I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 13

President Chu absolutely broke the stereotypes of the past and made everyone's eyes shine. The writers were enlightened and found countless new ideas on her, and immediately brushed their hands to rewrite the manuscript.

Han Dong was originally afraid that president Chu would not accept the scale of the program. He now realized that president Chu's scale was not limited.

Xia Xiaoxiao also had a new understanding of president Chu. In Xia Xiaoxiao's impression, the boss was solemn and made the secretaries feel frightened. She always wore a suit and looked at the documents expressionlessly back to the french window. Everyone around showed respect and polite to president Chu, without any transgressing, and even less dare to laugh in front of her.

Nowadays, the screenwriters in front of president Chu were like screaming chickens, or a group of weird geese, but her face was not displeased, and her brows were not frowned at all.

At the end of the interview, Han Dong proposed to have dinner with Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao. Chu Chu refused politely:"After the program is settled, let's have a feast together."

"Okay, that's okay! Do you need me to call you a car?" Han Dong didn't really want to have a dinner, and immediately agreed. After all, the show was still in preparation, and everyone was busy enough.

"No trouble, my assistant has already arranged it." Chu Chu waved her hand and explained.

Xia Xiaoxiao was suddenly mentioned. Hearing the way president Chu called her, she was a bit ashamed. In accordance with Wang Qing’s instructions, she contacted the driver in advance at the end of the meeting, and took the time to buy coffee. Xia Xiaoxiao followed president Chu out and asked in a small voice: "President Chu, do you want coffee?"

"Yes." Chu Chu didn't notice it just now, and now she felt thirsty. After thanking her,  she took the coffee and took a sip unpreparedly. She looked strange and asked, "Is this traditional Chinese medicine?"

Xia Xiaoxiao said with a little panic: "It's your usual style, American espresso,double shot, no ice and no sugar."

Chu Chu thought that this was not much different from traditional Chinese medicine. She saw Xia Xiaoxiao a little helpless, did not blame her and said: "Let it be Latte with sugar next time."

If she didn't add sugar, she couldn't work long hours. The original taste of the female supporting role was too bitter.

"Okay." Xia Xiaoxiao answered in a hurry, jotting down on the small book. She updated many bosses' information today.

Inside Puxin Building.

Xia Xiaoxiao followed president Chu back to the company unharmed, leaving the secretaries surprised. In the office, they circled around Xia Xiaoxiao, saying: "Is there really no missing arms and legs? Really?"

Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't help but refuted weakly: "President Chu is not that scary ..."

Others shook their head again and again,"Uh, it’s easy for freshman  to be fooled. Xiaoxiao has been successfully brainwashed and oppressed without knowing."

Xia Xiaoxiao: "..."

Xia Xiaoxiao saw that they didn't believe it and just wanted to say what happened today, but opened her mouth and swallowed it again. She suddenly thought of assistant to the president Zhang's words and felt that some things could not be shared with others, especially the other side of president Chu. She sorted out the invoice and handed it over to Wang Qing for reimbursement. Suddenly she was stopped by Zhang Jianian who was just passing by.

Zhang Jianian saw Xia Xiaoxiao, immediately remembered president Chu's schedule today, stopped her and asked, "Is everything okay with president Chu today?"

Xia Xiaoxiao hurriedly opened the small book and reported it honestly, briefly describing the progress of the show " I am the King of Sharp Tongue". Zhang Jianian saw the booklet full of notes in her hand and couldn't help but revealed his doubts and asked, "What is this? Is it convenient for me to see it?"

Xia Xiaoxiao handed out the small book hesitantly and whispered: " Assistant to the president, my handwriting is a scribble..."

Zhang Jianian took her booklet. His eyes were dark, and his face was quiet. After reading the contents fastly his eyes stayed for a long time on " reading novels about overbearing presidents". Zhang Jianian took out his pen, stroked a few lines, and corrected: "President Chu can eat spicy and seafood, and like coriander very much."

Zhang Jianian observed at the banquet of the Chu family. Although he did not know why, the eating habits of president Chu had changed.

"Okay." Xia Xiaoxiao waited for Zhang Jianian to finish his corrections, and withdrew her small book immediately.

Zhang Jianian looked up and down at Xia Xiaoxiao, to tell the truth, he could not see the girl's special features, neither beauty nor strategy. It seemed that there was only pragmatism and kindness, and he didn't know why she could win the favor of the boss. He asked, "What do you think of president Chu?"

    Xia Xiaoxiao was suddenly asked, unaware, stumbled and stumbled: "Well, President Chu is very good ..."

"Then you will accompany her to finish recording this show." Zhang Jianian thought about it and reminded, "Don't talk nonsense with others about president Chu's affairs."

Xia Xiaoxiao nodded quickly, thanking that she didn't talk too much in the office just now. It was important to protect the boss's privacy.

On the day of the rehearsal of " I am the King of Sharp Tongue", the busy directors shuttled on the stage, preparing for the scene. Chu Chu rehearsed alone, and did not play in the same batch as others. Chu Chu had been getting along well with screenwriters recently. Everyone found that president Chu was actually common as an old shoe, far from the horrible rumors, and she even brought only one assistant.

"President Chu, please come to the stage for rehearsal." The director knocked gently at the door of the small lounge, reminding Chu Chu, and glanced at Xia Xiaoxiao"Your assistant can take a break in the lounge, the process is very fast."

Chu Chu did not bring anyone else on this trip. She was going to rehearse on stage, and Xia Xiaoxiao could watch the bag.

There were many guests in each episode of "I am the King of Sharp Tongue", and where there were people, there was trouble. There must be battles between the guests.

In the backstage, the performers led their own team into the room. When Liang Ling passed the corridor, she was quite uncomfortable with the noisy environment. Her assistant led the way and reminded:"Miss Liang, please go inside."

Liang Ling was surrounded by many people. She brought a large number of crews; assistant, makeup artist and dresser were all available, and the corridor was full of people instantly, attracting others’ attention. Because Liang Ling was a familiar face on TV, others dared not complain at the sight of her appearance.

Liang Ling took a small step into the big lounge. She looked around and found that in front of the makeup mirror were all of sundries. She could not help frowning slightly and asked, "Is there no other lounge?"

The assistant was a little embarrassed:"The location they arranged is here, I asked them before and no..."

"You go check it again, how can I dress up when there are so many people?" Liang Ling was fretful and dissatisfied: "Our people can't even squeeze in."

There were already a lot of people in the large lounge, and Liang Ling's team was huge, so they really didn’t have room.

Liang Ling debuted as an idol singer in early years, and now she finally had some achievement for many years. The new singer who once sang sweet songs also had a place in the realm of music. However, the decline of the musical record environment had put her in a tepid state, so she tried to make money on the talk show.

Liang Ling insisted that she was the most famous performer in the entertainment circle of this show (Chu Chu was not a performer) and she deserved a better lounge.

The assistant was accustomed to Liang Ling's fastidious habbit and went out looking for the rest room without any complaint. According to common sense, the name of the artist would be posted at the entrance of the lounge to remind others not to enter. The small lounge where Xia Xiaoxiao was located was an accident. The program team deliberately prepared a small room for president Chu in a quieter place, and felt that she and other performers would not rehearse together, so they didn’t post her name on the door.

Accoding to the directors, it was somehow strange to post "Chu Chu", which didn’t conform to the image of president Chu. But if they post "President Chu", it seemed that everyone was like a group of ass-kissers. Because of the remote location of the small lounge and the short rehearsal process of president Chu, the staff did not expect anyone to think about it.

Liang Ling's assistant searched for a long time in the corridor, and finally found a door without a name. He knocked on the door and asked, "Hello, is this lounge still available?"

The assistant was also an extremely slick person. He first glanced around the house and found that there was only one person, speculating that the other party would not be too famous.

No name on the door + few assistants = people who was not famous and couldn’t suppress them

Xia Xiaoxiao suddenly heard the voice outside the door and froze for a moment, then replied: "Someone’s already taken it, and they will be back soon ..."

President Chu came to the stage to do the rehearsal and it was about time for her to return. Xia Xiaoxiao thought that the other party would turn around and leave, but Liang Ling's assistant stopped at the door and did not move.

He said with a hippie smile: "Miss, please do me a favor. I am Liang Ling's assistant, there are too many people in the big lounge, just let me use it. Let's be a good friend, which perfomer do you follow?"

"I'm not following a perfomer..." Xia Xiaoxiao was just about to say the name of president Chu, but Liang Ling suddenly appeared at the door, followed by a large group of people.

Liang Ling stepped into the small lounge on her own. She looked around and showed a satisfied look: "Isn't this a free lounge? Come in."

As soon as Liang Ling's words fell, her team entered the room in ahurry, and the dresser pushed the hanger, and they instantly filled the small lounge space.

"Sorry, this lounge was taken, please let them go out." Xia Xiaoxiao had always been good-tempered but frowned slightly at this time.

Liang Ling's lips were red, she did not respond directly to Xia Xiaoxiao, but raised her eyebrows gently at the assistant. The assistant immediately noticed and stepped forward to exhort loudly: "It won't take long, maybe your perfomer is also a fan of miss Liang? Don't be so old-fashioned, Miss!"

The assistant had already inquired about it. Today, Liang Ling should have the largest seat among the perfomers, and he was not afraid of arguing about the lounge. Xia Xiaoxiao looked like a rookie, it was estimated that she couldn’t suppress them.

"Impossible, please leave!" Xia Xiaoxiao's face was faintly angry. She was not a fool. After listening to the other's hard and soft words, she understood their robber logic.

Xia Xiaoxiao may choose to make concessions if she was at Chenxing Film and Television Co. before. After all, it was normal for perfomers to be demanding. However, it was not old days. If she lost it today, she would lose all her sisters' teachings, and it would be serious dereliction of duty.

The assistant was also impatient when he saw that Xia Xiaoxiao was so stiff. He said with a fierce voice: "What's wrong with it? who the hell are you?"

Liang Ling’s assistant was strong. He just called her miss a second ago, and his face changed instantly, looking very scary.

Outside the door, a familiar cold female voice sounded: "She is a little rookie..."

When everyone looked back, they saw the expressionless president Chu and the director who was shocked, both standing at the door. Liang Ling was also stunned. She felt that the tall woman in a suit in front of her looked very familiar, like someone who was recently on the trending topic, then she felt an ominous hunch in her heart.

President Chu held the script, leaned against the door, scanned the group of people in the house, and ridiculed: "You are running to my place to steal my little rookie?"

She walked into the room unattended, and walked to Xia Xiaoxiao, and her tone was relaxed and playful,"You were so powerful when you hit me, why can't you deal with these outsiders?"

Chu Chu really didn't understand it, was Xia Xiaoxiao's aura of "the leading actress" specializing in her? She  was actually pretty fierce when splashing coffee and pouncing on others?

Outside the door, the squatting director who immediately released heavy news in the group for real-time broadcast.

——The frontline report, Liang Ling’s doomed!

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