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Chapter 15

Of course, Liang Ling wouldn’t come back, but the news that president Chu participated in the first episode of "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" burst across the net. The netizens were shocked. They didn't expect that the characters at the center would actually show up on the talk show. The lawsuit between Chenxing Film and Television Co. and Li Taihe was still at a stalemate, and the onlookers naturally paid close attention to the important person behind Chenxing Film and Television Co.

Of course, some people didn’t want to see Chu Chu appearing on the show, such as Li Taihe's fans.

He Shui Luo Chuan: Taihe’s fans don’t give much attention to someone, is it interesting to tie up and consume the former employees every day? I'm crazy about entering the entertainment industry, and the show still rubbed my family's popularity.

Songsong: The fans are terrible. Does she need Li Taihe to enter the entertainment industry? She can just let her company arrange it.

Long Wu: No one wants to watch stupid women on the show. This show conveys distorted values.

Tian Di Ling Long: Don't evaluate the personality first, if master's degree from Ivy is considered stupid, your idol's education is considered mentally retarded?

Yun Piao: Li’s fans don't chase after the show, why no one wants to watch it? I want it! From today onwards, I'm a fake fan of president Chu. Can Qisheng's products give me a 10% discount? [Doge] If you make me a real fan, you have to offer a 20% discount.

Tiao Man Man: Younger Chu and old Chu really have completely different styles. Will chairman Chu be angry madly at president Chu?

The netizens' guess was correct. When Chu Yanyin learned that Chu Chu was going to be on the talk show, he was indeed shocked and angry. He directly told Zhang Jianian to convey the final notice: "Jianian, you tell her clearly, I will not agree! A good girl ran to the variety show, she really goes more and more back in life, and quickly let her quit! "

Zhang Jianian knew that the chairman Chu would be furious and explained carefully: "Chairman Chu, president Chu said that this is related to the company planning behind her..."

Chu Yanyin said angrily: "Bullshit, she just thinks that she hasn't lost her face enough, and it's disgraceful!"

Chu Yanyin had been in business for many years. He valued reputation and promise and had never heard about such nonsense. What did the show have to do with company planning?

Zhang Jianian couldn't persuade him anymore, so he had to report: "Chairman, president Chu has already set off to record, and we may not be able to contact her now."

President Chu went to the studio to record the show early in the morning, and she should had started long ago. She certainly had no time to watch her phone, and he didn't think president Chu would care about the chairman's ideas. Zhang Jianian gradually understood the law, and president Chu would always be more active in anything that the chairman opposed, which was completely a rebellious period psychology.

On the other side, the first episode of "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was on. The auditorium that was empty during the rehearsal now was full of people. The auditorium was placed on one side of the stage, and the podium was located in the middle. Each guest would go to the podium in turn, complete the personal talk show according to the script, and then respond to the sharp tongues of other guests and the audience.

In the brilliant lights and fierce opening music, the guests appeared one after another. Chu Chu wearing a Chanel suit, dressed simple and elegant, calmly walked towards the first seat of the guests. The acclamation was the loudest when she appeared, far more than any other performer presented, and of course, boos were also mixed.

"Go down!" Someone in the audience shouted heartily toward Chu Chu, almost disturbing all the audience, and immediately the director stepped forward to check the situation. Although the program team tried to strictly check the audience, there were still people who hated Chu Chu and wanted to express their dissatisfaction in the face of her.

Xia Xiaoxiao, who was standing in the backstage, was quite worried when he saw this scene, for fear of affecting the next performance of president Chu.

"What's going on? Take the man out!" The staff member anxiously said on the intercom.

Chu Chu was quite calm on the stage. She glanced at the other party and replied: "No, you come up."

Chu Chu was not intimidated. There were so many staffs on the stage. If the other party could break through the obstacles and stand in front of her, then it would be really awesome. Who would be threaten by her when she just roared in the audience?

Because the show was just beginning, and it was not president Chu’s speech, her microphone had not been turned up, and only a small part of the audience heard her response and saw her provocative expression. The audience on the other side looked blankly, only to see what Chu said, but did not hear the content.

"Welcome everyone to watch ‘I am the King of Sharp Tongue’, analyze yourself with the sharpest voice, smile to life in the most humorous way, I am the host Xiaodu!", The host quickly rescued the scene and immediately attracted everyone's attention, "It is the first episode of the program today. There are a lot of great guests on the scene. Now I will introduce you... "

The host first introduced the guests, and explained the program flow and rules, and the guests began to play the talk show one after another. Because of the high toxicity of president Chu, the screenwriters arranged her at the end to ensure that the audience would not leave and could stay until the end.

Each guest's talk show manuscript combined their own experiences, condensed the punch lines of the writers after thinking hard, and made the audience laugh wildly. However, Chu Chu's style was different. Because she didn't know the performers and the guests in the book, she couldn't get a lot of punch lines. She could only listen with a blank expression, and didn’t find anyone’s trouble.

Soon, everyone discovered that president Chu's facial paralysis attitude was different from that of ordinary people, and she wished that her face read, "Laughter is yours, and I have nothing."

The host Xiaodu finally couldn’t bear it and took the initiative to cue her: "I think president Chu has always been quiet. It turns out that you are quite aloof and you don’t have a sharp tongue at all!"

Chu Chu was suddenly mentioned and didn't keep up with them. She said frankly: "Sorry, mainly because I don't know anyone."

The sharp tongues also needed to do its homework. She couldn't remember who was the singer and who was the actor, so there was nothing to say.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then there was an uproar. President Chu wanted to raise the hatred of the audience by one sentence!

Sure enough, the next guest stood on the podium and immediately attacked Chu Chu: "I'm curious. Does president Chu recently have difficulty in funding? Otherwise, how can she ask Li Taihe to pay 100 million? Are you short of money to spend? Wanna make a fortune by this? "

As soon as this came out, the audience immediately watched for the excitement, and made a lot of noise, looking forward to president Chu's response. Li Taihe's sky-high liquidated damages had become a network joke, driving the recent "100 million" pun boom. Such a high liquidated damages had never been seen, and many people believed that Li Taihe had been exploited for many years with bad means.

Having hesitated for a moment, Chu Chu asked slightly: “Is 100 million yuan a lot?"

Chu Chu: I'm sorry, I don't have any idea about money now. After all, when my cheap dad comes up and just asks for 10 billion yuan first.

Everyone took a deep breath, shocked by her obscure speech, and wished to rush to the stage and blow her head so that she could be sober.

In Chu Chu's view, the money in the book was like a game currency, and it couldn't give her the actual feeling at all, all in 100 million units. In the eyes of others, president Chu always showed off invisibly. Born in Rome, rich people dared to talk blindly!

The guest choked for a moment and reluctantly reminded: "President Chu, this is "I am the King of Sharp Tongue", not "I am the King of flaunting wealth", please do not avoid the problem."

"If Li Taihe thinks he is only worth 10 yuan, I can accept it. We can set the price independently and we can discuss it, "Originally sold for one billion yuan, currently for just ten-yuan, clearance sale, fair trade. If I shouted like this all over the world, wouldn’t fans of Li Taihe also chase and scold me?

She conscientiously summed up: “So I am wronged. In fact, Li Taihe’s fans should thank me. I am asking for high liquidated damages, not for myself, but to give Li Taihe enough respect. It will definitely not be too high for those who I don’t even know like you, I wouldn’t ask for too much. Absolutely objective and fair. You can also go directly; I don’t want your money. "

The guest: "..."

Everyone: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

President Chu's face was full of sincerity with a kind of convincing magic, and people wouldn't see her talking nonsense in such a serious way. With such an easy attitude of her, the guest on the podium was too angry that she almost went unconscious, even forgetting to look the teleprompter to fight back.

The audience was just the opposite, all amused by her calm interpretation. "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was originally an ungovernable show. What they wanted to see was that the guests attacked each other to achieve the hilarious effect.

The author has something to say: I'm sorry. I didn't even have time to sleep in the last two days. There is really no time for me to write. The author bowed and apologized.

I hope that the busy January will pass quickly...

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