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Chapter 9

Zhang Jianian and Wang Qing at the door of the president's office set out to rescue the boss who had crashed the car, while the onlookers in the president's office all gossiped about it. The secretaries got together and discussed today’s big news. Chenxing Film and Television Co. finally responded to Li Taihe's canceling his contract, and the Legal Department filed Li Taihe to court, claiming 100 million liquidated damages.

As soon as the news came out, Li Taihe's fans almost went crazy, and they scolded Chenxing Film and Television Co. on the Internet outrageously.

Xiao He Liu Shui: Shameless company drains blood from him every day, and it’s not enough, now tearing the face?

Tai: Stand for Li Taihe's rights, shut down the garbage company, it’s completely unequal contracts!

Qiu Qiu Fan Gun: Chenxing is crazy about money, can your company have an annual net profit of 100 million? ?

Guang Ming Xiao Ke: Fans don't try to clear it for him, Li Taihe used to have such good resources, but now he cancels the contract. Without him being accused to bankruptcy, really think the businessmen are philanthropists?

Butterfly machine: No blow, no diss, Chenxing has absolutely not treated Li shabbily. Fans should be happy, Chenxing acts so toughly, proving that your idol and his boss are really clean[doge]

Lululuxi: No, no, no,fans will definitely claim that the princess of Qisheng has an unforgettable old love for Li Taihe. deliberately retaliating[doge] Really thinks that your brother is charismatic.

As an ascending male star, Li Taihe had a group of fans with frightening powers. His every move would be magnified infinitely, and he would easily became the trending topic. In the real world, " Fresh Meat" would be used to describe this type of actor, but the world in the book had not yet reached this stage, and the passers-by only thought that Li Taihe's fans were crazy.

Xia Xiaoxiao was in a complicated mood when she saw the disputes on the Internet. She didn't expect Li Taihe to stand on the opposite side of her company. Although she had left Chenxing Film and Television Co. and started working in Yinda Invetsment. After all, both sides were under the control of president Chu and belonged to the same camp.

Xia Xiaoxiao remembered Li Taihe's many cares for herself during the filming of the show, and also thought that president Chu, who threw her suit jacket to her with a cold face, suddenly she didn't even know on which side she should stand.

Secretaries all saw the comments from netizens, and they also gossi“ed about it: "Is it true that they really go to court? Doesn’t president Chu care?"

"Presient Chu might have just wanted to train him?" Others were also at a loss. Although everyone had heard a lot of rumours, they had never seen the proof, and they couldn't get a hard evidence.

Li Taihe had a smooth time for several years in Chenxing Film and Television Co., and the resources were so good that it was really doubtful. The company was naturally full of gossip, but no one really saw him and the boss publicly shopping or going in and out of a hotel.

"Xiaoxiao, haven't you been in Chenxing before? Have you heard anything?" Someone looked at Xia Xiaoxiao in a suit on her seat and asked curiously.

Xia Xiaoxiao was asked suddenly, and she was startled and waved her hand in a hurry. She explained with a guilty conscience, "I'm just an intern, how can I get in touch with those stars..."

"This is also true." The other secretaries no longer thought much after hearing the words. Xia Xiaoxiao was still a newcomer, and it was really not easy for her to see Li Taihe.

Xia Xiaoxiao was a bit ashamed to lie, but she neither wanted to say that Li Taihe was bad, nor that president Chu was bad, so she could only use this to escape the topic.

Everyone was talking about it while Wang Qing pushed the door in. She glanced around and said, "Who do you know about a vareity show? President Chu is looking for someone to do a report..."

The accident had been handled by special crews. After president Chu came to the company, the first thing was to ask Wang Qing to help collect information on the vareity shows.

The daily work of the secretaries was divided, and no one was idle, except for a strange existence. Wang Qing's eyes passed Xia Xiaoxiao, and she suddenly remembered her,"Xia Xiaoxiao, weren't you from Chenxing? You came with me."

Xia Xiaoxiao hurriedly got up, followed Wang Qing step by step, walked toward president Chu's office, and did not hear the discussion of others behind her.

"It's over. President Chu's report requires high thieves. Isn't the small intern to be scolded to death?"

"Sister Wang Qing can't help, she can't always let her idle. She doesn't understand the company's business, so she can't get started in other ways."

Xia Xiaoxiao now looked like a mascot in the president’s office. She stood out from the crowd with her unconventional style and koi fish physique that helped her escape from death. The other secretaries were all graduates from famous universities and had rich expriences. Treating Xia Xiaoxiao was like treating children to them, they just didn’t rub her head every day yet.

There was no office competition between them, because Xia Xiaoxiao's level was truly a bit lower than others. Although Xia Xiaoxiao actively wanted to integrate into her work, she had no choice but to know nothing about financial investment. She could only buy coffee every day and envy others' busyness.

Colleagues treated Xia Xiaoxiao very well and took extra care of her, but it made her more guilty. She would like to prove herself that, like other sisters, she could become an efficient and capable office lady.

Xia Xiaoxiao followed Wang Qing to the door of the president's office. She looked at the evil door with fear at where she offended the boss by spilling coffee all over her. The secretaries occasionally teased her about the incident, saying that she was a koi that ran into the iceberg but escaped from death.

Wang Qing knocked carefully on the door, heard president Chu responding, and entered the office with Xia Xiaoxiao. She reported: "President Chu, don’t you mean you want to know about the status quo of variety shows? She will report it to you after finishing. "

Xia Xiaoxiao stood behind Wang Qing and secretly looked at president Chu. President Chu put on light makeup today, dressed smartly, and looked down at the file with her eyes down. She was reading the files whis her face was cold that she didn’t seem easy to get close to. Xia Xiaoxiao carefully checked her clothes to make sure everything was correct, which relieved a little tension.

Chu Chu raised her head and saw the two entering the office. She could not help but stunned. She really wanted to understand the current situation of the world's film and television market in some books, but was it appropriate for the leading actress to report to her? Wasn’t this too extravagant?

Chu Chu hesitantly said: "...how can I let her give the report?"

Chu Chu was not doubting the ability of the leading actress, the problem was that they would have strange chemical reactions together. The aura of "The Leading Actress" and " Overbearing President " sounded like a myriad of possibilities, and Chu Chu was really afraid of triggering some shame lines.

Wang Qing hesitated a bit and said tentatively: "Because Xia Xiaoxiao originally worked in Chenxing Film and Television, so she is more familiar with this aspect, or who do you want to designate? I will arrange it later."

Because making reports was cumbersome but not difficult, Wang Qing wanted to exercise Xia Xiaoxiao, but didn’t expected that president Chu seemed unwilling.

Xia Xiaoxiao saw president Chu pursing her lips, didn't want to give up this opportunity and tried hard to fight for it, "Will you tell me the requirements and just let me try it? If you are not satisfied at that time, I must change it!"

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at the busy sisters in the office and felt that she was like a waste person and didn't want to miss any rare opportunity to do something. Xia Xiaoxiao clenched her fists, staring at Chu Chu with her eyes looking forward, hoping she would agree.

Chu Chu looked at Xia Xiaoxiao with a sincere look, full of enthusiasm and innocence just out of campus, and immediately understood that she wanted to prove herself in the workplace. The young girl was still like a blank paper, eager to get the approval of others, and couldn't wait to win every opportunity.

Chu Chu had not been a rookie in the workplace for a long time, but she also had been at this stage, so she couldn't bear to refuse her. She said helplessly: "I want to understand the relevant situation of the entertainment business, including but not limited to film and television, variety shows, artist brokers, short videos, live broadcasts, games, and so on."

"The specific content is best to include the industry situation of each section and representative works, policies, important events, similar company information and experts' estimates of future market trends." Chu Chu finished it, shrugged and added, "You can assume that I don't know anything about these, and I need the most accurate and concise information to establish a system for the next step of my plan. "

Since Chu Chu was determined to complete the three-year contract, she must first have a macro understanding of the world in the book, and could no longer slack off like in the past. Although she already had rich hands-on experience in reality, she couldn’t act rashly in the face of unfamiliar markets, and she needed to build an understanding of the entire industry in the book.

The progress of the industry in the real world and the world in the book was different. She wanted to seize the upcoming business opportunities as soon as possible.

Wang Qing thought it was a simple summary report, but did not expect president Chu's request to be so complicated. She suddenly felt that Xia Xiaoxiao was difficult to pick such a big task, and proposed: "President Chu, since this is the case, I would rather do it myself ..."

Chu Chu didn’t think so, and she looked at Xia Xiaoxiao, "If you think it can't be done, then let Wang Qing do it."

Xia Xiaoxiao was silent for a moment, and summoned the courage to say: "After I finish it, I will check it with Sister Wang Qing, and then give it to you, is that okay?"

Chu Chu nodded in agreement, and Wang Qing said no more. As secretary-general, Wang Qing was indeed busy and had no time to complete such a rich report.

When the two returned to the office, Wang Qing was still not at ease and told her: "I will send you the report I sent to president Chu in the past for your reference. Please ask me if there is anything you don’t understand. You can make an outline first , and fill in the content after I checked it to avoid omissions. "

Xia Xiaoxiao responded honestly and obediently. For the first time she received a serious task and she decided to do well secretly.

On the other hand, Chu Chu relied on memory to sort out industries with a rapid upward trend in the future. She intended to read Xia Xiaoxiao's report at first, observe the gap between the book and the reality, and then decide on the next direction of Yinda Investment. If she wanted to earn 10 billion yuan in three years, she couldn’t only focus on traditional industries, in which the goal was definitely unattainable.

Qisheng Group's industries spreaded across all walks of life, especially in real estate, mining, medicine, catering, etc., which were all areas that Chu Chu wasn’t familiar with. She could only focus on the film and television entertainment that she was most familiar with, and then used the emerging industry to pry Chu Yanyin's huge business empire, but not hiting the stone with the eggs.

Chu Chu was working hard at the desk to make plans, but the screen of the mobile phone on the side suddenly lighted up, and the caller was a familiar name. She glanced at it and continued to work casually, ignoring the vibrating cell phone directly.

The strange voice suddenly appeared, just to attract her attention.

【Please strengthen the aura of the "Overbearing President" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears.】

【Task: Say the classic line "Xia Xiaoxiao is my girl" to Li Taihe. 】

Chu Chu: ...Classic your hell!

The phone on the table was like a hot potato, and the caller was Li Taihe.

Chu Chu really didn’t understand why she had to be involved in the love of the lading actor and the leading actress regardless of which aura she had? ?

Chu Chu: Although it was a three-person story, I really didn’t want to have a name.

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