I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 6

In the office, Chu Chu was browsing the trending topics with interest. The top three of the trending topics were "Li Taihe's contract cancellation", "Chenxing Film and Television Co. exploiting staff", "please treat Li Taihe fairly". She clicked into a trending topic, and saw netizens insulting her straightforwardly. Obviously, his fans had a long grudge against the original female supporting role.

In the original story, Li Taihe's success thanked to his own talents and efforts, but it was also inseparable from the resources given to him by the female supporting role in the early stage. Otherwise, how could he become a noble and unsullied star in the chaotic entertainment industry? The female supporting role did have ulterior motives for the leading actor but the film and television resources given to him were all real. Chenxing Film and Television Co. couldn’t wait to boom Li Taihe alone, bringing countless high-end endorsements for him.

The onlookers were not fools and had found the clues for a long time, spreading the rumours of Li Taihe and president Chu everywhere. This was the point where Li Taihe fans could not tolerate. They would burst when they heard the unspoken rules. Now that Li Taihe had publicly requested to cancel the contract, the fans would naturally support with gongs and drums, and just asked that their idol would immediately be separated from Chu Chu.

Chu Chu looked at the malicious remarks on the Internet and was curious: "Chenxing Film and Television Co. really exploiting staffs?"

She read some exploiting scandal brainwashing bags made by several fans, and she even believed it herself. After all, it was eloquent, organized, and well illustrated.

Zhang Jianian thought that being a right hand of the president was not something that an ordinary person could do. He looked at president Chu's irritable mood and couldn't help but explained: "President Chu, it is just an unfounded guess by netizens.

Nodding cautiously, she really didn't care, anyway, the original female supporting role was stupid, and they were not scolding her.

Zhang Jianian saw that president Chu didn't frenzy. Instead, her face was calm. Immediately hitting the iron while hot, he asked cautiously: "So what do you think about handling Li Taihe's brokerage contract?"

Chenxing Film and Television Co. frequently asked about this matter in the past two days, and wanted to speak with president Chu to do follow-up public relations matters. Li Taihe unilaterally proposed to terminate the contract, but president Chu did not respond. Everyone couldn't figure out what president Chu was thinking, so naturally they dared not do anything to Li Taihe.

Chu Chu thought for a moment and asked, "Li Taihe's contract has not expired yet?"

Zhang Jianian replied: "Yes, he offered to pay liquidated damages ..."

Chu Chufeng lightly said: "Then let him pay."

Zhang Jianian tried hard to interpret president Chu's expression, not knowing whether she really wanted to break apart, or just being angry. He didn't dare to take risks and asked daringly: "So how much do you think the liquidated damages are appropriate? Thirty million yuan?"

Chu Chu was surprised and said: "Li Taihe is worth just thirty million?He have to pay 100 million at least!"

Li Taihe was the protagonist of "The Hot Wife of the Superstar". Later, he was going to become the man of the king of the silver screen. How could he be worth this little money! Zhang Jianian was insulting Li Taihe's leading actor aura, how could he be stumped by the 30 million as a leading actor?

Zhang Jianian made sure that president Chu was just being angry. How could Li Taihe be able to pay the high price of liquidated damages? President Chu always retained Li Taihe in this way, and did not want him to leave Chenxing Film and Television Co.

   Zhang Jianian was embarrassed, "President Chu, the liquidated damages have never been so high in the past, and it is very difficult for us to win the case ..."

Chu Chu calmly said: "Oh, he and his fans also slandered me, both spiritual loss and reputation loss are counted, is it enough?"

Zhang Jianian got a headache, feeling that president Chu was unusually wayward, and said: "... if you are sure that it is defamation, of course there is no problem."

The unspoken line was that if Chu Chu did use some unspoken rules on Li Taihe and someone later found evidence, it would be a slap in their face.

Zhang Jianian actually didn't want to ask about the big boss's private life, but it was of great importance and was closely related to the actions behind the Legal Department.

Chu Chu said flatly: "Of course it is slander! I have never slept with him!"

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Chu Chu was very confident about this. How could the leading actor of the romance novel really have something with the female supporting role? This was to be scolded by the readers. She had a clear memory that the original novel portrayed the precious feelings of Li Taihe and Xia Xiaoxiao several times, both of which was the first time. In short, they were both pure.

Zhang Jianian was taken aback by president Chu's words, still hesitating: "If you insist so..."

Chu Chu couldn't stand his torment, and directly said: "If the Legal Department fails to handle this matter, it can basically be cut off. I haven't heard of any artist who unilaterally canceled the contract, and the company can't win the lawsuit. "

She was now having a billion, couldn't she hire a good team of lawyers?

Zhang Jianian saw that president Chu was displeased, and immediately swallowed his prepared words of advice. He only hoped that president Chu wouldn't be emotional again and again, and after two days she would reconcile with Li Taihe, which would make them both embarrassed. Now that the boss had spoken, Zhang Jianian immediately informed Chenxing Film and Television Co. to proceed with Li Taihe's brokerage contract.

The other party couldn't believe it after hearing the request: "Are you sure this is what president Chu meant? That  is Li Taihe?"

Zhang Jianian told the original words and said lightly: "President Chu said that he would cut the Legal Department off if they would not win the lawsuit."

The other party: "..."This unreasonable tone fit the big boss.

Chu Chu was lying on a luxurious swivel chair in the office, turning around boringly, admiring the high-rise buildings outside the french windows and savoring the feeling of standing on top of power. She had already started planning a trip in her heart and decided to travel around the world in pursuit of poetry and distance.

She now had the aura of "Overbearing President" and lived a rich man's life. Of course she didn't want to spend time in office buildings every day. What was the relationship between the leading actor and the leading actress had something to do with her, she had money to be happy, so she was going to live a golden life!

Chu Chu called Wang Qing into the ofiice and ordered, "Can you book a ticket for me?"

Secretary-General Wang Qing immediately responded: "Okay, your specific itinerary is..."

Chu Chu scratched her head and said frankly: "There is no itinerary, I just want to travel around the world, please help me book a ticket for England first."

 Wang Qing was stunned and hesitantly said, "... how long do you travel?"

Chu Chu also had no idea, "One or two years? Two or three years? How long will it take to travel around the world?"

Wang Qing: "..."

Secretary-General Wang Qing entered a state of brain death. She had no choice but to ask Zhang Jianian’s help as a rescue. Zhang Jianian listened to president Chu’s request, and suddenly felt anxious that “the boss was sick again but I couldn’t wake her up.” He remembered that president Chu was going to the police station to surrender that day.

Zhang Jianian was much calmer than Wang Qing and had a good temper: "Did you not return to the company during your travel?"

Chu Chu nodded, of course: "Yes, no work during travel, no travel during work."

Zhang Jianian patiently said: "Chairman Chu asked you to go back to dinner tonight. It would be better for you to tell the chairman in person about this matter. We can't really make the decision."

Although Chu Chu was the chairman of Yinda Investment, the people in the company still called her president Chu, in order to distinguish her from Chu Yanyin.

Chu Yanyin was the biological father of the female supporting role, and was also the biggest supporter of her in the original book. Chu Yanyin started from scratch and established Qisheng Group in one hand. The group covered many fields, such as real estate, mining, medicine, catering and so on. Chu Yanyin was an outstanding figure on the list of the richest people in the country, with a wealth of about 31.3 billion US dollars, ranking 23rd in the world.

When president Chu established Yinda Investment, Chu Yanyin directly gave her 1 billion yuan for her tuition fees. Outsiders could blame president Chu for always being a malicious second generation, but they couldn’t deny Chu Yanyin's commercial skills.

Chu Chu thought for a while that she, as the second generation of rich in the book, should greet the people who paid for it. When Zhang Jianian saw her agreeing to the matter, he was relieved immediately. They couldn't control president Chu, they could only let President Chu's father come forward.

After work, Zhang Jianian arranged a vehicle for president Chu and accompanied her back to her old house. Chu's old house was said to be an old house, but it was actually a larger property under the name of Chu Yanyin, located in a villa area not far from the city. The mansion covered an area of ​​2 acres, and it looked magnificent from afar, as much as the giants in the idol drama.

Chu Chu experienced traffic jams at peak times, and was dizzy,with no mood to appreciate the mansion. She stressed the disgusting feeling of motion sickness and said, "How does my father go to work every day? Can’t this way not be blocked?"

Being rich was not a panacea. It was also impossible to avoid traffic jams in big cities. They couldn't drive a private jet across the road.

Zhang Jianian discovered that president Chu’s memory had recently deteriorated, and she didn’t remember many things. He dutifully answered: “Chaiman Chu does not usually live here, and he rests near the Qisheng Building.

Chu Yanyin and Chu Chu were the same routine. They worked in the city and lived in the city on weekdays, but only occasionally came to the mansion to party.

Chu Chu looked upset at the traffic jam outside the car window and complained: "Then we can't meet in a place in the city? Why do we have to go to the mansion outside the city?"

This was simply "ten minutes of meeting, three hours of traffic jam", and life was always on the road.

Zhang Jianian said: "But Mrs. Lin basically lives in the mansion..."

Chu Chu said blankly: "Who is Mrs. Lin?"

Zhang Jianian looked at her frowning, seeming to be puzzled, and whispered to remind: "Lin Mingzhu, chairman Chu's current wife."

Chu Chu suddenly realized: "Oh, isn't she my stepmother? It's really tiring to listen to you."

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian was speechless. In the past, if they introduced Lin Mingzhu in this way, president Chu would definitely be angry, and she must firmly separate her relationship with Lin Mingzhu. When president Chu heard Lin Mingzhu's name, she immediately changed her face, hoping to knock her out of the house.

Chu Chu vaguely remembered that the female supporting role had a stepmother, and the relationship seemed not very good, but more cases had long been forgotten. The main line of the novel was the love story of the leading actor and the leading actress. The original bady of her was originally a supporting role. Chu Yanyin and Lin Mingzhu were the supporting roles next to the supporting role. They were simply the small details growing on the small details, which were insignificant in the novel.

Now she just wanted to quickly report her desire to travel around the world, and then go out to play with the money, and had no time to deal with the interpersonal relationships of the rich family.

Inside the mansion, someone politely knocked on the carved door and entered the house to report: "Madam, Missy's car has entered the yard."

Sitting in front of the dressing table was a woman with exquisite makeup. She squeezed her lips in the mirror. After checking the lipstick, she showed a satisfied smile. Lin Mingzhu dressed in a dignified cheongsam and picked up the teddy on the chair. She tapped the puppy's nose with her slim fingers and smiled charmingly: "Pity, your sister is back, are you happy?"

"Woo--" Teddy heard its name and grunted. It was called "pity" and was Lin Mingzhu's favorite pet. Because of the teddy dog's name, the original  female supporting role had a big fight with Lin Mingzhu. Her name was Chu Chu, and Lin Mingzhu's dog was pity. What did she mean?(In Chinese, there is an idiom called Chu Chu Ke Lian, which was meant pity.)

Lin Mingzhu dressed up, holding the teddy dog at the door and waiting. Every time Chu Chu returned to the mansion, Lin Mingzhu would deliberately offend her and show the love of Chu Yanyin for herself. The irritable and miserable young lady would scold at this time, accusing Lin Mingzhu unbearably and disturbing Chu Yanyin.

Lin Mingzhu saw Chu Chu coming from afar, immediately reapplying her skills, leaning against the door pretendingly, bowing her head to the teddy dog: "Pity, look who is coming..."

Before Lin Mingzhu finished her sentences, Chu Chu took Zhang Jianian into the house like a whirlwind, completely ignoring her existence. Lin Mingzhu hadn’t finished her last word "back". Neither would she be comfortable if she finished it, nor would she be if to swallow it back, and it was just stuck there.

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