I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 11

Zhang Jianian felt that president Chu really had more than one spirit inside her. She sometimes made you quite agree with her, sometimes you just felt she was so unreasonable. He was about to be persuaded by her remarks, but asked again: "If they are too harsh, and it’s too unpleasant?"

Chu Chu sincerely asked: "Can anyone else suppress me?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Perhaps he should not worry too much about president Chu, but should worry about the other crews in the show?

In the president's office, Xia Xiaoxiao made up her mind to work hard and let president Chu satisfied. She worked all night, sorting out the information of the variety shows and summarizing it into a report. Xia Xiaoxiao handed the finished product to Wang Qing who was quite surprised after reading it and said sincerely: "Better than I thought."

In the beginning, Wang Qing was actually very uneasy. Xia Xiaoxiao had a soft personality, and she didn't show any talents, so no one knew her actual level. The report was detailed with graphic, and the layout was also designed. Obviously, the producer had collected a lot of information and worked hard after digesting it.

Wang Qing made some comments on the content, and added some details, then she said with ease: "You take it to president Chu."

Xia Xiaoxiao froze for a moment, quite hesitantly,"Sister Wang Qing, otherwise you hand it over to president Chu for me..."

Wang Qing looked at her immature face and said seriously: "Only the leaders see your efforts, then it’s really useful."

Wang Qing had been in the office for many years. Naturally, she had some life philosophy and didn’t hide it from interns.

Xia Xiaoxiao didn't expect secretary-general Wang Qing to speak so honestly. She was a little moved in her heart and felt that Yinda Investment's sisters really take care of herself. In Chenxing Film and Television Co., others would not care about Xia Xiaoxiao at all, it’s even kind not to let her take the fall, let alone help her.

Wang Qing instructed Xia Xiaoxiao to bind and organize the documents, and encouraged her to knock on the door of president Chu’s office. Xia Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and knocked gently on the door, and heard a familiar cold voice coming from the door: "Come in please."

Xia Xiaoxiao pushed the door in and found that president Chu was getting up in a coat. She honestly reported: "President Chu, this is the report of the variety shows. Please check it."

Chu Chu was about to go out and, took the report and flipped it through roughly, and she praised, "Good job and I will digest it well."

Xia Xiaoxiao's report was very carefully prepared which could really help. Chu Chu wanted to participate in "I am the King of Sharp Tongue ", for which she just needed information on the variety shows. This was just in time.

Xia Xiaoxiao heard president Chu's praise for the first time, bowed her head nervously and shyly, and suppressed the little excitement and satisfaction in her heart.

Zhang Jianian knocked on the door and entered the office, reminding: "President Chu, your car is here."

He saw that Xia Xiaoxiao in the office and was a little surprised, but he suddenly returned to be calm, and asked: "Do you need someone to accompany you to Xiaoying Culture?"

"Whoever is free, just follow me, and I can go by myself if no one have time." Chu Chu packed her things without looking up. She was going to talk to the directors of " I am the King of Sharp Tongue" and was about to leave.

Zhang Jianian thought about president Chu's crash and felt that he could not let her go out alone. However, everyone in the company did their own job, and president Chu was indeed not equipped with a life assistant. After all, she hated being cared for by others and had strict requirements for details.

In the past, any secretary who had followed president Chu's itinerary would be like being tortured by a storm after returning, and it would take a few days for them to recover.

Zhang Jianian thought about it, suddenly had an idea, and smiled at Xia Xiaoxiao, "Come out with me."

"Okay." Xia Xiaoxiao followed Zhang Jianian blankly, and it was for the first time that she talked directly with president Zhang.

Assistant to the president Zhang was the second hand in the company. He was 28 years old this year, handsome and gentle. Although he had a good temper for president Chu, he was quite dignified in his subordinates. After all, he could stand out among a bunch of old workers in the Qisheng Group with his savvy investment vision and become a companion for Chu Chu. He was by no means not easy to deal with.

Xia Xiaoxiao was a little cowardly with assistant to the president Zhang. He never asked about the President Office’s bussiness, only instructed the secretary-general Wang Qing.

Zhang Jianian glanced at the childish Xia Xiaoxiao, and said: "You accompany president Chu today. Whatever she needs, you arrange in advance. Do not delay president Chu's affairs.

Xia Xiaoxiao was taken aback, and quickly waved her hand in rejection: " Assistant to the president, I haven't been here for a few days. It may be too difficult for me to pick such a big job..."

Zhang Jianian didn’t agree and his face was quiet calm,"It's not an important task, you just have to let president Chu accept your existence and don't be driven away."

Xia Xiaoxiao was at a loss: ...This sounds more difficult? ?

"I don't have time to accompany her today. She seems to have a higher tolerance for you so you can go with her first." Zhang Jianian was actually helpless. He still had a lot of investment cases to deal with, and he could't be the life assistant of president Chu every day.

Xia Xiaoxiao was not fire because of the coffee event, which was definitely a milestone of Yinda Investment. Although Zhang Jianian didn't know the origin of the two, he felt that president Chu treated Xia Xiaoxiao unusually, maybe the small intern could take it .

Zhang Jianian thought of the boss’s recent weird behavior, could not help but frowned slightly, reminding: “If president Chu says something strange, or wants to do something strange, you can contact me if you can’t make up your mind.

Xia Xiaoxiao: "... Okay."

Xia Xiaoxiao noticed that assistant to the president Zhang was very cautious in his tone, and was quite puzzled. What kind of strange things could president Chu do?

After reminding Xia Xiaoxiao in advance, Zhang Jianian went to the president's office with Xia Xiaoxiao, and found Wang Qing,"Today she will be accompanying president Chu. You train her immediately and president Chu will be leaveing soon."

After finishing it, Zhang Jianian  continued to deal with other affairs of the company, leaving Xia Xiaoxiao still at a loss.

Secretary-ggeneral Wang Qing was also stunned for a moment, wondering whether Xia Xiaoxiao was climbing up or standing on the verge of death. She glanced at her watch and found that there was little time left, and she murmured hurriedly: "You go down and sit in the co-pilot position. Remember to open the door for president Chu when she gets in and out of the car. The coffee request is what I said last time. No shallot, ginger, garlic or coriander. No spicy or seafood. And remember to check out secretly during the dinner, and don’t let the boss wait for you to pay. ”

"Carry paper towels, wipes, charging treasure, charging cable, umbrella, marker, stapler, chewing gum with you. If you don't have them, I will lend you first!" Wang Qing finished speaking at once like reading a menu, and asked again, "Are you going to Xiaoying Culture in the afternoon? I will send the information to you. You remember the name and face of the company's seniors in the car, don't get confused!"

Faced with a huge amount of information bombing at her, Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't help turning dizzy. She subconsciously took notes, fearing that she might miss something.

The other secretaries of the president's Office heard Wang Qing's ear-raising orders and were surprised: "Is Xiaoxiao accompanying with president Chu?"

Xia Xiaoxiao nodded obediently.

The secretaries looked at Xia Xiaoxiao who was like a little white rabbit and showed sympathetic eyes, comforted her,"Xiaoxiao, everyone has the first time. If you are scolded, don't cry, and be strong."

Xia Xiaoxiao hesitated,"It’s okay, president Chu is not scary..."

"Huh, it's really the Koi who dare to say this."

(Translator's Note: Koi stands for someone who’s very luky)


Wang Qing was extremely sensitive and irritable under the huge pressure, and said madly: "Okay, don’t make a fuss! Hurry and think about it for me, do I miss anything? President Chu is about to leave!"

The secretary-general suddenly showed her power, and the other secretaries immediately launched an assist, so they dared not chat again.

"Xiaoxiao, you take my laptop with you, it may be useful by then."

"This is the driver's phone, remember to contact him in advance when you leave."

" Elastic? Band-aid? Or bring them all, who knows if they will be needed suddenly."

With the help of the secretaries, Xia Xiaoxiao, carrying the hope of the entire office, accompanied president Chu to appear downstairs. The driver had long parked the car at the door and waited for the two to come down.

 Chu Chu looked at Xia Xiaoxiao's heavy backpack and strangely said: "You have stones in your bag? It looks so heavy."

Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't say that the bag was full of love by her sisters. Her shoulders were sorely hurt, and she opened the door for president Chu awkwardly, saying honestly, "President Chu, watch your step."

Chu Chu saw that the leading actress was so polite, she was really ashamed and unsuited, and her thoughts that she didn't want to bring Xia Xiaoxiao also dispelled. Chu Chu thanked her and went down the stairs to get on the car.

【Please strengthen the aura of "Overbearing President" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【The halo owner of the "Leading actress" is detected around you, and who will have an rejection reaction with you. Forcibly entering the battle task.】

Xia Xiaoxiao swore with her conscience that she was not negligent. She watched president Chu get on the car intently, but suddenly stumbled and couldn’t help falling onto the other. The heavy backpack completely overwhelmed Xia Xiaoxiao, and she fell to president Chu with her inertia and slammed president Chu into the back seat of the car!

Chu Chu was bending over to get in the car. She was about to sit down and was caught off guard. She was barely spitting blood because of the huge thing on her body. Xia Xiaoxiao's weight plus a heavy backpack, like a high-speed meteorite directly hitting Chu Chu.

The driver in the front seat looked at this scene in anxiety. He had never seen such a violent operation and blurted out: "President Chu, are you okay !?"

【Task: Say the classic line to Xia Xiaoxiao: "Women, you set the fire, you put it down yourself". 】

Chu Chu: ...My flame of life is almost killed by the leading actress, you still play this with me?

The two had ambiguous postures, and Xia Xiaoxiao almost touched president Chu's face. She looked closely at the boss from a close distance, and felt that the other's skin was as clean as porcelain. Xia Xiaoxiao could even hear her soft breath and feel the warm touch of her hands.

Chu Chu was so depressed that he took a breath and said blankly: "...my ribs are about to break."

Chu Chu was desperate for the overbearing president's aura that it could still play such an old plot! The leading actress fell from a height and fell on the boss to cause physical contact. What an old plot?! Did she have to thank her for not touching her mouth when she fell? ?

Xia Xiaoxiao suddenly panicked hearing this. She hurriedly got up, looked at the boss's cold face secretly, and apologized: "P…president Chu, I’m so sorry! I'm not intentional, I don't know what happened..."

Xia Xiaoxiao regretted so much that she finally made a report that satisfied president Chu. Why did this happen again like evil?

"If the apology is useful, what do the police do?" Chu Chu actually began to get accustomed to such situations. Under the aura of "Overbearing President", her perception of shame became lower and lower, so she gradually liberated her nature. She said recklessly: "Women, you set the fire, you put it down yourself"

"..." Xia Xiaoxiao was hit by a strong corny line, and stood in place numbly.

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