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Chapter 18

Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao followed the waiter through the corridor and into the private room inside the restaurant. The private room was semi-open, you could see the quite artistic decoration in the lobby, but the privacy was still very good. Because of the cover of verdant bamboo leaves and light-colored orchids, people outside could hardly see what was happening inside the room.

Chu Chu thought that the biggest advantage of passing through the book and getting rich was that she could taste a variety of food, which was her reserved pleasure. After ordering, only Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao were left in the room. Chu Chu took the initiative to talk, "You have worked hard these days."

Xia Xiaoxiao followed Chu Chu to record the program, and she could be said to have run in and out for several days. Chu Chu was really busy with rehearsals, and couldn’t take care of many other things. It was Xia Xiaoxiao who was taking care of them for her. From the meal to the taxi, she had arranged everything very carefully, and she had prepared all kinds of small useful items in her bag.

Chu Chu gradually got to know the leading actress of the original book after these days. In fact, she was not as silly and rash as in the novel. Xia Xiaoxiao was a girl who was tender and considerate and took care of others. Although sometimes she was too simple, it was this kind of harmless temperament that made it difficult for others to refuse her. Thus, she was taken care of by other sisters in the office.

Although Chu Chu only brought Xia Xiaoxiao as the only one assistant, the efficiency was not inferior to the whole team of other performers. The screenwriters in the show even joked that Xia Xiaoxiao was the heroine in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". President Chu was the devil and they were an interesting duo.

All in all, despite the aura of "The Leading Actress", Xia Xiaoxiao was also a capable little girl.

Xia Xiaoxiao hurriedly waved her hands, shyly saying, "No, no, I just do something simple, there’s no difficulty..."

Xia Xiaoxiao didn't expect her work to fall into the eyes of president Chu. She thought she was just an invisible person on this trip, and she immediately felt flattered.

"It's also very difficult to do simple things perfectly." Chu Chu looked at the shiny crystal cup beside her, and made an analogy, "Even if it's a cup, ordinary workmanship and careful carving are completely different. In the night market, the latter can become a luxury. "

Xia Xiaoxiao nodded, seemingly understood. She looked at the quiet and tired president Chu under the lights, and could not help blurting out: "You are not the same as when you recorded the show..."

"Of course, I didn't say that you are not good!" Xia Xiaoxiao felt wrong after she finished, and was afraid that president Chu might have misunderstood, so she quickly added.

She just felt that president Chu's character was changeable; she made people feel frightened in the company, but was easy-going and calm in real life; wanton on the stage. And almost every side of her was different.

The more Xia Xiaoxiao got along with president Chu, the more she felt her mysterious and unique.

Chu Chu said indifferently: "After all, it's a talk show. It's just a show and performance. We should incite the atmosphere at the scene."

Chu Chu would certainly not be too exaggerated in her life. She was like a computer running out of electricity after have finished recording today. Now she was weak, with her brain like paste.

After a moment of hesitation, Xia Xiaoxiao finally summoned up her courage and asked weakly: "...What about the real you?"

Xia Xiaoxiao suppressed the little hidden impulse in her heart, and wanted to understand and get closer to her boss.

Chu Chu was silent for a moment, put the chopsticks aside and confessed, "I don't know."

Chu Chu couldn't feel the reality now, let alone talk about the true self. She was like daydreaming, and sometimes she didn't know whether she was in a dream or in reality. Was she a character in the book or a bystander outside the story?

"Hey, don't mention such a philosophical topic. I'm too tired today." Chu Chu waved her hands casually and asked, "What are your plans for the next? What's your recent work?"

Xia Xiaoxiao honestly said: "I'll learn more from the sisters in the office, and the working atmosphere is good, but I'm really too far behind them, I don't know anything about finance ..."

Chu Chu comforted: "Normal, I also have a headache facing the numbers, so I let Zhang Jianian do it."

Chu Chu was not stupid enough to learn finance from the beginning. Every field had its master. So if she didn't know it, she would directly arrange it to the person who could do it. Anyway, Zhang Jianian was selected by Chu Yanyin, so his ability should not be worried about.

"Since you are not good at finance, let's do variety shows or film and television projects. We will also cover this aspect immediately. I will talk to Wang Qing to arrange this kind of work for you." After Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao became familiar with each other, she no longer regarded her as a paper man in the book, but a little newcomer, subconsciously gave instructions.

Xia Xiaoxiao’s eyes were a little bright when she heard it, her, but she hesitated: "President Chu, but my qualifications are still shallow ..."

Waving her hand, Chu Chu said: "The experience is all from hard work, don't be frightened, just do it!"


A knock on the door rang outside suddenly interrupted the chat between the two. Xia Xiaoxiao got up and explained, "It should be time to serve the dishes."

Chu Chu nodded, but suddenly saw familiar words appearing on the wall, and heard the voice that made her desperate.

【The halo owners of the "The Leading actor" and "The Leading actress" who will have an rejection reaction with you, are detected around you. Forcibly entering the battle task. 】

【The battle task: Drive off Li Taihe, and destroy Xia Xiaoxiao's favor for him.】

Chu Chu: ...Why can this even happen here? This is just a casual meal??

Chu Chu looked at the task requirements, and felt a headache. Did her presence inevitably hinder the feelings of the leading actor and the leading actress? Why did she always have to fight against the leading actress otherwise against the leading actor?

Li Taihe looked around the elegant room and finally found the one where the two were. He saw Xia Xiaoxiao, who was surprised, and glanced at Chu Chu, who was sitting at the table. He couldn't help but frowned, and entered the room directly. Xia Xiaoxiao was surprised: "Why are you here?"

Xia Xiaoxiao used to spend some time with Li Taihe on the show, and finally ended up with her falling into the pool. Later, the two did not meet again. There were two reasons, one was that Xia Xiaoxiao had entered Yinda Investment, and the other was that Li Taihe was busy with the lawsuit.

Li Taihe did not answer Xia Xiaoxiao, but pulled her behind him to protect her. He said to Chu Chu: "I told you a long time ago, don't find trouble with Xiaoxiao!"

Chu Chu smiled instead of being anger. She raised her eyebrows lightly and mocked: "How come I find trouble with her?"

"A despicable woman like you is not worthy of getting close to Xiaoxiao!" Li Taihe thought of Chu Chu's once vicious means and sternly reprimanded.

When Xia Xiaoxiao heard this, she felt a little uncomfortable, and somehow, she could not tolerate others being so offensive to president Chu. She was held by Li Taihe's wrist and couldn't break free for a while. She tried hard to calm down and said: "Brother Taihe, you may have misunderstood president Chu, she is not such a person ..."

"Xiaoxiao, you are too naive to be blinded by her!" Li Taihe said flatly.

"Isn't it awful to yell at other people's bosses by forcibly pulling her like you in the name of being good for each other?" Chu Chu looked at the roaring leading actor, and her tone was quite provocative, "Li Taihe, this is a public place, can you please be quiet?"

As soon as Chu Chu finished her sentence, there was a waiter standing outside the door. Looking at the confrontation inside the house, he asked in a low voice: "Hello, is there anything wrong?"

Li Taihe's excessive volume attracted attention, so a waiter came to check it. Chu Chu didn't save the leading actor much face, and said blankly: "This gentleman suddenly broke into my private room. Is this how your restaurant arranges guests?"

Although Chu Chu was usually easy-going, but when she really showed her cold face, she still had the cold and picky temper of the original body, and instantly shocked the waiter.

The elegant room guests at Quanzhu Pavilion were either rich or powerful. The waiter did not dare to neglect anyone. He just wanted to bring Li Taihe out, but when he looked closely, he found that the other party was actually the star Li Taihe. The waiter was a little hesitant, and found that the woman with a good-looking face at the table was the famous princess of Qisheng Group. Both sides were bigwigs!

The waiter: The gods fight, the little devil suffers. What should I do now??

Xia Xiaoxiao was deeply affected by Zhang Jianian's attitude and turned into the calmest person. The first reaction was to protect president Chu. After all, the boss the biggest. She spoke to the waiter politely: "Could you please close the door, and please go out and not talk nonsense."

The two interested parties on the trending topics now suddenly met, who knew what would happen if the news went out!

"Okay, if you need anything just let me know at any time." The waiter promised in a hurry, and closed the door when he left, away from battle field.

"Li Taihe, you have money to come to Quanzhu Pavilion, but have no money to pay my liquidated damages? Now you are standing in the house waiting for me to invite you to dinner?" Chu Chu felt that the novel's leading actor was extremely unobjective. He liked to yell and hustle and snarl, which annoyed people every time.

When Li Taihe heard her words, he became more disgusted with her and frowned, "What else can you do besides asking for money?"

Xia Xiaoxiao became aware of Li Taihe's hostility and finally struggled to get rid of his hand. She couldn't help but stood up for president Chu, angrily said: "Enough, please go out!"

Li Taihe didn't expect his hand to be thrown away by her suddenly, looking at Xia Xiaoxiao, who rarely spoke loudly, and was shocked: "Xiaoxiao..."

"Please don't call me that!" Xia Xiaoxiao's slightly childish face was stained with anger. She was flushed with rage because of Li Taihe's rudeness to president Chu, "Mr. Li Taihe, this is president Chu's private room. Please leave now, otherwise I will contact the restaurant staff to handle the matter. You are a star and you should pay attention to your public influence. "

Li Taihe was shocked and hurt, looking at Xia Xiaoxiao, and felt strange to her for the first time. He looked at Xia Xiaoxiao who walked back to Chu Chu, and was unable to help his hoarse voice: "Do you know what she has done to you, do you still speak for her?"

Chu Chu was the one who pushed Xia Xiaoxiao down from the second floor, and wanted to kill her!

Xia Xiaoxiao stood in front of president Chu. She pursed her lips and confronted Li Taihe directly, saying one by one: "I am president Chu's assistant. It is my job to handle these things."

【Congratulations on completing your task, the aura of "Overbearing President" has been strengthened. 】

【Congratulations on completing the hidden task, the aura of "Overbearing President" has been strengthened. 】

【The hidden task: Gain the protection of the one with a "The Leading Actress" aura】

 【Congratulations on activating your new title "Evil Charm". 】

 【Evil charm: No matter how evil you are in the eyes of others, the hostess will always think you are charming. 】

Chu Chu: ???

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