I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 14

To be honest, Chu Chu didn't take anyone in the house in her eyes at all. She glanced around and found that Xia Xiaoxiao was the only one who had the aura of "The Leading Actress" and others weren't even passers-by who at least had names. This kind of old-fashioned plot that passers-by bullied the leading actress was too common. But it was for the first time that Chu Chu had witnessed it in person so she felt quiet interested, but did not feel offended.

After all, how would there be intellectual strike in reality? Only in the novel would there be such a plot!

Chu Chu: [Suddenly excited.jpg]

The point where Chu Chu got excitement was that she could see the leading actress slap others across the face on the spot, while other people's excitement is different from her.

Everyone: Could we watch president Chu slap her across the face on the spot? Suddenly excited!

President Chu came to the scene and collided positively with Liang Ling and others. The onlookers were naturally very excited, wishing that they could tear up the opponent for president Chu, and fight for the beauty!

The editor who crouched at the door was full of enthusiasm and stared at the situation in the house with so many speculation: Will president Chu say that ‘It's cold, let Liang’s get bankrupted’? Then Liang Ling was shut out by all media and get expelled from the entertainment industry? Brokerage company disappeared? Millions of fans gone?

Liang Ling was very clever. She had just refused to talk to Xia Xiaoxiao, but now she immediately put on a gentle and polite smile and changed her face quickly. She knew that she had kicked the iron plate, felt the situation was thorny, forcibly made a remedy, and smiled awkwardly: "President Chu, this is actually a mistake..."

"Don't, don't say it's a mistake!" Chu Chu heard the words and immediately reached out to stop her, "If you yield now, your public image will collapse!"

Liang Ling froze for a moment and was astonished,"I ..."

Chu Chu saw that she was about to speak, immediately became serious, and said sharply: "You have to find out where you are! If you aren't demanding enough to snub it, how will the following plot proceed?"

The vicious female supporting role knelt and begged for mercy even before she was slapped, and it was like watching the porn and taking off pants but being splashed with cold water. So disappointing!

Chu Chu must never let this happen!

Liang Ling: "..."

At this moment, Liang Ling was shocked by president Chu's serious cold face, not knowing what to say. Her brain was chaotic. Should she apologize immediately or continue to snub it obediently?

Chu Chu looked at Liang Ling who kept silent with satisfaction, and then looked at Xia Xiaoxiao with expectation, only not making a fist for her, and encouraged: "Go, I will cheer for you!"

Chu Chu now only wanted to see the leading actress slap across the opponent’s face, tearing passers-by!

Xia Xiaoxiao was puzzled: "...Oh, Okay?"

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at president Chu with bright eyes, and felt that there was an inexplicable excitement in her boss's face, and it was actually a little cute?

Everyone looked at this scene weirdly, and a felt that it was not the same as what they had imagined. What they want to see was that president Chu stepped up, and Liang’s went bankrupt, why was the actual situation completely wrong? President Chu was actually interested in being an onlooker and watching the battle with great interest.

Everyone almost had to signal to president Chu: You are the protagonist, come on the court soon!

President Chu didn't notice the subtle look of the people around her. Instead, she hinted to Xia Xiaoxiao, cheering silently: Come on, come on!

Xia Xiaoxiao clenched her fists. She summoned her courage and shouted weakly towards Liang Ling and her assistant: "Please, please leave, who do you think you are..."

Liang Ling and her assistant hurriedly apologized and turned around to leave: "Okay, I'm sorry, excuse me!"

Staffs outside the door: "...What kind of a battle of kindergarten level is this? "

The sudden appearance of president Chu completely disrupted the originally tense rhythm in the house, and even the initial confrontation between Xia Xiaoxiao and Liang Ling’s assistant was completely weakened.

President Chu saw that Liang Ling and his party wanted to slip away. She frowned, dissatisfied, "Wait."

The directer at the door instantly cheered up, did it finally reach to the part he expected! ?

President Chu touched her chin, her expression was solemn, she fell into deep thought, and criticized with disappointment,"The tension of the drama between you two is too poor, and it doesn't feels like the blood-boiling tension in my imagination.

Chu Chu: If it is placed on the Lvjiang Literature Network, it is definitely nothing among the smooth novels.

(Translator's Note: A smooth novel means the leading role goes smoothly from the beginning to the end of the story and upgrades very fast. )

Chu Chu returned to her original position leaning on the door and arranged the scene. She clapped her hands and directed: "Let's di it again, we will start from 'Who do you think you are?" This time everyone hold on to her own public image!" 

Liang Ling's face was blue and white, she felt that the humiliation of president Chu was more embarrassing than her being angry, and she couldn't help but expressed her weakness,"President Chu, it was really a mistake this time, for the aske of the cooperation between Xinglan Records and Qisheng Group, forgive me... I will definitely apologize sincerely in the future. "

Liang Ling's brokerage company was Xinglan Records, which had close cooperation with Qisheng Group. She also  endorsed for Qisheng's brand, so she immediately bowed her head when she learned of president Chu's identity. Liang Ling had hoped that president Chu would consider about Qisheng Industry and could let her go, but she did not expect that the boss would not buy it.

President Chu said coldly: "I said, don’t go against your public image. Don't you waste everyone's time, can you show your attitude quickly and let us finish it this time? Is it so difficult to watch a slap?"

Liang Ling felt that president Chu was ironic. She was stung by these words, and gritted her teeth,"... please stop humiliating people."

Chu Chu was surprised,"How can I humiliate you?"

Heaven knew, Chu Chu just wanted to reproduce the classic plot in the novel. There was no intention of insulting anyone, after all, she didn't even know who Liang Ling was. She didn't even care if her lounge was taken by others since she just wanted to see the plot of the leading actress slapping the pretentious supporting role.

Liang Ling was indignant: Who dares to show any attitude to you, and if my dad is Chu Yanyin, I will definitely show you my attitude now!

Chu Chu glanced at Liang Ling's angry expression, and immediately said: "You're right, you're in the drama, hurry up!"

Liang Ling: "............"

Liang Ling almost collapsed extremely, and did not dare to disobey president Chu, and had to stand stiffly. Then, Xia Xiaoxiao and Liang Ling, along with others, under the guidance of Director Chu, fell into an infinite loop of scripts.

"Please go out, otherwise I will call someone ..."

"We’ll leave now, bye!"

"Stop! Which villain have you seen is so casual? Come again."

"Please go out, someone in this lounge is using it, otherwise I will call someone!"

"No one will save you even if you break your throat?"

"Stop! Pay attention to the character status, what is this line? Come again!"


Liang Ling was repeatedly tortured. Every time she sat in the lounge, she remembered the painful memories in her heart and the cruel days when her spirit was poisoned. She didn't know how many times she had rehearsed with president Chu before she achieved the image of a vicious female supporting role in the other party's mind. It was estimated that Liang Ling could play the second role of the opera directly instead of singing in the future, which was absolutely wonderful.

Liang Ling: Give me a chance, I want to be a good guy.

After this farce in the lounge, the screenwriters simply laughed so wildly in the group and started roast madly.

——Hahahaha, hell the public image will collapse, I guess Liang Ling will not dare to take other’s lounge in her life!

——It’s completely my junior high school teacher’s trick, “Aren’t you a talker? Come, I’ll let you talk enough on the podium. Liang Ling is not fond of being demanding? President Chu let her be it for a whole afternoon until she had no demands at all.

——President Chu is the godmother of contemporary operas. She will never allow a vicious female supporting role to exit midway, and must go through all the plot.

——I'm so disappointed, I want to see president Chu’s ‘It's cold, let Liang’s get bankrupted’, not the live version of children's educational drama!

--[Go, I will cheer for you.jpg]

---[Go, I will cheer for you.jpg]

---[Don’t go against your public image.jpg]

---[Go, I will cheer for you.jpg]

---Who destroy the formation, please behave yourself!

Liang Ling and others cooperated with the rehearsal for an afternoon, and finally got the fisrt approval of president Chu. They hurried to leave, and didn’t want to offend this boss born with a silver spoon again. Xia Xiaoxiao looked at this scene thoughtfully, and felt that president Chu's thinking logic was unique. She could always find a strange solution to the problem without hurting someone’s senses. It's really amazing!

Xia Xiaoxiao seemed to have become the headless fan of president Chu. With a strong fan filter, no matter what her boss did, she could always find a reasonable explanation for it. President Chu not only taught Liang Ling and others a lesson, but did not use excessive means. She turned out to be a person with great wisdom, which was far beyond ordinary people could reach.

In the car, Xia Xiaoxiao sitting in the co-pilot was deeply inspired and she admired,"Thank you president Chu, I learned a lot today."

Chu Chu looked boredly out of the car window, but when she heard this sentence, she wondered: "...What have you learned?"

 Xia Xiaoxiao said seriously: "The truth of being a man."

Chu Chu: "..."

Chu Chu: It’s over, the leading actress is mad.

Chu Chu couldn’t figure it out why it was so strange to see Xia Xiaoxiao slap across others’ face as a leading actress, could she really only be a protected little white rabbit, and she could't stubbornly become a strong leading role in a smooth novel? Romance of old days couldn't keep up with the current trend of smooth novels?

Chu Chu thought about it over and over, and felt that this was because of  Liang Ling’s fault, because her role was not carried out successfully, and the speed of her begging for mercy was too fast!

Inside the company, Zhang Jianian learned from Xia Xiaoxiao the accident and immediately contacted Han Dong, asking "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" to replace Liang Ling. Zhang Jianian felt that Liang Ling was standing on the verge of death, and even dared to touch the tail of the tiger. He even raised the idea of ​​contacting Qisheng Group to withdraw Liang Ling's endorsement.

Zhang Jianian's thinking logic was different from Xia Xiaoxiao's. He believed that he must not wait for president Chu to solve this kind of thing herself. Subordinates should solve all invisible problems for the boss in silence, and save the boss’s trouble.

In the TV series, important people are surrounded by subordinates and thugs, how can BOSS rush up and tear themselves?

Han Dong received a call from Zhang Jianian and coughed helplessly, explaining: "You came one step later, Liang Ling has already voluntarily resigned, and seems to be afraid of president Chu."

After all, physical attacks were temporary, but spiritual attacks could last a lifetime.

Zhang Jianian thought that Liang Ling was still clever, but he still asked president Chu for some orders and reported: "President Chu, Liang Ling has already voluntarily resigned from the program. Do you think it is necessary to contact Qisheng?"

The subtext was that Liang Ling took the initiative to leave the show, so do we still have to chase after her?

Chu Chu raised her head in amazement and asked, "Why did she resign? She is very interesting. Can't we get her back?"

Chu Chu felt that finding a female supporting role who could take the   intellectual strike was a once-in-a-lifetime event. What if she could light a spark with the leading actress again?

Zhang Jianian: "..."

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