I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 7

Recently, the temperature was low. Lin Mingzhu wanted to look beautiful instead of warm. She was wearing a thin dress, standing in the cold wind and subconsciously shaking, but still had to hold her pose.

The people on her side whispered: " mMadam, shall we go in too?"

Lin Mingzhu gritted her teeth and was dissatisfied: "Oh, she really has grown up, now she doesn’t make an unreasonable scene and just ignores people!"

"Madam, I actually think that missy... didn't see you."

"What do you mean!? Isn't she blind since I'm such a big man?" Lin Mingzhu was dressed so grandly and was standing at the door. How could someone not see?

"But I saw that missy was not angry, so she walked past calmly ..."

【Congratulations on your completion of the hidden mission, the aura of " Overbearing President" has been strengthened. 】

【Hidden task: Ignore the character with the "Vicious Female Supporting Role" aura once. 】

Chu Chu:? ? ?

Chu Chu suddenly received a prompt, feeling inexplicable when she completed the task.

Zhang Jianian looked behind him hesitantly, he reluctantly persuaded the wayward boss: "President Chu, if you always ignore Mrs. Lin in this way, the chairman will be embarassed."

Chu Chu said innocently: "When did I ignore her?"

Zhang Jianian made it clear: "You turn a blind eye to her when you enter the door."

Chu Chu looked blankly at Zhang Jianian, who was wearing the aura of "Passerby ", and felt aggrieved for the first time. She said sadly: "How can I think of her more of a passerby than you."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Chu Chu had recently developed a habit of watching people at the aura first, then glancing at the name. In the novel, important protagonists would have eye-catching auras, such as Li Taihe and Xia Xiaoxiao. Supporting roles with many plays had medium-sized halos, such as Chu Chu. The halo of marginal figures would be smaller, such as Zhang Jianian.

Lin Mingzhu's aura was so small to be ignored, who could see it!

Chu Chu only regarded her as an NPC in the novel world, and would walk straight past her.

Before Lin Mingzhu could find Chu Chu's theory, Chu Yanyin's car drove into the courtyard, and the housekeeper opened the door for him. A pair of elegant business shoes came out of the car. The middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes walked into the house while tidying up  his sleeves. Before Lin Mingzhu at the door hadn't reacted yet, Chu Yanyin had already stepped into the mansion with great speed.

The people on the side whispered again: "Madam, shall we go in too?"

Lin Mingzhu: "..."

Lin Mingzhu: I was completely ignored by both the father and the daughter today? Walk one by one with wind? ?

Chu Yanyin had better observation than Chu Chu. He took a few steps and suddenly realized that the people just now looked somehow familiar. Then he folded back and asked, "What are you doing here?"

Lin Mingzhu immediately looked like a blooming flower, climbed on Chu Yanyin's arm, and said softly, "I'm waiting for you!"

Lin Mingzhu led Chu Yanyin into the house, just meeting Chu Chu. Lin Mingzhu showed a provocative and showy look. Chu Chu didn't notice her rich expression, because her eyes were attracted by Chu Yanyin's aura.

Chu Yanyin had the aura of "God of Wealth" and was worthy of being the father of the netizens. The halo was also so fresh and refined!

Chu Yanyin was 61 years old this year. His hair was a little gray, but his eyes were radiant and hidden with the keenness of the goshawk. He looked at Zhang Jianian and proposed: "Jianian, stay and eat together."

Zhang Jianian responded with humility, apparently accustomed to this.

Seeing that Chu Chu had no objections, Lin Mingzhu couldn’t help but sneered,“The relationship between Chu Chu and Jianian has improved? Last time, she asked to fire him.”

If it wasn’t for Chu Yanyin ’s dedication at the time, it was estimated that Zhang Jianian really had to leave. Zhang Jianian was a general under the leadership of chaiman Chu, and was transferred by Chu Yanyin from the Qisheng Group to protect Chu Chu. Lin Mingzhu's intension was obvious, like deliberately wanting to get Chu Chu angry.

He looked at Zhang Jianian with surprise and blurted out, "Really?"

Her impression of Zhang Jianian was that the loyal young brother of the female supporting role, did not expect that there hadbeen disputes?

Lin Mingzhu covered her mouth and smiled: "Chu Chu, you are hurting Jianian’s heart..."

Zhang Jianian didn't want to be involved in this family dispute, and he said: "But it's just a joke. President Chu said every month that he would drive me off, see that I keep staying in the company?"

Lin Mingzhu was a little unwilling to see him being so clever. Chu Yanyin put an end of it, "There are occasional disagreements in the business field, which is not a big deal."

When all four were there, they headed towards the magnificent restaurant. The ancient wooden dining table was filled with bright tablewares and various precious dishes, which looked beautiful under the lights. The sauerkraut fish in the mellow soup, the golden soup filled with seasonal vegetables, the sweet and sour tenderloin covered with honey juice, the light and refreshing boiled cabbage heart...

Chu Chu quickly fell into the assortment of dishes, and began to concentrate on eating.

Chu Yanyin wanted to talk to Chu Chu about some homely things, but he couldn't bear to disturb her elegant but fast speed of enjoying the meal. He turned to look at Zhang Jianian and asked, "How is Yinda's canteen?"

Chu Yanyin: What kind of power was it that could make her hungry like this?

Zhang Jianian: "...President Chu is busy today and may be a little hungry."

After a full meal, she wiped her mouth with a small tissue, seeming to take a break. Seeing this, Lin Mingzhu immediately started to make trouble, and she pretended to be curious: "Chu Chu, what's the matter with Li Taihe? It’s hot on the internet."

Chu Yanyin's face was dark, and he just wanted to talk about it with Chu Chu solemnly today. He used to allow his daughter to mess around, but now it was about the reputation of girls and the reputation of businessmen.

Chu Chu didn't notice the storm, and didn't panic: "It's no big deal, I made a lot of money by him."

Lin Mingzhu's sneered: "What money can you rely on him to make? Is it okay not to post money?"

Chu Chu calmly said: "I earned 100 million, I told him to take a penalty."

"..." Lin Mingzhu froze for a moment, then covered her mouth and smiled, "you really don't care about your old feelings."

"What do businessmen talk about feelings with their products?" Chu Chu looked at Lin Mingzhu's mouth covered and asked with concern, "You are afraid of catching a cold, so you cover your mouth? Sure enough, it's not enough to wear this thinly now,you must be frozen."

Lin Mingzhu: "..."

Lin Mingzhu was obviously doing a charming woman's posture, how could it become a virus source in Chu Chu's mouth?

Zhang Jianian couldn't help but bowed his head and forced a smile: " Ahem, ahem..."

Chu Chu: "Look, this has infected my assistant."

Lin Mingzhu: "............"

After Chu Chu learned that Lin Mingzhu had the "Vicious Female Supporting Role" aura, she completely ignored her. She played the vicious female supporting role’s trick in front of Chu Chu, which was no different than displaying her slight skill before an expert. In the end, "The Hot Wife of The Superstar" was a romance novel, and the vicious female supporting role was also a character who was stupid. This was one of the reasons why Chu Chu hated the aura of the "Vicious Female Supporting Role".

Chu Chu: It was not me who blowed. When I was a vicious female supporting role, it was a female No. 2 anyway. She could only counted as a female passerby.

Chu Yanyin did not seem to be aware of the undercurrents flowing between Chu Chu and Lin Mingzhu, and asked casually, "How have you been working recently?"

"It's okay." Chu Chu kept in mind the purpose of this trip and immediately went straight up. "Dad, I want to tell you something."

Chu Yanyin looked up at her,"What's the matter?"

Chu Chu said frankly: "I don't want to work anymore, I want to travel around the world."

Chu Yanyin stopped holding his chopsticks and asked, "Didn’t you have traveled around?"

Chu Chu: "... I want to travel around again."

Chu Yanyin said lightly: "Alright, go."

Chu Chu: "Thank you dad!"

Chu Chu was overjoyed, but did not expect after Chu Yanyin agreed so easily, she heard a strange voice appearing in the next second.

A reminder text appeared on the clean wall, and she only felt the familiar pain trailing behind.

【Please strengthen the aura of the "Overbearing President" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears.】

【Task: Change Chu Yanyin’s desire to get his daughter married. 】

【Your "Overbearing President" aura is about to disappear, please complete the task soon. 】

Chu Yanyin put down his chopsticks and said in a deep voice: "Since you don't want to take care of the company anymore, then go out and play happily now, and come back just in time for the wedding preparations. A girl should not be so tired."

Chu Chu was puzzled when she received the prompt. She was surprised when she heard Chu Yanyin's words and hurriedly stopped: "How come suddenly you talk about marriage ..."

Chu Yanyin looked like a falcon, with sharp eyes,"You said it yourself, if Yinda investment fails, then you marry people honestly. Now you want to travel, where is the time to manage the company?"

Chu Chu was very surprised. How did she know that the original soul and Chu Yanyin had such an agreement, which was not written in the book. She immediately regretted it and said, "I'm not going to travel anymore, you just treat me as if I haven't said that, let's get over it."

If Chu Chu knew that this requirement would threaten the aura of " Overbearing President", she would never rashly open her mouth.

Chu Yanyin didn't agree, his attitude was aggressive, and he said sharply: "It's good to marry someone. You used to vow to me that you want to start a business, and the result? Now the Internet is full of ups and downs, I can't see your hard work in the company. Instead you put all of your thoughts into an artist! You will go out to dinner with me tomorrow to meet someone, some are young talents, and you are also at the age to get married! "

Chu Yanyin was furious, and Zhang Jianian bowed his head in the attitude of "mind his own bussiness", while Lin Mingzhu looked at the father and the daughter arguing, gloating.

Chu Chu stubbornly said: "I will not get married."

She had never considered this matter, how could she take her lifelong happiness casually?

Chu Yanyin decided: "You can't decide it on your own!"

Chu Chu talked nonsence, "I like girls, it is impossible to get married! National laws do not allow it!"

Zhang Jianian: "Ahem--"

Chu Yanyin's face changed drastically and gritted his teeth, "Don't try to lie to me, or should Li Taihe dress up as a man? You really grow up but  become more silly, how dare you speak of it! Businessmen keep their promises, what I taught you before, you had forgotten it all!? "

Chu Yanyin was determined to settle Chu Chu's marriage. He saw all kinds of comments on the Internet, but he only hated that he had not disciplined her a while ago, leaving his daughter confused by others and becoming a joke.

Chu Chu's aura was on the edge of disappearing, and Chu Yanyin shouted again, then her rebellious emotions immediately surged. She said coldly while fighting back the pain, "I may have done a lot wrong in the past, but this is not the reason to force me to get married."

Chu Yanyin looked at her pale face and his heart suddenly became soft. He persuaded: "What's wrong with getting married? A woman should have returned to her family. You can go wherever you want. Naturally someone will work hard for you and you can read and arrange flowers at home leisurely... "

Chu Chu suddenly raised her eyes and looked directly at Chu Yanyin, with her eyes full of chill. She pointed at Lin Mingzhu and said blankly: "Do you think it's happy to live like her?"

Chu Yanyin's eyes dimmed and he took it for granted, "Isn't it? She can stay at home with dignity and enjoy a good life every day without having to use her brain. Chu Chu, don't you see me being so bright outside. There is no time even for me to take a break. It is not so easy to work hard. "

Lin Mingzhu: ... Somehow I feel that I have been humiliated? ?

Lin Mingzhu smiled awkwardly: "My dear, what are you saying..."

Chu Yanyin turned a blind eye to Lin Mingzhu, as if she was just a decorative vase at home, devoted himself to the debate with Chu Chu. Chu Chu looked at the distorted relationship between the characters in the mansion and only felt like a ridiculous satire. The most vicious person in the mansion was not Lin Mingzhu, but Chu Yanyin.

The most vicious thing about him was that he was not aware of his viciousness, and even thought that he was doing good for you.

Chu Chu suddenly calmed down and couldn't help correcting, "Women aren't home furnishing, and there is no such nosense that women should return to the family. It’s already 21th century, and I can't afford what you call happiness."

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