I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 12

When Xia Xiaoxiao heard president Chu's words, she just felt that her brain capacity burst in an instant and fell into a state of shock. She couldn't bear the two very different feelings of shame and anxiety with confusion at the same time, and her brain was finally scrapped completely, not knowing what to say at all.

The two stared at each other in silence and embarrassment, and the world seemed to stand still.

Chu Chu didn't hear the notification of the completion of the task, knew that the task had failed, and only hoped that the leading actress could pretend that nothing had happened. She broke the silence first, coughed twice, and pretended to say at random: "You get in the car."

Chu Chu's face was a little bit stiff even she had a thick skin. This part really sucked, and she hoped that Xia Xiaoxiao had a bad memory.

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at president Chu, who looked awkwardly, and somehow suddenly realized a cold joke? She could not help thinking blindly that perhaps president Chu was afraid of her embarrassment and deliberately said something strange, wanting to relieve her tension? After all, President Chu was usually cold, and didn’t often comfort people. It made no sense to suddenly talk to her like this.

That's right, it must because president Chu was not good at expressing, so it felt strange at first, but her kindness was still good!

She wanted to tell cold jokes and relieve her tension!

The innocent and kind Xia Xiaoxiao with super fan filter perfectly interpreted Chu Chu's behavior and gave it a reasonable explanation in her heart. She stared at Chu Chu sincerely and thanked: "Thank you President Chu! I will be careful next time."

Xia Xiaoxiao: President Chu really is a good boss with a beautiful appearance and a kind heart!

Chu Chu: "???"

Chu Chu always felt that Xia Xiaoxiao misunderstood something, but she really didn't want to mention it again, so she nodded in response, and watched the other person sitting in the co-pilot seat. The car finally started slowly and drove towards its destination.

In the car, Xia Xiaoxiao sitting on the co-pilot finished reciting the material, and secretly took notes of president Chu's hobby in a small book: reading novels about overbearing presidents.

Xia Xiaoxiao felt that president Chu might be keen on a certain kind of novel, so she would comfort people with such a unique humor. She thought that it seemed quite cute that the big boss was usually cold and frightening, but she loved to read novels and recite lines secretly?

When Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao arrived at Xiaoying Culture, they enjoyed VIP-level treatment and were greeted by CEO Han Dong. Xia Xiaoxiao pretended to be calm, imitating Wang Qing and other secretaries' professional attitude, standing quietly behind president Chu.

Chu Chu was as calm as usual. After she had passed through the book, because of the female supporting role's original reputation, this calmness was often misinterpreted as being cold and difficult to access. Yinda Investment also had such misunderstandings about her. Only Zhang Jianian and Wang Qing could see that the boss used to be really cold, but now she was a bit sloppy.

Han Dong shook hands with Chu Chu. After greeting, he led the way, “President Chu, let's talk about the draft first?"

Chu Chu nodded, followed Han Dong into the meeting room, and Xia Xiaoxiao followed her with a heavy bag. Seeing this, Xiao Yang, the director next to Han Dong, said, "Let me help you with the bag."

Han Dong immediately said: "Yes, Xiao Yang will carry it for you, the girl is too tired!"

Chu Chu looked at the director Xiao Yang and found that he was the outspoken little boy at the financing meeting that day.

Xia Xiaoxiao shook her head, “Thank you, no need."

Wang Qing taught Xia Xiaoxiao to take a professional attitude and show the spirit of the company when she followed the trip. She kept it in mind.

The director Xiao Yang was rejected, and he touched his nose awkwardly, without saying much.

As a talk show, I am the King of Sharp Tongue" required the directors and writers to interview the guests in advance and then write the corresponding manuscript. For those fun-filled talk shows with plenty of punch lines, every punch line was set manually. Only after many rehearsals it could be perfectly presented.

Although Han Dong invited president Chu to participate in the show, the screenwriters began to worry. How do they write for such a person? If they write too sharply, it would offend their boss. If they write too dull, the effect of the program would not good, which was really difficult.

Everyone racked their brains last night to write a manuscript, and Han Dong carefully handed it to Chu Chu at the table, beckoning: "President Chu, have a look?"

At the conference table, Chu Chu looked down to read the manuscript, and Xia Xiaoxiao obediently stood by. The directors were sitting by the table, but in private, they began to communicate wildly in the chat group.

——President Chu's watch is the same price as my car! Dear friends, do you dare to imagine? She has a car on her left!

——It seems that President Chu is taking the route close to the people today, only a car on the left, not a house.

——what a group of ass-kissers, you will gain nothing! Why do you still call her President Chu is the group, is she the one you know who but you can’t mention her real name?

——It's always strange to call her the real name. It's inconsistent with the image and inexplicable.

——I now have a feeling of waiting for the Chinese teacher in my elementary school to judge my composition. Will she be furious after reading it and just say ‘It’s cold, let Wang's get bankrupted’?

 ——Why is it elementary school? Not junior high school or high school, do you only go to elementary school? And the old Han surnamed Han so it is a ‘It's cold, let Han’s get bankrupted’.

——Still have to pick a quarrel at the critical moment? You go to pick a quarrel with president Chu!

 "I finished reading." Chu Chu calmly put the manuscript back on the table, and her voice instantly awakened the directors.

Everyone immediately stared at her seriously, waiting for the big boss's evaluation. They had some expectations, but they heard a light sentence next second: "I think it’s no good."

President Chu stared blankly at the manuscript, with her fingers tapping lightly on the table, seeming to be thinking.

Han Dong wiped his sweat nervously and asked, "Where do you think the scale is too large? Or don't you want to mention something? We can change it ..."

Han Dong believed that the top priority was to withdraw president Chu, and she must not be regretted to withdraw from the show. As for some explosive topics, just delete as she liked!

Chu Chu frowned slightly, and looked very dissatisfied. She said bluntly: "This manuscript is superficial; you call it a sharp tongue?"

Directors: "..."

She touched her chin and suggested: "Otherwise you find a fan of Li Taihe to write it, it is estimated that they can do better than this."

Directors: "........."

Looking at everyone, she was full of doubts, and hesitantly asked: "Are you all professional talk show screenwriters?"

Although Chu Chu had seen the information of Xiaoying Culture, she had never seen a completed program. " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" had not yet aired. The talk show was indeed the future trend, but what if the book was different from reality? Who could guarantee the quality of program production?

Everyone read the hidden information revealed on president Chu’s face: Don’t get me wrong, I ’m not targeting anyone, I mean everyone here is rubbish.

At this moment, Chu Chu successfully triggered the hatred of the entire program group and aroused the soul of the sharp tongues that everyone was burning. Who could accept to be questioned about professionalism in person? Not even if she had money!

Xia Xiaoxiao relied on the instincts of a small animal and felt that the atmosphere was not right and felt like sitting on a needle.

Han Dong laughed awkwardly and tried hard to explain, “Because we haven't interviewed you yet, and I don't know the standard you can accept, it's a little bland..."

The director Xiao Yang was not the type who could take it slow. He immediately jumped out and raised questions, "Let’s be open and do an interview. What is your relationship with Li Taihe?"

Han Dong stared at Xiao Yang angrily. Why did he come up with this, really don't want to live?

"It's just the boss and former employee in the lawsuit." Chu Chu already thought about the question and almost blurted out.

"Since this is the case, why do you want to withdraw the trending topics? Is there any hidden secret?" Xiao Yang did not resign.

"People who have no money encourage fans to search for trending topics, people who have money do not use manpower to withdraw directly, the secret is that my dad can't bear it." Chu Chu's thoughts were clear, and the answers were straightforward, “My old man's mood is easy to fluctuate, and he must not worry about things. If it’s me, I won't waste money for that."

Zhang Jianian once said that Chu Yanyin had asked for public relations. Although Chu Chu felt that the keyboard man was nothing, but who could refuse the chairman's request?

Xiao Yang saw that Chu Chu's answer impeccably and reluctantly said: "Someone said you sexually harassed Li Taihe."

Everyone sucked in a cool breath while Chu Chu looked up at Xiao Yang. She was silent for a moment, and suddenly narrowed her eyes with some evil spirits, smiling seemingly: "Let me sexually harass you for two years, and then the Xiaoying Culture will try its best to support you. Are you willing?" 

She raised the corner of her mouth playfully, her eyes twitching, and she was a bit like a devil.

The directors present were all stunned and they didn’t know it for sure at the moment that president Chu was joking and or really mean it. Xia Xiaoxiao was also taken aback, hesitating whether to call assistant to the president Zhang, was this the strange behavior in the legend??

"The mighty can't be bent, the poor can't move, how can I be so casual, to exchange the company's resources with innocence..." The director Xiao Yang froze for a moment, he clapped the table in a straightforward manner, and said flatly, "... If you give me money directly, I will! "

Chu Chu said lightly: "Oh, I won’t."

Xiao Yang: "..."

Everyone: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Xiao Yang rubbed his hands in disappointment. He somehow felt that he had missed 100 million yuan and bargained," President Chu, the price is actually negotiable, otherwise I only need company resources? Will you support me to become a talk show star?"

 Chu Chu comforted Xiao Yang and explained with a long heart: "Don't be too upset, Li Taihe was in the same mood as you."

The subtext was, don’t you and Li Taihe dream daydreams, how could I look at you? Why didn't you count in your heart?

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Everyone witnessed Xiao Yang being played by president Chu mercilessly, and accepted Chu Chu's subtext. She did not like Li Taihe at all. How could she put some unspoken rules on him!?

President Chu was very good at release the punch lines seriously. She looked like a thousand-year iceberg which was not easy to get close it. In fact, there was a fiery heart hidden under the iceberg. Everyone was blinded by her huge wealth and expressionless fac!

Xia Xiaoxiao felt that if the sisters in the president’s office see such a boss, they would be shocked!

Seeing this, other screenwriters were eager to try it, and they all wanted to dig up materials on president Chu. Someone asked sharply, "Someone thinks that you don't learn and do nothing, all depends on your father. What do you think?"

Chu Chu responded calmly: "Well, I admit, ridicule me as you like, otherwise how can I be reduced to your programs? After all, my dad is always directly on the financial news, never on online variety shows."

Directors: "..."

Some people didn’t give up, "Netizens often say that they have a revenge against you for you taking their father, what do you think?"

Chu Chu waved her hand and generously said: "Reincarnation is a skill. Although everyone can't be Chu Yanyin's children, but you can recognize me as a father. It is often said that the next generation is closer, and they will all be the descendants of the Chu family!

The director Xiao Yang was willing to give in to the strange ideas of president Chu. He decisively held his fist and turned around, “Come, the pen is here. This episode is yours so you can write it yourself, if you’ll excuse me!"

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