I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 22

Chu Yanyin was angry with such rebellious words, he glared slightly but he finally stayed calm since he was a man of long experience. Chu Yanyin did not directly fight back. Instead, he looked at Zhang Jianian, and said: "Jianian, you tell her to let her not be blown away by netizens, others just want to laugh at her!"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: Chairman Chu is so naive that he even started to retaliate by the same way.

Chu Chu sneered and looked at Zhang Jianian, saying coolly: "You tell Chairman Chu that the businessmen are still rigid now. Sooner or later, he will be eliminated by society, and not everyone can tell jokes!"

Chu Yanyin: "You tell her that the heterodox doctrines is not a long-term plan, honesty is the law of everything!"

Chu Chu: "You tell him, stubbornness will only cause harm both to himself and others, and it's the easiest way to lose his feet when he’s so opinionated!"

Zhang Jianian: ...how can this be a battle now? Do you both freestyle?

Zhang Jianian chose the words carefully and said tentatively: "In fact, you can communicate directly..."

Everyone was clearly staying under the same roof, so why bother to pass the words by him. What was the difference with face-to-face communication? Everyone must add a sentence "You tell him/her" at the beginning, and Zhang Jianian even felt tired for the bosses.

Chu Yanyin and Chu Chu shared the same voice: "No!"

The weak, poor and helpless assistant to the president Zhang: "..."

Zhang Jianian even hoped that president Chu's blind date would arrive early so that he could be freed from the battle. The door of the room was finally knocked lightly, and Chu Yanyin immediately concealed the leaked emotion just now, restoring the image of the formerly smart and calm. He glared sharply at Chu Chu and warned: "Behave yourself now."

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows slightly, showing an expression of noncommittal, sitting on the side with Zhang Jianian. Zhang Jianian politely said: "Chairman Chu and president Chu, I will go back to the company first, enjoy your meal..."

Chu Chu glanced at him meaningfully: "Do you want to run away?"

Chu Yanyin echoed: "Jianian, you stay together."

Zhang Jianian: ... to die together?

The door of the box was pushed open, the waiter guided the outsiders in, and Chu Yanyin quickly got up and greeted him. Chu Chu casually looked out of the door, but after seeing the coming person, she showed a surprised look. She questioned Zhang Jianian suspiciously: "Is old Chu not my biological father?"

"Why?" Zhang Jianian didn't know why president Chu was suddenly thinking about it, and quickly dispelled her messy thoughts. "Of course, the chairman is your biological father."

Chu Chu was shocked and said angrily: "Then he arranged for me to blind date with middle-aged people? I was so unsightly in his eyes!?"

As the old saying, you could figure out what you were in the matchmaker's mind when you saw your partner of the blind date.

The man who entered the room had a round faces seemingly full of blessings, his small eyes narrowed slightly, his big belly was big, like a smiling Maitreya Buddha. Although he looked full of wealth, he was definitely much older than Chu Chu, and was not her peers at all. Chu Chu was very distressed, even if she was careless about the blind date, what the matchmaker old Chu dis was too much!

Zhang Jianian said helplessly: "...that's chairman Nan, it should be the father of your partner of the blind date."

Chairman Nan was a business man who was no less than Chairman Chu. He was in charge of Nanfeng Group, and his son Nan Yandong was also a well-known young talent in the industry.

Nan Yandong was thirty-two years old this year. He had studied abroad for many years. Since childhood, he had been nurtured by his musician mother and had extraordinary accomplishments on the piano. He was also an Internet upstart. With his sophisticated investment vision, he was gaining a foothold in a new field. He was a very powerful figure.

Even though Chu Yanyin was not happy with Chu Chu, he would certainly not harm her. He also conscientiously collecting a bunch of high-quality young people. Because of the cooperation between Qisheng Group and Nanfeng Group, Chu Yanyin and chairman Nan raised the matter. The two old fritters fit in easily with each other.

After listening to Zhang Jianian's explanation, Chu Chu said lightly: "Is him so good?"

Chu Chu always felt that Nanfeng Group sounded like there was another little story, but she didn't recall any one whose surname was Nan in the novel.

Zhang Jianian wanted to persuade president Chu to let go and not be too resistant to the blind date. He replied smoothly: " Chairman Nan's son is really famous..."

Chu Chu: "Better than me? I didn't see you praise me like this?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian was deeply impressed by president Chu's strangeness today, and she seemed to be still angry about his standing with the chairman.

On the other side, Chu Yanyin and chairman Nan shook hands and greeted each other. Chu Yanyin found that there was no one behind chairman Nan and wondered: "Aren’t Yandong with you?"

There was a trace of embarrassment on chairman Nan's face, and he smiled embarrassedly: "Chairman Chu, I'm really sorry. Yan Dong was suddenly not available today, so he couldn't come. I'm here to apologize. It's really a coincidence..."

After saying this, chairman Nan felt guilty himself. He didn't expect his son to lose his temper suddenly and wouldn't come, and he just went out. chairman Nan had already promised Chu Yanyin but he could do nothing but to explain with apology.

Chu Yanyin was stunned, and there was still a light smile on his face, but it was far from the real one, and the smile was not up to the bottom of his eyes: "What is worthy of an apology, you are too kind."

Chu Yanyin was unhappy in his heart, and felt that Nan Yandong really did not understand the etiquette, and chairman Nan was also ridiculous. Even blind dates could be missed, why did you agree? Who did you want to humiliate?

The status of the two was equal, and there was no meaning to cling to each other. Obviously, they wanted to make a good story, but now they were almost enemies. If this kind of thing was not handled properly, the friendship between Chu Yanyin and chairman Nan would also disperse.

Chu Chu whistled happily whistled beside, and ridiculed: "Chairman Chu, are you okay? Finally, you can arrange this event, and you can’t even find the parties. The execution is not as strong as my assistant."

Chu Yanyin's face was ugly, and he scolded: "How come you have a mouth to talk all the time! "

Chu Chu's dissatisfaction: "You are plagiarizing my words on the program..."

Zhang Jianian saw that the father and the daughter were going to fight each other again and whispered: "President Chu, if the blind date fails, the 500 million will be gone."

Chu Chu: "!!!"

She almost forgot this, but what could she do since the other one didn’t come? Would Chu Yanyin refuse to pay the bill?

Chairman Nan didn't expect Chu Chu to be so straightforward. He touched the sweat on his head and smiled: "Chu Chu, I'm really sorry. This time it's my fault. I didn't do it well. I will definitely scold him when I go back..."

Chu Chu thought of 500 million, and immediately felt a sense of mission. She waved her hand: "It's okay, otherwise you can replace him! The best way to scold him is to find him a stepmother!"

Chu Yanyin sternly stopped her: "Shut up!"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: I always feel that the persuasion just made a counter-effect and push president Chu to do more bizarre things.

Chairman Nan was frightened by Chu Chu's bold speech and waved his hand in a hurry: "How can that happen..."

Chu Chu was afraid that there would be no blind date, and the funds would be gone. Ignoring Chu Yanyin's angry expression, she couldn't help but persuade him, and made a famous saying: "You have already come, just go through the motions!"

Chu Yanyin's face turned black, and he couldn't bear it: "Jianian, you let her shut up!"

Zhang Jianian who was suddenly called: "?????"

Zhang Jianian played hard, he served tea for Chu Chu, dryly said: "President Chu, the weather is dry recently, drink more hot water..."

"Chairman Chu, I think it's really a bad time today. I'll apologize again at another day. See you later!" Chairman Nan had also wanted to have a meal and apologized sincerely to Chu Yanyin. Now he was scared by Chu Chu and fled away quickly, and even ignored the courtesy.

Chairman Nan looked up to Chu Yanyin. He was angry with his son today, and chairman Chu had to be angry every day. Chairman Nan looked at Chu Yanyin, even revealing a pity. Sure enough, money couldn’t mean everything. What's the use of wealth? The most important thing was that children were obedient, and the family was happy.

"Little girl is disobedient, let you laugh." Chu Yanyin's head was so big that a good blind date was completely collapsed. Chu Yanyin was also distracted and had no interest in anything, so he simply bid farewell to chairman Nan.

As soon as chairman Nan left, the door closed, and Chu Yanyin said angrily: "You are just fooling around! Right?"

Chu Chu lazily retorted: "I didn't make an appointment, obviously people look down on me, can you blame this on me?"

Chu Yanyin was originally burnt with anger, but now he was stabbed with heartache by her casual and cold words. He was in a complex mood, with both love and hate. On the one hand, he was annoyed by Chu Chu's rebellion. On the other hand, he did not want others to despise her. The father's heart was repeatedly tormented by the contradiction, and he no longer scolded her.

Chu Yanyin was sullen in his chest, and said in a deep voice: "You just said something deliberately, want to annoy me, right?"

Chu Chu looked up at him and retorted: "When did I say anything deliberately? I just say that you are not as good as my assistant, don’t be so mean."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: Thank you so much. Don’t mention me at this time.

Zhang Jianian would not dare to offend president Chu anymore, and he also needed to think twice when he chose the side. President Chu was skilled.

Chu Yanyin looked at Chu Chu who was heartless, and he was so angry that he simply pointed it out: "What is the best way to scold him, is to find him a stepmother?" Do you think you are scolded? "

Chu Yanyin's relationship with Chu Chu had been bad in recent years, partly because of Lin Mingzhu in the middle. The original female supporting role had an extremely bad attitude towards Lin Mingzhu. Because of the stepmother's existence, she completely moved away from the mansion and her relationship with her father became rigid. It sounded to Chu Yanyin that Chu Chu's words just reflected her own experience and secretly accused Chu Yanyin.

Chu Chu was amazed by chairman Chu's thoughts and wondered: "...how can you get this?"

Her thoughts were not so complicated. She had forgotten Lin Mingzhu, who would remember the cheap stepmother in the book?

Chu Yanyin didn't seem to believe it, even a hint of pain appeared on his face, as if he was grudged about her words.

Chu Chu waved her hands and explained: "Oh, it's going to rain, and dad is going to marry someone. I've seen it for a long time. It’s not what you think!"

Chu Yanyin listened to her casual words, but this time he did not get angry. His eyes dimmed and he murmured: "I know you are still blaming me..."

Chu Chu saw that Chu Dong had lost the spirit of the past, and only then discovered that he was older. Chu Yanyin's eyes were covered with wrinkles, but others could only see his shrewdness in the business world, ignoring his old age. Now, like an ordinary and clumsy father, he was heartbroken by his children and showed a sad look.

If Chu Chu was the original person, she may be able to continue to get angry with Chu Yanyin hysterically, but she was not. Because she was an outsider, from an objective perspective, she could better see Chu Yanyin's fatherly love. He was not good at expressing it, and even contrary to his wishes, leading to a further deterioration of the relationship between the father and the daughter. But it was undeniable that he had left a soft place for her in his heart.

Otherwise, Chu Yanyin could regenerate other children, why still concentrate on Chu Chu? Why did he propose a three-year contract to push Chu Chu advance?

Chu Chu could really care nothing about the world in the book, but she couldn't turn a blind eye to others' true heart, even if he was a paper man.

"How come, how can the father and the daughter have hatred overnight..." Chu Chu was used to fighting with chairman Chu. Now, looking at him like this, she was not adapted and subconsciously denied.

She always yielded to soft approach but rejected force. She was most afraid of playing this kind of emotional card and pursed her lips: "I understand your kindness..."

Zhang Jianian heard the words, revealing a relieved look. President Chu had grown up.

Because of president Chu's words, chairman Chu who was originally upset, was also appeased. Chu Yanyin's eyes softened and the atmosphere in the house was harmonious. The father and the daughter looked at each other, as if the ice had melted, and finally they had to resolve the gap between them for many years.

Chu Chu weakly said: "...but somehow, I always want to fight against you."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Chu Chu was afraid of Chu Yanyin's misunderstanding, and forcibly explained: "... presumably, although I know that you are good for me, I still want to make you angry. If you are not happy, I will be happy!"

Zhang Jianian: You can shut up.

"Of course, if you are too unhappy, I don't seem to be happy either." Chu Chu scratched her face and said frankly.

"..." Chu Yanyin’s mood suddenly jumped up and down because of Chu Chu's words, and finally a heart landed smoothly.

He squeezed the bridge of his nose wearily, and sighed almost inaudibly: "Well, if you don't like blind dates, I won't arrange it in the future."

Chu Yanyin didn't want her daughter to be humiliated a second time, so he simply let her go and let her work hard for three years at first.

Chu Chu sighed with relief, and inevitably stepped in. She asked cautiously, "...Will the 500 million still be mine?"

Chu Yanyin: "..."

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