I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 21

Zhang Jianian's original judgment on the Xiaoying Culture was right. The various programs of this company were not really outstanding. " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" didn't even get a title sponsorship at the beginning. It was said on the Internet that the show was in full swing all because of the power of president Chu, which was true. The original manuscript of the show was plain, and the guests were not outstanding. If it was not for the popularity of president Chu, it was impossible to get such a good result.

However, this kind of thing was about fortune, and as long as the first show of the Xiaoying Culture was red, the business and advertising behind it would continue to grow. The investment was followed by the improvement of the level of the program. President Chu's performance in the first episode had set the keynote for " I am the King of Sharp Tongue", as long as the screenwriters could maintain it, the show should be successful for sure.

If " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" could maintain its momentum, until the end of the first season, Xiaoying Culture could basically carry out Series-A funding, and its valuation should be doubled. The conditions proposed by Zhang Jianian during the Pre-A round were quite harsh, and Yinda Investment could make a solid profit without compensation.

President Chu was bold and willing to invest at once, and actually achieved good results. Zhang Jianian secretly named this phenomenon as "Chu’s Investment". Its principle was to disregard the normal investment process and common sense. All behaviors were based on the general consciousness of president Chu, and ultimately it could achieve excellent results. It was not because of metaphysics, but president Chu's mood.

Zhang Jianian: We study the market every day, but we can't beat the boss's casual jokes. It’s heartbreaking.

Zhang Jianian thought that after the program was broadcast, the matter was settled, but unexpectedly received a call from Han Dong, the CEO of Xiaoying Culture.

"Mr. Zhang, is president Chu free recently?" On the phone, Han Dong was very polite with a flattering tone, making Zhang Jianian suspicious.

As they all knew, Zhang Jianian had a normal relationship with Han Dong. He vigorously opposed investment in Xiaoying Culture, and the two of them were ostensibly nice to each other. Han Dong would never call Zhang Jianian "Mr. Zhang", but now he showed extra concern, and he must be up to something.

Zhang Jianian was not humble or overbearing, "Didn’t president Han always directly contact president Chu, why do you suddenly ask me this time?"

Han Dong used to contact president Chu directly for investment, and later contacted president Chu privately for the show. Every time he secretly contacted president Chu; Zhang Jianian remembered it in his small book.

Han Dong knew the deep meaning in Zhang Jianian's words and said: "Oh, Mr. Zhang, why bother about the past ..."

Zhang Jianian did not want to spend more time talking with him, politely said: "What’s the matter?"

Han Dong quickly told out his secret idea, "President Chu performed so well on the show. I want to ask if she is interested in coming again ..."

"..." Zhang Jianian thought that Han Dong was really not kind, who wanted to rely on his boss. He couldn't help but reminded him, "You may not know that while president Chu's performance on the show is good, chairman Chu's performance after watching the show is not good. "

Chu Yanyin lost his temper after watching "I am the King of Sharp Tongue", and because Chu Chu blacklisted his number, he madly called Zhang Jianian and told him to stop Chu Chu from all kinds of variety shows. Chu Yanyin even wanted to take the program off the shelf for a time. If Zhang Jianian didn’t make a dissuasion, it was estimated that "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was already yesterday’s show.

Because he did not want to further intensify the contradiction between the father and the daughter, Zhang Jianian did not tell president Chu these things, but he did not show any respect to Han Dong, who tried to abduct his boss again. Every time they provoked a bunch of things, it was always Zhang Jianian who beard the anger of the chairman in the end.

Han Dong heard the words, but grabbed another key point shamelessly: "Chairman Chu also watched our program? Great, is he interested in coming?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: I’m afraid that you have lost your mind, and you really want to feel the coldness of the sky and go bankrupt.

Although Zhang Jianian was slightly dissatisfied with Han Dong, he still dutifully reported to president Chu: "President Chu, Han Dong asked if you have any intentions to attend the show again?"

Chu Chu didn't even raise her head, and flatly refused: "What are you doing with him? I have blacklisted him. Give me the IP plan soon."

Han Dong harassed Chu Chu all day long, hoping she would come to the show again. Chu Chu was upset by his call, and she simply blacklisted him. Anyway, she dared to even blacklist Chu Yanyin, was she afraid of Han Dong?

Zhang Jianian: “...” No wonder Han Dong called himself, he had already been rebuffed.

"This is the material you want." Zhang Jianian saw that president Chu had no intention of appearing on the show again, and he immediately dropped his heart and put the novel's IP negotiation proposal on the table.

Chu Chu roughly flipped through the material, and raised her pen to draw some circles, and then reached out to push the book back to Zhang Jianian. She said: "The books in the circle are good. They should be reserved for Chenxing to develop. You don’t need to buy those with the cross. As for the rest, you can buy those depending on the price. "

Zhang Jianian wondered: "Did you read it yourself?"

The copyright evaluation department of Chenxing Film and Television Co. had not yet made a general opinion report. Did president Chu directly evaluate them herself? You should know that there was a lot of content on the book list, and it was hard even to read all of them.

"Yeah, I read it last night." Chu Chu rubbed her eyes, nodded and explained, "Don't you say you're afraid of the pressure if we should buy all of them? So, I'll filter them first."

Zhang Jianian learned that president Chu stayed up late last night to read the books, and was rather sorry for that. He couldn't help persuading: "You just let us do these things, why do you stay up late and exhaust yourself?"

Chu Chu: "No, because you have to do more difficult things, so let me read the novel."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: This logic seems to be right?

Zhang Jianian collected the material and checked the schedule with president Chu. He said methodically: "Tomorrow morning there will be a regular meeting of the Investment Management Department. Do you want to attend?"

Chu Chu thought that the investment terminology at the meeting and suddenly felt a headache, and directly said: "You go for me."

Zhang Jianian: "Okay, would you like to attend the meeting with Guangjie Entertainment that afternoon?"

Chu Chu: "Go for me."

Zhang Jianian: "Then the meeting about the company's next fund business, would you..."

Chu Chu: "Go for me."

Zhang Jianian: "Chairman Chu invites you to have dinner tonight, what time is the best time to go?"

Chu Chu: "Go for me."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian showed a polite and gentle smile and reminded her with a good temper: "President Chu, I can't."

Chu Chu shook her head in disbelief: "Shouldn't he be busy? Why does he ask me to dinner all day long?"

Chu Chu was almost exhausted after she took over the original soul’s company, and now she could barely survive because she pushed many complicated and troublesome things to Zhang Jianian. It was for this reason that Yinda Investment could continue to operate normally, otherwise leaving the financial noob Chu Chu managing the company, it would shut down in minutes!

Chu Yanyin, as a business tycoon, obviously should be busier than her. Why would he chase after her every day?

Zhang Jianian patiently persuaded: "The chairman cares about you, so he will frequently ..."

Chu Chu said with a blank expression: "Can you not fool me around, just be honest, okay?"

Zhang Jianian changed his mind in an instant. He dared not conceal anymore and said carefully: "The chairman seems to have arranged a blind date for you tonight."

Zhang Jianian had wanted to muddle through and did not mention it, but was afraid that president Chu would blow up on the spot, so he reminded her first.

Chu Chu: "..."

Chu Chu touched her forehead and confirmed again: "Wait, haven’t I woken up, what do you say that he arranged?"

Zhang Jianian said bitterly: "The chairman is very angry with you on the show and arranged a blind date for you."

Chu Chu said flatly: "Then I can't go anymore!"

Zhang Jianian considered the words: "The chairman said that if you refuse to go, he will reconsider Yinda's future plans."

The unspoken line was, if president Chu was disobedient, chairman Chu would do something to Yinda.

Chu Chu gritted her teeth, "He is threatening me! The three-year contract is not over yet!"

Zhang Jianian said weakly: "The chairman also said that if you are willing to participate in the blind date, he will give you an additional 500 million yuan... otherwise you try to bear it?"

Chu Chu was furious, "My dignity and ideals are worth just 500 million? Does he think I will be tempted by money?"

After Zhang Jianian conveyed chairman Chu’s words, he saw president Chu’s anger and shut his mouth cleverly, intending to be a background.

Chu Chu boldly patted the table and said: "Say, where is the place? Is it 500 million yuan for a blind date? Then you let him hurry to arrange 20 dates and make up 10 billion yuan. I don’t have much time. "

Zhang Jianian: "............ I will arrange the car for you."

Zhang Jianian: It is really the law of "So delicious!" that no one can escape.

(Translator's Note: the law of "So delicious!", it’s origin can be traced back to a 2014 incident on Hunan TV reality show X-change, which is the same to "a slap on her own face".)

After work, the bustling city was brightly lit at night, and an expensive and low-key luxury car was on the road. Zhang Jianian sat anxiously on the co-pilot and couldn't help but politely refused again: "President Chu, I really feel that this is inappropriate, and the company still has a lot of work backlog. I will go back to deal with the matter and not attend the dinner after I send you there... "

Zhang Jianian should be blindly confident that he would dare to go to this battle field. If he really went, he would be dead.

Chu Chu said indifferently: "Shut up, 'Chairman said' all day long, and it’s useless when I say it?"

Zhang Jianian had a headache now, and he pleaded with difficulty: "President Chu, I'm just a messenger..."

Chu Chu said indifferently: "Then you are still a messenger tonight. What do I say to you, you just say "President Chu said" to him and use the tone you talked to me with today!"

Chu Chu felt that it was necessary to educate Zhang Jianian so that he could figure out where he should stand.

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: It’s the battle between you two, the father and the daughter, what did I do wrong??

The meeting place was an elegant restaurant. Chu Yanyin had booked a box in advance and arrived first. When Chu Yanyin saw Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian entering the house, he raised his eyebrows casually: "Jianian said that you will lose your temper, isn't it well?"

Chu Yanyin was waiting for Chu Chu to reply, but saw her waving hands to Zhang Jianian. Zhang Jianian was reluctant, but finally hesitantly bowed his head and listened.

Chu Chu leaned to Zhang Jianian's ear and said: "You ask him, I’m here, what about the 500 million?"

Zhang Jianian: ... how does this sound like a kidnapper in a movie asking for a ransom?

Zhang Jianian was powerless to speak up, but he did not dare to disobey president Chu, so he said to Chu Yanyin: "President Chu said, she would like to know when you will fulfill your promise after the date?"

Chu Chu glared at Zhang Jianian, dissatisfied with his way of conveying it, was she so polite?

Chu Yanyin was baffled by the way the two communicated, and there was an eagle-like light in his eyes: "After the blind date, I will naturally transfer the money. I still have something to deal with you, you are ashamed of everything on the show. What does it look like? "

Chu Chu didn't answer directly, she told Zhang Jianian first, forcing him to convey it on her behalf. After listening to president Chu's reply, Zhang Jianian showed a complex and tangled look on his face.

He finally spoke amidst Chu President’s glaring and chairman Chu’s doubts, and said softly: “President Chu said that you are her father, of course, like you.”

Chu Yanyin: "..."

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