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Chapter 19

A fragile and sad look appeared on Li Taihe's handsome face. He looked at this scene in disbelief, and his original aggressive attitude instantly turned into dumbness. He could yell at Chu Chu with anger, but he couldn't treat Xia Xiaoxiao like this. However, the people he wanted to protect and cherish was now opposite him.

Li Taihe lost his soul and said: "... So, if I blocked her path, would you also deal with me?"

Xia Xiaoxiao felt sorry for him, but she thought that president Chu was treated rudely in vain, and still stubbornly said: "Yes, this is what I should do."

Li Taihe's lips moved, but he couldn't say anything. Xia Xiaoxiao's facial features originally coincided with the girl in their childhood in his heart, but now it seemed to be separated again.

Li Taihe was rarely silent for a moment. He looked at Chu Chu behind Xia Xiaoxiao and mocked meaningfully: "President Chu, you are terrible."

Li Taihe couldn't imagine that Chu Chu could actually have such a terrible scheming that she brainwashed Xia Xiaoxiao like this, absolutely obedient.

Chu Chu saw the flame of hatred in his eyes, and calmly replied: " And you too."

Chu Chu: ...you two came up and buckled my head with "Evil Charm", who am I going to complain to?

Li Taihe looked at the two in front of him, and suddenly realized that he was still insignificant in Xia Xiaoxiao's heart. Even if he accused Chu Chu of being bad, he would be misunderstood as prejudice by Xia Xiaoxiao. He did not dare to let Xia Xiaoxiao stay with Chu Chu, but now he could only think in the long term, and acting rashly would only cause greater resentment.

Li Taihe left the room with a pale face. He had just walked a few steps and happened to hit the new agent. The other party wondered: "Where have you been? Let's hurry back and talk about business?"

"Go back," Li Taihe said directly in a bad mood.

"What about your lawsuit for your termination of contract? We haven't talked about the settlement with Chenxing..." The new agent was so embarrassed that he couldn't keep up with the performer.

"Don't reconcile!" Li Taihe seemed to be trampled on his aching foot, and he said angrily, "I will never reconcile with her!"

Li Taihe left in a big stride, leaving only a frowning agent. The new agent didn’t know where Li Taihe’s anger came, and he was like a gunpowder barrel, which could be ignited with small spark. The agent couldn't help but fell into deep thought. Li Taihe was unwilling to settle the case, but the Chenxing Film and Television Co. would certainly not let him go, maybe they really had to pay a high liquidated damage, and it would affect many subsequent business cooperation.

Chenxing's Legal Department seemed to be crazy recently, and hoped to chase Li Taihe endlessly like beating a drowning dog. If Li Taihe was willing to bow his head a little to settle the contract and compensate for the matter, perhaps he could still use his current influence and popularity to establish a studio and have a bright future. But the lawsuit was deadlocked. If they wanted to resist Chenxing's forces, they could only find other big film and television companies, otherwise who would pay for the 100 million yuan?

The new agent felts that Li Taihe did not have a clear self-cognition. Now he was not the big brother of Chenxing Film and Television Co. He had lost the resources and the capital, and was facing rapid changes. It was not easy for Li Taihe to maintain his advantage to act first.

On the other side, president Chu, who got the new title of "Evil Charm", was not happy, but worried. Zhang Jianian knocked on the door, went into the room and asked: "President Chu, are you looking for me?"

Chu Chu was hesitant for a long time, and it was difficult to speak at once, and asked: "How did Xia Xiaoxiao enter Yinda?"

Zhang Jianian was silent, thought that wasn’t it for your special care? Don't you get any idea of it in your heart?

Zhang Jianian said in a roundabout manner: "Wang Qing felt that she was very suitable for some tasks at that time, so transferred her to Yinda for key training.

Chu Chu suddenly realized that Xia Xiaoxiao really won the favor of Wang Qing and others, but this was a wonderful misunderstanding. She thought for a moment and said: "You arrange Xia Xiaoxiao to go back to Chen Xing to do the project, she doesn't understand finance."

Zhang Jianian froze for a moment, wondering: "President Chu, what did she do to make you dissatisfied?"

Zhang Jianian believed in his own judgment, and Xia Xiaoxiao must always be kind to president Chu, who couldn’t wait to record her boss’s preferences in every detail. The most terrible thing was that others were flattering for life, while Xia Xiaoxiao was worshipping president Chu from the heart. The level was completely different

Chu Chu had a headache, supported her head with her hand, and tapped her fingers on the desk uneasily. Chu Chu said sternly: "How come I always think she likes me..."

Chu Chu was taken aback by the title of "Evil Charm", she felt that the leading actress's feelings towards herself were developing in an uncontrollable direction, and should be properly stopped to keep their distance.

Zhang Jianian was even more puzzled and blurted out: "Isn't this exactly what you want?"

President Chu was all kind of tolerant and provocative towards Xia Xiaoxiao. Didn't she want this effect?

Chu Chu raised her head suddenly, revealing an astonished expression: "What?"

Zhang Jianian immediately realized that he was wrong, and he changed his words: "...the company's employees respect and love you. This is something that is gratifying, why should you be troubled?"

Chu Chu was slightly persuaded by him, but she still couldn't believe it: "Do I have such a strong personality charm? Don't you scold me in your heart every day? Do you still have respect and love for me?"

When Chu Chu used to go to work, every day she wished to curse her boss a hundred times in her heart. Were they in Yinda so good that they would not feel bad about the boss at all?

Zhang Jianian felt that president Chu had a well self-knowledge, while gently denying: "Of course not."

Chu Chu: "...I think you are scolding me in your heart now."

Zhang Jianian: "You worry too much."

Chu Chu: "Then tell me, how do I deserve your respect and love?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian had gradually become accustomed to president Chu’s sudden and bizarre speech. He observed the situation and immediately changed the topic, " Chenxing Film and Television Co. has started to collect and evaluate suitable IP content. I will sort out the material from several copyright companies for you, but the scales were all not large. "

In order to escape the embarrassment, Zhang Jianian really forced to change the topic. He didn't know what president Chu thought. Others secretly flattered his boss, but his boss took the initiative to come up and let you flatter her!

Zhang Jianian: You must talk about the basic law in the workplace, and my boss is really hardcore.

Chu Chu applauded with admiration: "Really a nice turning point."

Zhang Jianian pretended not to hear, put the material on the table, and said politely: "Please take a look."

Chu Chu simply didn't torture him anymore, and looked at the material honestly and focused on her next plan.

Not long ago, Chu Chu suddenly asked to pay attention to the film and television IP market, let Zhang Jianian arrange for people to find suitable novel, comic and game IP to carry out strategic storage of content. At the same time, she also wanted to get cooperation with major channels, through the way of investing to get the priority to obtain high-quality content film and television adaptation rights, and even to integrate the resources of several copyright channels.

Although Zhang Jianian didn't know why president Chu was interested in this field, he did the material seriously. The existing web fiction and webtoon markets were fragmented. The major website platforms were divided, and the number of daily active users and the total number of users was only beginning to take shape. Although there was a group that wanted to integrate these content platforms, it ended in an IPO failure.

(Translator's Note: IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, the first time a company sells its shares to the public)

Chu Chu looked at the quotation on the material and was surprised, "The price is very cheap?"

Zhang Jianian listed the current top IP quotations into a list and presented them clearly. After glancing at it, Chu Chu didn't find a level of tens of millions, and even millions were rare. What’s more, the package price could be even cheaper.

Zhang Jianian said: "If you have any interest in the content, you can tell me, I arrange for them to negotiate with the copyright owner."

Chu Chu nodded and put the material on the table at will, and said lightly: "I am very interested in all of them, you send someone to talk."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian confirmed with difficulty: "... Do you mean to buy them all?"

Chu Chu calmly answered: "Yes."

Zhang Jianian looked at her indifferent face, just wanted to wake her up frantically. Even if the price of each copyright was cheap, they all together were not cheap. This was simply burning money!  She didn’t even look at the material seriously, and just made the decision so casually!

Zhang Jianian felt that he was facing another career challenge. He basically argued against president Chu every month. It was a miracle that he could still stay in Yinda.

There were hidden worries on Zhang Jianian’s face and he spoke bluntly: "Although the market of web fiction and webtoon has some development prospects, you buy so many novels and comic IPs at a time, which is far exceeding the current development capabilities of Chenxing Film and Television Co. This is a large expenditure, and when the company hoard too much IP content, and there is no way to consume them in time, then we would bear a higher risk. "

Chu Chu explained in an orderly way: "I will not leave them all. You let them classify the IP according to the grade. When the grade is too low, it will be resold directly and let go, leaving the high-quality ones for Chenxing's independent development."

Chu Chu knew that the world in the book hadn't started an IP frenzy. Even if she didn't have time to develop it independently, but when the time came, she could resell them to make money, the gains were also considerable. In reality, there were similar IP copyright operation companies, many of which had high incomes, which could be described as sudden huge profits.

Zhang Jianian reminded: "President Chu, there are very few IP-adapted movies and TV works on the market. Are you sure that the market can digest such a large amount of content?"

Chu Chu vowed: "Absolutely, when the trend comes, it’s simply that you are not human if you don’t buy it."

Zhang Jianian: "???" What was this.

Chu Chu had experienced this in person, and it was simply pushing the original screenwriters to a dead end. In the past few years, if the film and television company did not have an IP in hand, they would be embarrassed to go out and talk about the project. At the beginning, the Copyright Department had to buy "The Hot Wife of the Superstar", the reason given was "Although the content is average, but the cost-effective is high."

This sounded bizarre, and the content of the novel was evaluated not by the content, but the price. However, this was the industry chaos that was common in those years.

Chu Chu could make a big profit while completing the content reserve by reselling all inappropriate IPs and keeping high-quality IPs. She felt that the momentum of the IP wave was about to appear, especially that top IP was difficult to depreciate, and it would be too late to buy it later.

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