I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 16

During the show, Chu Chu finally understood why they had to rehearse in batches, not only because of her special status, but also because that the sharp tongues of other guests were always aimed at her. These talk show manuscripts were written in advance by the screenwriters, and there was a teleprompter on the spot to avoid guests forgetting words.

The writers didn't want to let president Chu know the content in advance, all they wanted was a natural response. Since president Chu had no standards and thought that the former manuscript was not sharp enough, they would play hard!

Then, Chu Chu became the key target of others, and everyone who came to the stage must cue her.

"President Chu, anyway, you are the big boss of Chenxing Film and Television Co., and you have stepped into the entertainment industry more or less. But you come up and say that you don’t recognize anyone, is it a bit fake? Is this something that you are proud of?" Guest A disliked the way Chu Chu talked, and retorted.

Chu Chu coulnd’t explain that she had passed through the book and didn’t belong to this world, so she said seriously: "The main reason is that your fans don’t work hard enough. I know this might be hurt to your pride, but you need to find a reason from yourself. You should reflect on why you are not red and can’t encourage your fans to insult me. You see, don’t I remember Li Taihe’s name? "

The other party didn't expect president Chu, who looked cold, gave such an answer that was strange and down to earth, and was stunned on the spot.

Everyone knew that Li Taihe’s fans had been insulting Chu Chu for a long time, and now she not only laughed about it but also laughed at herself, which was really unexpected.

Chu Chu waved her hands peacefully, and sincerely suggested: "Hurry up after you go back, and mobilize your fans to scold me for two weeks. Not only can I remember your name, your great idol Chu Yanyin can also remember your name! "

Guest A: "..."

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Guest B saw the frustration of others, and immediately jumped out and asked: "President Chu, there are rumors that you have put unspoken rules on your company's perfomers, so Li Taihe terminated his contract, what do you think?"

"I'm not Yuan Fang, how can I think about it? I chose not to think." Chu Chu said blankly, "If Li Taihe is indeed forced to have a relationship, he should call the police and let the police arrest me charging me of indecent act instead of canceling the contract. "

(Translator's Note:Yuan Fang is a fictional character, and there’s a classic line his superior asking him ‘Yuan Fang, what do you think?’)

Guest B: "...Your bold speech may make the show off the shelf."

Chu Chu:"Why? I'm seriously explain the law."

Guest B: "..."

The audience below clapped their legs and cheer for her, what an explaination of law!

Guest C was quite serious,"I tell you the truth, don't be upset. You can be so arrogant on the show; it's just because of your good dad."

Chu Chu shook her head: "I don't depend on my dad."

Guest C disagreed and raised his eyebrows,"You can't deny the confidence  that your family and wealth give you."

Chu Chu didn't panic and said slowly: "You're wrong. For instance,old Chu is more rich than me, but he can't be so arrogant on the show. Do you know why?"

Chu Yanyin's wealth was many times that of Chu Chu, but chairman Chu was always dignified and polite, and he always behaved himself. Guest C was indeed stunned and asked curiously: "Why?"

"Because Chu Yanyin wants tp keep his face, but I don't." Chu Chu blinked. She smiled lightly and patted her face, "So my arrogance is not because of my dad, but my cheeky face."

Guest C: "..."

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

The host, Xiaodu, was willing to admit defeat, and wished to clap his hands and praised her:"President Chu is very powerful, who doesn’t diss others, but attack herself! Then we will invite our last guest, president Chu, the overbearing president who is crazy at self-mocking!

The music sounded, and Chu Chu finally stood on the stage in warm cheers.

If the audience at the scene was initially disgusted with president Chu, they were now all stunned by her sense of humor and classic sentences, and looked forward to her talk show performance. After all, she could argue with a group of perfomers without having to look at the teleprompter, just with her freestyle.

Chu Chu straightened the microphone, looked around the crowded audience, and said: "Before the broadcast, someone asked me why I want to go to a variety show; after the broadcast, someone will definitely ask me why my sense of variety show is so good, does anyone know why?"

The audience under the stage was blinded, and some people shook their heads honestly.

Chu Chu confessed: "The reason is very simple. If not for the cooperation between Yinda and Xiaoying, do you think I will work so hard? I would like to solemnly remind Han Dong that if your screenwriters keep writing this kind of boring stuff, the first episode of "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" will probably be doomed after the broadcast, or it will be renamed "I'm the Awkward King."

Han Dong in the background: "..."

Handong: Wait!? This is a live show, you actually directly diss the program? ?

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Everyone should know that Xiaoying recently completed the Pre-A round of financing, which I invested. The company executives at that time persuaded me to think twice and don't be impulsive. I was fighting for reason and quoting the case. It took a lot of strength to persuade the other party... "Chu Chu paused for a moment, sighed, and shook her head," Now I stand on the stage here and find that all I did is in vain. This is just a fish pond. I was like a challenger leading some who were in bronze  division. If I don’t diss myself, they can't give the punch line at all! "

The screenwriters in the background suddenly realized that it was not the other guests, but poor them who were the target of president Chu's sharp tongue!

The audience couldn't help but applaud and laughed courageously.

"Isn't there a guest who asked angrily just now, why can't I remember their name?" Chu Chu looked at the guest seat and educated him seriously. "You should be glad now that I didn't remember your name. If I really remember it, I will never use you on a talk show again. You only talked, but it’s not a show at all! "

Guest A admired so much that he clenched fists and wished to kneel down to president Chu.

Chu Chu waved her hands and said casually: "Okay, now someone must ask, why do you only speak the English word talk? Because my education cost me only money, you can go ask Li Taihe’s fans to find out, they know me more than myself. Socrates once said that knowing yourself, I can’t know myself, but Li Taihe’s fans can!

"I really want to make an advertisement and take over the marketing work of celebrities. If any perfomer wants to be popular, please contact me in private. We can have a battle, basically two weeks of trending topics booked then. The effect is better than any promotion company. And the price will be cheaper, pay first and then we’ll operate. "Chu Chu said freely." You can't buy a loss, and you won't be fooled. If you're not sincere, don't disturb me. There are successful publicity cases--the male star Li who claims to be a movie emperor but goes on variety shows everyday. "

The audience already had a stomachache due to too much laughter.

"Many people think that the lives of rich people are very happy. What I want to tell everyone is that... it is indeed very happy. I am so happy that I don’t want to go to work!" Chu Chu nodded in agreement, but helplessly said, "But old Chu doesn’t allow me to sit around and wait to die at home, so he waved his hands and set a small goal for me, earning 10 billion. I was stunned when I heard this, and I thought why didn’t I claim 10 billion for liquidated damages? What's the use of 100 million! "

In the burst of laughter, an audience shouted: "Is 10 billion true!?"

Chu Chu replied: "It's true, and there are additional conditions. If I don't complete my goal within three years, Old Chu will arrange for me to marry and have a son, and live in the way he wants me to. In his words, to 'avoid me to lose face outside', and it is estimated that I will not be allowed to go on this kind of show in the future? "

"No-we want to watch you on the show! We will raise 10 billion by crowdfunding for you!"

"Oh, that’s very kind of you?" Chu Chu pretended to refuse, "I will ask the assistant to post the account name on Weibo, and everyone can transfer money to me."

The audience: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Okay!"

Chu Chu: "Just kidding, I'm the rich guy, how can I ask for your money?"

The audience: "..."

The audience: Are you showing off your wealth suddenly? ?

After amusing the audience, Chu Chu returned to the topic,"Don't be nervous, I believe that the goal of 10 billion can be easily achieved. I use this platform to persuade all businessmen in good faith to cooperate more with Yinda, otherwise your sons will suffer, from me. If I cultivate a young talent, and eventually be ruined by someone like me, I can’t even bear it! "

"At that time, old Chu would knock door-to-door ask," Ah, do you have a son in your family?" How would you answer him? This situation would be very embarrassing. Although old Chu's career is big, but you can't sell your son for glory!" Chu Chu laughed humorously and said, "Every up-and-coming young man of marriageable age, young talents, please work hard to save yourself. I assure you that as long as you cooperate with Yinda, I will let you go and never marry you!"

"President Chu, let me go to hell--please marry me--" A little girl shouted from the audience and everyone laughed.

Chu Chu said seriously: "National laws do not allow it."

The audience: Do you really think of yourself as the host of the program about law? ?

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