are buying a lesson. In the future, you will be able to take advantage of the past experience and benefit from this for a lifetime."

Chu Yanyin: "..."

Chu Chu: "I have also long-term peddling suffers, tricks and other products of all kinds of varieties, good quality and low price, welcome the chairman to buy."

Chu Yanyin frowned, rubbing his temples: "... Jianian, it’s late. You may go back first."

Zhang Jianian: "...Yes, chairman Chu."

Seeing that Chu Yanyin had resumed his polite and well-planned businessman posture, she gave a boring sigh. Chairman chu was deeply mentally attacked today. At this time, he was numb and just wanted to send her away quickly.

The 500 million blind date bonuses could be said to have relieved Chu Chu of her urgent needs. She was worried that she had insufficient funds and could not finish her projects. Now that the money was enough, the rest was artistic creation, and the recently reserved IP came in handy. Chu Chu roughly planned the investment of various projects. Eggs couldn’t be put in one basket, and she wouldn’t throw 500 million into just one drama.

The 500 million funds had just arrived, and president Chu had already planned how to spend all of the money. When Zhang Jianian heard the news, the surprise was not that president Chu was so generous, but that she would actually make a film and television project budget.

Somehow, President Chu had never asked about the company’s specific affairs any more. She didn’t even bother to look at the investment case. Instead, she began to cast blueprints everywhere to make plans. Zhang Jianian thought she would be completely insulated from the numbers. Unexpectedly, she seemed to know something about finance.

To be precise, President Chu's attention to financial investment had dropped significantly, and the direction of development was gradually moving closer to other industries.

Zhang Jianian did not know whether this situation was good or bad, but the employees of Yinda Investment were a lot easier. They got a chance to breathe and their work enthusiasm also increased.

The original president Chu was extremely harsh, and she did not want to listen to the different opinions of others, forcing everyone in the company to be scared of being fired. After all, assistant to the president Zhang was almost fired because of being honest. Others didn't even have the position of him. Who dared to say a few words oppose her?

President Chu was much better now. As long as she could complete her basic requirements and the investment plan went down according to the conventional process, President Chu would not ask too much and directly let assistant to the president Zhang check. President Chu didn't like to intervene in business, so everyone had room to make great efforts and could fully mobilize their abilities and talents.

There was no waste in Yinda Investment, but the high-pressure policies of the past had restrained everyone's talents. Zhang Jianian found that president Chu's focus was on the entertainment industry. Others turned their attention to other industries, such as the Internet, new energy, medical, education, e-commerce, etc., and gradually planned the investment layout of Yinda.

On the other side, Chenxing Film and Television Co., under the order of president Chu, madly bought novel IPs, which also caused a lot of shock in the online literature world. On a well-known forum, many web writers discussed the matter.

Chenxing Film and Television Co.'s vigorous buying methods made the authors eager to sell. After all, as long as they could sell the copyright, it would be a huge amount of money. Chenxing initially only focused on well-known web authors. With the end of the inquiry of the head IP, it began to slowly select high-quality waist novels.

Hong Xiaomi: Does anyone understand the copyright purchase process of Chenxing? Why do people around me all sell theirs to this company?

Gugu Bird: Hell, I was also asked by Chenxing for the price. Isn't it said that the price is okay? Will they really make them real shots after buying so many?

The Strongest in the universe: The princess of Qisheng is behind Chenxing. It is normal for them to have money. Anyway, I sold it.

Mice: I'm so envious, how can I sell my copyright. Can I also dream a sweet dream?

Sesame sugar: Infamous authors were okay, Chenxing buy IP according to data and content, and content> data.

Yu Yu: If I successfully sell my copyright, it is possible for president Chu to see my novel_(:з)∠)_I am a super fan of her. I don’t ask for money but only for her post-reading. The prototype of the novel is her.

Meow Meow Prawn: On which website are you publishing your novels, upstairs? Could it be that the wireless widowed wife ran away with the ball hahahahahaha, the male lead is the prince of Qisheng who masters the lifeline of the world economy??

Hula hoop: Hahahaha what’s ‘ran away with the ball’! President Chu wakes up from a large bed of 100 square meters every day and looks at the mansion of two acres, but not happy. The heroine was a silly white sweet girl who silently wrote novels, and strayed into a luxury hotel to have an overnight affair with president Chu. The next day, President Chu signed a check with a big hand and threw it to the heroine, saying "This is what you deserve".

Sweet Bean: These familiar words are quite impressive when they are inserted into the face of a real person. Am I crazy? (:з)∠)_

Crazy brain hole: After that upstairs, the heroine thought she would never meet president Chu again, but did not expect to meet again by chance. President Chu said to the heroine: "Women, your taste is really damn good." After the spring breeze, the heroine started to run with the ball during pregnancy, and then the one tendency is that president Chu sent helicopters to catch her back. Another tendency of the text is that after many years, the heroine brought the small bun to meet president Chu.

Pistachio: Hahahahaha I really want to let her see where these terrible stories are going. LOL!

Don't sleep on Monday: Don't rob me, I am the heroine for president Chu. Where did you passers-by came from! !

This post was getting hotter and hotter, and began to crook the building with great interest, falling into the domineering plot of the overbearing president.

Zui Qianyou smiled after reading it, and got the source of happiness today, and closed the forum website after laughing.

Zui Qianyou was a famous web writer. She liked to write and had always insisted on writing novels. She had a good popularity on the Lvjiang Literature Online and had accumulated a fixed readership over the years. Recently, Zui Qianyou could be described as getting wealth over one night, and the novels she wrote were all sold in film and television copyrights. She was the type of author whose works were packaged by Chenxing to purchase the copyright. Zui Qianyou simply resigned at home with a hot mind, ready to write novels full-time.

Her friend was shocked by her actions, and persuaded her: "Resign really? How much money can you earn by writing a novel? There is no guarantee for this thing!"

Zui Qianyou replied: "I'm going to buy a house now."

"...Big brother, goodbye." The friend immediately clung to his fist, "Don't forget me when you’re rich!"

Zui Qianyou also felt a lot of feelings. She faced a huge amount of deposits, and did not expect that her hobby of writing novels could bring such a rich income, and even helped her settle down in this city. Chenxing Film and Television Co. bought the copyrights to change all of her novels at a package price. You must know that there were many novels by Zui Qianyou, and they added up to a huge sum of money.

Zui Qianyou was busy watching the house these days, but she was suddenly surprised to be contacted again by the Copyright Department of Chenxing. She thought something was wrong, and said carefully: "Is there anything wrong? Is there any problem in the contract?"

Zui Qianyou was a little uneasy: the money has already been paid; can't they regret it now?

The other party said politely: "No, we would like to discuss with you the follow-up cooperation to see if you are interested in participating in the project?"

Zui Qianyou said blankly: "What do you mean?"

The other party explained: "As the original author, you have the best understanding of characters and stories. If you are interested in the script creation of the TV series project, we can also talk about the details of the cooperation."

Zui Qianyou suddenly understood that the other party may intentionally asked her to adapt her own novel, or to cooperate with the screenwriters to provide comments. She responded, "Yes, when will we talk?"

The staff of Chenxing's Copyright Department first briefly talked with Zui Qianyou, and then arranged for her to fly to the city where the headquarters was located, send her the flight ticket and the hotel information, and agreed to meet to finalize the details. Zui Qianyou checked the other party’s booking of the luxury hotel, and only felt that this company was so rich and weakly said: "In fact, we can communicate remotely, and I don’t have to fly over..."

There was no free lunch. Zui Qianyou even pitied for Chenxing for spending so much money. This trip also cost a lot.

A member of the Copyright Department said softly: "I'm sorry, but I still have to trouble you to come over, because president Chu also wants to meet you and communicate directly with you about cooperation."

Zui Qianyou could not believe it: "...Which president Chu?"

"We only have one President Chu."

This was obviously a serious moment, but in the head of Zui Qianyou was the overbearing president plot in the post. She felt that she was a little unkind, not only taking other people's money, but also messing with the big boss in her mind.

Zui Qianqian you lived in a small town in the south. President Chu definitely could not fly over to find her, so it was better for Zui Qianqian to fly there. Zui Qianqian and the staff of the Copyright Department decided on a schedule, and could not wait to share her happiness in a small group of WeChat with her friends, who were all the authors she had known for many years.

——President Chu has booked a luxury hotel for me and asked me to meet!

——Which president Chu?

——Prince of Qisheng! My goodness, the plane ticket is even first class!

——Zuizui, are you overbrushing the forum and being poisoned by the main storyline. Recently, you have just sold Chenxing your copyright, and now you want their boss?

——I’ll show you the ticket and the hotel information, I would be a puppy if I lie!


——Hell! Are you going to be the heroine of the novel?

——Will I have something special with president Chu? And when I woke up and was thrown a check, then president Chu let me go [shy]

——Then I advise you to pick up the check and run when the time comes. Don't let her catch up with you, and you will be successful after that!

——Successful after that [Shy]

——Why are you so erotic and violent!

——No, Zuizui, you can never touch my president Chu!

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