I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 10

Chu Chu stubbornly answered the phone while Li Taihe filled his mouth with angry words and shouted: "What the hell do you want!?"

Since the incident of Xia Xiaoxiao falling into the pool, Li Taihe had fully recognized the true face of Chu Chu who was malicious and unscrupulous. In the past, he was grateful for her support, but now he only had disgust and hate.

Chu Chu was sitting in the swivel chair, holding the phone in one hand and looking back at the high-rise building in the distance. She said lightly: "I don't know what you're talking about. If it's about the liquidated damages, please contact the Legal Department directly. I don’t really have time to listen to you growl. "

"I will pay you every penny you asked for the liquidated damages, but don't you try to do anything to Xiaoxiao!" Li Taihe looked gloomy and gritted his teeth, "You transferred her to Yinda, what are you planning? "

Li Taihe was very surprised when he heard the news that Xia Xiaoxiao actually left Chenxing Film and Television Co. to work at Yinda Investment, which was like sending the sheep to the tiger. Chu Chu had a history of pushing her into the water, and it was not too easy for Xia Xiaoxiao to hurt her again.

Chu Chu was too lazy to take care of him, but now she was irritated by his angry attitude, and she asked slowly: "What do you think I can do to her?"

"Li Taihe, you are not Xia Xiaoxiao's boyfriend, who are you to be here yelling at me?" Chu Chu felt that the leading actor was really unreasonable, so she couldn't help narrowing her eyes and fighting back. "You don't know her at all, really treat yourself as a saint, and then be moved by your own dedication?"

Li Taihe retorted angrily: "What do you know! Of course I know Xiaoxiao..."

"What do you know? Based on your fate in your childhood alone?" Chu Chu interrupted him unkindly and made a mockery,"You and her have been separated for more than ten years. Now you dare not tell her your identity and then you claim that you know about her? "

In "The Hot Wife of the Superstar", Li Taihe and Xia Xiaoxiao met in their childhood, and the two had got along well, but then they were separated for more than ten years. Years later, the superstar Li Taihe recognized at a glance that the intern Xia Xiaoxiao was the little girl in his childhood. Then he pursed for her love for a long time, during which there were a number of supporting roles to hinder.

When Chu Chu read this novel for the first time, she felt that the leading actress was miserable who somehow was always framed by a vicious female supporting role. The leading actor was like a policeman who loved to be late in the movie. He waited for the leding actress to be bullied every time before showing up. The main line of the novel was "The leading actor pursed the leaing actress - the leaing actress was bullied - the leading actor came to her - the leaing actress was bullied - the leading actor came to her again", such routine plots could actually pile up hundreds of chapters, which Chu Chu admired so much.

At that time, Chu Chu thought that the leading actor was an evil, could he not protect the leading actress in advance?

Li Taihe heard that Chu Chu pierced the origins of the two, and he was shocked: "How can you know... you investigate us?"

Chu Chu impatiently raised her eyebrows: "Is it still necessary to investigate? Why not go and check Xia Xiaoxiao's days in Chenxing, because of your preferential care, how is she privately excluded by others? Your feelings can't help her at all. You has bring her a lot of hatred, and it's really bad luck to be liked by you. "

In the novel, Xia Xiaoxiao was troubled everywhere in Chenxing Film and Television Co., largely due to the partial favor of the leading actor. Of course, there was also the order from the female supporting role who was jealous. Now, Xia Xiaoxiao was so successful in the president's office that she had become a favorate little sister, and her life could not be too moist.

Li Taihe remained silent for a long time, and said in a dumb voice: "Enough, you are just arguing with hypocrisy and deliberately keeping Xiaoxiao!"

"Xia Xiaoxiao is mine (my girl). As long as she doesn't make mistakes during work, I have no reason to fire her." Chu Chu lazily leaned back in the chair and suggested, "Since you don't want her to stay in Yinda , Why don’t you go and tell her clearly and see if she wants to leave? ”

"Aren't you afraid?" Chu Chu sneered with a tone like a devil, "Afraid that you are insignificant in her heart."

Xia Xiaoxiao had not yet had an affection for Li Taihe, and the young bud in her heart was still not out of the ground. She didn't even notice Li Taihe's intentions, and she never thought of anything else.

Li Taihe was seen through and immediately changed his complexion. He was speechless for a while. Chu Chu was right, he was not qualified to intervene in Xia Xiaoxiao's thing because he was not her special one.

【Congratulations on completing your task, the aura of "Overbearing President" has been strengthened. 】

【Congratulations on your completion of the hidden task, the aura of "Overbearing President" has been strengthened. 】

【Hidden mission: Lash out at the character with "The Leading Actor" aura once. 】

Chu Chu didn't expect this time to play the edge ball successfully, and it actually caused crazy damage. Obviously she didn't read the line according to the original sentence? She perceived that the success of the task was not determined by the completeness of the lines, but by the emotional accumulation of the characters. If the character's mood swings matched the lines, it could be judged as successful.

After completing the task, Chu Chu immediately abandoned the leading actor, and resolutely said: "Okay, the phone bill is quite expensive, nothing else then you can hang up."

Li Taihe was reluctant and insisted, "She will leave Yinda, and you won't be proud for a long time."

Chu Chu didn't care much, "Whatever, you remember to pay me 100 million."

No matter how small a mosquito was, it had some meat. Her ten-billion goal just needed someone like the leading actor to help little by little.

Li Taihe hung up indignantly, and Chu Chu looked at the number on the screen, then blacklisted him.

Someone knocked lightly at the door so Chu Chu threw the phone aside, responding: "Please come in."

Zhang Jianian pushed the door in and looked worried, "President Chu, I heard from Han Dong that you agree to participate in ’I am the King of Sharp Tongue’? "

The relationship between Yinda Investment and Xiaoying Culture was successfully finalized, and their relationship became closer. Although Han Dong scolded the boy yesterday, he also found that president Chu was very suitable as a guest. After all, she was about to cover all the recent trending topics.

The massed hadd mixed opinions on Chu Chu, and various rumors were very popular. Some people said that she was crazy about the unspoken rules and harassed Li Taihe several times; some said that she had outstanding academic qualifications, inherited Chu Yanyin's spicy eyes, and was extremely good at business; some said that Yinda Investment was nothing but a toy for her playing with money.

Whether the public liked her or hated her, people would follow her involuntarily and be curious about this little princess of Qisheng Group. She was born to be a public person, and many unfamous celebrities couldn’t catch up with her.

If "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" could really invite president Chu as the guest, it was estimated that the first episode would be popular, and it was not a dream to become an explosion. Han Dong finally contacted president Chu and asked if she was willing to be the guest of the first episode. But he didn't expect that president Chu actually agreed.

When Zhang Jianian heard the news, his heart collapsed. He clearly accompanied president Chu home for dinner throughout the day. When did she make a reckless decision behind him?

Zhang Jianian recalled his recent ups and downs and felt that the film maker wouldn’t dare to make such a film. President Chu suddenly asked to go the police station, and then went missing. During work, she was in a strange relationship with the female intern of the company. Then she argued blatantly with the chairman yesterday, today she again crashed a luxury car this morning, and now said she was going to a variety show.

Zhang Jianian: Although the boss had a better temper, the number of horseplays she made had skyrocketed.

 Chu Chu didn't notice his worry, calmly nodded and replied: "Yeah, I told Han Dong."

Zhang Jianian couldn't help frowning and reminded quite hesitantly: "Have you discussed with the chairman in advance? He also expressed dissatisfaction with the online comments yesterday. And you promised to go to this kind of program today..."

The program of "I am the King of Sharp Tongue" was very wild, and many words were sharp and direct. President Chu was now controversial, and it was really not good for her to participate the show. Zhang Jianian felt that president Chu had recently rebelled like an adolescent girl, and she liked to conflict with parents. If the chairman did not let her do something, she would immediately do it with great fanfare.

Hearing Zhang Jianian's nagging tone, Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and asked, "Actually, I wanted to ask you a question a long time ago. Are you my father’s man or mine? Which side do you stand?"

Chu Chu's impression of Zhang Jianian in the original book was not strong. She only remembered that he used to be the background for the female supporting role and was mentioned in only a few words. Because he was not an important character, the ending of him in the novel was not even explained, and his entire portrait disappeared directly in the later plot.

Chu Chu's question was purely from curiosity, and there was no intention to blame, but Zhang Jianian didn’t hear it like this.

Zhang Jianian was neither humble nor overbearing, saying: "I stand in the middle, whichever side makes sense, I stands on which side."

Zhang Jianian had long been accustomed to such dissatisfaction from president Chu. He knew his position was awkward. Although he helped accompany president Chu every day, he still had to report to the chairman at all times. Both sides often couldn't get a good deal. And president Chu thought he was the monitor sent by the chairman.

He thought she would be the same as before, getting angry because of his perfunctory reply, but he didn't expect her to change like this.

Chu Chu took it for granted: "Oh, then you are on my side, I am the most reasonable."

Zhang Jianian was shocked by her brazenness and wanted to talk directly: if you are reasonable, we are saints.

Zhang Jianian asked helplessly: "What is the point of your participation in the show?"

"It's better to block it than sparse it, the more you are afraid of others talking about you, the more you can't block their mouth." Chu Chu turned around the pen casually, watching the metal shell shine in the sun, " so I simply let them talk enough on the show." 

Zhang Jianian made a persuasion: "You don't have to be like this, we can wait for this to pass..."

"This is just to avoid the problem. In the future, if you encounter a similar situation, should you plan another wave of public relations?" Chu Chu looked up to Zhang Jianian and calmly said: "The essence of human beings is like a repeater. You don't want to be vilified by others. Then you have to be the subject of those repeaters and become the speaker. "

She easily put the pen back on the table and explained lightly: "I am not to clear myself on the show, but to plan the layout for the follow-up. The future KOL marketingis a big trend, even far beyond TV and paper media. The heat evaporates naturally, so it is better to take this opportunity to operate. "

(Translator's Note: KOL stands for the Key Opinion Leader, whose opinions has a certain influence in a certain field.)

Chu Yanyin still kept a conservative way of thinking, and he didn’t know that there would be "black and red" in the future. He loathed all negative  discussion,comments from netizens, but it all made things worse. Chu Chu didn't care about fame and discussion. In her view, fans, popularity, and topics could all be turned into real money.

The world in the book had not yet ushered in the Internet celebrity economy, and people didn’t know that sometimes the attention of netizens alone could support an industry.

Outsiders now felt that Chu Chu's actions were deviant, and after a few years, they would find out that if the birds were big enough, there would be any kinds of forests.

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