I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 17

"After listening to what I’ve said, you can basically understand who the two most important men in my life are. The most mentioned one is old Chu, and the other is Li Taihe." Chu Chu looked naturally on the stage, and said slowly, "Old Chu, the big man you know, who could be said to be able to command the wind in the business field. It is definitely not an ordinary man. He can be considered as two, and Li Taihe... um ..."

Chu Chu was hesitant and stirred the curiosity of the audience slowly. She said: "In short, this is a math problem. Old Chu and Li Taihe are two men. Old Chu alone is considered as two men, and for the rest, you can do the math yourself. I wouldn't talk about it here, otherwise I will be scolded when I go home. "

After listening to the question, the audience calculated quickly: Chu Yanyin + Li Taihe = two men, Chu Yanyin counted two, then how many does Li Taihe count?

Someone shouted: "Li Taihe is not a man!"

Chu Chu: "Oh, this is what you said, it has nothing to do with me. Every injustice has its perpetrator. Li Taihe fans hurry up, remember this person's face!"

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Everyone should have written a composition when you were young, knowing the old routine of the composition, we must refine it at the end, and the same is true for the talk show. I have just finished the my part, because I am not good at inspirational speech, then I will read the topic scriptwriters prepared for me... "Chu Chu stood on the stage, she picked up her hand card and read in a low voice," I know there are many malicious rumors on the internet recently, but I want to tell everyone that I am not as good as everyone thinks , but also not as bad as you said. Gustav Le Pen said in

"Wait, who wrote this sour speech? The screenwriter who wrote this was not objective at all." Chu Chu suddenly turned the subject, raised her hand card and looked at the backstage, "I’m definitely better than everyone thinks. I am perfect! "

The screenwriters in the background: "..."

The screenwriters: President Chu, please be a little humble, just take it easy!

The audience began to get used to president Chu's cheeky face, laughing and coaxing: "Yeah, you are perfect!"

"This can be thrown aside and it's not inspirational at all. I stand here today just to tell you that no matter how difficult life is, how many problems you have to face, how others scold you being shameless, you must firmly believe that you are perfect. " Chu Chu propped up the podium with both hands and said loudly, "We should have the courage to express ourselves. If you don't take the initiative, others will do it for you."

"A lot of people will ask strangely, why should I go on a talk show? Am I too low? I never feel ashamed about expressing myself. It’s rather a bondage for me if I am obsessed with external stereotypes. I am me, and I can't live as what others think. Don't tell me what an idol should be, you don't treat me as an idol, and you dare to talk it with me? "Chu Chu said.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You are my idol from today!" The audience echoed.

Chu Chu smiled, "Of course, sometimes your expression will also be criticized, and even affect the impression of others on you. For example, old Chu is very annoyed by me. Rich people will also talk to each other, gossip around. You See Chu Yanyin’s daughter is so shameful, she talks nonsense on the variety show and made the old Chu lose all his face... For this kind of person, I just want to say, how come you have a mouth to talk all the time!

The audience kept applauding for president Chu that their hands even hurt.

"Everyone wants to be rich, but as someone who belong to the group of wealthy people, I really want to tell you. Do not pretend to live like a rich man." Chu Chu looked at the audience seriously. "True wealth is not about how much money you have in your account, but that you are free to do anything within the scope of the law. The most important thing is not financial freedom, but spiritual freedom. "

"You can't express freely when you have money, or you still have to watch people's faces when you have money, then what's the use of all your money? You live far worse than the poor! Some people feel that I bring shame on the upper class, but I'm just the opposite of those people. The upper class they value is nothing in my eyes... "Chu Chu chuckled and ridiculed," The more you care about it, the more it will chain you. "

"So, when old Chu sees the rumors on the internet, he can only arrange the public relations secretly. Because he cares about his face, he spends money but still feel unhappy. But I am not like him, I will scold them back, until they dare not to find fault with me. Not only do I not spend a penny, but I feel very happy in my heart. ” Chu Chu looked directly at the camera and said seriously, "That’s right, Li Taihe, I mean you, don’t organize your fans to scold me all day. It's quite hard for them. You are already a mature performer, you have to learn how to control the game by yourself, learn more from me, and run to the show yourself to clarify! "

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Chu Chu stood on the stage, looked around the audience, and finally concluded: "Life is a process of ups and downs and downs and downs and downs… so you must express yourself freely in your limited time, and don’t use your unhappiness to create others’ happiness and repent at the end and beat your chest. Life is to go on your own way and leave others nowhere to go. "

"If someone on the road says that you are not perfect, pointing at you, scolding you, you will smile lightly, wave your hand, and reply to him loudly- screw you!"

"Thank you, I am Chu Chu." Chu Chu raised her head, her eyes full of light smile, and she bowed gently and stepped down.

Under the stage, the audience shouted louder and louder, and they shouted in unison: "Encore! Encore!"

Chu Chu waved her hand: "Come on, this show didn't pay me, and I have to hurry home to earn 10 billion yuan."

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Let Han Dong pay you 10 billion yuan!"

In the background, Han Dong, CEO of Xiaoying Culture: "..."

Han Dong: Big brothers and sisters do me a favor, how can we have so much money in our small company _ (: з) ∠) _

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at the lively scene at the stage entrance. President Chu on the stage was almost a blazing flame. She lit up the audience with humorous talk and arrogant wanton thoughts, like a natural radiator. Audiences who originally disliked president Chu were now cheering for her on the ground, and their enthusiasm was not lower than that of them seeing first-line stars.

Xia Xiaoxiao only felt that a cluster of small flames in her heart was ignited, swinging with the words of the people on the stage. If she had reached half of president Chu's level, she would be content. Xia Xiaoxiao thought of her business ability at the bottom of that of all secretaries in the office, and faced with president Chu, who shined under the brilliant lights; she could not help but felt a little frustrated.

She was left so far away from everyone.

Chu Chu stepped down among the crowd, handed the hand card to the staff, and said to Xia Xiaoxiao, "Let's go."

"Okay, okay!" Xia Xiaoxiao immediately regained her consciousness and dutifully guided president Chu out. She had been comfortable with her assistant's work recently and had basically made no mistakes.

After getting in the car, Xia Xiaoxiao heard a soft sigh coming from the back seat. She realized immediately that president Chu was also tired. Although president Chu performed well on stage, it was estimated that she would be exhausted after such a long recording. Xia Xiaoxiao asked carefully: "President Chu, would you still like to go to Quanzhu Pavilion for dinner? If you are tired, shall we go back directly to Yanhan Residence?"

Chu Chu was indeed exhausted, but her stomach was groaning, and she rubbed her temples, "Go to dinner first, this matter is over, and we should celebrate."

Quanzhu Pavilion was a famous creative cuisine restaurant in the city. The restaurant had a quiet and elegant environment. The corner was a small pool covered with lotus leaves, and the white smoke rose around it, which was quite like fairyland. Xia Xiaoxiao had booked in advance, and the friendly waiter led the two to the private room.

"Taihe, what are you looking at?" The new agent asked.

Li Taihe was sitting at the table, not paying attention to the conversation, and was looking sideways. The agent turned his head to look around, found nothing strange, and reminded: "Shall we go on about the liquidated damages?"

"Wait, I'll leave for a moment." Li Taihe wasn't sure if he was wrong, but he seemed to see Xia Xiaoxiao and Chu Chu's back, so he quickly got up and tried to find out.

"Wait, we haven't finished yet..." The agent watched Li Taihe walk away fast and couldn't help but wondered who he saw.

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