I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 8

Chu Chu admited that she was very unconcerned about the world in the book, but Chu Yanyin successfully ignited her.

She really hated the words like "women should return to the family", "a good career is not as good as a good marriage" very, very, very much. If someone who made such remarks in person before herr, she would want to beat the other person's head.

Chu Yanyin heard her rebuttal, and rejected,"Maybe you will change your mind after getting married."

Chu Chu bargained calmly: "Since it was said that Yinda Investment failed to get married after the investment, it is clearly not yet over..."

Chu Yanyin was dissatisfied, and scolded: "Or should I let you go out again? Do you think it's not embarrassing this time?"

Chu Chu greeted his eyes and boldly said: "Businessmen should not be afraid of embarrassment, only you can earn money by being shameless."

Chu Yanyin choked, moved his fingers, and said slowly after a moment of silence: "I can give you another chance, but with conditions."

Seeing that there was still room for manoeuvre, Chu Chu immediately replied: "You say it."

Her first priority now was to keep the aura of "Overbearing President", so she would never marry anyone.

"When you set up Yinda Investment, I gave you 1 billion. If you can pay me 10 billion after three years, I will not interfere with your life." Chu Yanyin's finger tapped on the table, he looked at Chuchu, and many wrinkles climbed on the corners of his eyes.

Zhang Jianian and Lin Mingzhu were  both stunned hearing this. Zhang Jianian subconsciously observed president Chu's expression.

Although Chu Chu did not understand finance, she was not a fool and immediately discovered Chu Yanyin's foxiness and said: "Where have you seen that the return on investment is so high? Did I borrow a usury?"

Ten times in three years, what kind of company could do it? Chu Yanyin gave her a venture fund, and she had to pay back ten times?

"You were born with a higher starting point than others, and the difficulty is naturally different." Chu Yanyin said calmly, "I will not take advantage of you, if you can do it in three years, in exchange, I will transferre all of my property to you and you will be completely free. "

Chu Yanyin was the chairman of the Qisheng Group. He held the group's equity and had many valuable real estate under his name, not to mention assets such as private jets. If it was described in the sentence of that in the novel about overbearing president in early days, he could be said to be the man who held the lifeline of the world economy and had enough wealth to shake even a country.

When Lin Mingzhu heard this, she immediately changed her complexion. She tried to dissuade him, but Chu Yanyin reached out to stop her. Chu Yanyin looked at Chu Chu and added: "Of course, the 10 billion you give me cannot be the company's valuation, but cash flow. If you can't do it, you will honestly obey me after three years, Stop thinking wildly. "

Zhang Jianian estimated in his mind that it was easy for the company's valuation to reach 10 billion in three years, but it was difficult to realize 10 billion in cash flow. These were two concepts. Although the income from many investments could be effective within 3 years, it took time if president Chu wanted to cash it out in cash.

The annual net profit of Qisheng Group could naturally break through 10 billion, but it was an established company that had been established for 30 years, and it was also a giant in the real estate industry, with 120,000 employees. The scale of Yinda Investmen was far behind it, and the establishment was less than two years old. The two were simply the gap between ants and elephants.

This three-year contract was not easy, with extremely high risks, and it was a difficult challenge.

Zhang Jianian secretly looked at president Chu's complexion. She seemed to be in deep thought, but aldo calm. Lin Mingzhu looked around nervously, seeming more nervous than Chu Chu.

Chu Yanyin saw that Chu Chu said nothing, and added, "10 billion for my entire property, not everyone has such an opportunity."

Chu Chu did not expect Chu Yanyin to play so big, she pursed her lips and agreed with Chu Yanyin's proposal, "Okay, I promise you."

Lin Mingzhu's face was instantly pale, and Chu Yanyin nodded, reminding her, "A promise is a promise."

Chu Chu looked directly at Chu Yanyin and seriously added, "But I have to make it clear first that I promised not for your property, but for disagreeing with you. Women outside the family can also do very well, even better than you. "

Before Chu Yanyin teased her, Chu Chu threw another sentence lightly.

"I really don't have the qualifications to convince you now, but I will come with evidence after three years."

Chu Yanyin's temples have been white, and he looked at her for a long time, then said: "I’ll wait."

【Congratulations on completing your task, the aura of "Overbearing President" has been strengthened. 】

The metropolis at night was not asleep, and there were endless streams of galaxies on the road, and the shadows of pedestrians were under the dim street lights. Chu Chu looked sideways at the realistic world in the book outside the car window, feeling that it was exactly the same as reality, and even every detail was perfect. The only difference was probably that there was no aura on top of people’s head in reality.

Inside the car, Zhang Jianian sat in the position of co-pilot, and noticed that president Chu in the back seat had been silent. He hesitated for a moment and couldn't help but persuaded: "President Chu, the chairman is actually kind, and he didn't really want to arrange your marriage."

"I know." Chu Chu lazily leaned against the car window and let the wind outside blow her hair, "As soon as he said the three-year contract, I understood that he just wanted to push me forward."

If Chu Yanyin had really decided to arrange her marriage, he didn't need to bet on his whole property and made a three-year contract with Chu Chu. This was simply the old routine in the movie. The rich father couldn’t bear to see his children not wanting to make progress and squandering their family property. So they just used this way to encourage their children.

Chu Chu used to work in the film and television industry anyway, so she couldn’t have watched more similar film and television works.

Zhang Jianian didn't expect president Chu to be so objective, completely without the irritability in the past. He wondered, "Then why do you argue with the chairman?"

Chu Chu said calmly: "We just have different views in other respects."

She could understand Chu Yanyin's love, but she was not a real person in the book even thought she understood it.

Zhang Jianian froze for a moment, and always felt that the number of times president Chu had been fooling around recently had increased, but there were occasions when she was rational. He was slightly relieved, with some emotion in his heart, and he heard the next words from the people behind him.

"Do you think that if I help Lin Mingzhu with the divorce lawsuits to divide my dad's property, can I get 10 billion?" Chu Chu felt her chin, and suddenly asked.

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: "President Chu, the chairman is your biological father."

Chu Chu: "I know, what's wrong?"

Zhang Jianian: "Are you a bit shamed with this method?"

Zhang Jianian really admired president Chu's thinking logic, how could she have countless strange thoughts? ?

Chu Chu shamelessly said: "You tell me the feasibility first."

"I'm sorry to tell you that this is impossible. Even if Mrs. Lin divorces with the chairman, there is no way for her to divide the property. They have an agreement." Zhang Jianian gave an official answer, completely dispelling Chu Chu’s idea.

The rich were more good at managing their assets than the poor, and would never give a chance for others to take advantage of it, let alone Chu Yanyin was the real power of the Qisheng Group. His marriage also bear the pressure of the board.

"Sure enough, marriage is not an iron bowl." Chu Chu had a premonition, so she was not too disappointed.

Zhang Jianian was quite puzzled, "Do you hate getting married?"

Chu Chu immediately vigilantly asked: "Are you also a supporter of 'women should return to the family'?"

"...No." Zhang Jianian noticed the ideological tendency, "Are you a feminist?"

 Chu Chu corrected: "I prefer the equality."

Zhang Jianian thought deeply, but fell into deeper doubts. When did the big boss start to study these?

The car soon arrived in Yanhan resident. Zhang Jianian hurried to get off the car and confirmed the itinerary to Chu Chu: "President Chu, when will you arrive at the company tomorrow?"

Zhang Jianian was scared by the boss these days. If she should go MIA again, he and Wang Qing would probably be driven crazy.

Chu Chu said flatly: "I don't want to go to work."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Chu Chu: "Just kidding, don't stretch your face. Nine o'clock in the morning, I’ll see you. "

Zhang Jianian: "............"

Zhang Jianian was relieved, and Chu Chu thought it was funny to see him in a serious way. She smiled with ease, "Since I have agreed on the three-year contract, I can't let you down, and a promise is a promise."

Zhang Jianian saw that president Chu was relaxed and her face rarely showed a smile, like the ice melting, and it was beautiful. He was silent for a moment, not knowing what he was thinking, and finally he politely said: "Then hope you rest early today."

Chu Chu nodded and left.

The next day in the Puxin Building, at the door of the busy president’s office.

Wang Qing glanced at the time, and it was ten o'clock. She numbly reported to Zhang Jianian: "Assistant to the president, president Chu has not yet arrived at the company, you see…?"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian: What happened to nine o’clock in the morning? What happened to ‘a promise is a promise’? Hell I believed you!

Zhang Jianian called Chu Chu decisively, and he quietly hoped in his heart that he could never hear the suffocating shutdown again. The phone was successfully connected, and he immediately put on a polite and gentle professional tone, asking, "President Chu, where are you now? Do we need to pick you up?"

Wang Qing admired assistant to the president Zhang's professional attitude. Even if he had a lot of dissatisfaction about his boss, he could always show a spring-like service spirit.

Zhang Jianian patiently waited for the reply from the other side, and heard president Chu's apologetic voice: "I'm sorry, I may need you to pick me up and help me deal with the insurance ..."

"...I didn't drive the car out of the garage before it hit the wall." Chu Chu stood in front of the luxury car, surrounded by security guards and community personnels, who were all nervous staring at the crash scene.

Zhang Jianian was surprised, and immediately asked: "Are you alright?"

Chu Chu said embarrassedly: "Should it be okay? For the sake of safety, the speed is only twenty."

Zhang Jianian really didn't want to complain: You were someone who had raced on the road, but now you could even crash the car at the speed of twenty?

Zhang Jianian: "... Okay, I'll be there soon."

Chu Chu: "I'm sorry, I'm late again, are you okay?"

Zhang Jianian: "... It's fine, please wait a moment."

Zhang Jianian: What else can I do, only to forgive you like a father.

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