I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 4

The feeling of falling from the high ground was not easy, the wind past her ears.

Chu Chu felt like a heavy stone sinking into the water, falling towards the bottom where she could not see the end. She thought it would end in an instant, but unexpectedly, she felt that time was suddenly slow, and the whole world seemed to become a slow motion movie.

The geese flying in the air stopped flapping their wings, and the flags on both sides of the building no longer waved. Pedestrians on the crosswalk paused, and the basketball that was supposed to bounce on the playground was suspended in midair. The time in this world suddenly stagnated, and immediately after all the surrounding scenes were like reverse shots, the time suddenly reversed.

The world in the book operated according to established rules, and no breakdown was allowed. Each character had its own position, and played an indispensable role in the book.

Chu Chu stood blankly on the roof, and returned to the second before jumping. She looked around, it seemed that the world was quiet, and no one noticed the abnormality of the time tracing back.

【The main world has been successfully loaded. 】

【Your aura of "Vicious female supporting role" will disappear soon, please finish the task soon. 】

Chu Chu sneered; she just did not believe it.

She jumped decisively again, and actually went back to the roof.

【The main world has been successfully loaded. 】

Chu Chu wanted to escape from the aura of "Vicious female supporting role” and apparently failed by suicide.

Seeing that this plan was unsuccessful, she suddenly thought of a different way to solve the problem. Since she couldn't choose to end it by herself, then she decided to shamelessly interfere with the main world and allowed it to read files continuously, and nothing could go on.

【The main world has been successfully loaded. 】

【The main world has been successfully loaded. 】

【The main world has been successfully loaded. 】

Chu Chu perseveringly harassed the main world, repeated jumping from the building countless times, and finally heard the new words. The strange voice seemed to be overwhelmed and gave new content helplessly.

【Based on your past behavior, re-judge your aura, please wait. . .】

【Please strengthen the aura of " Overbearing President"(Reserved) through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【The halo owner of the "Leading actress" is detected around you, and who will have an rejection reaction with you. Forcibly entering the battle task. If you aura fails to advance, it will automatically return to the original aura of "Vicious female supporting role".】

【Advanced task: Say the classic line to Xia Xiaoxiao "Woman, you succeeded in attracting my attention". 】

Facing the bombardment of a huge amount of information, Chu Chu looked at the advanced task and fell into a long silence: "..."

Chu Chu: Is this a world where "you must die if you don’t say the shameful lines"?

She tried every possible means to get rid of the "Vicious female going crazy to die" part, and then suddenly fell into a "big boss falling in love with me" strange circle?

The most incredible thing was that she was not a blonde heroine, but turned into an overbearing president herself.

Chu Chu got into an introspection, could it be that her care for the leading actress made the main world misunderstand something? She clearly wanted to break the stereotyped villain image of the vicious female supporting role. How did it change to the silly lesbian topic suddenly? What did her past behavior have to do with a overbearing president?

The aura changed, and Chu Chu's pain completely disappeared. For now, she and the strange voice had come to a deadlock, and it didn’t make sense to keep it rereading files. Now she could only take one step at a time. Xia Xiaoxiao was just a little girl, and it was not impossible to pass the task, shamelessly though.

Chu Chu figured this out, and could not help but felt suddenly so bright.

At the door of the meeting room, Han Dong, CEO of Xiaoying Culture, had arrived at the venue. He politely shook hands with Zhang Jianian and greeted: "Is President Chu coming today?"

 "You sit for a moment, President Chu will be here soon." Zhang Jianian asked someone to arrange a seat for Han Dong, while looking at the time, with a slight trace of anxiety on his face.

The meeting was about to start, but president Chu was missing. If Chu Chu didn’t say that she would come, Zhang Jianian could start the negotiation meeting on time, but she had promised him in the car so that they would naturally wait for her to attend, not daring to pass the line.

Secretary-General Wang Qing walked hurriedly and shook her head helplessly: "We haven’t found president Chu."

Zhang Jianian was extremely speechless and quite puzzled: "Why can't you find her? Is there no one in the lounge?"

It stood to reason that president Chu's clothes were stained, and she would definitely go to the lounge to change it.

"The whole company was searched up and down, and she was absent" Wang Qing was also desperate, "And president Chu didn't answer my phone either."

Zhang Jianian discovered that the big boss had been strange and abnormal recently. Not only had her whereabouts become a mystery, but also she was always no where to be found. He had a sudden whimsy and asked, "Is that person called Xia Xiaoxiao? Where is she?"

Since president Chu met this little intern, it was almost like some devil hit her.

Wang Qing hesitated: "Xia Xiaoxiao is in the office, she can't know..."

Zhang Jianian decided: "Eliminate all the impossible, even if the rest is incredible, that is the truth."

In the president's office, Xia Xiaoxiao wore a suit jacket and sat alone at the seat. All the other secretaries were dispatched to find president Chu, only Xia Xiaoxiao, who had just offended her boss, was left behind in case she caused any trouble again.

Xia Xiaoxiao touched the cloth, and she had never worn such a nice suit, which was completely different from those cheap bargains. She used to instinctively reject formal suit because she would look like a house seller, but now she realized the sha had just not found the fitting clothes.

All of president Chu's clothes and accessories were meticulously customized, as perfect as she was. She was not arrogant and had a strong aura, and used invisible power to control the people around her.

"Xia Xiaoxiao."

A cold female voice suddenly sounded, Xia Xiaoxiao was taken aback, and when she looked back, she saw president Chu who was not found everywhere. She said weakly: "President Chu, Assistant to the president and sister Wang Qing are looking for you ..."

"I know." Chu Chu nodded. She hesitated and waved her hand, "Come here, I have something to tell you."

"Okay." Xia Xiaoxiao ran in a hurry, and found that president Chu changed her clothes some where, obviously everyone did not find her in the lounge.

【Please strengthen the aura of " Overbearing President"(Reserved) through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Advanced task: Say the classic line to Xia Xiaoxiao "Woman, you succeeded in attracting my attention". 】

Chu Chu looked at the innocent look of the heroine, thinking of her task, it was so difficult to speak.

"Women, you succeeded in attracting my attention..." Chu Chu's eyes drifted aside, she finished it in a exstremely low voice, with a rap speed, waiting for the prompt of the task completion.

The strange sound did not appear, but Xia Xiaoxiao looked sorry and whispered: "Sorry, what did you just say, I didn't hear it clearly?"

President Chu's voice was too weak, and Xia Xiaoxiao tried to capture the information, but found nothing.

【Advanced task: Say the classic line to Xia Xiaoxiao "Woman, you succeeded in attracting my attention". 】

Chu Chu stubbornly asked,pretending to be easy, "Do you like reading novels?"

Xia Xiaoxiao didn't know why the topic jumped so fast, but nodded honestly: "Yes."

Chu Chu tried hard to keep calm and not to look so bad, and said lightly: "There is a popular line in many novels saying that‘ Woman, you succeeded in attracting my attention ’.”

Xia Xiaoxiao said blankly: "...Hmm? Yes?"

【Advanced task: Say the classic line to Xia Xiaoxiao "Woman, you succeeded in attracting my attention". 】

After Chu Chu said the line, she still didn't get the tip of the completion of the task, and she couldn't help starting to be anxious. What kind of a stupid task, could't she even play eadg ball?

Xia Xiaoxiao didn't really understand president Chu's thinking logic, so she asked tentatively: "Do you need me to prepare this kind of information? Or..."

During the research and development stage of the company's projects, the secretaries would assist in doing some research. Did the boss suddenly want to develop new novel markets?

Chu Chu looked at Xia Xiaoxiao’s ignorant exspression, and she was thought it again and again, and finally made her mind to be simply shameless!

"I mean..." Chu Chu did a kabedon to Xia Xiaoxiao with one hand, looked down and asked condescendingly: "Are you deliberately attracting my attention?"

Chu Chu regretted it soon after saying it. She actually said the wrong words at the critical moment, and she did it all in vain!

President Chu was tall and easily blocked a little petite trainee’s way. Xia Xiaoxiao was struck by the big boss's beauty at a very close distance, her face flushed instantly and she was at a loss. She said incoherently: "No, no, I'm really sorry for what happened today! Please forgive me, I will be careful in the future!"

【Congratulations on completing your task, the halo of "Overbearing President" has been advanced.】

"President Chu, the meeting with Xiaoying Culture is about to begin..." Zhang Jianian and Wang Qing and saw the figure of president Chu from afar, and the two hurried to come. He walked into the office and witnessed the scene, and his voice stopped abruptly.

Wang Qing was also puzzled by the abrupt silence of the assistant to the president. When she saw the scene of the young female president's kabedon to the intern, her first reaction was to close the door.

Chu Chu successfully completed the task, turned around to see Zhang Jianian and Wang Qing, strangely said: "Why do you close the door?"

Zhang Jianian, Wang Qing: "..."

Zhang Jianian’s usual high-speed brain was in chaos at this time, and he would really like to ask her directly: Why do you think the door should not be closed under this circumstances? ?

The powerful survival instinct suppressed Zhang Jianian's doubts. He spoke poorly for a moment and reminded dryly, "Your meeting will start soon..."

"Okay, I'm going there." Chu Chu completed the advanced task, kept the halo of the overbearing president, and successfully got rid of the status of the female supporting role. She calmly adjusted the collar and stepped out, and did not realize the subtle look of everyone.

Zhang Jianian led the way for Chu Chu, leaving Wang Qing and Xia Xiaochao confused. Wang Qing felt that her career had been challenged. She had no way of finguring our the boss's idea. This was a fatal blow to the secretary-general.

Wang Qing looked at the other one beside her and said seriously, "What did president Chu tell you?"

Xia Xiaoxiao stumbled: "She, she asked me if I deliberately attracted her attention..."

Wang Qing: "???"

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