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Chapter 20

Zhang Jianian felt helpless at the thought of the Xiaoying Culture at the beginning, and wondered whether he should argue with president Chu about the IP issue. President Chu had argued fiercely with him last time. Now that things had turned over, it seemed that both old and new hatred must be counted if he hastily inquired again,.

Chu Chu noticed Zhang Jianian's complicated facial expression and asked, "Do you have any ideas?"

Zhang Jianian asked patiently: "Can I say what I think?"

Chu Chu generously agreed: "Of course, just that I don't have to listen anyway."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian had become accustomed to president Chu's horseplay.

Zhang Jianian was given a chance to speak. He didn't know where to start for a while, and finally he could only ask seriously: "Do you seriously want to complete the ten billion agreement with the chairman?"

Zhang Jianian sometimes felt that president Chu's behavior was bizarre, while sometimes she was very logical so he could not help getting into a tangle. In fact, he could ignore the decision of president Chu. Someone used to persuade him not to be too honest and always argue with the boss, but he couldn't let himself go.

Chu Chu blinked and said decisively: "Yes, I'm doing it very seriously."

If she didn't have the ambition to win, why bother to spend a lot of time and effort, was it not good to lie down and sleep all day?

Zhang Jianian sighed: "Well, I believe your decision."

When she saw him relax, she showed a satisfied look. She didn't want to be too overwhelming, but many facts were difficult to explain.

Zhang Jianian didn't believe in the development of web fiction or the rise of IP, but he believed that president Chu's approach made sense. He felt that such an irrational investment method was really humiliating to his professional ethics. It was definitely one of the most stupid ideas to decide whether to invest with emotional trust.

Zhang Jianian looked at the boss who was happy, and thought to himself: "Well, I can’t quit anyway."

The recording of "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was over. The majority of netizens were curiously waiting for the show to go online. The audience on the scene was still afraid that things were not big enough, and successively released some news advocating the domineering character of president Chu. Chu Chu attracted a lot of fans on the day of the recording, and her voluntary internet trolls were everywhere on the Internet.

Quack: The hardcore guest of the year, the scream for president Chu was actually higher than the stars.

Unopened domain name: President Chu’s is really beautiful, I don’t care about her talents, only her face _ (: з) ∠) _

Diaorong: Qisheng has finally started to buy internet trolls for the princess?

Windmill: You will fall in love with president Chu after watching the show!! Li Taihe I'm sorry, although I like your play, but this time I stand with president Chu without thinking.

He Shui Luo Chuan: Don’t pay any attention to the show, ignore the remarks of the internet trolls! Let them quietly go wane, don't reply!

Glass Flower: Li Taihe’s fans, don’t be annoying. If you have time to comment the show, you might as well pay the liquidated damage.

It's so hard to draw: the marketing of web shows is terrible. How many trending topics are there? I'm bothered by the dispute between Li and Chu. The two should disappear soon. Don't buy the trending topics all day long.

In the hot discussion of netizens, one day everyone was surprised to find that Chu Chu, one of the parties, suddenly registered on Weibo.

President Chu's Weibo profile picture was a cat, and her Weibo certification was the chairman of Yinda Investment. The Weibo page was still empty, and there was nothing, but the number of fans had begun to rise rapidly, accumulating hundreds of thousands of fans in a flash.

Coffee Candy: Does president Chu always have so much fans? The rising speed of the number of her fans is scary??

Hot Toast: Is this the internet trolls you bought @Qisheng Group

Popcorn: I am the 1314th fan of President Chu, I’m completed.

Chu Chu had already asked someone to register a Weibo account, so she would not miss this wave of heat, and she must be certified before the program was broadcast. She looked at the rising speed of the number of her fans with satisfaction, and just after she put down her phone, she heard a knock on the door and said: "Please come in."

"President Chu, excuse me. I want to tell you something..." Xia Xiaoxiao was a little upset, and she moved into the office in small steps.

Chu Chu could see what she wanted to say, appeased: "Okay, you say it."

"Why did you transfer me back to Chenxing Film and Television Co.? Where did I do it wrong?" Xia Xiaoxiao was like being hit by thunder when she heard the news. She reflected on her work for the past few days, and really did not know what was wrong and which annoyed president Chu. Xia Xiaoxiao thought that she could rely on her efforts to make up for the gap with her sisters, but she didn't expect to even lose the chance to try now.

Chu Chu denied: "How come, your rank has been raised ..."

If Xia Xiaoxiao did something wrong, she would not get promoted, nor would her salary be raised.

Xia Xiaoxiao whispered, "But I don't want to go."

Although her position in Chenxing Film and Television Co. was nominally promoted, Xia Xiaoxiao was reluctant to leave Yinda Investment.

Chu Chu rarely slowed her speed ​​of speech and explained: "Your major has nothing to do with finance, and it is hard for you to have room for growth in Yinda Investment. The position in Chenxing Film and Television Co fit your specialty, which can give you a chance to fight for yourself. I think young people always want to fight hard? "

Chu Chu didn't tell a lie, she felt that it was too much to buckle the leading actress in Yinda, she couldn't let Xia Xiaoxiao spend all her life doing odds and ends, right?

Xia Xiaoxiao saw that the boss didn't hate herself, and she said her heartfelt thought, so she couldn't help being moved. But she still said weakly: "Then I won't see miss Wang Qing and the others after I leave..." ...and you.

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows: "You will say goodbye to your classmates when you graduate, not to mention that working is not about making friends, everyone can't be together forever. Xia Xiaoxiao, people in the society are very realistic and if you can't create unique values, you can be replaced at any time, are you waiting to be replaced? "

"I know that when you return to Chenxing, you will definitely have friction with your old colleagues and remember the unpleasant things in the past, but you can't live under the wings of others in the office forever. You must have to try to manage on your own"

Xia Xiaoxiao pursed her lips, she did not speak, and she still seemed reluctant.

Chu Chu encouraged, “I don’t have time now to manage Chenxing Film and Television Co. directly, but film and television is definitely a section that I won’t let go, even more, it’s crucial. I hope that when I want to focus on promoting film and television, you have already established a foothold in Chenxing and can help me. "

Xia Xiaoxiao stunned for a moment, and she raised expectations in her heart again, asking: "Will you often appear in Chenxing in the future?"

Chu Chu nodded frankly: "Yes, I should be there most of the times."

Chu Chu didn't understand finance, so she naturally had to do more about things which she was good at, and it was impossible for her to deal with numbers every day.

Xia Xiaoxiao thought that she could see president Chu in the future, and the original sadness was cured. Especially, President Chu also asked her to establish a foothold quickly. This was to send her to open up the territory. Xia Xiaoxiao was immediately full of beans, and fisted to guarantee: "I will live up to your expectations and will work hard at Chenxing!"

"Come on?" Chu Chu was a bit confused by her changing of attitude, although she didn't know why Xia Xiaoxiao changed her face in a second, but it seemed like a good thing?

Xia Xiaoxiao untied the knot in her mind, and accepted the job transfer obediently, preparing to return to Chenxing Film and Television Co. Before leaving, she also had a dinner with her sisters in the office. Everyone had a good relationship with Xia Xiaoxiao, and was a little bit reluctant to let her go. Secretary-general Wang Qing said: "It's okay, you can always go back to Yinda to visit, and everyone will meet again at the annual meeting."

"Xiaoxiao, if you were bullied at Chenxing, just say in the chat group... We will help you to kill them!" A bold secretary sister put down the glass and said loudly.

Although they were often scolded by president Chu as a dog, they were the closest group of people to the boss. As long as they walked out of the gate of Yinda, everyone had inexhaustible contacts and energy.

How could Chu Yanyin let a group of weasels surround the princess, so president Chu was surrounded by high-quality elites. Not only they looked pretty, but also their business capability was excellent.

"Yes, if you feel uncomfortable, you can fight back! You are the one from the president office, don't underestimate yourself!" The others echoed.

Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't refuse the good intentions of everyone, so she said: "... Okay, thank you, sisters."

Xia Xiaoxiao: I always feel that if I really want to complain, will the secretary sisters wipe out Chenxing?

The first episode of " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was finally launched. It was broadcast with three trending topics on the day, which completely ignited the discussion of major new media platforms. "Raising 10 billion for president Chu", "Li Taihe is not a man" and "President Chu, the King of Sharp Tongue " became the top three in the trending topics. Netizens admired Chu Chu's amazing performance on the show and started a crazy discussion.

TOAST: President Chu led the whole show herself, and the other guests were not well-known.

Little Hornet: God, she’s so cute, she’s so good at debating, I’m in a new relationship _ (: з) ∠) _

Hong Ya: President Chu, a talk show comedian buried by money, some people's talents can really be hidden by their wealth (crying with a headache)

Bean paste: I laughed almost to death. The official blog of Qisheng Group forwarded the " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" program and deleted it again. Is this because that the chairman is displeased? ? Are you still alive, the editor who forwarded it, are you unemployed @Qisheng Group

Hair dryer Hu Hu Hu: Do not pretend to be dead, hurry up and work for your boss @Yinda Investment

Hua Hua Shui: President Chu's Weibo fans have broken through millions, why hasn't she posted?

Xiaoju: Li Taihe, I'm sorry, I'm in love with her, I’m not your fan anymore.

Lollipop: Upstairs, you can be their fan both. What does it matter?

Xia Liang: It is really low enough for the ladies to go on this kind of show. She was like an upstart.

Lan Lan Lu: Fans of someone has finally come to control the field, and they will abuse when they come up [doge]

He He: The junk show buys trending topics all day and night. The ugly always make more troubles. Annoying.

Da Deng Da Deng Liang: the fans are sick, I just posted something about the show as a pure passer-by, are you so low as to send private letters chasing me to abuse me? I think Li Taihe is really not a man. He can't take a joke.

 Yun Dan: Some people dared to be fan of them both. Li Taihe’s fans had already said that whoever watched the show would be anti-fans, who would be expelled from the fandom. [Doge] What a strange organization, strictly controlling the unity of thought.

Ge Zi Jun: If she has the ability to stop mentioning my idol on the show! From day to night, she is disgusting for always attracting the attention by mentioning others. I wish Qisheng go bankrupt as soon as possible!

Hong Guo: Isn’t it that you guys abused her on the Internet first, she didn’t say at least a dirty word on the show.

Jing Fen Xiao Zi: The idol has a low education level and the quality of fans is not high. Isn’t it a variety show? It’s worth seeing for fun, but is it worth to be so serious?

Fans of Li Taihe saw the trending topics on the Internet, and they were about to throw up to death by " I am the King of Sharp Tongue". Originally, there were various opinions on the lawsuit regarding the termination of the contract. Chu Chu's wonderful performance on the show made public opinion instantly reversed, and she won the eyes of the onlookers, and reduced the negative image in the eyes of the public in the past.

Everyone was an outsider after all, and did not care why Li Taihe canceled the contract. At first, they held an attitude just to watch for fun. When people find president Chu's humorous and interesting soul, the focus was different. They would not think that "Li Taihe is not a man" was a personal attack, only that it was a funny stalk. After all, the style of the show " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was like this. Why couldn’t he be joked about?

However, Li Taihe's fans did not agree, firmly believing that Chu Chu was retaliating, and squeezing public opinions on the show everywhere which caused the disgust of many passers-by. The audience thought that the fans were making a big fuss over a minor issue. President Chu could always laugh at herself on the show, but the fans had to raise a literary inquisition for a stalk?

Binghongcha: #Li Taihe is not a man# I'll follow it up. It's boring to continue abusing!

Rose: #Li Taihe is not a man# I’m just curious, will I be reported [doge]

Rou Mian Mian: Fans don’t be too serious; your idol can also fight back on the show with a sharp tongue #Li Taihe is not a man#

The netizens who watched the show were excited by the fans, and Li Taihe was reduced to a cannon fodder between the two parties, becoming a target of mockery, and the popularity was once more than "Raising 10 billion for president Chu".

" I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was even more popular under the push of public. The number of hits exceeded 100 million in three days, which was rare in the industry. There was also good news from Xiaoying Culture. The show won a sponsorship fee of up to 60 million yuan, and successively received advertisement invitations, and obtained huge profits. The future was very promising.

Yinda Investment once relied on investing to obtain shares of Xiaoying Culture, which was also the direct beneficiary of the show's prosperity.

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