I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 5

The main content of today's meeting was about the pre-A round of financing negotiations between Yinda Investment and Xiaoying Culture.

Chu Chu was late when she stepped into the meeting room. Xiaoying Culture’s CEO Han Dong hurriedly got up and smiled a warm smile, reached out and said: "President Chu, long time no see."

Chu Chu glanced at him and found that Han Dong didn't even have a halo of characters, which meant that he was never mentioned in the novel. She shook hands with him politely, and thought secretly that the world in the book was too real. Even daily life of the female leading actress was so real that she had meetings every day.

Zhang Jianian asked in a low voice: "President Chu, shall we start now?"

Chu Chu nodded, pretending to sit calmly at the conference table, listening to the negotiations between Zhang Jianian and Han Dong. She listened diligently for two minutes, and then fell into a state of coercion. She felt like she was listening to a math class in high school. These unfamiliar professional vocabularies made her dizzy at the negotiating table, her upper and lower eyelids were about to fight, and her drowsiness could not control the ground.

Chu Chu: Who am I, where am I, what are you talking about.

Chu Chu was a creator of film and television content before she passed through the book. She knew nothing about financial investment, and she didn't understand the big brothers all around her. She used to be a film and television planner and producer. Although she would also manage the project, she had never been exposed to investment and company management.

To be honest, which reader would care about the content of the vicious female supporting role, the only impression everyone may have was that she was a "stumbling block for the emotional path of the leading actor and the leading actress." For the same reason, readers wouldn't care how the overbearing president became the president. As long as the boss had money to be overbearing??

Chu Chu figured this out, and immediately her spirit cheered up. She was paralyzed in the whole process, and turned the paper seriously. In fact, her mind had long been in space.

After a round of negotiations between the two sides, Han Dong couldn't help but touched the sweat on his forehead. Zhang Jianian put a lot of pressure on the Xiaoying Culture, but president Chu did not speak at all, leaving Han Dong at a loss.

Initially, Yinda Investment was divided on whether to invest in the Xiaoying Culture. President Chu tried to take the lead in this matter. Zhang Jianian was the opposition at that time, which made president Chu angry, and he was almost fired.

Zhang Jianian ’s position was called assistant to the president. Although named assistant, he was actually the deputy president. Yinda Investment case must be handled by Zhang Jianian. He was even selected by Chu Yanyin as a right hand for president Chu. Although president Chu was very upset about Zhang Jianian's existence, she could not kick him away for a while.

The reason why Xiaoying Culture would carry out Pre-A round financing was precisely because of the embarrassing position of not being able to get up or down. It had not reached the level of A round, but it was not reconciled to the angel round plate. Although it had a business model, it had not yet achieved independent profit. This was the main point of contention between President Chu and Zhang Jianian.

Faced with today’s negotiations, Han Dong did not dare to boat and placed all his hopes on president Chu. Who thought she suddenly stopped talking?

After a short break between the two sides, Han Dong took the initiative to ask warmly: "Is president Chu a little tired? I haven't seen you speak."

Chu Chu had the illusion that she was named when she was absentminded during the class. She immediately rejuvenated and pretended to calm down: "Well, I think you have a good chat with Zhang Jianian."

Han Dong: "..."

Zhang Jianian was drinking to moisten his throat. He almost choked to death when he heard this, and he was also speechless. A month ago, he and president Chu disagreed on the investment in Xiaoying Culture. The angry president Chu even said to replace him The past was still vivid, now president Chu put a high-level irony??

Han Dong rubbed his hands anxiously and offered to propose: "Let me introduce you to our company's key project ‘Happy Smile’, this is a comedy reality show, which is still being planned."

Chu Chu’s eyes lightened as she heard it, Han Dong saw her interested and immediately commanded: "Put out the trailer clip and show it to president Chu."

Chu Chu came with a lot of enthusiasm, but after watching the trailer, she was upset. "Happy Smile" was a good comedy show. Although it was covered as a glamorous reality show, there was no surprise. To be honest, Chu Chu, who had passed through book, had seen too many excellent programs, so the show was really nothing to her.

Chu Chu just did not understand the company's valuation and equity negotiations, but judging the content was okay for her. She simply opened the file at hand and carefully checked the programs made by Xiaoying Culture. The more she looked, the tighter her brows became. Xiaoying Culture was a program production company with a comedy team. The styles of the programs created were all humorous and funny, but the form was a bit old.

Chu Chu reached out to call Zhang Jianian, avoiding Han Dong's sight, and whispered: "This company's program is not doing well, why should we invest?"

Zhang Jianian stared at her eyes and reminded outspokenly: "You insisted on investing."

"..."Chu Chu hesitated for a moment, blinking suddenly, "Oh, I forgot."

How did she know that her original role had made such a decision, and she didn’t get any induction training at all?

She pondered her head, didn't want to spend money in vain, and asked again: "Can I regret it now?"

Zhang Jianian nodded: "Of course, just wait for Han Dong to leave before discussing."

A group of people from Xiaoying Culture were still sitting in the company, and it was a bit excessive if president Chu immediately turned away.

Chu Chu felt that this was like teasing people, after all, Han Dong came with expectations. She hesitated for a moment and continued to ask: "How much do we have to invest?"

Zhang Jia's reported the figures: "20 million."

Chu Chu didn't understand the concept of the money and the corresponding proportion of equity, and simply asked: "How much is our company's funds, used for investment?"

Zhang Jianian confessed: "The first phase has a scale of 1 billion, which was given to you by chairman Chu..."

Zhang Jianian originally wanted to remind president Chu that this was the tuition that chairman Chu gave her, and it was unreasonable to squander. Chu Chu heard the number, but immediately flicked the table and said openly: "Hey, I thought it was something big, then vote!"

Chu Chu: What was 20 million in front of 1 billion? Just a little money?

Zhang Jianian: "..."

Zhang Jianian said hardly: "... but did you just say that the show did not do well?"

Chu Chu looked at him deeply and said in a big voice: "But they have dreams, and dreams are priceless."

Hearing this, Zhang Jianian took a breath and tried hard to build his own psychology: Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, no one would take care of himself if he got sick, she was the boss and she was big.

After the intermission, Han Dong was surprised to find that president Chu changed her attitude and suddenly became active. She sat upright, made a promise, and said: "I think there is no problem."

"..." Zhang Jianian's expression on the side was ugly, as if he swallowed a fly and looked at this scene numbly.

Zhang Jianian: Without heart, you would not be injured.

Han Dong was excited and said: "Thank you president Chu for your trust and vision. Xiaoying Culture will live up to your expectations and will give you a good rate of return in the future ..."

"You're welcome, but since I'm sure to invest, can I give some advice on the content?" Chu Chu turned over the company profile of Xiaoying Culture and said politely.

Han Dong had achieved the purpose of this trip, and now he couldn’t be more responsive and obedient. He quickly said: "Of course, we have long wanted to listen to your opinions."

Chu Chu browsed the reserve programs of Xiaoying Culture, and said straightforwardly: "Just ’I am the King of Sharp Tongue’, and other program types have long been saturated in the market."

To be honest, Chu Chu didn't want to invest if she didn't want Han Dong to take a trip in vain. The mode of the Xiaoying Culture was too old, and even the latest talk show could only be said to be crowded into the last train. After all, the talk show had been in full swing in the past two years.

Han Dong went straight up and praised Chu Chu: "President Chu always has a great vision, and many people don't understand the concept of‘I am the King of Sharp Tongue’The talk show is actually very popular abroad, but domestic shows have just entered the reality show market. At this stage, I guarantee that it will come to a blowout year of talk show in the future... "

Chu Chu was slightly surprised, and suddenly said: "Wait, you said that the domestic show has just entered the reality show stage?"

Han Dong froze for a moment, and immediately explained with empathy: "Yeah, the‘Where's Daddy Going?’ is..."

Chu Chu suddenly awakened, "The Hot Wife of the Superstar" had been over for many years, and the time in the book was different from the time before she passed through it. The countless film and television works and variety shows she had seen in reality may not appear in the book at this time. No wonder the program model in the development of Xiaoying Culture looked old because the time in the two worlds was different!

If it was at this point in time, the female leading actress could make a final investment in Xiaoying Culture, which could indeed be said to be forward-looking and had a splendid business acumen. But Chu Chu could do better than the original one. She was someone who had witnessed the future. This was simply putting countless business opportunities in front of her.

Chu Chu was full of enthusiasm and asked: "Can you tell me more about the program mode of‘I am the King of Sharp Tongue’? "

She just thought that the show was still of high quality, but now there was no competing products on the market at all. This show was likely to become a new generation of explosive models by virtue of its uniqueness.

"We chose the ‘Sharp Tongue’ element that young people are interested in as the starting point, looking for controversial guests who are good at expressing themselves to participate in the show. Everyone on the same stage diss each other, and even laughs at themselves in a humorous way, The program is very young, and the guests of each show can also have a lot of points to watch, which is inherently controversial and gimmicky. "

Chu Chu couldn't help but asked: "Which guests are controversial, can you give an example?"

Han Dong came with his team on this trip. Before he could reply, the boy near him couldn't help whispering. Han Dong changed his face when he heard it, and then glared at the boy next to him with warning.

Chu Chu looked dazed, wondering: "What did he just say? I didn't hear it."

The boy next to Han Dong was not very young. He didn’t look like an executive, and he dressed quite casually. Chu Chu relied on her keen sense and smelled the same kind of flavor. The other party may also be a content creator, either a program writer or a program director.

The main team of Xiaoying Culture was content producers, and it was normal for executives to make shows.

Han Dong wasn’t sure if president Chu had heard it or not, and he laughed: "The child is not sensible, he just made a joke to make everyone happy ..."

Chu Chu raised his eyebrows: "Tell me, and let me be happy too."

Han Dong's smile condensed on his face embarrassingly. He didn't know if president Chu really didn’t hear it, or she was just satirizing. The boy gathered up his courage and raised the volume, saying: "I said that you are quite controversial as a guest, after all, it has been hot for days."

Zhang Jianian heard that his face changed a lot like Han Dong. This boy was really brave, and president Chu was hotly searched for several rounds because of Li Taihe's termination. Zhang Jianian and Wang Qing had been busy with this for a long time, but he talked it out loud in public.

"I was hotly searched?" Chu Chu subconsciously looked at Zhang Jianian and asked, "What's going on?"

Everyone thought that president Chu had known it for a long time, but seeing her current expression did not seem to be a fake, only to find out that the person in the center of all this knew nothing about the storms on the internet. Zhang Jianian said daringly: "I will explain to you later."

After the meeting, Han Dong led the team to leave the Puxin Building, hoping to hit someone's head, and reprimanded: "Are you getting water in your head, you don't have a door for your mouth? Really dare to talk anything, almost ruin it all! "

He had never seen anyone dare to speak so bravely in front of investors, not to mention that it was Chu Yanyin's daughter. The father's shot is one billion yuan for her to play at a loss. What is this concept?

The boy grumbled: "But I really think that president Chu is always controversial and gimmicky, very suitable for being a guest ..."

Han Dong impolitely said: "You go to bed early, then get everything in your dreams."

Actually, wanting to make president Chu on the show, what a nice dream!

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